Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 003 – Beastmaster Aptitude Test

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This young man was none other than Wu Junyu, who had blocked Zhang Che yesterday after school and used his beast to knock him out.

Speaking of which, the root of their enmity was really stupid; Zhang Che happened to steal a glance too long at their class belle, Hu Yunli. Wu Junyu, who had been pursuing her to no avail, noticed his glance, and had started finding trouble with him since then.

Zhang Che trembled slightly, thinking to himself, Seriously? Does this kid actually dare to order his beast to beat me up again at the school gate?

He couldn’t help but look at the dark green card between Wu Junyu’s fingers, when he suddenly froze on the spot.


[Black Wind Beast]

Level: One Star (Level 9)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Physically Strong, Fast, Outstanding Defense

Weakness: Elemental Attacks

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


A bunch of information flashed before Zhang Che’s eyes, freaking him out. His feelings took a turn immediately afterwards, however.

-As expected, as someone who has transcended, how can there be no cheats!?

-Even if I can’t become a beastmaster, with this cheat alone, I can pursue a similarly respected occupation – a Beast Cultivator!-

“Hey, kid, did you lose your mind?”

Seeing how Zhang Che was acting blanked out and unresponsive, Wu Junyu glared at him harshly and threatened him, “I’m warning you: if you dare take another look at Hu Yunli in the future, I’ll beat you up again! Mm! I’ll beat you up every time you look at her!”

Since Zhang Che had just received his transcendence benefits, naturally he wouldn’t be bothered with this young man in puberty. He thought to walk around him to enter the school, when a taxi suddenly stopped next to him. Huang Tielan’s figure came out of the taxi, looking at Zhang Che with a grieved expression, saying, “Zhang Xiaoche, you didn’t wait for me–”

Huang Tielan saw Wu Junyu blocking Zhang Che’s way the moment she turned her head. Her expression immediately changed, shouting coldly, “What are you trying to do, Wu Junyu?! I’m warning you: if you ever dare find trouble with my Zhang Xiaoche, I’ll beat you up so badly that your mom won’t be able to recognize you!”

Zhang Che covered his face in shame, sighing inwardly to himself. He really didn’t wish to bother with this strong chick. It was better to hurry his way into the school.

Wu Junyu was obviously very apprehensive of Huang Tielan. He chuckled, “Can’t I just happen to pass by here? How controlling of you!”

After he said that, Wu Junyu turned around and made his way into the school with hurried steps. When he passed by Zhang Che, he whispered in contempt, “Trash! You needed a woman to protect you! And you call yourself a man?”

Zhang Che couldn’t take it anymore. He sideglanced at Wu Junyu and said, “Does Hu Yunli know that you have such a cheap mouth?”

“You…” Wu Junyu instantly turned red in anger. Just as he thought to teach Zhang Che a lesson, he remembered that Huang Tielan was still watching from behind them. He could only send a threatening gaze to Zhang Che and continue on his way into the school.


Zhang Che’s classmates had all arrived by the time Zhang Che reached the Year 3 Class 2 room.

After a few minutes, their homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing walked into the classroom. He scanned the room and said, “The first period today is free activities in this classroom. Students who are participating in the beastmaster aptitude test, please come with me to the school auditorium.”

Han Sheqing walked out of the classroom after he made the announcement.

Nearly half of the class’s students stood up. Some of them were going to take their last beastmaster aptitude test, while the rest were purely joining them to watch, including Wu Junyu and Huang Tielan.

Not all of the remaining students had become beastmasters themselves, however. Some of them had passed their eighteenth birthday without becoming beastmasters, and it was pretty much confirmed that they wouldn’t become one in their lifetimes, either.

Seeing the big, rowdy group of students following him outside to the corridor, Han Sheqing couldn’t help but look at Wu Junyu and the other students who had passed their beastmaster aptitude tests. He said with a frown, “Didn’t I say that students who have passed their tests have free activities in the classroom? Why are you coming with me?”

Wu Junyu was the first to speak up, saying, “Teacher, we’re concerned about our classmates and wish to see how many of them pass the test.”

Han Sheqing fell silent for two seconds, before nodding. “Fine. Students should show care and concern towards each other. But don’t cause a ruckus.”


The auditorium was located in the west side of the school. When Han Sheqing brought his class to the auditorium, a huge group of students and teachers were already gathered there. They were all homeroom teachers and senior students, the latter of which were here to participate in their last beastmaster aptitude test.

There were a total of over two hundred senior students partaking in the test this time around. All of them were gathered on the stage. After that, the school staff came in, bringing with them the beast cards used for the test. The test officially commenced once every student was handed a card.

“I believe in you, Zhang Xiaoche! You will definitely do it!” Huang Tielan waved her hands passionately at Zhang Che off the stage, cheering.

The students were immediately roaring with laughter in the auditorium. Huang Tielan’s passionate pursuit of Zhang Che wasn’t news to the students, but they still couldn’t help but laugh out loud every time, despite being used to it.

Zhang Che nearly covered his face with both palms. His face was red from embarrassment, wishing that he was deaf.

Zhang Che calmed himself down with much difficulty, then looked at the metal-gray beast card with a hexagram pattern in his hand. A window of information flashed before him once more.


[Sharp Clawed Hound]

Level: One Star (Level 4)

Quality: Black Iron

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Sharp Claws and Teeth, Fast and Nimble Movement

Weakness: Low Defense, Vitals Located Between Its Abdomen to Throat, Extremely Easily Hurt by Sharp Objects

Potential: E Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality.

Cultivating Directions: No Value In Cultivating


As expected, they were the most worthless beasts. It was no wonder the school was able to provide such a large amount of them for students to undergo the beastmaster aptitude test.

-Well, all that’s left is to see whether I can successfully become a beastmaster!-

Zhang Che took a deep breath and brought his palms together with the black iron quality beast card between them. He focused on it, dispelling any distracting thoughts and gathered all his consciousness to his palms.

Less than half a minute passed before Zhang Che suddenly felt an indescribable link established between his consciousness and the beast card between his palms.

The inexplicable link gradually grew increasingly stronger. Zhang Che felt a mysterious resonance between the beast card and his soul. In the next moment, an explosion boomed in his mind, followed by the sudden appearance of a mystical space in his mind.

-Spiritual Sea, activated!-

Zhang Che had officially become a tier one beastmaster!

Light rays shone from the beast card in Zhang Che’s hands. The light rays shone onto the middle of Zhang Che’s brow. When Wu Junyu saw this from under the stage, he looked as if he had witnessed something unthinkable, exclaiming, “Impossible! How could this trash possibly trigger a spiritual resonance with the beast card, and activate his spiritual sea?!”

On the other hand, Huang Tielan let out a hearty laugh.

“What do you mean, impossible? I knew my Zhang Xiaoche is the best! He activated his spiritual sea in such a short amount of time; he will definitely become a high-tiered beastmaster in the future! Let’s see who still dares to call him a trash behind his back, and that I, Huang Tielan, have poor insight? Hahahaha!…”

Huang Tielan’s half-excited, half-arrogant laughter reverberated through the auditorium, suppressing the surrounding exclamations.

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