Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 580 Crack in the Plane of Existence

Chapter 580 Crack in the Plane of Existence

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Things were as Zhang Che had expected. The demon uprising in Hua Xia wasn't too severe.

On one hand, it was thanks to the Hua Xia's military and the strict government policies in place, and on the other hand, it was due to the contributions Zhang Che had made previously.

Not only did he kill one of the demon's clones, he had also dealt crippling damage to the faction they had built up at the same time. The remnants of the cults couldn't cause too much trouble.

Even though they had struck unexpectedly and caught everyone off guard, Hua Xia's military and government had reacted very swiftly to the situation, immediately mobilizing all forces to curb the anarchy.

Moreover, the world wasn't like it was before the arrival of the new age, where civilians had no way of putting up any resistance. There were many expert beastmasters among the civilians, too!

When the demonic forces first struck, they were met with fierce retaliation in some cities immediately, because the civilian beastmasters in those places were extremely powerful!


\"You're back so soon, kid? Did your trip go smoothly?\" Huang Juyun couldn't help but find it strange when he saw Zhang Che coming home after only a few days.

He had thought Zhang Che had learned about the demonic uprising across Mercury and was worried about them, cutting his trip short.

Zhang Che smiled, saying, \"Uncle, this trip was a very successful one. I have already found a very suitable beast card armor for Tielan, so I didn't delay any longer and came back directly. I only learned that those demon spies had actually caused such a huge incident and brought chaos to all of Mercury after I came out of the beast world.\"

\"Very good! No one expected them to make their moves so soon. We thought they would continue hiding themselves and slowly develop their forces,\" Huang Juyun sighed. He continued, \"Luckily, the demon forces in Hua Xia were mostly crippled thanks to your discovery. We would be in a situation similar to the other regions otherwise. Who knows how great of a loss we would have suffered then?\"

The two talked about the current situation for a while, and let it drop afterwards. In any case, nobody knew what the demons' plans were. They could only make preparations to the best of their ability and fight off whatever came their way!

\"Alright, let's not talk about these things,\" Huang Juyun took the initiative to change the topic. He smiled, \"Take out what you found for Tielan that girl and let this old man widen his horizons.\"

He knew that since Zhang Che had said that beast card was very suitable for his daughter, it meant that it was an exceptional card.

He estimated that it would be a six-star beast card, and at legend-quality, if not epic. Not only that, its attributes should be comparable to ordinary epic-quality cards, too!

Although a legend-quality beast card was definitely not better than an epic-quality one, it would be really decent if it could compare to it in some aspects.

That was what Huang Juyun thought.

Naturally Zhang Che wouldn't reject his future father-in-law's suggestion. He nodded, and took the Scarlet Comet Armor card out from his spatial storage, then handed it to Huang Juyun.

Huang Juyun had an anticipatory look on his face. He activated the beast card skillfully, and was frozen on the spot afterwards, looking like he had just seen a ghost.

\"T-th-these… these kinds of attributes… How could they appear on a mid-tier legend-quality beast card?!\" Huang Juyun's tone changed, his eyes filled with disbelief.

It couldn't be helped. Even Zhang Che had been shocked speechless when he first saw the Scarlet Comet Armor's attributes despite being prepared for it, and broke out in laughter. That had promptly drawn all the powerful exotic beasts in the vicinity to him as a result, leading to him ending his trip prematurely.

In conclusion, the beast card armor, Scarlet Comet Armor, was definitely an extraordinary card. Its monstrous attributes would shock anyone who learned about them!

\"You brat, your luck is too good!\" Huang Juyun sighed. He was speechless about Zhang Che's luck. It seemed like this kid would always obtain something others could never hope to every time he entered the beast world.

This was probably what the child of destiny of the legends was like!

\"Alright, the demons weren't causing too much havoc, and have been suppressed on all fronts. You're not needed to go help out; you'd better go back and look for Tielan that girl. I'm sure she'll be very happy when she sees this beast card.\"

Huang Juyun didn't need Zhang Che to provide any help, and sent him away with a wave of his hand.


Back at Bei Du, Huang Tielan wasn't only happy after she received the Scarlet Comet Armor. She was simply going crazy from ecstasy!

\"Woah, woah, woah! Zhang Che, you're really amazing! There's actually such a good legend-quality beast card in this world! I think even your epic-quality beast card armor loses out to it on some attributes!\"

Despite trying her best to suppress her excitement, Huang Tielan couldn't resist crying out loud in surprise. She was showing an extremely bright smile.

\"Just see who's the one that hunted the exotic beast. Since when have I gotten my hands on anything that isn't good?\" Zhang Che smiled proudly when he saw that Huang Tielan was satisfied with the beast card armor.

\"Right, right. I know our Zhang Xiaoche is the best!\" Huang Tielan drew closer with her eyes closed, planting a peck on his cheek to reward him.


Other than Hua Xia, the chaos caused by the demons in the main regions across Mercury wasn't throughly suppressed yet. Large numbers of beastmasters died fighting every day. The situation in the world had become extremely tense.

Fortunately, the demon spies made their moves too hastily, and hadn't done enough preparation for their uprising. After fighting for some time and losing excessive forces, the chaos gradually settled.


In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

During this period of time, the huge commotions in the main regions of Mercury had completely disappeared. Only a few places had some minor unrest from time to time.

However, those minor incidents could no longer affect society. Factions from everywhere could finally let out a long sigh of relief.


This place was an extended spread of thick forest. All kinds of powerful exotic beasts dwelled here. As a result, no humans lived around here. It was like a paradise for exotic beasts.

On this day at evening, at a certain place in this boundless forest, a group of people suddenly appeared.

This group of people wasn't great in number. They totalled less than twenty, and none of them emitted any auras. Also, they were perfectly blended into the surroundings, not alarming any exotic beasts nearby. Even some of the extremely powerful exotic beasts didn't notice the arrival of this group of people.

Looking closely, every member of this group seemed to be enveloped in a layer of faint, blurry black fog, leaving others unable to see their true appearances.

This layer of faint black fog had not only concealed their appearances, but even their auras were completely hidden.

After choosing a certain vantage point, the group of people stopped tacitly. It was like they didn't have to communicate to know what everyone else was thinking, as if they were extensions of a single person.

That's right; this was a group of the clones of that supreme demon.

The clones retrieved a mountain of strange objects from their respective spatial storages, then quickly busied themselves on this high ground, setting up an extremely complicated array.


Time slowly passed. As the final rays of light disappeared from the horizon and darkness completely took over the skies, the huge array occupying thousands of square meters was finally completed by the clones.

After they finished setting up that huge array in an incredibly well-coordinated manner, the demon clones took out some odd crystal objects from their spatial storages at the same time.

The crystals were similar to diamonds, but their shapes weren't as pronounced as diamonds were. They had a much rounder appearance, with a layer of dark light glittering about. They were like the most beautiful gemstones in the world.

Even so, those \"gemstones\" were actually energy sources needed to activate the massive array.

After the clones embedded the crystals in specific positions across the array, the array slowly started operating. Layer after layer of dark light spread out, connecting to an unknown plane.

However, the forces of the dimension prevented the array's power from permeating outside.

The clones weren't anxious, however. They had expected this. As such, they silently took out something else from their spatial storages at the same time.

This time, they took out fist-sized black pearls. They looked like countless nebulae were moving inside them.

In the next moment, the clones smashed all of the black pearls. The nebulae inside the pearls erupted at the same time, turning into faint human silhouettes.

Just as the countless human silhouettes escaped the restrictions of the black pearls, they let out silent furious roars one after another, wanting to escape into their surroundings.

However, an enormous suction came from the array at the next moment, drawing those silhouettes inside it, no matter how violently they struggled.

All the clones stayed in position, be it in the sky, on the ground, or even underground, forming a strange geometric pattern, until every one of those silhouettes was drawn into the array.

Afterwards, surges of energies poured out from the clones' bodies, entering into the array as well.

An extremely concealed, yet extremely powerful shearing force suddenly erupted in the skies above the array, tearing a crack open in Mercury's plane of existence.

At the other end of the crack in the plane of existence, a grayish black world could be faintly seen. Extremely dark energies could be seen moving about in the other world, and they immediately gushed out from the other end through the crack in the plane.

The clones of the supreme demon had actually torn open Mercury's plane of existence temporarily by using an array!

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