Divine Brilliance

Chapter 921 - Red Bird Pecking Flesh

Chapter 921: Red Bird Pecking Flesh

Only after that sword did Zong Shou feel his rage dissipate and he calmed down, slowly adapting to the restriction.

Moments later, he laughed self-mockingly.

“It is so painful I would rather die. I actually wish that I could just die immediately…”

In that instant, he really wished that he could blow apart his own head with a finger!

He took in a deep breath and then he thought back to Lu Hanyan.

His mother had lived here for 20 years, so was he going to give up after spending just a few moments here?

As for Wu Yazi, he was really annoying!

Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he looked toward the Iron Rack where he was.

With just one look, he gave up on killing him.

There was really no point in taking the risk to break this restriction. Moreover, letting this person suffer here was much better than just killing him.

“Sky Burning Flame, so you are a direct descendant of the Lu Family…”

This voice spread out from another direction and it was said really leisurely.

Zong Shou looked out and his pupils constricted slightly.

He saw an elegant middle-aged man.

There were two Peak God Realm Experts here. One was Wu Yazi and the other was this person.

“You have such top sword skills at such a young age. Your Sky Burning Flame is so pure. I have seen many talents but none of them can compare to you. It seems like your position shouldn’t be low within the Lu Family. Why did you sneak in here? What thing in this jail attracted such a son favored by the heavens…”

Zong Shou shook his head. His matter had nothing to do with this person, so why waste time talking to him?

He couldn’t waste a single moment within the Nether Jail.

Then, he heard the middle-aged man laugh.

“With your strength, you are at least one of the princes of the family. You could just enter the jail openly and the Sky Burning Saint Dynasty wouldn’t even stop you. Why did you need to ask for information from Wu Yazi? Oh right, you are the son of Lu Hanyan. You came here to search for your mother right? How extraordinary, in just 20 years. That brat probably wouldn’t expect that in just 20 years her son would become so strong to search for her in this jail…”

Seeing Zong Shou look over in shock, the middle-aged man shook his head and smiled, “I know your mother and we have some relationship but we aren’t close. I also don’t know where she is. However, if you are willing to help me, I will be willing to swear on my Heart Source! To help you until this Death Jail matter ends!”

Zong Shou’s brow rose up. Looking at the way this person spoke and talked, he was much more trustworthy than Wu Yazi.

He thought about it for just a moment before shaking his head, “Junior needs some time to consider it.”

The middle-aged man understood and knew that he was rejecting him in a round-about manner.

He didn’t speak, sighing and closing his eyes once more.

Zong Shou didn’t bother much, flying away. In just a moment, he was dozens of miles away.

He continued to spread out his Spiritual Sense to search everywhere.

Along the way, he noticed several things like those Iron Crosses.

However, the restrictions of the Lu Family didn’t change at all.

The Iron Crosses weren’t common and the ones who were locked on them were mostly God Realm Cultivators.

There were just around 110 of them spread from north to south. Their positions were planned out.

There were many layers of stone platforms like before and also iron towers guarding. There were some Golden Cages too which locked people within.

Although those people weren’t at the God Realm, their Essence Energy and Vital Energy were still being sucked dry.

They were all experiencing tremendous pain and were finding it much tougher than those God Realm Cultivators.

Most of them were on their last legs and wouldn’t be able to last for much longer.

There were even some people who didn’t have any defenses at all, they were just thrown in here and fed to those Natural Variants.

The more he looked, the colder he felt and the more anxious he was.

He didn’t bother about the consumption of True Qi as he used his Instant Space Dragon Pellets to travel full speed to search everywhere within this jail.

From north to south, from east to west, he wasn’t willing to let go of a single inch.

However, when 15 days passed, Zong Shou was in total despair.

“Why can’t I find her?”

“I have searched this 30,000-mile space twice, not missing out a single inch. I didn’t even let go of the underground region…”

“Was it like Wu Yazi had said, that she was already sent to the Ninth Layer?”

Zong Shou was at a loss as he looked at the dozens of mutated Beast Pellets in his sleeves.

They were his gains in this layer, after going through 10 fierce battles.

There were even a few ties when he was nearly surrounded by Natural Variants.

God Realm Natural Variants had an intellect that was no different from humans.

Although they were motivated by the Vengeful Energy, they knew how to work together with other beasts.

This was why although they weren’t as strong as him, they nearly killed him. He had to go all out just to barely be able to escape.

These mutated Beast Pellets were his spoils of war.

Hanxi was only able to use a few of them.

However, these God Realm and above Beast Pellets could be merged into his Soul Ocean Void Space like the Instant Space Dragon Pellets to become Star Dao Seeds.

If it was in the past, Zong Shou would be delighted with such gains.

However, now he was dejected, his chest felt cold.

As time went on, his eyes and soul acted up more often and the pain increased.

It caused him to feel giddy and at a loss while he walked around the void.

When he came to his senses, he was standing right at the center of the Nether Jail.

Unknowingly, he had already walked over to this place.

There was a black mist in front of him. Not only could he not see anything, but the Illusionary Heart Mirror was unable to shine through too.

The thick space Spiritual Energy was surging within the mist.

Apart from that, one could sense a strong aura within.

Zong Shou’s gaze constricted. He had come to this place dozens of times during these few days.

He guessed that this was most probably the Abyss Gate to the Ninth Layer which was why he hadn’t entered it yet.

He headed into this area whilst he was distracted, mostly due to his subconsciousness.

Then, he burst out laughing. It seemed like he had to make a trip to the Ninth Layer.

With this Ninth Layer made up, Zong Shou leisurely walked 100 miles away from the black mist and sat down.

He had consumed loads of energy these past 2 weeks and he had been through many tiring battles.

He was totally drained of energy. To try to enter the Ninth Layer to fight with the person within the black mist, he needed to recover to his optimal state first.

He swallowed a few Spiritual Pills. He bore with the bone scratching and marrow cutting pain, and closed his eyes to adjust his breathing.

He woke up a full 24 hours later.

He used the Illusionary Heart Mirror to replace his eyes. He suddenly felt something and he controlled the mirror to look to the side.

Thousands of feet away, a 30-year-old woman with white hair was hung onto a giant log, strapped down with arm-sized vines.

Hundreds of red hummingbirds flew over and landed on her body.

Each time they pecked with their sharp beaks they would rip off a piece of flesh.

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