Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Chapter 663: The Sword Mix

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

It was the first time for Long Baobao to see such a fight between great powers. He was fearful and nervous.

“Sister Black, which side is more powerful?”

“Bo Qing, what do you think?” Ye Lingyue didn’t answer but asked Bo Qing instead.

“Just the conceited followers of a dominant sect. They might be not the core force of Hunyuan Sect but an ordinary patrolling group. The Blue Thunder Taoist Sect might not rank among the top but could not be underestimated. The Great Yellow Immortal is himself a warrior in the fourth realm of reincarnation. His evil alchemists are mostly above the level of Five Cauldrons. So they are not easy to deal with.” As the young master of the Magic Sect, Bo Qing disdained the major sects even more than the Blue Thunder Taoist Sect.

Naturally, he believed the Great Yellow Immortal would be more likely to win.

Ye Lingyue had already seen through the power of those young men and women. What surprised her was that Bo Qing could see that those people were not the core force.

“Although they are not the core force, they still have a chance of winning. Remember? We have got the spiritual artifact of the Great Yellow Immortal.” Ye Lingyue shook her head.

“Oh? Shisan, do you dare to make a bet?” Bo Qing squinted and looked excited.

“How?” Ye Lingyue curled her lips.

“If I win, you’ll have to kiss me. If you win, you can ask me to do anything.” Bo Qing fixed his eyes on Ye Lingyue’s pretty face.

These days, he had been sleeping in the same tent with Ye Lingyue. Every night, he would be stimulated by the girl’s soft breathing.

Just now, they were so close and he could even smell the faint fragrance from Ye Lingyue’s body.

“You are crossing the line!” Long Baobao flushed with anger and waved his fists.

“Fine. But if I win, you must try to draw away those young men and women later.” Ye Lingyue smiled, believing that Bo Qing wouldn’t win anyway.

Hearing that, Bo Qing was even more excited. He kept staring at the Great Yellow Immortal and placed all his hope on the latter. The result of this fight meant so much to him.

As the head of a sect, the Great Yellow Immortal could hardly bear being despised by such a junior. He flew into a rage and gave a roar.

At the quick order of the Great Yellow Immortal, his men were divided into two groups instantly.

One group formed a barrier in front of the bamboos and the other flew into the air.

Those evil alchemists were notorious bullies in the Central Plains, and they looked fierce when launching the attack.

The Great Yellow Immortal waved his sleeves and reached out both arms, just like a strange bird spreading the wings.

“Listen! Kill all men and take all women back for fun.”

While speaking, he had already flown into the air, pouncing upon the male follower of Hunyuan Sect who had spoken before. Around him was an enormous stream of Yuan Energy, which engulfed heaven and earth like surging tides. The domineering air was quite scary.

The men of the Great Yellow Immortal were all overjoyed, believing that those followers of Hunyuan Sect must meet their doom then when their master used his real skills.

The followers of Hunyuan Sect were all exasperated by the words of the Great Yellow Immortal. Those pretty female followers, in particular, flushed with anger when hearing the filthy language.

The male head of Hunyuan Sect shouted out.

“Shameless bastard! Today you are courting your own ruin. Wanna know what our Hunyuan Sword Mix is like?”

Instantly, he and dozens of his companions got moving.

Those men and women fell into groups of ten and flew in the air, forming two round sword mixes.

As they employed the Yuan Energy inside their bodies, their figures concentrated into two giant swords. One was a dwelling sword that shook heaven and earth.

The other was a light sword shaped like a willow leaf. Its movements were subtle and hard to follow.

The two swords were so impressive and dashed towards the Great Yellow Immortal and his men.

The lighter sword, in particular, was more dangerous. In the blink of an eye, it was replicated many times and all of them flew out. Then numerous followers of the Taoist Sect could not help crying out, falling from the air like moths whose wings were cut off. They were either dead or injured at last.

The dwelling sword carried frightening Yuan Energy and the Great Yellow Immortal could not stop stepping back. His black Yuan Energy, when colliding with the two swords, broke into pieces, let alone hurting others.

“My goodness! It is Hunyuan Sword Mix.”

Only then did the Great Yellow Immortal realize that he had underestimated the enemy. Those young men and women seemed to be in just the first and second realm of reincarnation, but they turned out to be expert swordsmen.

In Hunyuan Sect, some followers, ever since they entered the mountain, would only focus on swordsmanship.

After more than ten years of learning, those cultivators had developed frightening Yin and Yang Swords.

The Great Yellow Immortal couldn’t bear seeing so many of his followers killed or injured by the sword mix.

He hurried to take out his trump card- the Blue Thunder Bell and flung it into the air, planning to fight back the Yin and Yang Swords with the purple lightning.

The golden bell made a crisp sound in the mid air.

In an instant, the lighter sword cut the bell into two halves.

Stupefied, the Great Yellow Immortal was totally unprepared when the fierce dwelling sword hit him with enormous power.

His eyes were still full of disbelief.

He could never figure out why his bell became useless.

At a distance, Ye Lingyue and Bo Qing held their breath. Bo Qing, in particular, could not believe the Great Yellow Immortal which he had placed hopes on turned out to be killed by the juniors of Hunyuan Sect in less than one hour.

Surely, the main reason for the man’s tragedy was that he relied too much on the Blue Thunder Bell.

Just now, if he tried to flee a second earlier, he could probably survive based on his cultivation power.

“I lose. Shisan, you have already found those people are expect swordsmen, right?” Bo Qing felt helpless. He had underestimated those young men and women of Hunyuan Sect.

He had heard about the expert swordsmen of Hunyuan Sect but did not expect to meet them face to face.

“I have just made a guess.” Ye Lingyue had found earlier that the swords of these people were carved with unique signs.

Back in Daxia Alchemists’ Tower, Master Longyu had told her that some big sects would have expert cultivators focusing on learning the sword mix. Swords used in the mix were all carved with unique signs.

As long as the sword mix came into being, those cultivators would have a sudden rise in power and could even defeat enemies at a higher lever of cultivation than them.

When fighting with the Great Yellow Immortal alone, each of those young men and women might have a slim chance of winning. When they joined hands together by forming sword mixes, however, the combined power was even greater than that of the Great Yellow Immortal.

“It’s time to admit defeat. I’ll draw them away, but Long Baobao should be taken care of by your dumb dog... No, spiritual beast.” Bo Qing now showed some admiration for Little Squeak after witnessing its power.

“Remember, if one person is gone in the sword mix, its power will be reduced to a great extent.” Ye Lingyue reminded Bo Qing by saying.

Bo Qing nodded and looked up at the sky. The followers of Hunyuan Sect had already dashed towards the ground by steering their flying swords.

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