Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 153 – Yao shi is Not Weak

Yao shi is Not Weak

Huang Quan glanced at Feng Jin Yuan in contempt and impolitely said: “Minister Feng has begun crying too soon. Young miss is not that stupid.” The abilities of family’s young miss was something she was very clear on. Could she not even get out of bed? That was absolutely impossible.

“As I see it, if she can’t be found, just report it!” Han shi’s voice came over.

The matriarch angrily shouted: “Did we not tell you to scram and go back to sleep? Why have you come back out?”

Who knew that it was not just Han shi who had been sent back then returned. At this time, Feng Chen Yu had also returned and responded to Han shi: “No! You must not report it!”

Feng Chen Yu originally did not want to come back. Although she was afraid, she wanted to find out whether Feng Yu Heng was truly in the room even more. Thus, she turned around while returning to her room and just happened to hear Han shi mention reporting it.

It could not be reported! Feng Yu Heng was, in the end, still the daughter of the prime minister. If it was reported, there would be an investigation. When that time came, it would be very easy to find that idiot Feng Zi Hao. She did not trust Feng Zi Hao could handle something like that. It was very possible that he would end up implicating her.

No! She definitely could not allow this matter to reach the palace!

“Father.” Chen Yu quickly walked over to Feng Jin Yuan, “This matter really must not be reported!”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at the very clear-headed Chen Yu and felt a little stunned. It felt as though the person who had been sitting next to the well was not his daughter. His daughter should just have this sort of educated and well-balanced beauty.

“Tell me, why must we not?” Feng Jin Yuan’s mood improved a little. He did not really care how Feng Yu Heng, but for his eldest daughter, he did not dare make even the slightest misstep.

Chen Yu did not respond immediately, instead saluting and excusing herself for her earlier actions: “Ever since returning from Lord Bu’s funeral, Chen Yu’s train of thought would randomly become muddled. Sometimes, it would lead to hallucinations, and this has caused the people of the family a great deal of trouble. This is definitely not Chen Yu’s intention, but when the illness takes hold, it is out of my control. I hope father will forgive this.”

Feng Jin Yuan felt a wave of emotion. This daughter of his was truly a national grace. She was the future hope of the Feng family. He had raised her with the Empress as a guideline in hopes that she would one day ascend to the heights of the Empress. Recently, however, Chen Yu had been troubled by an illness. The illness was difficult to deal with, which caused him to feel quite distressed.

“How could father blame you.” Feng Jin Yuan let out a long sigh. Reaching out, he held Chen Yu’s shoulder: “You are the daughter father is most proud of. No matter what, father will not blame you.”

Chen Yu felt moved, as a couple of tears appeared in the corners of her eyes. She gently wiped them away then continued what she was saying: “If it gets reported, this information will be spread. Second sister disappearing in the middle of the night. If this were to get out, how should second sister continue living!”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded in agreement, “Chen Yu has truly thought about this thoroughly.”

“Chen Yu is thinking of second sister’s reputation. I hope that father will rethink this.”

The matriarch listened from the side and also nodded, “What Chen Yu said is correct. If word of this spreads, A-Heng’s reputation will be affected.” As she said this, she looked towards the clan elder. She wants to receive some sort of agreement, but all she saw was the clan elder frown deeply with a gloomy expression.

Yao shi looked at the so-called relatives before her, and a surge of coldness rushed forward. She could not help but say: “Then how will husband and mother-in-law resolve this matter?”

Feng Jin Yuan said: “I will dispatch people to look for her.”

Yao shi shook her head in disappointment: “This is not the capital. The number of servants that we brought was no many. Although Feng Tong county is not large, it is not small either. In the surroundings, there are mountains. Based on the current numbers of the Feng family, how could she be found.”

Chen Yu turned around and looked at Yao shi with her Bodhisattva appearance and painstakingly advised: “Concubine mother Yao, you must think more about second sister’s reputation! What is important than reputation for a girl?”

Yao shi suddenly glared forcefully at Chen Yu. Chen Yu was not prepared, as she did not think the ever weak-willed Yao shi was capable of looking at someone like this. She could not help but retreat a couple steps.

She then heard Yao shi say: “The most important thing is reputation?” As she said this, she shook her head, “For me, nothing is more important than A-Heng’s life. Moreover, she is only missing. It has nothing to do with her reputation, unless someone purposefully spreads malicious rumors. However…” She turned towards Feng Jin Yuan, “When have you ever cared about A-Heng’s reputation?”

Feng Jin Yuan became furious: “Yao shi! You had best know what’s right or wrong!”

Jin Zhen quickly reached out and rubbed his back: “Husband, please calm down. You absolutely must not get angry!”

Yao shi, however, suddenly began smiling. Glaring at Feng Jin Yuan, she said: “It’s precisely because I knew too well what was right or wrong that I have landed in this current situation.”

Feng Jin Yuan was a little scared to look at Yao shi. He really did not know if this woman had spent too long with Feng Yu Heng. How had her temper become to fierce?

Chen Yu once again began to wipe her tears and grieved: “I am really thinking for second sister. Why is concubine mother Yao becoming so angry?”

The matriarch also felt that Yao shi had gone too far and could not help but ask: “Then what exactly do you want the Feng family to do?”

Yao shi replied frankly: “Report it! Only the government officials of Feng Tong county are familiar with this area. It is also Feng Tong county’s magistrate that has the most people.”

Chen Yu became anxious and cried: “If that happens, then second sister’s reputation will definitely be ruined! Concubine mother Yao! You absolutely must not!”

Feng Jin Yuan also angrily chided her: “Nonsense! I have already made a decision on this matter. Our Feng family will go look for her. We definitely will not report it!”

Yao shi also angrily gritted her teeth: “Both of them are your daughters, but because something happened with my Yao family, you treat A-Heng like this? If there comes a day where the Yao family makes a comeback, do not regret it!”

Yao shi’s words caused everyone in the Feng family to be startled, even the clan elder sent an inquisitive look towards Yao shi.

He obviously knew that something happened with the Yao family, but he never thought that a daughter of the Yao family, who had been suppressed for many years, would actually be able to explode like this.

But upon thinking about the missing girl and that pair of mysterious eyes that seemed to see the truth in everything, the clan elder felt that a mother revealing her stern and strong side was not impossible.

He internally applauded Yao shi for her resistance; however, he heard Feng Jin Yuan say: “Don’t worry. Even if such a day really comes for the Yao family, I I will not regret my actions today.”

The clan elder felt that his Feng family’s grandson was truly too disappointing. His daughter had gone missing, what’s more she went missing during a fire. Not only did he not concern himself over it, now he did not hurry to look for her. Also, he was not going to report it. He only wanted to rely on the servants of the Feng family. The amount of servants they brought from the capital were few already, and the Feng clan residence did not have many young and able-bodied people. For the most part, they were old and weak. If they searched around like this, how could they find her?

Letting out a long sigh, he pointed at Feng Jin Yuan and said: “I must ask you, if that child died an unnatural death because of you could not find her, what will you do?”

An odd look flitted through Feng Jin Yuan’s eyes, it was a ruthless viciousness. There was also a trace of hope. After a bit of silence, he said: “Then that is her life.”

Everyone in the Feng family gasped in surprise, as the clan elder shoutde: “Well! Very well! My Feng family has never had a member of the younger generation like you before. Lord Prime Minister, after you have finished making offerings to the ancestors on the 28th of this month, go back. There will be no need to return in the future. You may take away your father’s grave on the peak of Qi Feng Mountain if you so desire. Just pick a day and take it away. As for that concubine from the Chen family, she was buried outside of the ancestral burial ground, so it’s unrelated to the Feng family.” The clan elder turned around, “I also do not wish to ever see you again.”

“This…” The matriarch was the first to react and quickly went forward a couple steps: “Just because of some daughter of a concubine, you will kick us out of the Feng family?”

“Daughter of a concubine?” The clan elder once again reminded her, “Since the moment you came yesterday, the Feng family recognized her as the daughter of the first wife. She is the one in the Feng family’s genealogical record. I have not taken your names out of the Feng family. They are still in the genealogical record, so you are still members of the Feng family. This will be considered a final treatise towards you. This is also a sacrifice because Feng Jin Yuan became an official. You will be on your own.”

After the clan elder finished speaking, he turned and left. He no longer paid any heed to the screaming matriarch, as he departed the courtyard.

The matriarch wanted Feng Jin Yuan to come up with an idea, but she saw Yao shi and An shi standing side by side and even Xiang Rong stood at their side. The three just happened to be standing with their hands behind their backs opposite Feng Jin Yuan. It looked as though a fight were about to break out, especially given Yao shi’s remaining fierce appearance. It held a desperation, which caused others to feel shocked.

“Husband.” After a long while, An shi began speaking, “If there comes a day where something happens to my daughter, will husband also ignore it?”

Feng Jin Yuan felt that these women were too unreasonable: “When have I ignored anything? When the day breaks, I will send people to search!”

“Daybreak?” Yao shi was exasperated, “Why not go right now? Must we really wait until daybreak? If A-Heng has been kidnapped by someone, do you know far someone could run in just a few hours?”

Chen Yu chimed in from the said: “But the sky is still dark. Even if the servants were sent out now, there would be no way to search!”

An shi lost it “Does eldest young miss find all her younger sisters to be eyesores? If something happened to the third young miss, you would be the only young miss left in the manor.”

At this time, Jin Zhen frowned and curiously asked Feng Jin Yuan from his side: “This fire was really strange! Husband must investigate why this room caught fire; otherwise, how will we sleep at night? Tonight, it was second young miss’ room that caught fire, tomorrow night, it might be this concubine’s room that catches fire. This concubine is really afraid.”

Feng Jin Yuan could not handle this look from Jin Zhen. For a while, he was tender-hearted and comforted her: “Don’t worry. I will definitely investigate this matter.”

Hearing this, Chen Yu fiercely glared at Jin Zhen, and this just happened to be caught by Jin Zhen, who could not help but think about it.

Continuing to stand around pointless. In the end, the matriarch waved her hand: “Everyone go back! Servants will be sent out soon. I only hope that the Heavens will help A-Heng, and she can safely return.”

Only then did they disperse. Even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan did not remain, as they supported Yao shi back to her room.

The matriarch was the last one to leave. She said to Feng Jin Yuan: “I hope that A-Heng can be found and brought back. I also hope that my granddaughters can all remain safe. But you are the head of the family, and since you have made a decision, I will naturally listen to you. But you must not go too overboard. First of all, it is undignified. Secondly, you must think carefully of what will happen in the capital. The two servants at A-Heng’s side are no joke. Once the happenings of tonight are made known to Prince Yu, you should clearly know what will happen without me needing to say it.”

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