Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 1151 - Still Unable to Win Against This Woman

Chapter 1151 Still Unable to Win Against This Woman

When Chunyu Ling left, Feng Yuheng personally saw her off, it was a normal horse carriage but countless hidden guards followed her in the shadows to guarantee Chunyu Ling’s safety for the whole journey.

Feng Yuheng’s heart to protect Chunyu Ling was sincerely, but her heart to lure Bu Cong out was also sincere. Around them, the Sixth Prince Xuan Tianfeng deployed many troops, prepared to intercept and capture the Zong Sui faction in one go.

At this moment, Chunyu Ling’s feelings were very complicated. On one hand, she was very anxious to go the southern border, wanting to see Yao Shi’s grave. It was as if she would only be able to find the connection to her true self in the past once she arrived in front of that grave. But on the other hand, she also kept thinking about Bu Cong, a day together as husband and wife means endless devotion the rest of their life, at least towards this marriage, Bu Cong was loyal and also treated her well, and she still remembered, when she was very very young, the people of the Bu family had come to Feng manor to propose an engagement. That was because the young Bu Cong had taken a liking to her and stubbornly wanted to marry her, even if she already had a marriage engagement with the Ninth Prince, Bu Cong was still that stubborn.

She asked Feng Yuheng: “If Da Shun and Zong Sui have a large scale war one day, if my husband ends up in your hands, can you…… spare his life?”

Feng Yuheng told her with a smile: “Two armies fighting against each other, will the words from one woman count for anything? I am not going to the battlefield this time and I cannot manage the matters with all the men. Listen to me, between the past and the present, you can only make one choice in the end, if you choose the past, go to the southern border and stand guard over Mother after understanding the truth, living a new life in the southern border. I will ensure your safety for the rest of your life. If you choose the present, then forget your past identity, focusing on being the First Miss of the Chunyu family and being Bu Cong’s wife. You definitely cannot mention anything of your past, but once you mention it, what will be destroyed will not only be me, there is also you, and Bu Cong and everyone in the Chunyu family. Think properly!”

“There is no need to think.” Chunyu Ling shook her head with a troubled smile, “I choose the past, I will definitely choose the past. So many years have passed, I have only lived for the sake of the past, only those events and people in the past are the foundation which supported me in living on. Without the past, I will be no different from a walking corpse.” She looked towards Feng Yuheng and said calmly: “As for Bu Cong, if you’re willing to help me again, then let him off once! If you’re unwilling, that is fine as well, he is living for the sake of the Bu family and not for my sake after all. All of this is fate, I cannot escape from it and he cannot escape as well.”

The two people Chunyu Ling and Feng Yuheng, one sat in a horse carriage, one sat on a horse, Chunyu Ling pulled open the curtain of the carriage’s window and spoke with Feng Yuheng, a composed expression on her face, looking just like the Feng family’s second daughter many years ago. She said: “The reborn Feng Yuheng, goodbye, I might not return again, you must take care of Zirui properly, he is the only worry in my heart now. And, thank you for causing the Feng family to fall, thank you for causing the return of the Yao family, I am leaving, you do not need to escort me any further!” She put down the curtain and told the horse carriage: “Let’s go! Please hasten the pace a little.”

Feng Yuheng watched that horse carriage move far away, when she raised her hand, the hidden guards following behind in the shadows as protection also left quietly, after a short while, she was the only one left, even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were left behind in the palace.

Seeing Chunyu Ling’s carriage travel further and further away, Feng Yuheng opened her mouth, mumbling softly, she said: “Sorry, I will definitely not spare Bu Cong. If I was a little more ruthless, I will get rid of you as well, thus eliminating all potential future issues forever. Unfortunately, I cannot, I do not have that kind of ruthless heart in the end. Live well in the southern border! I can guarantee your safety for the rest of your life and ensure you do not lack clothes and food. If you’re willing, you can even marry and have children over there. It is just that from now on, everything about Zong Sui and everything about Da Shun’s capital will have nothing to do with you, I am Feng Yuheng, the only Feng Yuheng.”

After saying this, she retracted her gaze calmly, that heart which felt fear for a long time also finally calmed down, the emotions of insanity no longer existed, clarity appeared in her eyes once again and she looked as sharp as a leopard.

But seeing the edges of her lips curl up slightly, and her head turning to the side slightly, her eyes were just like blades, glaring coldly at one place. With an immediate scoff, she spoke with raised volume: “That thief hiding behind the tree, how long are you going to continue spying?” Once she spoke, her hand moved towards the reins and she pulled off an iron button, then using that iron button as a hidden weapon, she threw it at the place where the person was hiding.

Feng Yuheng was not that skilled in throwing hidden weapons, the iron button had momentum but it was not that accurate, and it was much more than just being slightly off the mark, such that the suspicious person could not help but laugh.

“Princess Yu’s archery is 100% accurate but unexpectedly, your skill with hidden weapons is so poor.” Birds cried out in alarm and as those sounds were heard, a figure appeared from behind the tree with a flash, moving a few times until he was in front of Feng Yuheng. The two of them were five steps apart, if that person who came was not Bu Cong, then who else could it be?

“Bu Cong, it’s been a long time.” Feng Yuheng waved at him and immediately, she seemed to have thought of something, changing her words: “No, it’s not a long time, some days ago, didn’t you disguise as a blue-robed scholar to go on the streets and threaten me!”

“Yeah.” Bu Cong nodded, responding very happily, “At that time, I seemed to have scared Princess Yu very much! What, you recovered that quickly? At that time, the person and matter which you were so bothered about such that you almost flipped the capital upside down, you’re not afraid now?” Bu Cong looked at Feng Yuheng, wanting to decipher what she felt from her gaze, wanting to see the hidden panic underneath that calmness.

Unfortunately, he could not see anything, that woman seemed to have regained her behaviour from many years ago, not caring about anything, facing anything with a captivating confidence. As he looked, he started to doubt himself, could it be that what Feng Yuheng showed during this period was all an illusion?

Feng Yuheng looked at him, her smile as the corners of her lips lift upwards was almost the same as Xuan Tianming’s. A few years have passed, the two of them start to resemble each other, every action, a gaze and the movement of their lips, it was extremely similar. She looked at Bu Cong, asking the other party in return: “Should I be afraid? Until now, I should still show a behaviour of being scared by your evil words until I am restless and cannot sleep? Bu Cong, don’t be stupid, people have to grow up one day, they should know what kind of behaviour they should show at any moment. You thought you held an absolute advantage in your hands, and in the end? Aren’t you still obediently appearing within my plans now? Standing obediently in front of me? Bu Cong, your so-called secret, the advantage which you hold, to me, all of that is a joke, that is all.”

A joke? Bu Cong looked that this woman in front of him, and a daze came over him. If Feng Yuheng’s behaviour during this period was faked for the sake of luring him to appear at this moment, even if he deployed people in secret, what were his arrangements when compared to Feng Yuheng? The people in Da Shun could all cause their death, he was already like a sheep who wandered into a tiger’s mouth.

While he was in danger, Bu Cong laughed loudly instead, pointing a finger towards Feng Yuheng, saying loudly: “What kind of ghost are you? Possessing the body of Feng family’s Second Miss?”

Feng Yuheng looked at him with a smile, as if she had heard the most amusing joke, she asked Bu Cong in return: “Da Shun plotted against you for so many years, what, now that the truth is about to be revealed, you don’t have the courage to face it?”

Bu Cong did not understand, “Evil spirit, you have a glib tongue!”

“No.” Feng Yuheng shook her head, “You’re just unwilling to face the truth, taking action based on only the unrealistic guesses within your heart, it is really unfair to your subordinates from Zong Sui. Bu Cong, from the beginning to the end, you were wrong.”

“I’m not wrong!” Bu Cong said loudly: “Young Miss Chunyu from Zong Sui is the real Feng Yuheng! And you, are only a ghost who invaded the body of another!”

“Who would believe it?” Feng Yuheng laughed out loud, “Bu Cong, why not I tell you the truth today, and after listening to it, think about it carefully again, what exactly is going on with all of this.” She smiled, telling Bu Cong the story which she had pondered over for five days, also telling everyone who was hiding in the shadows today. She said, “The First Miss from Zong Sui General Chunyu’s manor had already died from an accident many years ago, the one who is still alive today is only a scout who Duanmu Anguo implanted in Zong Sui. She is Duanmu Anguo’s daughter, marrying you later is only because Duanmu Anguo wanted to control you via her. Look, everything that you are doing now is what Duanmu Anguo wanted: Become Da Shun’s enemy, return to Da Shun to cause my death, working for Zong Sui to the best of your ability, all of this are the results he wants. Bu Cong, you still fell into someone’s scheme in the end, and the smartest thing Duanmu Anguo did, was that he knew that you had proposed a marriage to the Feng family before and had always harboured some longing towards me as a person, am I right?”

Bu Cong was instantly stunned, the fact that he had acknowledged in his heart was instantly flipped over by Feng Yuheng. The original ghost theory turned into a conspiracy theory, even though he thought that everything Feng Yuheng said was too forced, he was unable to adjust his mind in time, slowly acknowledging the conspiracy theory.

That’s right! Where did the ghost come from, how could something as ridiculous as using a corpse to revive a soul exist in this world. Duanmu Anguo Da Shun’s enemy and harboured a huge grudge towards Feng Yuheng, researching on her for many years and naturally understood everything about Feng Yuheng very well. Therefore, he created this illusion, letting him jump into the plot set up by him. Step by step, under the lead of the fake Chunyu Ling, he was made to believe in the explanation of using a corpse to revive a soul. Therefore, he brought Chunyu Ling and returned to Da Shun, giving Feng Yuheng a lethal shock from another angle. This shock seemed have broken Feng Yuheng down, but in the end, he was unable to win against this woman.

The real Chunyu Ling had already died in the incident where she fell off the horse many years ago, right? Or…… no! Bu Cong gave a start, no, this was wrong! When Chunyu Ling fell off the horse, Duanmu Anguo had not turned against Da Shun yet, he still did not know Feng Yuheng. Feng Yuheng had just returned to the capital from the northwest, everything had just begun, she still had not shown how different she was, how could she have attracted Duanmu Anguo’s attention then? How was it possible for Duanmu Anguo to prepare this farce, giving the pretender the same memories as the Feng family’s second daughter?

Bu Cong started to get goosebumps, he looked at Feng Yuheng, his eyes wide open, pointing towards her, he wanted to say that all of this was a lie! It had nothing to do with Duanmu Anguo, she was a ghost!

Unfortunately, he would never be able to say those words! Feng Yuheng was already holding a strange black object, the black hole was already pointed at his forehead, and just when Bu Cong just opened his mouth and wanted to speak, with the sound of a “bang”, a bloody hole was suddenly opened between his eyebrows…

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