Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 16

Little He's face became flushed red with anger, "My young miss is the Ye Family's first young miss, how can you be so rude towards her!"

"Oh, who gave you right to become arrogant and ask us that. We give you an inch and you want a foot. You really have a thick skin, do you know that you are just a trash?"

Guo mama angrily said, "Hurry up and take this annoying bitch away!"

The wolf-like hands of two mama dragged Little He to the side, then Guo mama kicked the wooden door in front of her.

At this time, Ye Qingli just heard the racket of movements outside and lifted her head up.

At first sight, she instantly saw the fat covered old face of Guo mama.

Fortunately, she had just finished making the medicine.

Ye Qingli stood up, and easily swept the things on the table to the ground. She then put away the ointment away.

Guo mama did not see that frightened little face she was expecting. She was stunned for a moment and shouted out, "You disrespected the family principles you small slut. You are not reflecting on your horrible deeds, you really failed to live up to the expectations of the Madam's painstaking effort!!!"

Ye Qingli's eyes flashed, but the corners of her mouth revealed a smile.

In her past life, no one ever scold in front of her nose twice.

Because those people who had done so, their blood dripped off her hands……………

Ye Qingli lazily raised her head up and looked at the ceiling, "My Little He, where did you go, I told you to keep guard on the outside right, can you not let any of these dogs come in? Such loathsome creatures, get the hell out of here you disgusting pigs!"

Guo mama's was so furious that she can't breath. She did not expect that the mouth of the shy and mumbly Ye Qingli suddenly today became a mouth full of pointed needles. She did not notice, but Yuan mama had long ago quietly slipped away from their group..

"Well, I see that you have eaten the bear's heart and a leopard's gall today. If I won't give you some color to see, you will not know your own place. You two, help me teach her a good lesson and make her know, what kind of trash she is after all!"

Behind her, two strong and robust mama smiled sinisterly and walked up.

Both were holding a thin, long whip in their arms.

Guo mama laughed evilly, "Those whips are made from animal tendons moistened in water. Once it thrashed on a human’s body, no scars will appear, but the pain will be tremendous. It will be a pain that will be felt to the bones. It will be extremely painful, heart rendering that will drill to your lungs, a pain that you can not withstand!"

With a stern voice she said, "It seems that you haven't tasted the pain of a whip for so long, today I will ruthlessly have you taste its thrashing again!"

A deep smile appeared on Ye Qingli's face, however, the chill on her eyebrows was getting heavy and heavy.

It was obvious that the former Ye Family's young miss endured the suffering pain from the whips of these evil women.

Guo mama shouted hoarsely, "Whip her, otherwise she will not know who is the one in charge of this house!"

The two old woman devilishly smiled and moved towards her. They raised her hands and ferociously slashed the whips down.


An incomparable crisp, tinkling loud sound echoed out. However, it was accompanied by two heart rending, blood curdling shrieks..

The whips dug deep into flesh.

Guo mama shouted, "Make her feel the pain, do not show any mercy, she does not know that the Horse God has three eyes!"

"Thud! Thud!" 。

Two fat bodies staggered and fell to the ground.

The two mama rolled over on the ground. Their mouth wide open and their screams were like pigs being killed, "Help!"

"It hurts, stop the pain!!"

The two whips fell down at their feet.

A trace of smoke came from their clothes which revealed a long tear.

This whip was made out of tendons, even though its slashes doesn't cause any traces, it can really hurt down to the bone's marrow!

The fist of a mama hit on another person's face, "Are your eyes blind, what are you doing to me?"

The others did not show weakness, but were also desperately tearing up each other's hair, "It is obvious you hit me first, are you really blind having a dog's eyes!"

Ye Qingli faintly smiled and took two steps forward.

The two horrified mama looked at her as if they saw a ghost.

Just a moment ago they obviously brought the whip down aiming at her back, how did it got on the other side of their bodies?

Ye Qingli at that time, altered the direction of the tips of the two whips.

Although due to the physical limits of her body, her original effort and skill can not fully manifest. But against the two mama, it is still more than enough.

"Apparently, I did not make mama see clearly, this is really my fault, no?"

A smile was on her face, but it was covered with pure coldness.

And then, she took a whip into her hands, raised it, and fiercely slashed it down!

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