Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 250 – Skill that startle the crowd (3)

Ye Chong Tai's face was blue.

If this wasn't the imperial banquet held by the imperial concubine, he would definitely grab Ye Qingli by the ear and angrily pull her away.

Today, she had embarrassed the entire Ye Family!

From now on, the Ye Family would become the joke of all the officials in the capital!

Will Ye Chong Tai still have the face to be able to meet others in the future?

He now deeply regretted the clearly wrong decision he had made to allow Ye Qingli to come along.

He should keep her in the house forever and forbid her from taking a step outside!

What a shame to the family!

Although it was only a short moment of effort, Ye Chong Tai felt like he suffered for decades.

The sarcastic eyes of those around him were like knives, cutting into his flesh.

He could hardly bear it and rushed out.

The court ladies and eunuchs all around also looked at Ye Qingli a certain way, staring daggers at Ye Qingli.

Just waiting for Imperial Concubine Duan's order, they would immediately drag Ye Qingli away.

They didn't want the imperial concubine listening to this anymore.

Imperial Concubine Duan's hand rose as she almost gave an order, but she glanced at Emperor Yun An.

Emperor Yun An also had some doubts.

Is Jiang Yun Ge's daughter really so bad?

It truly is… pitiful!

He was about to wave and let the guards take Ye Qingli away.

However, a few gentler notes were suddenly played out of the blue.

It felt like someone who hadn't spoken in a long time suddenly spoke.

When that person first started speaking, they couldn't control their throat well.

But after speaking a few words, they began to become proficient.

Ye Qingli's sounds began to slowly become melodious.

Everyone heard the difference between before and after.

Emperor Yun An's hand stopped mid-air, and he did not let go.

He seemed to be immersed in this mood.

Many people around had their mouths wide open.

They were also shocked by the music played by Ye Qingli.

The gap between before and after was so great.

Is this music really music that someone can play?

It couldn't be that Ye Qingli was suddenly possessed by a ghost, could it?

The smiles on Madam Guo's and Ye Jinli's faces froze at the same time.

Like being hit with a sledgehammer, the joy within their hearts shattered.

This is impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

She must be bewitched or possessed by a ghost!

Otherwise, how could they explain the strange phenomenon that just happened?

Those few tunes that Ye Qingli played was actually her tuning the instrument.

Now it felt like she was slowly adapting to it.

The tunes were now played naturally by her.

All of a sudden, everyone quiet down.

It was like hearing the sound of nature.

This meant that Ye Qingli's performance was truly a unique performance.

Instead, this music from the instrument was something they never heard before!

That's right, Ye Qingli was playing the alto fiddle!

In her original world, this musical instrument was something that represented the Chinese culture.

It had always been praised by musicians all over the world.

And the song she was playing was "Er Quan Ying Yue"[2] which was ancient music.

[2]: The Moon Reflected on the second Spring (二泉映月) link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCSSQWj8PsQ

This song is not only widespread within her previous country, but it has also been rated as one of the top ten most popular national music by westerners.

It was truly an artistic treasure.

This composition contained much artistic value, now was not the time to make the emperor happy, or sadden him.

Back then, Ye Qingli only learned a little of it, which could not be compared with professionals.

However, when she raised her finger, it was enough to startle the crowd!

This music was beyond their time!

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