Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 342: The Price of Upsetting My Woman 1

No one – literally, no one – within the confines of the Palace of Rustic Peace is to have any outside contact. That was his order.

This place must be isolated!

As isolated as an island, if need be.

At least, his shadow guards would not be exposed.

But that hardly mattered the most.

What mattered most to him now.

Was how upset his woman was!

And when his woman was upset, so would he!

And whoever made him upset must pay!

The entire place was quiet with not even the shuffling of footsteps could be heard.

Ye Qingli had this strange surrealistic sensation as if the Palace of Rustic Peace had been ripped away from the world and tossed into some unknown domain.

“We’re lucky!” she gasped excitedly, “The guards are not here! Let’s do it quickly!”

She patted on Jun Aohan’s shoulder. “Watch the entrance for me, okay?”

But he held out an arm to stop her.

“There are also maids and eunuchs inside. Do you want them dead?”

His voice came unbelievably toneless.

As if killing these people felt as trivial as slaughtering chickens.

Ye Qingli glared at him.

“Come on! Seriously? They’re innocent for crying out loud!”

She took out a long tube and poked it through the window paper and blew hard.

The sedatives in the fumes would render everyone inside unconscious for the entire night, and no one would be any the wiser when they wake up.

Jun Aohan nodded his approval.

“Very well. We’ll leave them be. Taking their lives would be a shame after all.”

Anyone else would have been utterly flabbergasted by that statement.

The cruel and heartless prince of the underworld now feeling compassionate all of a sudden?!He had not even batted an eyelid when he butchered a city full of people!And out of nowhere, he is lamenting the precious value of life?!

Ye Qingli waited for at least a quarter for an hour to give her sedatives time to take effect before she vaulted herself over the windowsill.

Jun Aohan hopped in after her.

At the very center of this personal chamber was a large canopy.

The Fourth Princess laid inside, slumbering peacefully.

Several maids fell asleep at the side of her bed.

Ye Qingli stared at them coldly.

She could still remember how they, with the Fourth Princess, had hurled insults at her.

And right was Matron Tao, maid of honor to the Princess!

This old spinster had once been given eighty lashes that she nearly died.

She had come so far after recovering from that incident.


A hint of mischief flashed in Ye Qingli’s eyes.

Count yourself unlucky that I chance upon you today!

She poked Jun Aohan in the ribs.

“Indulge me, will you? A little game.”


“Yep. She’s a princess after all. What she did was terrible, but not to the extent where we need to murder her. So a game would suffice.”

Ye Qingli winked a devilish grin at him.

“I’d want her to feel afraid whenever she sees me!”

“All right, what’s your plan?”

Jun Aohan responded casually, nodding.

No one else could have recognized him now.

The cruel and brutal Prince of Terror now as jovial a little child in jest.

He had always been known for his ruthlessness; no scruples had ever stopped him from eliminating anyone who dares offend him.

Without so much as a moment of hesitation.

Yet here he was, having fun with Ye Qingli like a young lad fawning over his sweetheart?

A strange sensation rose inside Jun Aohan’s mind.

“Hmm… This somehow seems rather unexpectedly fun…”

He did not yet realize how different he would be whenever he was with Ye Qingli.

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Scribbles of TheBrokenPen:

The term “暗卫” has been translated as “secret guard” or “shadow (female) guard” before in the past. I’m standardizing them all as “shadow guard”.

The term “陶三姑” has been translate as “Third Aunt Tao” before. But I don’t think it’s appropriate. Not only she was hardly a relative to anyone in the setting, but her position also makes her more a matron than a maid. So I’m using “Matron Tao” instead.

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