Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 16: Assault And Killing

Chapter 16: Assault And Killing

When the spiritual energy enters his meridians, it started expanding. His body started to become strong.

A black smelly liquid started to comes out from his body.

It was impurities of his body that comes out from every pore of his body.

He controls a large portion of Spirit energy of Void Fire Fruit and collided it to level up.


A loud sound comes from inside of his body. But he failed to break through to the next stage.

"Once again, I have to try once again. There is still some spirit energy left."

Ye Xiao once again controlled the large amount of spirit energy left from the Void Fire Fruit and collided it with the invisible barrier that was being a hurdle in the way of him, becoming stronger.



A sound of something breaking apart comes from Ye Xiao's body and all the spirit energy in his surrounding rushed into his body.

All the meridians and bones of his was constantly being nourished by the spirit energy of the Heaven and Earth.

When he opened his eyes, his eyes was shining brightly. He laughed out loud for a while and then said.

"First Stage of Qi Condensation Realm"

"I have finally broken through to the Qi Condensation Realm."


"What is this smell, it stinks."

When Ye Xiao looked at himself, he found out that he was covered with a thick layer of black liquid that was about to solidify on his body.

"This much impurities, looks like I have to take a bath."

"My body has become stronger once again and I now have the confidence to fight and kill a martial artist of Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation Realm."

When he had taken the bath, wore the clean clothes, then he came out from the inn he was staying in.

When Ye Xiao comes out from the inn, it was already other day. Ye Xiao suddenly felt hungry. He walked toward the restaurant and enters it.

"Waiter, give me your best dishes and wines." Just as he took his entry in the restaurant, he saw a waiter and ordered him to serve him his most expensive dishes and wines. Afterall he becomes rich overnight.

After selling those 100 low grade spirit stones and buying the Void Fire Fruit, he has still left with about 26,250 gold coins. If converts into silver coins then it will be 2,625,000 silver coins. Two million Six lac and Twenty-five thousand silver coins.

What kind of concept was that?

Of course with so much money he will eat the best and wear the best.

When the waiter saw that it is a big customer, he hurriedly greeted Ye Xiao and took him up to the second floor of the restaurant and gave him the window seat. Then he left to bring the dishes and wines for Ye Xiao.

Just as Ye Xiao seated, his interest immediately piqued by the conversation of some people sitting on the next table.

There were four people conversing with each other.

""Hey, have you heard, the five great sects and the Imperial family spends a large amount of wealth in order to invite a Formation master to set up a teleportation array from Riverside City to Imperial City."

"Yes, I have also heard about this, because of the competition organised by the five great sects, many people are currently traveling from their home city to the Imperial City."

"These teleportation formation was set up for rich people to travel, after all if you want to directly teleport to the Imperial City through teleportation formation, you have to pay 1000 gold coins."

"Yes but I don't understand, why they set up the teleportation formation in the Riverside City. Why not in our Lin Star City?" One of them asked this question to other.

"Heh, what do you know, Riverside City is the biggest city after Imperial City. SO of course they will set up the teleportation formation in the Riverside City, not in our small Lin Star city."

"And Riverside City is only some distance away from our Lin Star City, why do care where the teleportation formation was set up."

"Yes and that formation master, I heard that he comes from outside the Azure Dragon Country and is currently a guest of the imperial family."


Teleportation Formation?

Riverside City?

Formation master from outside the Azure Dragon Country?

When Ye Xiao heard about the teleportation formation, he immediately became agitated.

He had only heard about the teleportation formation and other formations from some elders in the Silver Moon Sect, he had never saw them or use them. Now that there is a chance, he will definitely use this teleportation formation to go to the Imperial City for the competition of the five great sects.

After eating his fill, Ye Xiao stood up and paid his bill then returned to the inn and entered his room.

The light from the candles lit up the spacious and clean room. Alone, this room gives one the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

Ye Xiao sat on the bed and started circulating the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique. In the blink of an eye half of the night's hour passed. The candlestick on the table was completely burnt to ashes. The last bit of the spark went out, emitting a wisp of green smoke. Ye Xiao's eyes congealed.

At this moment a group of people wearing black clothes, with their faces covered, were silently moving in the direction of Ye Xiao, Danger crept in.


The door was kicked open and a few peoples rushed to the bed. They raised the weapons in their hands and swung at the bed.

"Wait." One of the man seemed to have found something. He lifted the blanket, but there was nothing inside.

"Where is he?" The few of them were stunned.

"Hehe, are you looking for me?" A mocking laughter came from behind them. The few of them were shocked and turned around. A sharp light flashed.


A head was immediately thrown out. Warm blood gushed out from his broken neck like fountain.

A brilliance of lightning illuminated Ye Xiao's resolute face. He definitely wouldn't be lenient towards someone who wanted to take his life.

Immediately after everyone raised their blades and rushed towards Ye Xiao.

"Kill him!"

"Humph!" Ye Xiao squinted and a ball of red light condensed at his fist.

"Mountain collapsing Fist"

As it was night time and the distance was so close, no one was able to dodge Ye Xiao's attack. The fist landed on the chest of a person, piercing through his body. In an instant, the room was filled with screams.

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