Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 21: Zhao Yufei

Chapter 21: Zhao Yufei

She was already very annoyed by Liu Feng and now that someone was making fun of him by not giving him any face, she was very happy in her heart, she enjoyed this moment.

Liu Feng's face darkened. He thrust his hand on the table. A loud sound came from the table and all the food on it fell to the ground.



A slap sounded and a man was sent flying and .... in the wall. Blood came out from his mouth. When everyone present look at that man, they could not help but feel astonished.

"It is young city lord, who dared to beat young city lord."

Yes, it was Liu Feng who was sent flying. And the person who slapped him was Ye Xiao.

The moment his food fell down on the ground, he slapped Liu Feng in face.


Liu Feng pointed at him and said, "You dare to slap me. You don't know who I am, I will chop you into thousand pieces."


Again a slap rang out on his face.

"I really don't care who you are. If you dare to disturb me again I will kill you." Ye Xiao said and just as he wanted to leave from here, his gaze landed on the girl that was with Liu Feng.

"It's you."

That girl was wearing a green dress with a sword hanging on her waist. Her jade white hand was crossing on her chest, with a small smile on her face. She was looking extremely beautiful.

She was the same girl, he saw in the Black Cloud Forest when he was heading toward the Lin Star City.

"Do you know me? Have we ever met with each other?" Seeing the reaction of Ye Xiao when he saw her, she asked in confusion.

"Yes, ah! no, no."

"We never met with each other. It is just that some days ago I saw you fighting with a rank three magical beast, Tyrant Bear in the Black Cloud Forest." Ye Xiao smiled foolishly, scratching his head.

"You were there at that time?" That girl was surprised hearing he was there when she was fighting with the tyrant Bear.

"Hehe, I think I should leave." Ye Xiao felt somewhat embarrassed and turned to leave.

"Did you hear, that girl who come with young city lord was actually fighting with a Tyrant Bear"

"Yas, and Tyrant Bear is a third rank magical beast. It's strength is equivalent to an expert of Origin Core Realm."

"Didn't that mean, this young girl here is an Origin Core Realm martial artists."

"Yes, She is so young and already has the strength of Origin Core Realm, which power does she comes from."

"Young City Lord is really lucky, he got to know such a girl."


Crowds of people started chatting.

"She is actually an expert of Origin Core Realm. Father was right, I have to get this girl no matter what. She is mine."

When Liu Feng heard the words of people present, he was surprised. He never thought that the girl he was chasing after is an expert of Origin Core Realm.


Liu Feng was about to get up when he heard that girl's voice. He raised his head and saw that she was calling for Ye Xiao.

"Do you have something you want to walk about." Ye Xiao stopped and said.

"What is your name?"

"Ye Xiao"

"I am Zhao Yufei, an inner disciple of the Heaven Sword Sect" said Zhao Yufei.

"An inner disciple of the Heaven Sword Sect. Doesn't Heaven Sword sect is one of the five great sects." Ye Xiao murmured.

"Yes, my Heaven Sword Sect is one of the five great sects." Zhao Yufei smiled and said.

"So beautiful." looking at her smile, Ye Xiao was stunned. She looked too beautiful when she was smiling.

"Humph!" Seeing him stunned, Zhao Yufei snorted.

"Hehe, Miss Zhao, it is not I am doing this on purpose. You are just so beautiful that anyone will be lost in your beauty." Ye Xiao once again felt embarrassed.


Seeing Ye Xiao talking like this, she doesn't know what to do.

"Forget it, are you here to use the teleportation circle and go to the Imperial City to participate in the competition." Zhao Yufei asked.


"Oh!, we are going to look for the ruins left behind by an ancient expert in the Azure Dragon Mountain range. It is said, that expert was a martial artist at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm. He ruled over entire Azure Dragon Country 10,000 years ago."

"There is only a few experts of the Martial Emperor Realm in the entire Azure Dragon Country and on top of all they are only at the First or Second Stage of Martial Emperor Realm."

"This is the tomb of an expert at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, so all of the powers in the big cities of our country will send their experts that are below Martial King Realm to explore this tomb. Five great sects and the Royal family will also send their experts at the Origin Core Realm or below at that time. There will be many danger at that time, why don't you come with us."

Zhao Yufei gave her invitation to Ye Xiao. She was planning to pull him in her group.

Hearing what Zhao Yufei said, Ye Xiao began to think this over. This was a serious matter. When the experts of big powers all will gather here, it will be too dangerous.

"Thank you miss Zhao, but I will be alone in this time. Thank you for your invitation." Ye Xiao still refused to her invitation.

"Heh, you don't know what is good for you. Miss Zhao invited you out of her goodwill and you dare to refuse her." Liu Feng laughed sinisterly.

Ye Xiao looked at Liu Feng and then again directly ignored him.

"You!" Seeing that he again ignored him, Liu Feng become so angry that he started trembling.

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