Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 24: Strange Wall

Chapter 24: Strange Wall

If there was any other person in the place of Ye Xiao, they all have turned into dust till now. Even if it is an expert of Origin Core Realm, they would not be a match for these stone statues.

After all, first, the strength of these stone statues were comparable to the Second or Third Stage of the Origin Core Realm. And second, with so many stone statues, even if there was a Ninth Stage of Origin Core Realm martial artist, they will not be a match for these stone statues.

There were hundreds of these stone statues present and the main thing was that even if they were attacked, they would not feel any pain and continued attacking.

So, Ye Xiao with his dragon's wings was the only one here who could safely escape from these stone statues.

"What a beautiful wings"

When Zhao Yufei saw the wings on the back of Ye Xiao, she could not help but praise the beauty of the wings.

"It must be a flying martial arts, after all only an expert of Martial King Realm can fly in the air and it is even without forming any wings behind their back. Only flying martial arts could be said to form a wings behind ourselves and use it to fly in the sky."

"But all the flying martial arts are very precious. Even in the five great sects, how does this Ye Xiao get his hands on the flying martial art. Looking at those wings and its speed, it must be at least a High Grade Earth Rank flying martial skill."

"Even in my Heaven Sword Sect, there is only three flying martial skills, and the highest grade of those flying martial skill is High Grade Profound Rank."

"He is more than what he shows."

Zhao Yufei talked to herself. Then she came out from behind the pillar and run towards the iron door.

When Ye Xiao saw that she had reached the iron door, he threw the key of the door towards Zhao Yufei. She caught the key and inserted in the hole of the iron door. When the key was put inside the iron door, suddenly all the patterns carved on the iron door lit up. and the door opened.


The moment Ye Xiao threw away the key to Zhao Yufei, all of the stone statues ran towards Zhao Yufei. He also flied in full speed and reached to the door, caught the hand of Zhao Yufei and entered the iron door.

When he and Zhao Yufei entered the door, the iron door once again closed. All the stone statues were left behind the door.

The moment they saw what was in front of them, the both of them widened their eyes.

"This is?"

"Spirit stones. These are low grade spirit stones and there is thousands of them and there is also ten mid grade spirit stone." Zhao Yufei opened her eyes wide and looked at the pile of spirit stones placed at the corner of the room.

"There is also five low grade spirit weapons, two middle grade spirit weapon and high grade spirit weapon." Ye Xiao pointed at the other corner of the room and then said, "Miss Zhao, I will take those two middle grade spirit sword and ten middle grade spirit stones here. Everything else belong to you, how about it."

"This, ok but, why don't you take that high grade spirit weapon? And there is also thousands of low grade spirit stones." Zhao Yufei puzzled seeing Ye Xiao choose to take only a few thing.

Ye Xiao laughed and said, "Miss Zhao, it is not that I don't want to take the high grade spirit weapon, it is just that this high grade spirit weapon is a spear and I like to use sword the most. These two middle grade spirit weapons are sword so I will take them."

"As for thousands of low grade spirit stones, I don't need them. You can take them, I will only take these ten middle grade spirit stones. Even though there are only ten of them, they are still equivalent to hundred low grade spirit stones."

Hearing what Ye Xiao said, Zhao Yufei nodded her head, "Then I won't be courteous. I will take all of them."

Zhao Yufei waved her hand and all the items left behind vanished.

"Spatial Ring" Ye Xiao was surprised. He never thought that Zhao Yufei would have a spatial ring in her possession.

"She definitely is not simple. Her status in the Heaven Sword Sect must be high."

After taking all the things in the room they looked around to check that if there is anything else they missed.

"I think there is something strange about that wall" Zhao Yufei pointed at the wall left to them.

Ye Xiao looked at the wall and found that this wall was really different from other walls. It was made up of the some rare materials and it looked like it was there for protecting something.

"I think we should try to break this wall" Ye Xiao said.

Zhao Yufei nodded her head and launched a terrifying attack on the wall. Ye Xiao did not take part in this and stood far away. Zhao Yufei was an expert of Origin Core Realm and he was just at the Second Stage of Qi Condensation Realm. He could not help much to her if he also attacked the wall.


A loud sound came out and a figure was sent flying. That figure was Zhao Yufei. She was attacking the wall but was instead sent flying from a rebound of the wall.

"There is a barrier protecting the wall." Zhao Yufei said. Blood was coming out from the corner of her mouth.

"I didn't think that there was a barrier protecting the wall. What will we do now." Zhao Yufei cleened the blood from the corner of her mouth and looked at Ye Xiao.

"If there is a barrier here, then there is bound to be something that is providing energy to it in order to strengthen the barrier." Ye Xiao said and started looking everywhere, searching for something.

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