Divine Protection of Many Gods

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Takami no Kago – Chapter 1

Jinno Hibiki was just an average high school student .

His grades were just average .

He was neither good nor bad at PE .

If one were to pick what made him better than others, it might be the fact that he was “just a tad more lucky than others . ”

Like the weather was good on the day of his school trip he was looking forward to; when he bought 5 ice cream, he’d win one; though he’d survive until the end of janken, doesn’t mean he’d win it either .

Well, it’s that kind of luck .

Even he himself would sometimes think “Huh? Isn’t my luck good?” secretly .

And that kind of him was in “Another World” now .

That day, Hibiki was on the way home as usual, when suddenly vertigo attacked him .

The vertigo he felt was so strong, his vision darkened and he couldn’t stand up properly . The next moment, he was already in unfamiliar world .

It was a world where you could tell that it is another world at a glance .

First, there were two suns in the sky .

Among all people in his surrounding, there were people with kemonomimi as well as talking lizard-looking people who walk on two feet .

“What’s this place? When did I fall asleep?”

As Hibiki surveys the vicinity, he saw that the buildings and the floors are made of stone . Just like the townscape from a medieval fantasy in a fiction .

“Hey, you! You’re in the way!”


There’s a horse-drawn carriage behind Hibiki, since he was standing there blocking the path, it couldn’t pass .

“I-I’m sorry . I’ll move right away . ”

Although he was startled, being shouted at by someone so suddenly, Hibiki moved out of the way .

“For Christ’s sake, what a country bumpkin!”

The coachman snorted his nose as he drove the horse drawn carriage, passing by Hibiki .

While Hibiki could only stare as it left, with a befuddled face .

“Where the heck am I?”

Hibiki, finally assessing the problem in hand, starts confirming his status and realizes for the first time that the clothes he’s in isn’t the school uniform .

“What’s with this attire?”

If he were to put it into words, they look like an adventure’s attire in a game .

A leather breastplate was covering his shirt, while a headband (also leather) was protecting his head .

As the dessert, a sword is sheathed on one side of his waist, and a leather bag was tied onto the other side . About 20 coins of several types were stored in there .

Perhaps these are the currency of this world .

“Well, it’s a good thing that I’m not left penniless . Still, what should I do now?”

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