Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin

Chapter 12 - Genius Cannonfodder's Counterattack Record (12)

Chapter 12 - Genius Cannonfodder’s Counterattack Record (12)

translator: baumkuchen editor: serefina, wuxian

Only after having lunch with Su Xiulun and taking back his cell phone from Cheng Jian did Chi Xiaochi find that he had more than 20 missed calls.

Cheng Jian clearly didn’t plan on giving a good explanation. As he started the car and headed back home, he threw out a random excuse, “Your phone’s probably broken.”

On the surface, Chi Xiaochi was sweating bullets. On the inside, he thought, I’ll believe your bullshit.

He said to 061, “Intercept my cell phone signal.”

061, “……?”

Chi Xiaochi, “Do it.”

061, “En.”

Cheng Jian watched his brother try to call back six or seven times, but no one answered. As he then started tapping at his phone and sending out text messages, a nameless emotion flared up in him, “He dares to not answer your calls??”

Chi Xiaochi thought, Mister Cheng, aren’t your double standards a little too extreme.

He gave Cheng Jian a plaintive look.

Only after saying this did Cheng Jian realise who exactly was the cause of all this trouble. When he saw the listless look in his younger brother’s eyes, his temper waned and his tone became a lot softer, “Okay okay okay, after I send you back home later, I’ll call Yang Baihua and explain, alright?”

Chi Xiaochi lightly rubbed his feet on the wool mat.

The light of the afternoon sun was dazzling, illuminating his pale complexion, making it look more transparent. His eyelashes looked golden in the light.

The tip of Cheng Jian’s eyebrows twitched.

He thought of his younger brother who’d shone in front of the piano today. In those ten minutes, he had felt an unprecedented sense of pride.

But during lunch, Cheng Jian kept thinking about from whom Cheng Yuan, who had always been timid and suffered from stage fright, had gotten the courage to sit in front of that piano.

If Chi Xiaochi knew what Cheng Jian was thinking about, he definitely would have patted him on the shoulder and said, Bro, don’t think too much, I’m just doing this to make that surnamed Yang unworthy of your younger brother.

He raised his head, and tugged at Cheng Jian’s clothes, “Ge, when driving, wear sunglasses. The sunlight will dazzle your eyes.”

Cheng Jian pulled out a pair of sunglasses from the car’s in-built sunglasses box, “Oh, do you still have me in your eyes?”

Cheng Yuan showed a smile that was uglier than crying, finding Cheng Jian’s smile difficult to bear.

After driving for a little while longer, the district was not far ahead. Cheng Jian said, “Think about what you want to eat tonight. I’ll take you there.”

But Cheng Yuan didn’t answer, his gaze locked onto something straight ahead of them.

Cheng Jian also spotted the person who had made his brother fall silent in shock——

Yang Baihua stood in front of the west gate entrance, clad in a thick, heavy down coat, an extremely dark look on his face.

The west gate was the closest to Cheng Jian’s apartment. If Cheng Yuan wanted to enter or exit, it was the most convenient way to go.

Cheng Jian’s eyes turned cold. He wanted to drive straight past.

Cheng Yuan quickly stopped Cheng Jian, saying in a small voice, “……Ge.”

Hearing the pleading in his younger brother’s voice, Cheng Jian’s expression darkened, but he still slowly stepped on the break.

Cheng Yuan tugged hard at his clothes, “Ge, don’t get off the car, alright? ……You two always end up fighting whenever you meet.”

Cheng Jian sneered, “I think the one he’s come to fight with is you.”

Cheng Yuan implored in a soft voice, “Please, ge.”

Cheng Jian’s lip curled, but he didn’t move any further. He sat back, arms crossed, in the driver’s seat.

Cheng Yuan felt as if he’d been granted amnesty. He quickly released the seatbelt and got off the car. He ran towards Yang Baihua, saying happily, “Old Yang!”

But Yang Baihua remained silent, a heavy look on his face.

Cheng Yuan shrank back in guilt . He tried to appease him by tugging at his hand, “Old Yang, I didn’t purposely ignore your calls. ……I have some good news for you.”

Yang Baihua slapped his hand away. The slap rang loud and clear in the silent surroundings.

Hearing this, the face of Cheng Jian, who’d silently rolled down the window in order to eavesdrop on their conversation, abruptly changed.

Cheng Yuan had never been treated like this before. He stared at Yang Baihua in a daze, then looked at the reddened back of his hand. Ignoring the tears prickling at his eyes, he still persevered in trying to grab his hand, “Old Yang, don’t be angry. I’ve been really busy these past few days, so I didn’t have any time to contact you. Also, I was scared that if I did, your parents would notice. Have your parents left already? Did they have a good time these past few days?”

Yang Baihua brushed past his shoulder and spotted a Bentley.

The person in the driver’s seat wore sunglasses that covered half of their face, making so he couldn’t see their face clearly.

……Was it that surnamed Lou?

Yang Baihua looked at Cheng Yuan with a sneer on his face, “I see you’ve had a really good time too. Now I’m afraid you can’t even remember which way the door of your home opens.”

Cheng Yuan was really confused, “……En?”

In the past, when Cheng Yuan made such a face, Yang Baihua wouldn’t be able to resist pinching his cheeks, but now he only felt like Cheng Yuan was just pretending to understand when he really didn’t. The strong feeling of disgust that welled up in his chest mixed with the moodiness he had suppressed for the past few days and burst out like a flood, rushing at Cheng Yuan, pelting his head and covering his face.

Yang Baihua didn’t get angry and simply ‘smiled’, “Cheng Yuan, do you know how much I’ve sacrificed for you, for our relationship?”

Cheng Yuan was stunned.

“For these past few days, when mom and dad were over, I didn’t eat well or sleep well, always stressing over how to tell them about the relationship between the two of us. My family has only one son, me. I’m my family’s only hope. Do you understand what my being with you means? It means the end of my Yang family! And you? Doesn’t your family at least have a Cheng Jian? Do you know how much psychological pressure that puts on me? Have you ever thought about that?!”

The rims of Cheng Yuan’s eyes reddened, “I have. I’ve never pressured you to confess to your parents about the relationship between us……”

“You’ve never pressured me, it’s me who’s pressuring myself,” Yang Baihua smiled sadly, “I have no foundation, barely gaining a foothold in this city after great difficulty. I’m not worthy of you. But I’ve done my best to treat you well. When you had a fever in the second half of your third year of university and called me to tell me you were feeling sick and wanted to drink lotus seed porridge, I ran through three vegetable markets in the middle of winter to find raw lotus seeds, then personally made the porridge for you and sent it to your dormitory. In your fourth year, when you became more free, you often wanted me to spend time with you. Thus, as long as I could squeeze out some time, when did I not come and accompany you? Even though you had no job for the past half a year, had no income, and just spent all your time at home cooking and cleaning, have I ever once complained about that?”

Cheng Yuan started to shake, “……Old Yang, what’s wrong? Why are you so suddenly……”

Yang Baihua shot back with another question, “What’s up with you and Lou Ying?”

Cheng Yuan choked, and unconsciously glanced over in the direction of the Bentley, “He’s my friend, he lent me a place to stay……”

This single glance made all the pent-up estrangement and resentment that had built up over the past few days suddenly erupt.

He stripped off his gentle mask, and asked bitterly, “Did he also lend you a little something else?”

Cheng Yuan’s expression changed greatly, “Yang Baihua!”

Yang Baihua’s psyche was unbalanced. He pursued the question relentlessly, “You’ve probably compared me and him at least once, haven’t you? Then have you ever compared which one of us was better at satisfying you?”

Cheng Yuan burst into tears, “Yang Baihua, don’t say anything more…… Don’t say anything more.”

Cheng Yuan’s reaction only made Yang Baihua more certain of the veracity of his assumptions, “After comparison, you found me of no interest, right? I’m poor, I’m from a poor background, and I don’t understand your music.”

Cheng Yuan trembled as he shook his head, “You’re too much…… If I didn’t like you, then why would I have gotten together with you in the beginning?”

Cheng Jian couldn’t hold himself back anymore and swore.

This stupid fucker.

He slammed open the car door with enough force to rip it off its hinges and strode out of the car, taking off his sunglasses in passing.

Seeing who exactly it was angrily rushing off the Bentley, Yang Baihua, who had just let out everything he wanted to say, almost choked on his saliva.

……Why was the person in the car Cheng Jian?

Cheng Jian didn’t play any of Yang Baihua’s games. The moment he walked up to him, he decked him.

Cheng Yuan was shocked, “Ge!”

He reached out to grab Cheng Jian’s suit like a little chick hiding behind its mother, but craftily didn’t try to hold back Cheng Jian’s arms or legs.

Taking advantage of this gap, Yang Baihua received another kick and a punch.

Cheng Jian pointed at his nose and scolded, “You’ve really religiously noted down every single instance you’ve been good to my brother, huh. Whether it was in third year or fourth year, and even the date and location. Did you fucking make a journal and read it three times a day? Then how about all the times my brother has been good to you? Should I help you make a list?”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes welled up with hot tears, “Ge.”

Yang Baihua suddenly felt like he’d misunderstood something. In a panic, he looked at the quivering Cheng Yuan.

Cheng Jian spat out, “What’s your problem with my younger brother living in my house? Shut up with all your nonsense, if you have the ability then buy one for him yourself.”

Yang Baihua became even more frantic, “……Cheng Yuan? Didn’t you say this was Lou Ying’s house?”

“What Lou Ying?” Cheng Jian pointed an accusatory finger, “Don’t try and intimidate my younger brother. If you’re still doubtful just go and check it yourself, check if this place’s resident is surnamed Cheng or surnamed something Lou.”

“It was me, I lied……” Cheng Yuan huddled behind Cheng Jian, and said tearfully, “I didn’t dare tell you that my older brother lent me a house, so I could only say that I borrowed a friend’s place to stay……”

Yang Baihua found it inconceivable, “……Why lie?”

Cheng Yuan said in a trembling voice, “When I used my brother’s car, you weren’t happy and said that my brother was interfering in my life. If I said I was going to stay over at his home for a while, would you have agreed?”

Yang Baihua’s face turned white, “Then… then who was the person I saw that day?”

Cheng Yuan couldn’t stand any longer. He leaned against Cheng Jian and said in a small voice, “……That was Lou Ying, my friend. After returning here he didn’t have the key to his house with him and there wasn’t anyone at home, so I let him rest at my place for a while to recover from jet lag.”

Cheng Jian partially glanced back to look at him, “When was this?”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes had lost all spirit, “The day I brought a meal over to you. ……I hadn’t gotten your permission to casually let a friend stay over, so I didn’t dare bring it up.”

Cheng Jian had never mixed with his younger brother’s circle of friends and naturally didn’t know who Lou Ying was or which family he was from, “No wonder the tea set had moved when I went to find you in the evening.”

Yang Baihua was alarmed, “But Lou Ying clearly said……”

Cheng Yuan immediately asked, “What did he say?”

Yang Baihua was at a loss for words, his face alternating between green and red.

——“Yes. Mister Yang, would you like to come in and take a seat?”

——“Xiao Yuan’s out right now. You can just wait a while for him here.”

——“I’m his friend. Not his guardian, nor his prison warden.”

——“There’s no need to be surprised, all our associations were private.”

In retrospect, Yang Baihua realised that the Lou Ying he met that day had never admitted that he was the owner of the apartment.

Even though Yang Baihua had mentioned it in his own speech, Lou Ying had never directly responded.

Yang Baihua’s thoughts were in a whirl.

That day Cheng Yuan had never answered his calls and said he was out playing with friends when actually he was with his big brother?

That actually made sense. After all, he had made his stance clear to Cheng Yuan many times that he didn’t want Cheng Jian interfering in their lives.

This was Cheng Jian’s property……

Lou Ying was just borrowing a place to stay, the two of them were just friends……

As for Lou Ying’s resemblance to himself, it was probably just a coincidence. Maybe when Cheng Yuan fell in love with him at first sight, it was because of his face that resembled his childhood friend’s that he first noticed him……

Love at first sight……

In the span of a moment, Yang Baihua’s rationality came back to him. He remembered the loveable appearance of that youth in casual clothes who would come running over to him, clumsily and sincerely trying to get closer to him.

His memories and reality overlapped. The face before him was just as young, but now included confusion and tears of heartache.

Hot blood flowed back through his veins, and only then did Yang Baihua start to feel burning pain from the places he had been hit.

This apartment was clean and far away from other people, and there were obviously security guards. When they realised that there was a scuffle occurring over here, they sent over two people to check it out. After realising it was a private dispute, they then watched over it from afar, to ensure that no further physical conflict broke out.

A mixture of shame and pain made Yang Baihua’s face burn purple.

He took a step forward and tried to salvage the situation, “Xiao Cheng……”

Cheng Jian stretched out an arm, blocking him from coming any closer, “What are you doing? You were just scolding him a moment ago, yet you want to just wipe your face and brush over it?”

Yang Baihua reached out a hand towards Cheng Yuan, “Xiao Cheng, I came to bring you back home……”

Cheng Jian ushered Cheng Yuan back a few steps, “Xiao Yuan has been busy all day with his music these past few days and finally gained some success after a lot of hard work. If you still consider yourself a person, then don’t make him have to worry about dealing with the matters between you and him right now.”

Yang Baihua ignored Cheng Jian, just giving Cheng Yuan a pleading look, waiting for his response, “……Xiao Cheng?”

After a long silence.

Cheng Yuan bowed his head, and said in a small voice, “Ge, I want to go home. I want to eat Auntie Chen’s Sichuan fish with pickled mustard greens.”

Yang Baihua’s entire face stiffened into a sheet of iron.

Cheng Jian’s heart hurt for him. He grabbed hold of his hand, “Okay. Let’s go.”

After getting onto the car, Cheng Yuan seemed incredibly tired, hugging the seat cushion to himself and rubbing it, “Ge, I’m tired. I want to sleep.”

Cheng Jian restarted the car, “I know what you’re like, the moment you have something going on, you can’t sit still. Today you had an audition, so you definitely didn’t get a good sleep yesterday. Just sleep, I’ll drive a little steadier for you.”

Cheng Yuan buried his face in the cushion, “Thank you, ge.”

He didn’t say anything else.

In the silence, Cheng Jian dialled.

He remembered that their parents were home today.

As soon as his call was connected, Cheng Jian spoke, “Mom, Xiao Yuan was bullied. I’ll take him home tonight. I’ll tell you about it when I get back. Tell Auntie Chen to go buy a fish now.”

Chi Xiaochi, quietly lying on the back seat, curled the corners of his mouth in a slight smile.


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