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Chapter Ch8.1 - Genius Cannonfodder's Counterattack Record (8.1)

Chapter Ch8.1 - Genius Cannonfodder’s Counterattack Record (8.1)

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Under the influence of the sleeping pills, Chi Xiaochi fell asleep. He dreamed of something that happened before he had come here.

He was an actor, doing quite well for himself. The year he’d turned 26, he’d won two international Competitive Feature Film Festival awards, one Best Actor award and one Best Supporting Actor award, and three gold awards for domestic movies. He was worshipped as an acting god even before turning 25.

However, the entertainment circle was, after all, a circle.

Ling Nanguo, a leading cinematographer in the circle, played a big role in the success of Chi Xiaochi’s acting career and was a good friend of the famous scriptwriter Sun Guangren, Elder Sun.

The niece of Ling Nanguo’s acquaintance wanted to put on a stage play, and thus found Chi Xiaochi to star in it in such a roundabout way.

Chi Xiaochi agreed for three reasons. First, to repay Elder Sun for his affection. Second, the stage play was going to be held in his hometown. Third, he had a free period.

When he arrived at the theatre, Chi Xiaochi took off his sunglasses, “This theatre is so old, it’s so dilapidated.”

This mouth of Chi Xiaochi’s had brought him no shortage of troubles. His manager, who had long since resigned himself Chi Xiaochi’s propensity to voice his every opinion regardless of whether the situation allowed it, quivered for a moment and skillfully helped Chi Xiaochi gloss over the situation, “Old and stronger for it, old and sturdier for it.”

It was clear that it was old, as this was the oldest theatre in the area. It served as both a theatre and a cinema. Chi Xiaochi’s father had even brought his mother here for a movie date when he was young.

As for whether it was actually strong and sturdy, Chi Xiaochi should have the most say.

During an official performance, it was thanks to this old theatre that Chi Xiaochi was smashed into another world by a chandelier.

Chi Xiaochi woke up from his dream.

Just now in his dream, the moment he was struck by the chandelier had been stretched infinitely longer.

Lying in the debris of the shattered crystal chandelier, Chi Xiaochi felt like a box of smashed open soft drinks . He was covered in blood from head to toe, which was gushing out everywhere to the rhythm of his rapidly slowing heart.

Fortunately, it was just a dream, so there was no pain.

The spectators in the theatre had probably never expected to see such a rare spectacle when they bought tickets for the performance. They got up from their seats one after the other, some stepping up on stools and digging out their phones to record the event.

Lying on the ground, Chi Xiaochi thought, you all just have fun taking your photos, after I die, I’ll inhabit your pictures and climb out at midnight to chat with you about life. If I don’t manage to scare you to death, it’ll be my loss.

As he lay there, he twisted the neck he could no longer feel.

The old theatre had many problems with its layout. Several support pillars happened to obstruct the view of the audience sitting behind them, making them stretch their necks just to get a clear view of the stage. Therefore, the price of the seats behind the pillars was much cheaper than all the other seats.

He saw a pair of siblings, a brother and sister about ten years old, peeking around the pillar in the southeast corner and looking at him curiously.

Chi Xiaochi’s eyes widened.

The scene before his eyes blurred before coming back into focus. The faces of the two children watching the ruckus morphed into those of two youths, poking their heads beyond the pillar and watching the scene of the unexpected accident in confusion and unease.

Chi Xiaochi’s fingers twitched. He mumbled soundlessly, “……Lou-ge.”

The girl still wanted to watch, but when her parents behind her called out, the boy reached out a hand from behind her to cover her eyes, and took her away.

Chi Xiaochi struggled to speak through ragged breaths, “Lou-ge, don’t go. Don’t go.”

In a final burst of strength, he struggled to pull half of his body out from under the shattered chandelier accompanied by the clinking of broken glass. Then, he woke up.

After waking up, Chi Xiaochi pulled out a slender cigarette and placed it between his lips, not lighting it but merely holding it in his mouth.

The system said, “It’s 3:30am. You’ve only slept for four hours.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “Sleep my ass, let’s get up and get HIGH!”

The system, “……” It’s over. He didn’t get enough sleep and now he’s gone crazy.

Chi Xiaochi suggested, “Let’s put on a movie to watch together.”

The system replied helplessly, “You should be sleeping.”

Chi Xiaochi hopped off the bed, “As long as I’ve woken up, it’s morning.”

The system, “……” Fine.

Cheng Jian was really considerate of his younger brother.

In the 200 square meter apartment, every amenity was perfect and they even came with many considerate tips.

For instance, there was a note left on the wine cabinet, “You can bring friends over for a drink and take anything from the bottom three shelves. The middle two shelves are for you to drink, and the top two shelves hold my collection. If you dare drink them, I’ll break your legs.”

Chi Xiaochi laughed. He took down all the notes, put them in a pile, opened up Cheng Yuan’s wallet, and arranged them individually into the wallet, as if to keep them as souvenirs.

Noticing his actions, the system was slightly moved.

In his original world, 《The Cape Murders》turned Chi Xiaochi into an overnight success, but not more than two months later, Chi Xiaochi fell back into the mire of scandal within a day.

——In an interview with Chi Xiaochi’s parents, they accused him of not being filial.

When Chi Xiaochi had become famous, the internet had only just started to flourish. Everyone had just begun to realize the benefit of anonymity on the internet, but they hadn’t understood enough to determine the authenticity of the various sources of information online.

Chi Xiaochi was scolded black and blue in all kinds of BBS and forums for his lack of filial piety, enough that for a period of time, he became a frequent guest on various entertainment magazines, during which he would be barraged by all kinds of condemnations and showered in spittle. He could be said to be caught in an absolute bloody shitstorm.

At the time, everyone thought that Chi Xiaochi was done for.

However, ten months later, Chi Xiaochi became the biggest dark horse of the year by starring as the male protagonist of the movie 《72 Hours of Panic》.

Chi Xiaochi, who had been knocked down from his altar, rapidly rose back up, and his originally broken endorsement deals gradually made a revival.

In an interview during a talk show he attended after 《72 Hours》became popular, the host asked about the scandal that had occurred earlier in Chi Xiaochi’s career.

Chi Xiaochi, who had previously refused to address it on any broadcasting program, unexpectedly spoke up, “Ever since I began earning money, I have transferred money to my parents every month. I even have evidence of my transactions on this bank slip here.”

The host was absolutely astonished, “Then they……”

“My father gambles,” Chi Xiaochi said, “He gambled away almost all my earnings from《Cape》. I helped him pay off the debt, but he still kept gambling, and even asked me how much I was going to make from 《72 Hours》. I refused them and told them that I would send money monthly from now on, but I guess they…… weren’t very satisfied with that.”

After saying this Chi Xiaochi paused, giving the host and audience ample time for their imaginations to run wild and for them to ruminate over his words.

The host had just casually asked the question. She hadn’t actually thought she would get a reply from Chi Xiaochi, and even more so didn’t expect reality to be this way, “Then earlier…… Why didn’t you explain earlier?”

“I was busy filming at that time,” Chi Xiaochi smiled, but his expression was unexpectedly cool and calm for someone his age, “Anyways, everyone seemed really happy to see the “dark side” of a star. If I explained then, would anyone have listened?”

No wonder the people who hated Chi Xiaochi scolded him for being adept at scheming.

Not just anyone could endure ten months of insults and abuse pushing himself to his lowest point, before lightly dropping a bomb that wiped everyone out in one blow.

It was also not just anyone who dared to air out the dirty laundry of the parents who had raised him to the public like this, with a hidden implication within a few light words. There was no bitterness, no kindness, just the truth.

Even Chi Xiaochi’s parents hadn’t realized that their son was capable of this.

After a period of inactivity, his actions were like lightning, rendering defeat with one hit and leaving no possibility of recovery.

In the span of one night, public opinion completely reversed. The sharp tongues and judging pens changed their target to attack Chi Xiaochi’s parents.

There was no one to advise the 19 year old Chi Xiaochi on how to handle this matter.

However, in the span of ten months, he smoothly cut ties with his blood-sucking family. Since then, his parents had neither the face nor the courage to come pester him again.

But in this confrontation, there were still many unanswered questions.

Six years later, Chi Xiaochi appeared once more on that same talk show program, and the host was still the same host from that year.

She asked him, “July, have you ever wondered, with what happened between you and your parents that year, if there had been no 《72 Hours of Panic》, what path your career would have taken? Would it just have died?”

July was Chi Xiaochi’s English name.

Chi Xiaochi, clothed in a high-necked wool sweater and reclining one elbow on the arm of the sofa, laughed after hearing that question, “No. If there was no 《72 Hours》, there would still have been a 《36 Hours》, or 《24 Hours》.”

After six years of maturation, Chi Xiaochi was just like that slightly old-fashioned, high quality wool sweater he was wearing, distant, cold, and bringing a hard to erase yet valuable impression.

The female host levelled him with an admiring gaze, “You have so much self-confidence?”

Chi Xiaochi answered, “Because it’s me, I have it.”

Right before the effects of the two sleeping pills Chi Xiaochi had taken had worn off, 061 had just watched this part of his talk show interview.

Through Chi Xiaochi’s witty banter, his composed expression, and sense of propriety, 061 saw the “Cheng Yuan” from a few days ago, sitting in a porridge store, wrapped in a slightly old down jacket and quietly taking a bite of his steamed bun.

At that time, the look in his eyes was very gentle, mixed with a bit of soft and helpless vacancy.

Thinking of that gaze, 061’s heart felt a soft itch like a prick of a needle.

He clearly cared about family, so why is it that when it came to his own family, he had to go to that point?

Of course, Chi Xiaochi didn’t owe him any answers.

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