Douluo Dalu

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Four Eyed Owl Flender

Part 1

Tang San and Xiao Wu were both somewhat dazed, the expression in the pair’s eyes became extremely strange. Although Tang San knew a lot about variant spirits, it was still the first time hearing about a spirit like this. If this Fatty’s age was not much different from theirs, he should be just twelve years old. It was shocking to believe a twelve year old youngster required finding women to not let his spirit backlash.

Dai Mubai went on:

“Therefore, this fellow will frequently burn with desire, without venting it, he would long ago have died. Even though his spirit is very powerful, his burning lust is not so good for cultivation.”

Xiao Wu frowning said:

“But, he still can’t harm girls. That is the conduct of hoodlums.”

Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“What do you call harm, we naturally are mutually consenting, although I’m fat my appetite is a bit powerful. But I have never before forced anyone, we both are mutually consenting, I can’t be a hoodlum.”

Tang San looked towards Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai nodded, saying:

“This really is so, Fatty never forces others. Just now that Miss Cui Hua also really was his girlfriend.”

Xiao Wu was shocked,

“Not forcing others? Then why are others asking to break up with him?”

Fatty’s face blushed, Dai Mubai’s expression also became awkward.

Dai Mubai coughed, embarrassed saying:

“Because, this fellow’s Evil Fire pressure repeats too much. To endure him three or four times every day is not something an ordinary girl can accomplish. In the year since coming to the academy, he has already changed several girlfriends, and every time without exception the end result is that they dumped him. Were it not for his Spirit Master rank, perhaps finding girlfriends would be entirely too strenuous. To mention, in that respect’s capability, maybe still truly without several people that can compare to this Fatty. That Evil Fire Fowl nickname of his comes exactly from this.

Ma Hongjun snappily corrected:

“It’s Evil Fire Phoenix.”

Tang San dumbstruck said:

“Indeed worthy of being called ‘monster academy’. It unexpectedly even has this kind of variant spirit.”

Xiao Wu with somewhat reddened face, lightly spit,

“Truly, there are all kinds of people.”

Ma Hongjun glared at Dai Mubia, saying:

“Must I be like you and little Ao, with girly faces, I can simultaneously date multiple girls, how about that? No need to be humble, don’t think I don’t know how you arrange to meet with three different girls in one day.”

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes glinted, somewhat hurriedly glancing behind him, lowering his voice, saying:

“Fatty, food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be said irresponsibly. Keep your voice down.”

Ma Hongjun smiled darkly, saying:

“You are not as always not believing shame is opposite of honor? What was it today? Took the wrong medicine?”

Dai Mubai glared at him,

“Less nonsense, some words cannot be said irresponsibly. Undermine my reputation again, and you can’t blame me for being impolite.”

Tang San could not help but say:

“Ma Hongjun, since you don’t have a girlfriend right now, what will you do? Halt cultivation?”

Ma Hongjun shrugged, saying:

“What can I do? Living is more important, I’ll ask the dean to see what methods he has.”

Xiao Wu said:

“Where in the Academy is some place to eat, I’m starving to death.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Follow me.”

The four again returned within the Shrek Academy limits, Dai Mubai brought them to the Academy dining hall.

The so called dining hall, in reality only was an agreement with this village, nothing more, they hired several villagers to be in charge of everyone’s meals. Although the light breakfast was simple, it won out in quantity, eating one’s fill was no problem.

When they reached the dining hall, Ning Rongrong and the ice cold young lady, Zhu Zhuqing, had already arrived. Zhu Zhuqing looked apart from a somewhat pale complexion, apparently already without anything unsettled.

Perhaps it was because of acting together yesterday, the two girls looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu, both nodding at them. Zhu Zhuqing was still a bit cold, but Ning Rongrong’s expression clearly had an intimate meaning, smiling face exposing two dimples, looking exceptionally pleasant.

Ma Hongjun’s eyes somewhat stared at the pair, not at all concealing a gulp.

Dai Mubai elbowed him once, saying in a low voice:

“You’re obvious, best suppress the Evil Fire.”

Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“Why? Do you have to start. I say, boss Dai, even if you are the boss, you nevertheless must leave your younger brothers a little soup to drink.”

Dai Mubai again hit him once, furtively glancing at Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing apparently did not pay any attention to their side, slowly eating breakfast, still with an ice cold expression.

Xiao Wu sat down near Ning Rongrong, with a low laugh speaking with her about something, from Ning Rongrong looking at Ma Hongjun with a somewhat flabbergasted expression, Ma Hongjun knew they were talking about him. He immediately sat down in despair, venting on the breakfast at the table.

Dai Mubai coughed, saying:

“Little Ao, this fellow is sleeping in. He’s always so idle. Besides little Ao, I see everyone is present, from now on everyone must live and study together for a time, so let’s get to know each other. I’ll give you introductions, this Fatty is our Academy’s other student, called Ma Hongjun, spirit is free-, eh, no, Phoenix.”

On hearing the word Phoenix, Zhu Zhuqing raised her head, but was only glancing at Ma Hongjun, that’s all, as her gaze flitted across Dai Mubai, it seemed to increase the chill even more.

Ma Hongjun said:

“That’s right, boss Dai, I heard one of the newly arrived students let teacher Zhao eat a big loss yesterday, who was it?”

Dai Mubai said:

“You just now already crossed hands with him. However, you are lucky, to not recieve the same treatment as teacher Zhao.”

Ma Hongjun somewhat unable to imagine it looked at Tang San,

“No way, although your spirit power is a bit stronger than mine, it did not seem too much higher, it shouldn’t reach thirtieth rank. How is it possible for teacher Zhao to get the worst of it, he’s a seventy sixth rank Spirit Sage, I don’t believe it.”

Part 2

Tang San with a slight smile said:

“It was only luck, that’s all.”

The strength was his own, he did not need to convince others of anything.

Dai Mubai introduced the four new students’ names and spirits to Ma Hongjun. As for Tang San’s true strength he did not explain too much, merely hinting to Ma Hongjun that it was best not to provoke him.

Introductions complete, Dai Mubai went on:

“Everyone must hereafter live and cultivate together. Formal titles aren’t necessary. Including to you four new arrivals, the Academy altogether just has seven students, that’s all. Little Ao and Fatty both call me boss Dai because I’m a bit older than the both of them. You calling me Mubai is alright, with Hongjun directly call him Fatty, Oscar that fellow, you can call him little Ao or maybe Big Sausage Uncle will do. Tang San, can I call you little San from now on?”

Tang San nodded, indicating he had no objection. Regarding this Shrek Academy, although he still had not had much contact, he already had some sense of belonging. Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, these three students each had their peculiarities but none provoked his dislike.

Not waiting for Oscar to speak himself, Ning Rongrong straightforward quickly said:

“Calling me Rongrong is alright. My close family and friends all call me like that.”

Her smiling expression always on her face, simple words, virtually pulled close the distance with everyone.

Xiao Wu’s address naturally need not change, and as Dai Mubai’s gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing stood up,

“I’ve eaten my fill.”

Finished speaking, she turned and left for outside.

Ma Hongjun somewhat astonished said towards Dai Mubai:

“Boss Dai, aren’t you known as among women as not particularly unfavorable, and a reputed lady killer? How is this newly arrived pretty girl not even willing to as much as look at you?”

Dai Mubai laughed wryly, shaking his head, and did not further explain.

Tang San said to Dai Mubai:

“Mubai, we all are newly arrived, give us an explanation on the Academy’s rules and classes.”

Dai Mubai managed to pull back his thoughts from Zhu Zhuqing, saying:

“The Academy doesn’t have any particular rules. Simply said, just don’t rape or pillage, but they encourage fights and encourage gambling.”

Tang San’s face revealed a smile, the Monster Academy sure enough was worthy of being a Monster Academy, including teaching methods everything was substantially different from Nuoding Academy.

Dai Mubai explained:

“The teachers believe that fighting is the best shortcut to becoming proficient with one’s spirit, so to strengthen combat experience is extremely important. But gambling is a mind’s game, regarding strengthening mental qualities, to increase one’s power of perception and judgement all have very great benefits. Of course, everything must stop before going too far. Simply put, if when fighting you don’t kill people and when gambling you do not lose your pants it’s no problem.”

“As for arranging classes, I don’t know about later, because the time when our classes appeared would always change; after all we only have so many many people that the teachers’ quantity are even more than us students. Therefore, the Academy would according to our circumstances adjust the courses separately. But today’s courses I can be sure on, the most important one is receiving money. The Academy tuition is one hundred gold coins every year. To all you Spirit Grandmaster level Spirit Masters, this should be without any issues.”

Listening to Dai Mubai’s words up to here, Xiao Wu couldn’t help but interpose:

“Boss Dai, yesterday you said the school was very poor. But why is the Academy poor? We met several teachers with more than sixtieth rank, even over seventieth rank. According to level, the stipend they are capable of receiving from Spirit Hall receive in itself is an astronomical figure, supporting such a small Academy should not count as anything.”

According to Xiao Wu’s speculation, Spirit Masters’ stipend was every month one gold coin, Spirit Grandmasters’ was ten gold coins, reaching Spirit Elder should be a hundred gold coins, Spirit Ancestor was one thousand, Spirit King ten thousand, Spirit emperor should be a hundred thousand gold spirit coins every month. Let alone that Zhao Wuji they confronted yesterday, that Spirit Sage existence was one million gold coins every month, even thinking of it was a scary number.

Dai Mubai shook his head, saying:

“If it was like you said, the Academy of course need not worry about any income issues. But reality really isn’t like this. The stipend from Spirit Hall is all funds allocated by the Empire, issued in its place by Spirit Hall. The stipend is only given up to Spirit Elder level, every month drawing one hundred gold coins, like me right now. But after surpassing the Spirit Elder level, not only does the subsidy not increase, but will even disappear. In other words, including Spirit Ancestor, Spirit Ancestor or higher Spirit Masters, are unable to receive any stipend from Spirit Hall. Every month when you go to Spirit Hall to draw the stipend, all will have a spirit power test. That is to ensure your spirit power does not exceed the fortieth rank: when you exceed fortieth rank the stipend immediately stops being provided.”

This time even Tang San couldn’t help but be curious,

“Why would it be like this? The higher the Spirit Master’s strength, ordinarily the more valuable the talent.”

Dai Mubai said.

“But, this must start with reality. Although Spirit Master is a noble vocation, genuine Spirit Masters’ quantity is not much. But it still is considered a not too small community. You should also consider, if according to the stipend’s scaling provided, on reaching Spirit Sage level drawing a stipend that was a million gold spirit coins every month, in one year it’s twelve million gold spirit coins. What kind of enormous sum is that? Let alone other places, if our Academy’s teachers drew their stipend according to their strength, if it all was provided by the Empire, our Academy’s teachers income in one year would overtake one tenth of Suotuo City’s population’s income. What kind of enormous number is that? But in the entire Empire, although the quantity of high level Spirit Masters is few, drawing this kind of stipend it would also be sufficient to drag down the entire Empire.”

“Consequently, the Empire stipulates that the stipend is only provided to encourage and assist lower level spirit masters to advance cultivation, to as quickly as possible promote strength. But reaching past fortieth rank, even if it was a fairly formidable Spirit Master, they would have to choose to swear fealty to the Empire or join the army. Like that, the Empire can issue corresponding remuneration. Of course, Spirit Masters also have authority to choose freely, throwing in with certain clans one can receive considerable income.”

Part 3

Dai Mubai’s face revealed a respectful expression.

“But all the teachers at our Academy do not want to rely on any strength beneath Spirit Master. In other words, before the Academy was established. They were all travelling alone to help others, they enjoy having freedom, loathe any restrictions, even disdain Imperial nobility as beneath contempt, you think, under these circumstances, they would have some income?”

Xiao Wu asked:

“Why don’t they want to take the nobility offered by the Empire? It seems nobility should have a certain income. I remember that above thirtieth rank, one can at once receive the Imperial title of baron, and after the fortieth rank viscount, and it stops there again.”

Ning Rongrong replied to her question in place of Dai Mubai.

“By accepting Imperial appointment you also have the obligation to vow commitment to the Empire. When a war occurs under the Empire’s banner, as Imperial nobility, you must comply with the Empire’s orders to leave for the battlefield. Although a noble’s position is good, they are equally tightly restricted. Most formidable Spirit Masters will not accept a noble rank, as they do not want to casually give their lives for power.”

At this time, they suddenly heard a dang dang dang sound from outside.

Dai Mubai hurriedly stood up, saying:

“This is the sound of the Dean gathering us. Fatty, you bring them to the big grounds, I’ll call Zhuqing.”

With that, he left the dining hall with quick steps.

Ma Hongjun looked at his back, mumbling to himself:

“Boss Dai has seemingly become a little different, I have never seen him care about a woman like this before.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:

“You are just how old, still going ‘women women’.”

Ma Hongjun snorted, proudly saying:

“Although my age is not large, how can I not still have had women. Quickly leave, the dean is not be fond of others arriving late.”

Saying this, his body even shivered, he clearly having had the worst of it before.

As the four reached the big grounds, the sleepy eyed hazy looking Oscar had already arrived, eating one of his produced sausages in his hand.

Oscar’s appearance had an enormous change. Mainly that on his face the beard had ceased to be.

When seeing him, Tang San almost didn’t recognize him. By shaving off his beard, Oscar completely changed appearance.

Previously Ma Hongjun once already said Dai Mubai and Oscar both had girly faces. Those clearly were words of envy, and right now Tang San just understood what Ma Hongjun envied them for.

Dai Mubai was already exceptionally handsome, especially with that pair of magnetic double pupil eyes. But with regard to appearance alone, he still was not equal to Oscar without a full beard across his face.

Deep set peach blossom eyes, gave people a kind of abstruse feeling, face like pale jade, handsome and harmonious, moderately thick eyebrows, on his face a frivolous smile. He looked somewhat like he was a distinguished and elegant noble son. Of course, even if he still was a handsome noble son, that appearance still would not be particularly impressive while nibbling on a sausage like that.

“Your beard?

Tang San walked over to stand next to Oscar, unable to help but indicate his face.

Oscar smiled in greeting, quickly finishing the sausage in his hand, in a low voice saying:

“Are there not newly arrived beautiful women, if I haven’t prepared myself, how can I make them pay attention, ah, in this respect you are inexperienced. Boss Dai clearly looked that ice cold girl, Xiao Wu is yours, Fatty with that Evil Fire can’t attract girls, therefore, my target is Ning Rongrong. You wouldn’t fight me over it, right.”

Tang San clapped his forehead,

“May I ask, how old are you this year?”

Oscar said without the slightest hesitation:

“Fourteen years old, why? When my father was fourteen years old, he had me.”

Tang San suddenly realized, if he wanted to test his mental capabilities then coming to Shrek Academy clearly wasn’t a bad choice. Let alone the teachers, these students were all monsters. Even if it was himself, had he not also read hidden weapons secret lore not belonging to this world?

Dai Mubai brought Zhu Zhuqing rushing over as well, Zhu Zhuqing clearly maintained a certain distance from him, and Dai Muba’s expression was clearly very unsightly.

Oscar smiling with schadenfreude said:

“Apparently, boss Dai was also rebuffed, he that playboy is at a disadvantage, this time he was even beaten.”

While they spoke, a middle aged man walked out on the grounds from another direction.

Seeing this person, Tang San and Xiao Wu were clearly distracted. He looked to be around fifty year’s old, built thick and strong, face characteristically long, chin somewhat prominent, cheek bones very wide, flat face, furthermore a bit aquiline nose, if insisting on using some kind of thing to describe him, then, only could say his face somewhat resembled the sole of a shoe. Although his eyes were closed, he seemed to have a bit crafty feeling. On his face he wore a pair of black rimmed crystal glasses, the frames a kind of rigid squares.

Xiao Wu astonished said:

“Isn’t this that profiteering uncle?”

Oscar surprised said:

“What profiteering uncle? This is our Academy’s Dean, Shrek Academy’s founder, Four Eyed Owl Flender. A seventy eighth ranked Spirit Sage, compared to Zhao Wuji he’s even more fierce, and he also possesses a flying type Beast Spirit. Among Battle Spirit Masters, this is considered quite rare, Fatty is his first disciple.”

Xiao Wu muttered:

“Fortunately is only seventy eighth rank. Truly did not expect that ‘only accepting monsters, not accepting ordinary people’ quote to have come from his mouth. Big Sausage Uncle, our Academy has no Spirit Douluo level Spirit Masters?”

Oscar shook his head,

“Please call me Sausage Monopoly Oscar, you consider Spirit Douluo as a dish to be bought? Wherever you are on the entire Continent, Spirit Douluo or higher ranked powers still do not reach a hundred, with all the Empire and Imperial subordinate kingdoms added up. As for Title Douluo, with the two Empires added together, there are still only ten or so, that’s all. How could they be so easy to meet.”

Part 4

Xiao Wu loosed a breath,

“That’s good.”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu,

“Xiao Wu, what happened?”

Xiao Wu shook her head, somewhat glossing over it said:

“Nothing. Little San, you tell me whether this profiteering uncle will still remember us?”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“It has just been two days, he shouldn’t be able to forget. However, since he is the dean, it should be unlikely he would bother you just for offending him.”

Oscar smiled darkly, saying in a low voice:

“In this you are wrong. Our dean Flender is famous for holding grudges. Of course, his biggest merit is protecting.”

While walking up Flender’s gaze suddenly floated in their direction, just right to pause on Oscar, in his eyes flashing a pondering light.

Oscar turned pale at once,

“Shit, what I said might have been heard. This is too wretched.”

Flender walked up before the altogether seven students, stopping. That somewhat magentic hoarse voice of his resounded,

“This year really isn’t bad, we have gotten four little monsters. I, Shrek Academy’s dean Flender, will represent the Academy to welcome you here. In a moment, you will each hand over a hundred gold coins to teacher Li[1] in charge of finances over there. Mubai.”


Dai Mubai stepped forward, apparently very respectful towards Flender, even a bit of admiration.

Flender said:

“For your newly arrived four junior brothers and sisters, later tell them about the Academy’s regulations. After that each should return to rest and as far as possible recover your peak level states. Today’s first class will begin in the evening. Oscar, you and Ning Ronrong are exceptions. You two follow me.

Oscar’s expression immediately broke down, heart unreconciled and not willing to salute before Flender. As he looked at Ning Rongrong walk by his side, his expression turned a bit better.

Flender waved his hand, saying:

“You others can go rest. Remember, before the sky is dark, let yourselves reach peak condition, don’t blame me for not reminding you. The Academy’s curriculum is different from other places, you will even face mortal danger.”

Zhu Zhuqing left before anyone’s head could turn, and Dai Mubai this time did not catch up. Ma Hongjun even left a bit faster, in a flash one could not even see his shadow.

Tang San was in no rush to leave, he thought to see how this dean before him would teach. Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s spirits both were auxiliary types, this should be the reason they did not participate in evening class. But what made Tang San very baffled was, why must education be conducted in the evening?

As Tang San did not leave, Xiao Wu naturally also was in no hurry to leave, standing at Tang San’s side calmly watching.

Flender paid them no attention, towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong saying:

“Everyone has their own ways to cultivate. As spirits are different, cultivation methods are also as different as can be. On Douluo Continent, there are practically no completely equal spirits, therefore, the Academy’s instruction to you is not at all about how to cultivate spirits, but about how to use spirits, about how to fight in the future, to allow you to even better assist your comrades in arms.”

Tang San felt Flender’s words were somewhat familiar, and attentively mulling it over, Grandmaster seemed to also have said something similar. Only what Grandmaster said was even more detailed than Flender, that’s all.

Oscar apparently already heard similar words, noncommittally lowering his head, but Ning Rongrong nodded considering deeply.

Flender continued:

“You two are both auxiliary type Spirit Masters, one is attribute addition, the other is a food system spirit. Spirit masters like you, whether on the battlefield or in peacetime, both need companions to protect you by your side, otherwise, you will find it very difficult to survive. Oscar, tell me, as an auxiliary type Spirit Master, what capacity on the battlefield even better keeps you from danger.”

Oscar without the slightest hesitation said:

“As far as possible hiding behind the companions on one’s side, exploiting the surroundings and if possible exploiting the terrain and buildings to evade danger. As far as possible keeping away from dangerous areas.”

Flender nodded, saying:

“Quite right. But you have not mentioned one point. As an auxiliary type Spirit Master, running away is a necessary quality to possess, so an auxiliary type Spirit Master who is unable to flee is not a good Spirit Master. But what is needed to escape? The requirement is physical strength. Since as Spirit Masters you have your spirit power for assistance, your bodies inner qualities will be a bit stronger than ordinary people’s. But, it’s possible that when confronting the enemy the other side is a Battle Spirit Master. Consequently, as an auxiliary type Spirit Master, you equally need to carry out physical strength exercises. In a key moment, maybe running one more step will let you survive.”

Oscar understood Flender very well, and hearing this Dean before him speaking grandiosely, in his heart he secretly laughed bitterly. Once it was finished, today was only running.

Sure enough, after Flender’s lengthy exposition, he nodded towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong, saying:

“Your class today, is carrying out physical strength drills. Starting from now, run twenty laps around the entire village, if by the lunch you still have not returned, you need not eat it. You can use your spirits to for assistance. Right now, set out, Oscar is in charge of leading.”


Ning Rongrong replied, running off without the slightest hesitation, Oscar with some hidden bitterness looked towards Tang San waiting by the side, then followed after.

Although the village where Shrek Academy was located was not large, Oscar understood that when Flender indicated the entire village, he included the village’s fields. One lap was a distance of at least three kilometres or more. Twenty laps, that was equivalent to a terrifying number.

Currently they possessed more than twentieth ranked spirit power, but completing this course before noon still was a matter that would put an auxiliary type Spirit Master in such pain as to not want to live. For more than twentieth ranked Battle Spirit Masters, running this kind of distance still wouldn’t be easy.

Watching Oscar and Ning Rongrong run off, Flender pointed at Tang San, saying:

“You follow me alone.”

Part 5

Tang San nodded, simultaneously waving his hand at Xiao Wu wanting to follow behind him. Just so following Flender’s large strides inside the Academy.

Flender’s office was also his residence, not far next to the small grounds where Tang San and Zhao Wuji fought yesterday. The inside of the room was arranged very simply, there were only some necessary things, nothing more.

Flender sat down behind his desk, looking at Tang San, in his eyes suddenly revealing a complex light,

“Grandmaster is still well?”

Tang San nodded, saying:

“Grandmaster is very well.”

Flender looked at him somewhat astonished,

“You are his student? No wonder, no wonder he even gave you this belt. That day seeing you wear this belt, in addition to your age, I knew you must be coming to my Shrek Academy. Only I didn’t expect you to unexpectedly be his disciple. Originally, he once told me, inevitably one day he would foster a genius Spirit Master to shock the Continent. Apparently, he picked you.”

Tang San raised his hand to touch Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, handing over a letter to Flender before him,

“First off, Teacher asked me to after enrolling via the the Academy exam, deliver this letter to the dean.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, in Flender’s eyes flashed a trace of sorrow, but still had a smiling expression,

“He still is so obstinate. This is just his style. This fellow finally thinks of contacting me?”

While speaking, he slowly opened the envelope, taking out a pure white letter from within. Tang San could not help but see that when Flender’s hands tore open the letter, they were trembling slightly.

What was written in the letter Tang San did not know, he could only see Flender’s continuously transforming expression.

Flender was occasionally happy, occasionally angry, four different types of human emotions practically all appeared on his face.

“Fine, fine you old fellow. You old bastard, what do you insist on proving? With what proof? Don’t tell me you don’t know, in reality……”

Flender seemed to become somewhat erratic, Tang San was unable to make sense of the words on his lips.

Suddenly, he sharply raised his head, staring fixedly at Tang San,

“Since you are his proof, absolutely don’t let him down. You leave, quickly go prepare for the evening class. That will not be at all relaxing.”

Tang San had completed the task Grandmaster gave him. Although this dean Flender gave him a very strange feeling, he was also in no mood to reflect on these. Going through the fight with Zhao Wuji, Tang San discovered his own very many weak points, having time he might as well go cultivate.

Leaving aside Tang San a person voluntarily cultivating, the two Oscar and Ning Rongrong were currently in the middle of running outside the Academy.

“Oscar, how far is still left on this lap?”

Ning Rongrong’s sounded somewhat helpless.

When just starting, she was still full of confidence, even though she was an auxiliary type Spirit Master, at home her father also always required her to exercise her body, saying practically the same things as Flender before. Therefore, her body was not at all lacking, although she could not compare to a Battle Spirit Master, exercising for a long time not only had given her a healthy physique, but she was also especially expert in running.

Only, since leaving the Academy until now, Ning Rongrong under Oscar’s guidance unexpectedly had not finished one lap, the time that passed was already not short. Continuing at this speed, let alone noon, whether the evening meal could be eaten was the question. Even more, physical strength was continuously dropping, it would basically be impossible to continuously maintain this pace.

Oscar said with a wry smile:

“When leaving I said that this basically is not a task possible to complete. But you still don’t be worried, do we two auxiliary type Spirit Masters together still fear going hungry? Whether we would eat a bit……”

Ning Rongrong glanced at him, although still young, that gentle and charming expression she wore was rather graceful.

Oscar’s bones went somewhat weak from her look, smiling cheerfully, appearing to show off said in a low voice:

“I your father have a big fresh sausage.”

In a flash of light, a savory sausage already appeared in his hand, passing it to Ning Rongrong.

“My sausage, the first spirit ring ability is recovery. Not only can it boost healing of injuries, it also has a recovery effect on physical strength. Eat a bit. Having my sausage support, let alone running twenty laps, even running two hundred laps, we still need not to worry about food problems.”

Ning Rongrong somewhat strangely looked at Oscar, suddenly speaking an extremely intrepid line,

“I your mother also has two generous buns. Eat your size.”

Finished speaking, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda floated up in the air, quickly adding assistance, abruptly increasing their forward running speed.


Oscar’s was completely stunned a moment, let alone him, even if it was Tang San or Dai Mubai here, hearing Ning Rongrong this kind of graceful girl unexpectedly say this line, perhaps they also would be unable to imagine it. They could not know at all what kind of character Ning Rongrong was at Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. And Ning Rongrong herself was finally unable to hold back, revealing a bit of her true nature.


Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Official hall.

In the north side of the main hall, facing south the master seat was a rosewood carved great chair, on the back of the chair set an enormous jade stone. The jade stone was dark green, emitting a faint warm and moist air, a best quality warm jade.

In the rosewood carved great chair one man sat upright. This man’s face was like fair jade, nose straight and mouth square, appearance refined and gentle, wearing a pure white robe without a speck of dust. Appearing approximately forty years old, with a gentle gaze, he looked like an ordinary person. A soft black hair was scattered over his shoulders and back, all looked subconscious, without any artifice. Currently, he looked at the person kneeling below him, a youngster wearing white sturdy clothing.

“Returning to report to school master, young miss already reached Shrek Academy, and furthermore successfully passed the entrance exam.”

The youngster said respectfully.

The middle aged man nodded, the expression on his face revealing helplessness,

“This little devil going to temper herself is good, otherwise Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School would be turned upside down by her. What are Shrek Academy’s circumstances?”

[1] (李老师) “Teacher Plum”

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