Douluo Dalu

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Star Dou Great Forest

Part 1

Flender stood there with a cold face, a completely impartial and incorruptible appearance, his expression telling the students, do not think to bluff through it.

In Oscar’s heart a laugh had long ago blossomed, the expression in his eyes clearly revealing a vulgar light, particularly paying attention to Ning Rongrong.

If one could say, right now he truly thought to kiss Flender several times, in his heart secretly saying, ‘dean, I love you.’ Flender doing this was not only to let everyone engender a feeling of identifying with him, for Oscar himself, his heart also had a kind of extreme satisfaction.

‘Ning Rongrong eating my sausage’, this thought alone made Oscar somewhat excited.

Oscar simultaneously extended both his hands, and with a dark smile, read aloud his spirit incantations.

“I your father have a big sausage.”

“I your father have a little sausage.”

One thick and one thin, two sausages with distinctly different flavors appeared separately in Oscar’s palms. With a dark smile, saying:

“Who is first?”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had previously undergone a similar course, although their hearts remained somewhat shadowed, to some extent they could still repress it. As the two prepared to step forward, thinking it better to just get it over with and complete today’s class, one person rushed first.

“I’ll go.”

Accompanying the sharp and clear voice, Ning Rongrong walked in front of Oscar with big strides, both hands reaching out, separately grabbing his big sausage and little sausage.

Who would have thought Ning Rongrong unexpectedly would take the lead. Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun halted on the verge of stepping out. They both wanted to see whether Ning Rongrong would eat Oscar’s spirit transformed sausage.

Ning Rongrong’s expression was very serene, only her eyes brimming with reluctance betraying her heart. After all she was still only a little miss, how could she possibly completely cover up her mood.

Yes, going through that one night, she still decided to stay. Without any compromise, she wanted to prove she could give it all for the people at Shrek Academy to see. Prove it how? That was by surpassing all the students, and gain even stronger spirit power than them.

Oscar promoting to thirtieth rank, was equivalent to one step further aggravating Ning Rongrong’s heart, that’s why she was the first to walk out.

Seeing Ning Rongrong’s expression face to face, Oscar suddenly felt a chill.

Ning Rongrong grabbing the big sausage and fiercely biting off a mouthful, that appearance, truly was rather ferocious. Seeing her expression, Oscar clearly felt his body tingle, subconsciously retreating a step.

Ning Rongrong completely gulped down Oscars big sausage and little sausage.

When just starting, she was still holding an idea of facing death with equanimity, but after swallowing the fresh sausage and cured sausage, she discovered that the flavour of these two kinds of Oscar’s materialized food spirit unexpectedly were exceptionally good.

Especially that big fresh sausage, after it entered the belly it immediately spread a warm feeling throughout the whole body, after one night without sleep, she who was originally already very tired clearly felt her spirits rouse, a feeling as if the body was brimming with strength.

What dean Flender said was right, this fellow’s food system spirit indeed was remarkable.

Being born to Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, Ning Rongrong naturally was familiar with food system spirits, and had also eaten them. But the food system spirits she previously ate did could not have such a rapid effect as Oscar’s big fresh sausage. Even if it was a more than fortieth ranked food system Spirit Master, they would still be unable to do even a bit of this. This was completely a question of innate talent.

Oscar’s big fresh sausage incidentally also was his first spirit ring effect, Recovery[1]. This kind of recovery had a comprehensive effect, apart from giving a satiated feeling, it still had effects on both treatment and restoration. The effect of Recovery was directly proportional to Oscar’s spirit power.

Oscar probing asked:

“Were you hungry?”

Ning Rongrong licked her pink lips, her face revealing a gentle smile,

“Your sausage, a bite felt pretty good.”

Oscar once again felt a tingle, Ning Rongrong’s smile felt a bit like a devil’s smile.

Ning Rongrong turned around, gaze sweeping across each student, finally stopping on Flender, she used action to prove she had remained by her own power.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun one after another ate Oscar’s fresh and dried sausage, Tang San walked forward fourth, somewhat helplessly picking up Oscar’s for the fourth time transformed spirit.

A girl like Ning Rongrong could do it, so why would it be impossible for him? With this kind of attitude, Tang San gulped down Oscar’s fresh and dried sausage.

Very quickly, he also had the same feeling as Ning Rongrong, perhaps even more clearly, the sausage entering the stomach created a feeling of warmth circulating in the entire body, the ache in his internal organs unexpectedly fading away, his whole body feeling as if full of strength.

Somewhat amazed he looked at Oscar, Tang San’s perception of him clearly had changed a bit.

Right now, only Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing still had not completed today’s class assignment.

Xiao Wu somewhat pleading looked at Tang San, seemingly saying, ‘can’t I not eat?’

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“It’s no big deal, the flavor is pretty good. Think of it as food you buy on the street.”

Xiao Wu extremely reluctantly stepped out fifth, practically with closed eyes eating the two things, afterwards covering her mouth, resisting the nausea and swallowing. Fortunately, after Oscar’s fresh sausage immediately transformed into that warmth spreading in the body, it didn’t leave any aftertaste. Despite this, Xiao Wu’s expression still appeared somewhat unsightly.

Right now, of all the students, only Zhu Zhuqing hadn’t completed the day’s assignment, everyone’s gazes also couldn’t help but gather on her.

Zhu Zhuqing’s little face changed between green and white, biting her lower lip, yet somehow could not make her feet step forward.

Dean Flender suddenly said:

“Zhu Zhuqing, if you want to one day be able to defeat Dai Mubai, and trample him underfoot, then you mustn’t hesitate now.”

Zhu Zhuqing stared blankly a moment, looking towards Flender. Flender’s face displayed a rare smile, nodding with eyes containing deep meaning.

Dai Mubai was first stunned, immediately following had a helpless face, at his side Fatty and Oscar already snickered.

What nobody had anticipated was, the expression in Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes suddenly firmed, with big strides walking up to Oscar, lightning quick grabbing the sausages in Oscar’s hands and in spite of everything eating them like that, her speed even a bit faster than Xiao Wu.

Dai Mubai’s look at her was a bit despondent,

“You truly want to beat me so much?”

Zhu Zhuqing firmly glared at him, but didn’t say anything.

Flender nodded satisfied, saying:

“Good, you have all passed today’s lesson, you all must remember, when you are together in the future, Oscar is your logistics supply. Forget those nonsense spirit incantations, to save your lives and let yourselves become even more powerful, to display your entire strength, even surpassing your usual display, is the most important. Now, all of you return to prepare, you have one day’s time to adjust and rest. Early tomorrow you will all set out on a journey. Teacher Zhao Wuji will lead you to Star Dou Great Forest to help Oscar obtain his third spirit ring. This is not only a matter for Oscar alone, it is also experience for all of you before encountering thousand year spirit beasts. Zhao Wuji will not lightly step in, everything depends on yourselves. Good, dismissed.”

After two days of classes, Tang San had found Shrek Academy’s teaching methods were exceptionally peculiar, without any of the orderly regulations of the previous Nuoding Academy, every day restricted to going to class and so on, rather using a bit special methods to improve their spirit use from even more significant real combat and learning through experience. This undoubtedly had much better effect than always being lectured on theoretical knowledge. And also, he could feel that dean Flender was not only teaching in line with the students’ abilities, instructing them on how to become outstanding Spirit Masters, but at the same time also teaching them the principles for conducting themselves.

Oscar clearly became very excited from reaching thirtieth rank, each full level a Spirit Masters’ spirit power advanced, this one rank’s spirit power did not need to depend on their cultivation further. On obtaining the spirit ring, the spirit ring’s additional energy would make up for what was lacking in this one rank and furthermore break through to the next stage. Circumstances like when Tang San obtained his first spirit ring and directly advanced to the thirteenth rank were extremely rare, that was because of his innate full spirit power, or perhaps to say it was because his Mysterious Heaven Skill had already cultivated up to the bottleneck.

Everyone returned to their dorms, even if they were all considered geniuses of their generation, including Ning Rongrong this arrogant woman, each of them knew the importance of their cultivation. Wanting to become formidable, apart from one percent talent, it still required ninety nine percent effort. Even if that one percent had been even more significant, how could they cut down on those ninety nine percent?

“Little San, tomorrow when we’ll leave for Star Dou Great Forest, say, what spirit ring should I get that’s even more suitable to upgrade my sausage auxiliary effects?”

Oscar did not need to cultivate again, currently he only had to wait for tomorrow to arrive, and on returning to the dorm couldn’t help but excitedly ask Tang San.

Tang San said with a smile:

“This also depends on opportunity, spirit beasts come in fantastic oddities of every description, who can say how bad a spirit beast one may encounter. Your first two spirit rings are one for recovery, one for detoxification, this third spirit ring only has to again raise another kind of auxiliary effect, or strengthen the first two auxiliary effects, both are possible. Oscar, you should have gone to Star Dou Great Forest before, tell me something about what it’s like there.”

Part 2

Oscar nodded, saying:

“Star Dou Great Forest is a good place, of course, it’s also an extremely dangerous place. It’s a spirit beast cradle, the most favourite place of powerful Spirit Masters. Of course, it’s also a place for Spirit Masters’ biggest injuries.”

Tang San said:

“Is it a captive spirit beast forest of our Heaven Dou Empire?”

Oscar said:

“Of course not. Those captive spirit beast forests count as farts, even thousand year spirit beasts are very difficult to encounter. Only Spirit Scholars and Spirit Masters kinds of levels would go there. Star Dou Great Forest one of our Douluo Continent’s most famous three great spirit beast habitats. The area is huge, practically equal to Balak Kingdom’s territory, spanning the border of Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire, within it, two fifth’s of the area are in our Heaven Dou Empire, the other three fifths are in Star Luo Empire. It’s an immense primeval forest, the forest’s interior terrain is complicated, with wetlands, swamps and so on. The spirit beasts there are also extremely terrifying, the closer to the center of the forest, the more powerful the spirit beasts. It is said, inside are even hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Any Spirit Master, as long as he is powerful enough, with good luck, can find a most suitable spirit ring inside. My second spirit ring was obtained in Star Dou Great Forest.”

Tang San’s eyes shone,

“So it’s actually like this. I hope this time you can find an even better gain.”

Oscar laughed out loud,

“If it truly is like that, then afterwards there will be sufficient sausage for everyone to eat as they wish, what do you say my younger brother. Haha.”

Everyone did not have too many things they could prepare in one day, and early the second day, after eating breakfast, as everyone gathered on the grounds, Zhao Wuji was already there waiting for them.

Seeing Zhao Wuji, the students were all somewhat stunned, wanting to laugh but not daring to smile.

Zhao Wuji indeed looked in a sorry state, on his face at least three bluish black bruises had not yet faded, especially his left eye looked like a panda, making people unable to help laughing.

Of course, while ridiculous even Tang San’s seven students still couldn’t help but be shocked, how would Zhao Wuji become like this? Tang San remembered very clearly, although he that day somewhat inconvenienced Zhao Wuji, he had not managed to leave behind any bruises on his face. But Zhao Wuji’s face looked like it had been hit with something blunt, with his seventy sixth ranked strength, in addition to Vigorous Vajra Bear’s defensive power, who could injure him? Could it have been dean Flender? But, with the Owl Spirit Flender was an agility attack system Battle Spirit Master, wanting to hit Zhao Wuji like this still seemed impossible.

“What are you looking at, you little brats. Do you need a spanking.”

Hearing the words ‘little brats’, Xiao Wu was clearly somewhat reluctant, in a low voice saying:

“Why not say little blind bear?”

Zhao Wuji’s eyes widened,

“Xiao Wu, what did you say?”

Tang San moved a step sideways, waving his hand behind his back at Xiao Wu, while hiding her behind him, to restrain the passion in her speech.

Looking at Tang San, Zhao Wuji’s expression clearly expressed some awkwardness, and did not investigate Xiao Wu’s words, with a snort, saying:

“Fine, everyone set out. Mubai, you lead.”

Dai Mubai nodded once, his expression immediately becoming serious, saying to the others:

“Star Dou Great Forest can’t be a place for noisily playing around, there are numerous spirit beasts inside, and also extremely aggressive, towards us humans they don’t have any good impression. Everyone certainly must be careful, all right. Tang San, you go first, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, you two follow behind Tang San, Fatty, Xiao Wu, you two are on the left and right sides. I and Zhu Zhuqing are in the back. After entering the forest, we must even more maintain good order like this, staying alert at all times. Everyone set out.”

Regarding Dai Mubai’s arrangement, Tang San secretly admired it in his heart, worthy of the oldest and strongest of the students, his plan was perfect, with the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters protected in the center, in strength his own second only to his placed first in line, the strongest Dai Mubai himself following in the back, the rearguard was always even more important than the vanguard, after all, he still had the two Fatty and Xiao Wu on the left and right wings for reinforcement at any time, in the back Dai Mubai must be vigilant in even more directions.

Zhao Wuji was only an indifferent bystander to the side, without joining their formation, walking out from the Academy together with the seven students. Here of course was not any carriage, once out of the Academy, everyone set off at a run.

Not long after starting running, the students began to comprehend the importance of dean Flender’s second class.

Thanks to having yesterday’s experience and Flender’s criticism, everyone regarding Oscar’s sausage were already no longer so repelled.

Running continuously, even if it was the strongest Dai Mubai and Tang San, their physical strength was continuously depleted.

But supplied with Oscar’s sausage, they astonished discover, the strain from this bit of running basically could not be considered anything.

Every hour eating one of Oscar’s spirit transformed sausages, everyone could directly maintain abundant energy, even Ning Rongrong could with difficulty keep up with everyone’s pace.

Without true application, one would never understand the importance of Auxiliary Spirits, and because of Oscar’s sausage’s fantastic effect, everyone had a whole new level of respect for him. He received the best treatment, because they still had not entered the forest, the strongest Dai Mubai and Tang San took turns supporting Oscar’s arm, supporting part of his burden forward, letting him even easier recover spirit energy to continue the supporting work.

Ning Rongrong naturally did not have this treatment, she appeared very taciturn, all the way also didn’t use her Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda to assist everyone, entirely became very uncommunicative, since she didn’t refuse Oscar’s sausage, but also did not use her spirit, vaguely within, appeared to isolate herself outside the group.

Star Dou Great Forest was located southeast of Balak Kingdom, sharing a very short border with Balak Kingdom, but Suotuo City itself was also in the southeast of the Kingdom, not far from Star Dou Great Forest, less than five hundred kilometres.

Therefore, this was naturally the optimal choice for Shrek Academy students to obtain spirit rings.

With the aid of Oscar’s sausages, barely using one days time, at nightfall, the Shrek Academy party had already run more than four hundred kilometres,

Seeing that they would be unable to reach the destination today, Zhao Wuji issued orders to rest. Since they had just reached a small town, if they continued further, whether there would be supply was hard to say.

Entering the small town, it was much more bustling than Tang San had imagined, the little town’s size was roughly three times that of the village where Shrek Academy was, apart from not having any walls, this unexpectedly seemed like a small market town, streets with a great number of shops, various stores with everything one could think of.

Tang San carefully observed once, the main business of the shops in this place unexpectedly seemed related to Spirit Masters, for example some shops specialized in selling weapons, selling armor, selling detoxifying or restorative medicine, even the clothes being sold all had a dozen pockets where it was possible to fit all sorts of junk, clothes suitable for use in Spirit Masters’ adventures.

Oscar sighing said:

“What is called ‘the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea,’[2] I’m afraid it’s for this reason. This little town clearly relies on Star Dou Great Forest to survive. Around Star Dou Forest, towns like this probably aren’t few.”

Tang San somewhat astonished said:

“But, the distance from here to Star Dou Great Forest is still more than a hundred kilometres, isn’t it a bit far?”

Oscar smiling said:

“You’re certainly used to going to the national captive spirit beast forest. Those captive spirit beasts are comparatively mild, not too eager to attack humanity. The kind of wild spirit beasts inhabiting Star Dou Great Forest are different. The spirit beasts are not only more ferocious, but some spirit beasts also go out of the forest into the surrounding area, if a town was too close to Star Dou Great Forest, it might be in trouble.”

Tang San smiled and nodded, in his heart secretly saying, ‘reading ten thousand books is not equal to travelling ten thousand li, indeed spoken true, when travelling one is able to learn more and more.’

By now, Zhao Wuji had indicated a very ordinary looking hotel ahead, saying:

“We will stay there. Rest one night and set out early tomorrow. You bear your own lodging and food costs.”

Shrek Academy was not prosperous in the first place, like Zhao Wuji and Flender they all had no income, their economic situation truly without anything to recommend it. But Tang San’s group still received their Spirit Hall stipends, naturally enough for paying every day.

The hotel was a small two storey building, the first floor was a simple dining hall, on the second floor were accommodations. Zhao Wuji rented a single room and went directly upstairs. Dai Mubai and everyone after simply talking it over, rented a four person room for the four boys and another three person room for the three girls.

“First eat then go up. Having eaten sausage for one day, I am nauseous.”

Ma Hongjun said what everyone thought, and including Zhu Zhuqing all nodded agreement. The seven found a table in a corner and sat down.

Tang San asked Dai Mubai:

“Won’t we call teacher Zhao to eat together?”

Dai Mubai shook his head, saying:

“No need, even if Teacher comes out he will not like us pay any money, he also would not accept any bit of charity from us, these are dean Flender’s regulations.”

Fatty said:

“Isn’t this just fine? Everything distinct and neat, I am most fond of that kind of not in the least artificial feeling Academy.”

Part 3

Dai Mubai snapped:

“Damned Fatty, less nonsense, you order. You’ll eat the most.”

Ma Hongjun very cooperatively said:

“Then today isn’t by your invitation? Your stipend is the highest, you’re wealthy.”

Dai Mubai smiled slightly, saying:

“Entertaining guests is no problem, everyone studying at Shrek together is also destiny, I am the oldest,so this meal today is a welcome for Tang San’s group.”

Fatty laughed, the fatty little round face immediately jiggling,

“Good, very good. Rest at ease, boss Dai, I will not leave anything out for you.”

Very quickly, Fatty displayed to everyone Dai Mubai’s “will eat” assessment of him. Calling the waiter, quick as lightning he ordered more than ten dishes, very many dishes with names Tang San had never even heard of, but Fatty had a happy and excited appearance.

“Pretty good, pretty good, although this place isn’t big, things are wholly outstanding, I hope the flavor can also have an even better level.”

Dai Mubai helplessly said:

“This Fatty, besides the part of his stipend that is spent on women, the remainder is all food. I truly believe that if you were not a Spirit Master, you certainly would go become a cook.”

Although the seven people sat around a table, the mood could not at all be considered harmonious, with Zhu Zhuqing’s cold face and Ning Rongrong’s lowered head thinking of some worry. Fortunately they had Fatty here for comic relief, so the mood could not be considered too rigid.

In the dining hall right now already sat six or seven customers, at this moment, a party of eight suddenly walked in from outside, somewhat similar to Tang San’s group.

The leader was a looking like more than forty years old middle aged man. In appearance he was also considered handsome, with combed hair exceedingly bright, all over wearing a moon white Spirit Master gown even more exceptionally exquisite, embroidered with a silver colored design, twinkling radiantly as he moved.

Following behind the middle aged man were six male and one female youth, seemingly about twenty years old. Similarly clothed in moon white Spirit Master gowns, only without the preceding middle aged man’s silver thread embroidery. But whether it was the middle aged man or the youths following behind, on the left shoulder was a blue-green circular symbol, within the circle was embroidered similarly colored characters, Blue Sunshine[3].

From their attire one could clearly see that these people were Spirit Masters, Tang San’s party all wore what they wanted, looking no different from ordinary people, while these people showed off much more.

As the dining hall’s proprietor saw them enter, he hurriedly went to welcome them, nodding and bowing unable to be courteous enough, just as what Oscar had said, this little town relied on Star Dou Great Forest to make a living, or to put it briefly, relied on Spirit Masters to make a living. Spirit Master was not only a noble vocation, it was also a wealthy vocation, the proprietor naturally dared not be careless.

“That chick’s height is pretty good, ah. Boss Dai, Those fellows should be from Blue Sunshine Academy.”

Fatty’s eyes stared unwavering at the girl among those eight people. It couldn’t be refuted that the girl indeed had somewhat good looks, also considered being over middle higher level. Although Xiao Wu, Zhao Zhuqing and Ningrongrong were beautiful, they were after all only about twelve years old, and compared to the already completely developed young lady, seemed younger and more immature. But to Fatty this juvenile, a bit maturer girl clearly held even more attraction, adding to his Evil Fire, naturally both eyes shone, resolutely watching the others constantly.

Dai Mubai curled his lip,

“Only the minor Blue Sunshine Academy, nothing more. Showing off their farts.”

Whether it was Fatty or Dai Mubai, neither deliberately lowered their voice. A Spirit Master’s hearing power naturally was a bit better than ordinary peoples, and even though within the dining hall was somewhat noisy, among those eight the middle aged man still cast his gaze their way, brows wrinkling minutely. As he saw at the Shrek Academy table merely was a group of children, his expression immediately became even more unsightly.

Oscar sitting next to Tang San, with a low laugh said:

“There’s a good show to see.”

Tang San somewhat puzzled gave him a look,

“What good show?”

Oscar said in a low voice:

“This is also part of our cultivation. Dean Flender said, Spirit Masters who dare not cause trouble are not good Spirit Masters.

Tang San couldn’t help but smile,

“Our Dean’s quoats added together can form a monstrous saying. Looking at their age, this Blue Sunshine Academy should be an advanced Spirit Master academy.”

By now the Blue Sunshine eight over there had already sat down, separated from the Shrek by two tables, from the corner of his eye Tang San saw that clearly a Spirit Master middle aged man muttered by the ear of a youth, very quickly, that youth rose from his seat, and facing Tang San’s group walked towards their table, according to his walking route, precisely coming towards Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes expressed a trace of disdain, Tang San saw, he naturally wouldn’t not know, but even facing him directly he did not look at the counterpart.

By now, the waiter just happened to serve their table’s first dish.

The Blue Sunshine Academy youth suddenly sped up his steps, amidst the waiter’s cry of alarm, just enough to bump into that waiter’s body, in a moment that dish came down towards Dai Mubai from overhead.

“Don’t waste food.”

Tang San spoke indifferently, left hand stretching out like lightning, steadying the waiter’s body, right hand extending, just right to catch the plate, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon energy, distractedly absorbing the dish without sprinkling a bit, light as a feather releasing the plate on the table. At the same time, his left hand had already pulled the waiter aside.

The Blue Sunshine Academy youth stared blankly a moment, because of the waiter obstructing his view he did not clearly see Tang San’s movements, however, his face very quickly exposed a cunning smile,

“I truly am embarrassed.”

Saying so, he still walked forward, looking like he must pass Dai Mubai’s side, but one foot quietly swept across, directly kicking at a leg of Dai Mubai’s chair.

That was only a common wooden chair, that’s all, when kicked the chair leg would break, and Dai Mubai naturally could not sit steady. But the youth’s foot motion was also extremely covert, his upper body motionless, if not specially paying attention, one basically would be unable to see his movement.

At the same time as the youth kicked, Dai Mubai acted.

Did a tiger have a good temperament? The answer was of course not. These last few days enduring not a little anger from Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai’s heart had long held in the rage. Confronted with the other party’s provocation, how would he let this kind of opportunity slip by.

With a muffled peng sound, the Blue Sunshine youth only felt as if his foot kicked an iron panel, the entire calf shaking and numb, immediately following, Dai Mubai already slapped out.

The youth’s complexion dropped greatly, raising both hands wanting to hold back Dai Mubai’s hand, but who could have expected that his hands would be shocked open by the added spirit power in Dai Mubai’s palm, and that one palm still solidly slapped his stomach.

The youth’s counted as having a large stature, but from Dai Mubai’s palm strike his entire body bent backwards, thrown flying like a completely weightless scarecrow, in succession knocking down two tables, flying towards the Blue Sunshine Academy group.

The Blue Sunshine Academy’s middle aged man hastily stood up, raising both hands, grabbing the youth’s shoulders and catching him. The youth’s complexion was pale, with retching sounds, spewing out a mouthful of blood, his entire body becoming completely listless.

Dai Mubai straightened, by means of previous palm’s motion stretching his waist,

“I truly am embarrassed, it was an accident.”

The Evil Eye White Tiger’s true colors showed, on his face was disdain and contempt, wearing intense aggressiveness. Let alone strangers, even if it was his people seeing him all felt somewhat at risk of a beating.

At the commotion within the dining hall, the diners near the two tables of Shrek Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy hastily got out of the way, so as to avoid disaster to the pond fish[4], but the majority of the people did not immediately leave the dining hall, rather looking at the scene with excitement. One must know, ordinarily wanting to see a confrontation between Spirit Masters one would have to go to a Great Spirit Arena, but that was considerably expensive, right now they could watch freely, ordinary people naturally would be excited at spirits. Let alone in this place, where Spirit Masters constantly appeared.

How could the Blue Sunshine Academy group still endure it, the remaining six Academy uniformed people stood up, glaring towards the Shrek Academy’s table. Wanting to rush over, they were stopped by that middle aged man.

The middle aged man continued helping the youth to sit on a chair, with a calm face shouting to Dai Mubai:

“What Academy do you children belong to?”

Light flickered in Dai Mubai’s double pupil evil eyes,

“Interrogating[5]? You don’t deserve it.”

Speaking, he again sat back down on his seat.

Fatty’s movements were very quick, especially when eating things, right now he had already started, while eating still said:

“En, the taste is okay, only lacking some heat. Passable food.”

That Blue Sunshine Academy teacher’s face was already ashen from anger,

“Fine you arrogant brats, instruct them for me.”

The Blue Sunshine Academy students moved at once after his words, besides the one injured by Dai Mubai and the female student, the other five immediately rushed towards Tang San’s group’s table.

“A fight? I like it.”

Xiao Wu excitedly hopped up from her seat, without the slightest hesitation going to meet them.

Xiao Wu had acted, so naturally Tang San would not stay idle, also standing up, both eyes already covered by a faint purple layer.

[1] (恢复) “to recover”

[2] Idiom: Make the best of local resources.

[3] Cang Hui (苍晖) “Deep Blue/Green Sunshine”

[4] Half of the idiom “A fire at the city gates, is also a disaster to the fish in the pond”, which means that innocent bystanders will get hurt. The logic is that even though the fish feel safe in the water while the city is burning, as the water is used to put out the fire the pond will dry up and the fish will die.

[5] (盘道么?) RAW is “winding mountain road?” which makes no sense to me, so I will assume typo and use a homonym (盘倒)

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