Douluo Dalu

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I’m Xiao Wu, Wu of dancing

Part 1

Wang Sheng pulled back a student in front of the bed, and impolitely sat down by Tang San’s side.

“Tang San, you beat me, therefore you are now room seven’s boss.”

Tang San hurriedly shook his hands, and said:

“I’ve come to study.”

Wang Sheng sternly said:

“These are the rules, the strongest fist is the boss. You think being boss is good? I’m not being humble with you. Look.”

Speaking, he pulled back the two sleeves of his school uniform.

Tang San was shocked at what he saw: on his both arms were no less than seven or eight blue-green and purple bruises.

Wang Sheng said with a wry smile:

“This is just since arriving yesterday. Us working students all come from poor households, so the other dormitory students constantly bully us from room seven. The acting dormitory boss must stand up for the younger brothers. I earnestly wish to pass on this duty to you.”

The other students all nodded, looking at Tang San, faces showing a faint hopeful light.

A sense of justice is basically a key element to a travelling knight. Protecting the weak is naturally included; Tang San received frequent education on this subject during his years at Tang sect. Having heard what was said he could not decline again.

“Fine then. I can’t watch fellow dormitory students be bullied.”

At this time, a clear and melodious voice came from outside,

“Is this room seven?”

Everybody looked in the direction of the door, eyes immediately staring somewhat.

They caught sight of a pretty, very young girl standing in the door, seemingly about the same age as Tang San, height also practically the same. With a pretty little rosy face, and fair and soft appearance resembling a completely ripe honey peach, giving people an urge to bite off a mouthful. Although her clothing was very plain, it still looked very neat.

Black long hair combed into a scorpion braid hanging past her buttocks. A pair of bright and intelligent eyes appearing full of curiosity. Both her hands carried a covered brand new school uniform.

All the students in the dormitory were boys, and seeing this kind of beautiful young girl suddenly appear, each and every one showed a gaping appearance.

Tang San could not help asking Wang Sheng in a low voice:

“We boys and girls live together here?”

Wang Sheng nodded, and in an equally low voice said:

“All of us are still children so all the school dormitories do not separate genders. They say intermediate spirit master academies start making the distinction. It's really strange; last year there wasn't even one working student, this year there are two. Boss, go, give her a show of strength.”

“Eh……, there’s no need.”

Tang San had not expected that for the sake of becoming the so called room seven boss, he would immediately run into a difficult problem. Going to bully a girl, he really could not do this.

The girl in the doorway blinked with her big eyes. Seeing that nobody inside paid attention to her, she again raised her head to take a look at the room seven sign plate on the door, and on her face appeared a happy smile.

“Hello everyone, I’m called Xiao Wu, Wu of dancing.”

Wang Sheng pushed Tang San from behind, hinting that he could not destroy the dormitory customs.

Tang San had no choice. He obliged, stood up and walked in the direction of the girl.

“Hello, I’m Tang San. I’m-, I’m this place’s-......”

He truly could not say the word boss, but had a thought,

“I’m this place’s room senior, you called my name on the line. May I ask, what is your spirit?”

Xiao Wu blinked, and said with a smile:

“My spirit is rabbit. A very lovely sort of little white rabbit. Yours?”

When she smiled up, her face showed two lovely little dimples, indescribably touching.

Tang San said:

“Then you really aren’t like me, my spirit is your spirit’s food. Blue silver grass.”

Having always been without experience with girls, as even originally at Tang sect he was only engrossed in hidden weapons every day, right now he was unexpectedly rather nervous.

Xiao Wu gave a puff of laughter, and said:

“Do you really mean, you won’t let me inside?”

“This……, it’s like this: our room seven has a rule that newly arrived working students must at once show their spirit’s actual strength. Therefore, I want you and me to exchange pointers for a moment.”

Tang San secretly encouraged himself: exchanging pointers was not bullying people. If he was a little careful, he would not injure her. It could also be considered continuing the dormitory tradition.

Xiao Wu looked strangely at Tang San,

“You’re certain?”

Tang San nodded, and said:

“I’m certain.”

Xiao Wu set the school uniform she held to one side, on her face showed a bit of excitement,

“Fine, then come.”

Without even waiting for Tang San to respond, her right leg had already bent and risen, the lower leg popping up in a flash, kicking straight for little San’s chin. It would appear not to have much strength, but it was extraordinarily fast, Tang San jumped in fright.

Body dodging to the left, out of the way of the approaching kick, while his right hand grabbed Xiao Wu’s ankle, right leg as usual stepping out, shoulder pushing against Xiao Wu’s chest. A standard Iron Mountain Push. Under normal circumstances, Xiao Wu, supported by only one foot like this and pushed by Tang San, must inevitably go tumbling out.

Of course, Tang San very much had proper limits. In his heart he already thought it through, he only needed Xiao Wu to lose balance, and with his speed there would definitely still be time to pull her to a stop. At the same time he also did not use much force in that push. He only wanted to consider it a competition and undergoing a test.

The other students all watched with their full attention at Tang San and Xiao Wu striking. Wang Sheng stared at Tang San’s movements, his eyes shining again and again, trying hard to memorize it. He discovered that Tang San’s movements, although very succinct, were extraordinarily effective.

But, matters certainly did not progress as Tang San had originally thought.

Tang San’s right hand had only just caught hold of Xiao Wu’s ankle, when he suddenly felt it slip from his hand, unexpectedly losing control of a certain result. Immediately afterward, Xiao Wu took advantage of her free leg and kicked horizontally, already coming into contact with his shoulder. Facing Tang San’s incoming right shoulder strike, she lightly blocked with both hands. With her right leg bracing on Tang San’s shoulder, the other leg also lifted, effortlessly climbing up on Tang San’s other shoulder.

Part 2

The current situation would appear extremely strange. Xiao Wu’s two legs actually wound about Tang San’s neck, resting on top of Tang San’s shoulders, upper body bent back with both palms supporting on the ground. Both soft legs were like springs, actually wringing Tang San’s neck and making him tumble backwards.

Fortunately Xiao Wu was young, and right now wearing pants. If replaced by a skirt, then probably……

Tang San didn’t have experience from fighting girls. Just now when Xiao Wu’s first leg wound about his neck, he could of course respond somewhat, but because of lifting the leg, the bottom of Xiao Wu’s trouser leg naturally rolled up somewhat, and the lower leg sticking close to his neck was already bare. The delicate skin of the girl’s calf like satin, suddenly caused Tang San’s feelings to fluctuate a moment, and his reaction was half a beat slow.

Just as both of Xiao Wu’s hands pushed off the floor, both legs at the same time exerted strength, and Tang San remembered the burden on his shoulders too late. After all, a person’s neck was weak, and he was again still only a child. Even bearing the strain for a short while with skill, the neck was very easily injured. He could only let Xiao Wu bring his body to a fall.

Tang San discovered that Xiao Wu’s technique of both legs using force with hands pushing the ground, gave free rein to her whole effective strength. Unexpectedly, it was somewhat similar to the lower leg emitting strength method hammering style his father taught.

Falling face up on the ground, since Xiao Wu’s physical strength certainly was not great and Tang San also had Mysterious Heaven skill to protect his body, he naturally could not be injured.

Felling Tang San, Xiao Wu already nimbly stood on the ground. Turning around and faintly smiling, she looked at him.

Tang San was clambering to his feet. Just like Wang Sheng, for him a defeat was a defeat; being careless was no excuse. He knew that when Xiao Wu grabbed and threw him she was already lenient. Otherwise, tangling both her legs around his neck would not result in it being only a simple fall.

It was still the first time Tang San had encountered this kind of technique. In his opinion, the martial arts of his original world did not seem to have a similar way. However, this kind of technique was also highly dangerous: if at that time his response had been a little faster, then at that close range, attacking Xiao Wu’s body didn't seem difficult at all.

“I’ve lost. Can you tell me, what skill did you use just now?”

Tang San’s face was slightly red. In his heart musing, his time as the room seven boss was probably the shortest.

Xiao Wu said with a winsome smile:

“I call this Soft Skill. Utilizing the body’s litheness and stretchability masterfully.”

By now, the dormitory students had all along been watching with gaping expressions, particularly Wang Sheng. Tang San who defeated him already gave him a somewhat fantastic feeling, and now Tang San had been subdued in one hit by this beautiful little girl. His eyes were wide since long ago. In his heart he thought, why were this year’s new working students all so fierce?

Tang San who originally had no idea regarding the position as dormitory boss, said:

“In accordance with dormitory rules, you defeated me, so hereafter you are the room senior of this dormitory, and also the boss of this group of people.”

In Xiao Wu’s eyes showed a trace of pleasant surprise, not much surprise, and a flourishing delight,

“Boss? That seems very interesting. Good. Then from here on I’m your boss. Becoming a working student seems a very good thing.”

Xiao Wu selected a bed next to Tang San, picking up her package and school uniform from behind and setting them there.

“Then, who of you will give me an introduction to our academy’s state of affairs?”

Xiao Wu looked at everyone who did not utter a word in reply.

Right now these students were just gradually getting over the shock, when Xiao Wu just now threw Tang San so extremely agilely, made them in their hearts somewhat fearful.

It was still Wang Sheng who stood up.

“Us working students are actually responsible for sweeping clean the academy, our teacher is responsible for arranging specific jobs. The academy altogether has six grades, every grade has a class. You boss and Tang San are newly arrived, and should be first grade students. The rest of us are at least third graders, I have this year become a sixth grader. At the academy every day we attend class in the morning, then cultivate individually in the afternoon. In the morning there are generally two classes, one class is cultural knowledge, one class is spirit lore. Us working students for the most part have work in the afternoon, thereby earning income for meals.”

Wang Sheng gave the other students a simple introduction. Among these working students, the best inborn spirit was Wang Sheng: not only was it a beast spirit, in combat effectiveness it was still the strongest king of beasts. His spirit power was already ninth rank, when it again rose a rank he could at graduation join a group to hunt and kill spirit beasts, thereby obtaining a spirit ring to promote his title.

Listening until Wang Sheng finished speaking, Xiao Wu gave Tang San a glance, and said:

“Tang San, what is your spirit power rank? Just now I sensed your strength was very powerful.”

Tang San did not conceal it, after all on the surface his spirit was a good-for-nothing blue silver grass,

“I have innate full spirit power. Therefore my power is comparatively strong.”

“Innate full spirit power?”

The students immediately cried out.

Wang Sheng’s heart finally reached balance. Since Tang San’s spirit power was stronger than his, defeating him was also as it should. As everyone did not have the prerequisites for a spirit ring, spirit power had a decisive effect. No wonder his strength could be greater than his. Wang Sheng’s heart was pure confidence, and in his heart thought that since his spirit was a war tiger, after he and Tang San equally had gained a spirit ring and entered the spirit master title, his blue silver grass certainly would not be the equal of his war tiger.

Xiao Wu blinked, muttering some sentence.

At this time, a thirty year old teacher entered from outside,

“The new students have arrived? Stand up a moment.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu simultaneously rose from their beds.

This teacher had an ordinary appearance, pale green hair, hands carrying bedding,

“Where is Tang San?”

Tang San hurriedly stepped forward.

The teacher said:

“I’m Mo Hen, you can call me teacher Mo. Tang San, this bedding is a gift from Grandmaster.”

Tang San took the bedding. Although the quilt facing was gorgeous, a clear and fresh smell came to the nostrils; unexpectedly it was all brand new. In it was still a pillow. Grandmaster apparently already thought to help him.

Part 3

Mo Hen said:

“Tang San, you and Xiao Wu are first year working students, so from now on, you are responsible for sweeping the garden south of the sports ground. Every day you'll get ten copper spirit coins, but remember, you must clean every day. Especially junk must be properly sorted out neatly, otherwise your wages may be deducted. If you seem like delinquents, the academy can expel you. Have you understood clearly?”

Tang San and Xiao Wu nodded simultaneously, expressing understanding.

Mo Hen said:

“Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. The day after tomorrow the regular classes begin. The first year classes are on the first floor of the main school building, so the day after tomorrow you will punctually go to class. Starting from the day after tomorrow, you will start carrying out the regular work. We may do non-scheduled spot checks. Well, take a rest first. Wang Sheng, you’re the oldest here, so tell them about the rules.”

Holding the bedding to his chest, Tang San felt a burst of warmth in his heart. His mind couldn’t refrain from recalling Grandmaster’s somewhat rigid face.

“Bedding? This seems to be a problem.”

Xiao Wu looked blankly at the bedding in Tang San’s hands, in her eyes appeared a somewhat embarrassed look.

Working students are all children from poor backgrounds, but more sensible than noble descendants, a few clever students immediately shouted:

“Boss, for the time being use my mattress, I’ll put half my quilt over the divider.”

Another student said:

“Boss, then use my mattress. I brought a cotton-padded mattress I can manage to use.”

Xiao Wu looked at these working students’ bedding, although it could not be determined as to what extent they were dirty, for the most part they were broken, ragged and worn out. Frowning she said:

“You had better not go calling me boss, for it seems that you’re calling me old.”

Wang Sheng said:

“That’s how we say it, those are the rules.”

Xiao Wu said:

“Since I’m boss, my word should be treated as a rule. Then it is fine like this: hereafter you call me Xiao Wu jie.”

Speaking towards one side, her gaze finally dropped to the bedding in Tang San’s arms.

“Tang San, shall we talk things over a moment?”

Tang San was dazed for a moment, in his heart he understood that Xiao Wu was probably eyeing the bedding in his hands. He had never been a stingy person, but this bedding was Grandmaster’s gift to him; in his heart he was somewhat reluctant to part with it. But Xiao Wu was a girl.

“Talk about what?”

Xiao Wu said:

“I see your bedding is quite large, two people don’t take up much space. This way is good. If we put our beds together then can’t we both use it?”


Use it together? Tang San looked at Xiao Wu. Mentally he was not a six year old child. Although right now he and Xiao Wu were both still very small, but as for sleeping together……

“Men and women sleeping together without blood relation, that is not good.”

Xiao Wu gave a snort, saying:

“What isn’t good? I don’t care, are you scared? Are you afraid I’ll rape you, ah?”


Everyone said girls were more precocious compared to boys, but this girl before his eyes was only six years old.

Tang San’s choked words did not come out. The other students watched them, enviously, having a good show. Everyone had cheeky smiles on their faces, but nobody spoke.

“‘Eh’ what ‘eh’? Hurry up, pull the bed over. Don’t you have outstanding strength?”

Xiao Wu urged rather impatiently.

Tang San subconsciously pushed his bed next to Xiao Wu’s. Xiao Wu took the bedding from his arms, first spreading the mattress on the beds. This bedding was for an adult person, and indeed very large. Although it was unable to fully spread across two beds, it could still cover more than seventy percent.

Xiao Wu spread her cloth bundle on the seam where the two beds were put together.

“You also put your cloth bundle here. Hereafter, this is the boundary. If you overstep the boundary, don’t find it strange if I’m blunt, oh.”

Looking at Xiao Wu arranging the border, Tang San was instead relieved. He hurriedly nodded, and put down his bundle. Xiao Wu covered the beds with the quilt, both beds simply taking one shape. Of course, there was a line of demarcation.

Wang Sheng said:

“We should eat lunch. Xiao Wu jie, Tang San, let’s leave.”

Hearing about food, Xiao Wu immediately leapt up, and excitedly said:

“Great. What’s good to eat?”

Wang Sheng and the other working students looked at each other in dismay, and said with a forced smile:

“What good can we working students get to eat? At the dining hall you can just buy any cheap meal gathered there.”

Tang San shook his head, saying:

“You leave, I won’t go.”

His home was rattling with poverty while Tang Hao’s money was all exchanged for alcohol, so in order not to starve he had specially brought rations: his homemade coarse flat cakes. To simply fill his stomach was no problem. The day after tomorrow he started working for wages.

Looking at the patches on Tang San’s body, Wang Sheng faintly understood his meaning, and would not force him.

“Xiao Wu jie, then let’s go.”

The rising excitement on Xiao Wu’s face abruptly solidified at once.

“Must you spend money to eat? Just how much spirit money is that?”

If not because of her not inconsiderable strength, perhaps Wang Sheng would curse. Wasn't it needless to say that eating food cost money? Who could be given free lunch? Only, he naturally saw that this newly appointed boss was probably the same as Tang San, also embarrassingly short of money.

Wang Sheng heroically said:

“No matter. Like this, for these two days consider your food expenses on me. Tang San, hereafter everyone together are dormitory companions, so let’s go. In the worst case until you have money just ask me again.”

For a moment Tang San hesitated a little, but still agreed. All along he did not have a concept of money. Wang Sheng was very happy with his appetite, Xiao Wu even more was immediately all smiles, looking meaningfully at Wang Sheng. However recalling her Soft Skill, Wang Sheng kept his distance from her. Earlier, when she threw Tang San, her face also gave off a smiling expression. Who knew when she would get excited, and effortlessly come at him all of a sudden.

Including Tang San and Xiao Wu, a party of eleven people left room seven, heading to the dining hall under Wang Sheng’s lead. The dining hall was in the school building, having to cross the whole sports ground to get there.

Right now, the sports ground was already bustling; one could see quite a few academy uniform wearing students going in the direction of the school building. Clearly, all of them were going to eat.

Nuoding primary spirit master academy’s dining hall was very large, large enough to hold six grades in addition to teachers, altogether more than three hundred diners. Right now, there was already a crowd lined up by the dining hall serving window. The dining hall was altogether divided into two floors, and the first floor hall alone had three hundred seats.

Part 4

“Isn’t this that Wang Sheng’s group of apparitions of poverty?”

Just as they entered the dining hall, a discordant voice reached them.

Tang San looked questioningly in the direction the voice came from, only seeing a group of senior students standing on the staircase between the first and second floor, looking down at them from their higher position.

The speaker was a handsome and spirited, probably eleven or twelve years old male student, his eyes revealing a concentrated disdain, wagging a finger in the direction of Wang Sheng.

“Poverty apparitions are just poverty apparitions, probably always unable to eat on the second floor.”

On the way to the dining hall, Wang Sheng already told Xiao Wu how the room seven boss and working students must act in public, and Xiao Wu readily agreed. Right now meeting someone provoking her, immediately her temper rose up.

“What creatures are you? How is the second floor so terrific?”

A working student by Xiao Wu’s side advised her in a low voice:

“The second floor is a place where you can independently order dishes. Very expensive, we really can’t go up to eat.”

Xiao Wu’s stature was about the same as Tang San, and earlier, Wang Sheng sheltered them behind him. When he now walked away, those students on the staircase naturally caught sight of her appearance, and the speaking student’s eyes immediately brightened.

“A beautiful little loli, ah, it’s a pity she’s a working student. Wang Sheng, I your father will go eat now, so I’ll let you off this time.”

Speaking, he was followed by a crowd of people up the stairs to the second floor.

Xiao Wu lifted her foot, about to chase them up, but was grabbed and held back by Tang San.

“Forget about it, we’ve come to eat.”

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San with some scorn.

“Are you so timid?”

Tang San, without explanation, left and went over to the end of the line for buying food.

Tang sect regulations: All Tang sect disciples, must not be easily provoked into bringing trouble on themselves, but if offenders take the initiative, promise to return with thunder.

From an adult person’s point of view, this academy’s students, regardless of temperament, were all just a group of children, nothing more. To him, an adult mentally, a rivalry with a little more than ten year old child, could not hold much interest to Tang San.

However, Xiao Wu’s display of temperament caused Wang Sheng to admire her even more.

Just then, Tang San saw a familiar person, and hurriedly walked up,

“Teacher, you have also come to eat?”

It was exactly Grandmaster who arrived. Nodding in his direction, he said:

“Are the things you got about right?”

Tang San respectfully nodded and said:

“Thank you Teacher for the bedding.”

Grandmaster clapped his shoulder, saying:

“Come with me to the second floor to eat. Afterward, I’ll bring you to show what is recognized as my place here.”

Tang San shook his head, saying:

“No. Teacher, I will eat with my dormitory roommates.”

All along, he did not want to act like an unconventional person.

Grandmaster did not persist. He nodded and said:

“Ok, you do what you feel is appropriate. Go. When you have finished eating wait for me at the dining hall gate.”

Saying so, he went up to the second floor.

Though he did not know why, Tang San felt that Grandmaster and his father were a little similar. Although his father spoke very little, and Grandmaster spoke comparatively more, their dispositions gave off a kind of particular feeling. Especially Grandmaster expressed this aspect even more distinctly. Even when he smiled, he still had a solemn feeling.

Wang Sheng came up beside Tang San.

“You know Grandmaster?”

Tang San nodded, saying:

“He’s my Teacher.”

Wang Sheng said with a strange air:

“Can’t be. You recognized Grandmaster as master? His actual strength is not up to much. At our academy, Grandmaster is only a visiting official type of personage. They say it’s because of good connections with the chairman that he can stay at the academy. Saying it not so nicely, just a freeloader. I heard, Grandmaster will soon be fifty years old but has still not broken through the spirit grandmaster boundary, and his spirit only has twenty nine ranks. Probably in all his life he still will not be able to break through.”

Tang San lifted his head, looking seriously at Wang Sheng.

“If you do not want to exchange pointers with me once again, I request that you will not make such presumptuous evaluations of my Teacher. This is the first time, I expect it is also the last time. Thank you for your kindness, but I think you still need not treat me.”

Finished speaking, he turned around and left for the outside of the dining hall.

Wang Sheng had not thought that Tang San’s reaction could have been this big, he stood there momentarily dazed. To one side Xiao Wu and the other students also did not understand why he was like this.

‘A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime’. From Tang San’s point of view, these words were absolutely not just lip service. Since recognizing Grandmaster as master, his regard of Grandmaster had evolved to heartfelt esteem. If just now it hadn’t been Wang Shang speaking of his incorrect impression of Grandmaster living off others, but rather another person, perhaps he immediately would have struck.

Wang Sheng somewhat annoyed said:

“Can’t make heads or tails of it. This kid has some defect.”

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San’s departing back. Even though the clothing he wore was full of patches, unconsciously, the thin and small figure felt seemingly much larger.

To be near water after eating the rations, Tang San very quickly returned to the dining hall. This time he did not enter, standing by the dining hall gate quietly waiting. Of the passing students quite a few threw him a curious look, but as if he had not seen them, he let his eyelids droop, without even looking at them.

After waiting as much as an hour, Grandmaster finally came out of the dining hall, and with him came a similarly middle aged person.

The middle aged person was dressed in a chang pao, his features eminently intelligent, chin slightly protruding, on his face a mild smile.

“Let’s go, little San.”

Grandmaster called in the direction of where Tang San stood by the dining hall gate.

The middle aged person at Grandmaster’s side said smiling:

“This is your newly accepted disciple?”

Grandmaster nodded.

The middle aged person clapped Grandmaster’s shoulder,

“Well then, I wish you success. I will leave first.”

Having said so, he gave Tang San a glance, and went in another direction.

Grandmaster’s residence was a room on the corner of the dormitory building’s top floor. The room wasn’t large, only thirty square meters or so. The things inside were also very simple, only two bookshelves to one wall covered with books attracted Tang San’s gaze.

Part 5

Grandmaster took a bundle of paper from his arms and passed it to Tang San.

“First eat, right. Even if I’ve carried it for a long time, the food is still good.”

Tang San was dumbfounded for a moment, then unfolded the paper bundle. Inside he saw two chicken legs and a steamed bun, still lukewarm.


“Go on, eat it quickly. When you’ve finished I still have things to speak to you about. The time of youth cannot be wasted.”

Grandmaster’s expression was calm and serious, his voice cool.

It was not easy to eat one’s fill on the coarse flat cake alone, and Tang San’s appetite also was not bad. Very quickly he grabbed the food Grandmaster gave him and wolfed it all down.

Grandmaster poured him a cup of water, then sat down behind the desk.

“This year you are six years old, with innate full spirit power, and twin spirits. Release your other spirit, and let me have a look.”

Tang San nodded. Grandmaster already knew he had twin spirits, so he had no reason to hide it. Lifting his left hand, black light surged out, once again coalescing into that not large hammer.

Because between last time and coming to school he had been training, his physical strength had had significant progress. Right now he could hold the hammer with an effort and not feel overwhelming strain.

Seeing the hammer in Tang San’s hand, Grandmaster suddenly shot up from his seat to his feet, his eyes exuding an extremely agitated light. Unwaveringly staring at the hammer, murmuring:

“Tang San, Tang San, surname Tang… ok, you can put away the spirit. You must not lightly reveal it in front of other people. Without my permission, hereafter you definitely must not give that spirit additional spirit rings. This part you have to remember well.”

Tang San rather surprised looked at Grandmaster,

“Dad also told me this. Why can’t I add spirit rings to this spirit?”

The agitated light in Grandmaster’s eyes gradually dulled,

“What does your father do?”

Tang San said:

“He’s a village blacksmith.”


Grandmaster’s gaze was rather strange, heaving a sigh he shook his head,

“Blacksmith, hammer, unexpectedly it’s a perfect match.”

“Now is not yet the time to tell you, you just need to remember: right now you are not to use this spirit and add spirit rings, only for the sake of your future plan. You must properly keep this firmly in mind.”

Since father said so, and Grandmaster also said so, this made Tang San’s confidence in Grandmaster increase.

“I understand.”

Grandmaster said:

“Tomorrow is the opening ceremony, the day after tomorrow the regular classes will start. However, from your point of view, this is only a delay, nothing more. Right now the most pressing matter, is to make your spirit able to continue cultivation. In the morning you act only after I’ve carefully thought about it. Early tomorrow morning you will follow me from the academy and I will bring you to go look for a suitable spirit ring, to let you advance up to spirit master title.”

Tang San rejoiced due to what Grandmaster said. Only after having obtained a spirit ring could he confirm whether it was because of lacking a spirit ring that his Mysterious Heaven Skill was restrained. Grandmaster’s method was what he wanted, and hurriedly he very happily agreed.

Grandmaster continued speaking:

“For the academy side I can help you explain, you need not worry. On the way back I can instruct you in spirit lore. Tang San, what is your view regarding your blue silver grass spirit?”

Tang San said:

“Everyone says it’s a useless spirit, however, I feel that everything has some purpose. Even the most ordinary blue silver grass should also be that way.”

Grandmaster, pleased, nodded and said:

“Not bad. Every spirit has its characteristics. In my research, inferior spirits constitute a very large portion. I’ve always maintained that there are no trash spirits, only trash people. Tomorrow I’ll bring you to look for a spirit ring, so right now you must decide the direction of your spirit’s growth on your own.”

Tang San was somewhat dumbfounded.

“Direction of a spirit’s growth? Teacher, what does this mean?”

Grandmaster said:

“For this we must speak about spirit classification itself. To broadly distinguish them, spirits only have two large categories: beast spirits and tool spirits. Plant type spirits are also included within tool spirits, so both your spirits are counted as tool spirits. The biggest difference between tool spirits and beast spirits is in their manifestation.”

“When beast spirits are employed, the beast’s power is added to your own, and will also add its effect to the body. Relying on the human body with beast spirit integration to enhance its strength, achieving human-spirit unity to launch an attack is the goal. But tool spirits are completely different - the tool spirits possess effects that can be used independent of the body. Consequently, assisting nature of tool spirits is greater than beast spirits. Raising a simple example, if your spirit was our most common food the oldest sword rice, like that, your spirit could be treated as food. Furthermore because it is given form by spirit power, the effect can be much better when compared to ordinary rice.”

Tang San said, amazed:

“Can spirits also be eaten?”

Grandmaster gave a confirming nod and said:

“Food category spirits can all be eaten. Therefore, talented higher ranked food system spirit masters are always eagerly desired by the army. A single food system spirit master over rank thirty can supply enough food to feed a hundred soldiers, greatly reducing the depletion of resources by the army.”

Tang San dully said:

“I still don’t understand.”

Grandmaster patiently said:

“The principle is actually very simple. Food, for any living organisms, is all treated as replenishing energy. And spirit power is also a kind of energy. Just as spirit power can change to be able to be absorbed by humans as energy, like that, it is from our point of view certainly no different from genuine food. The same as the energy the human body requires.”

Tang San listened and only faintly understood a bit, but he understood the general idea.

“So to say, tool spirits are for the most part used to give assistance, right.”

Grandmaster said:

“Nothing is definite, some tool spirits can become battle spirits. For instance, if your tool spirit was a sword, it could be regarded as a weapon. Like that, you could also become a battle spirit master, like what is spoken of in the outside world as magic weapons, is actually just tool spirit battle spirit masters with their spirit cultivated to the pinnacle. Although tool spirit masters and battle spirit masters are different, there are some connections between them. Every spirit master has a growth direction: food system, detection system, battle system, healing system, controlling system and so on and so forth. Right now, before obtaining a spirit ring, you must first quickly decide on your spirit’s future growth direction. A spirit master’s spirit cultivation, must have a direction in which to develop.”

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