Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: No, You’re Not Allowed to


“Mom doesn’t have any objections, but you still have to seek your dad’s approval!”

In front of her son, it was better not to expose his father’s shortcomings.

The little boy did not know about this.

“Yes, yes, Ningning will ask Dad in a while!”

Hehe, then, I wish you good luck!

One of the five major landmarks of Yun City, the Mo Group, indeed, from the outside, was enough to make one’s heart skip a beat.

The Gemini Empire had a 200-meter airspace and a 360-degree view overlooking the city. The city’s landscape was clearly visible, and it stood out from the surrounding buildings!

It also had an excellent location, great accessibility, and a bustling business district. This was the heart of the city’s commercial flow.

It could be said that these had grasped the pulse of the city’s development!

The car slowly came to a stop. Jiang Tingxu alighted from the car and reached out to carry her son.

“Can you go up by yourself?”

If it weren’t for the fact that she was going to be late for work, Jiang Tingxu would naturally be willing to personally send her son up.

The little boy had only been to the company a few times since he was young, and he looked very excited.

“Yes, Ningning can!”

It wasn’t his first time coming here.

However, Jiang Tingxu still left a bodyguard to accompany her son into Mo Group before getting into the car and rushing to the hospital.

There was no prior notice, so when the little boy’s face appeared in front of the young ladies at the front desk, they were indeed startled.

“Little boy, who are you looking for?”

“Why does he look so familiar?”

“I think he looks familiar too.”

The young ladies whispered among themselves, and then they heard the little boy speak.

“Hello, sisters. Ningning is here to look for Dad!” He answered the question seriously.

Looking for Dad?

Wait a minute.

“Hey, Little Ningbao? You’re Little Ningbao, right?”

Finally, someone realized what was going on and exclaimed.

“Little Ningbao is here to look for President Mo?”

The employees of the Mo Group had a special title for their big and small bosses.

Mo Tianhan was Director Mo or Boss Mo.

Mo Boyuan was President Mo.

Mo Xu was Vice-President Mo.

So, the President Mo that the receptionist lady mentioned was indeed Mo Boyuan, who had worked at the company for an entire night.

The little boy nodded. He didn’t know the difference between these titles. After all, it wasn’t like the ladies didn’t know him.

“Little Master Ningbao, you can just take that private elevator.”

This was Little Grandson. There was no need to report anything.

“Thank you, sister. Goodbye!”


In the office, Mo Boyuan knew very well that he had been cheated by his own father.


Otherwise, how could he still not be seen at this time?

It was obvious that he was deliberately shirking his duty!

Knock, knock…

At this moment, a few knocks sounded from the door.

“Come in.”

A secretary from the Secretary Office appeared at the door.

“President Mo, Little Master is here.”


Mo Boyuan’s brows furrowed slightly. He saw a small figure appear behind the secretary.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

The secretary had already left, even closing the door and leaving father and son inside.

However, unexpectedly, the moment this brat opened his mouth, it made his father’s heart tremble.

“Dad, Dad, Ningning wants to keep a dog. Mom has already agreed. We’re just waiting for Dad’s approval!”

That’s right. The little boy remembered this matter very well along the way. As soon as he saw his father, he couldn’t wait any longer.

Keep a dog?

When these words came out, Mo Boyuan’s face visibly twitched a few times.

“No, you’re not allowed to!”

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