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Chapter 17: Seeing Him in Person at Last

Chapter 17: Seeing Him in Person at Last

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“Yiming, go on out and welcome him.” Master Tan told his younger son.

“Yes, Dad.”


Outside the villa, almost everyone who was present there gathered together in one location.

Mo Boyuan’s status was more than just a Movie King. If that were not the case, none of those big shots from various industries would exhibit such obsequious behavior.

Other than being a Movie King, Mo Boyuan was the eldest son of the Mo family and the Mo family young master!

For those who could associate themselves with the Mo Family, it was enough that they could get crumbs without needing to get a slice of the pie, because those crumbs signified one word and one word only—wealth!

“Young Master Mo, you’re here. Our whole family watched your latest movie and it was phenomenal!”

“Yeah, my wife and daughter are your hardcore fans, Young Master Mo!”

Mo Boyuan’s gaze sharpened slightly. Without even saying a word, the people around him had moved in the same direction: they were all stepping back.

He said coldly, “Since it’s Master Tan’s birthday today, do refrain from bringing up anything else!”

It was not the kind of occasion where a guest should outshine the host. Although the Master Tan’s family did not really care about such trivial matters, it was only right that Mo Boyuan maintained a low profile when visiting someone else’s home.

“Yes, yes, you’re right Young Master Mo. I was just a little shocked, that’s all.”

Mo Boyuan focused his gaze and glanced at the two people who had been hiding some distance away.


Cao Chi dragged Tang Wei over with a guilty conscience and sported a silly smile as he walked over.

“You’re finally here, Second Brother. The bodyguard has picked up Little Ningning.”

It went without saying that Mo Boyuan had already received that news from Mo family bodyguard.

“Where’s Big Boss?” he asked.

Tang Wei broke free from the arm held by Cao Chi and shook his arms.

“Inside, with Master Tan. We were just waiting for you, second brother.”

Mo Boyuan nodded.

“Let’s go in.”

After a few steps, he saw that Tan Yiming had come out.

“I knew it was you when there was all that commotion outside!”

“Sorry for being late.”

“No big deal. Come on in, our old man has been talking about you for quite some time.”

Yun City’s Four Great Families consisted of the Mos, the Tans, the Tangs and the Caos.

The Mo family had been entrenched in Yun City for hundreds of years, dating back as far as the Ming Dynasty. The network behind them was unimaginable, and that was why the Mo family was the foremost family among the four.

It was a shame that Mo Boyuan, the most desirable bachelor of all, had been long taken and was no longer single.

After those few figures completely disappeared from everyone’s sight, the crowd began to discuss excitedly among themselves.

“My God, I actually saw Mo Boyuan in person! I’ve been abroad before, and I always had to breach The Great Firewall1 before I can read anything about him. Plus, it’s not even first-hand news!” A girl around the age of 19 cupped her flushed face with excitement. Stars looked as though they appeared in his eyes.

Her friend next to her could not help but tease her.

“Who told you to go abroad? Serves you right! We see him in person all the time. You’re probably so jealous right now!”

“Yeah! Damn girl, you’re trying to provoke me on purpose, aren’t you?”

Another two figures were standing at the villa courtyard’s pathway. One of the girls was holding the stem of the wine glass with veins popping out of her hand.

“That damned man. I can’t take it. I lose my temper whenever I see him! I want to punch him!”

Crash... The cup shattered as it fell on the ground.

“Calm down, Muxue. It’s Master Tan’s birthday dinner today. Your dad will punish you if you cause trouble again. If it was any other day somewhere else, you can hit him however much you want.”

The person who was just about to act impulsively was finally persuaded to calm down slightly.

“Mm, you’re right. Today isn’t really a good day to make trouble. Next time then. Next time, I’ll beat Mo Boyuan so badly that his mother won’t even recognize him!”

‘You damned man. Our Tingxu is such a good woman, yet you treat her like crap!’

“By the way, Peiyi, didn’t you say that you’ve notified Tingxu? Why isn’t she here yet?”

“No idea. I sent her a WeChat message an hour ago but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.”

Su Muxue scratched her head. She did her hair in a very delicate hairstyle and her scalp was feeling a little itchy.

“I don’t have my cell phone with me. Can you call Tingxu and ask?”

“Alright, I’ll call now.”


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