Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 587 - Senior Brothers, Don't Bully My Man

Chapter 587 - Senior Brothers, Don't Bully My Man

Since they couldn't be persuaded, then he had to make sure he did something to protect himself.

His wife personally picked up the food, and Mo Boyuan ate happily. After that, he waited to be fed.

Luo Xi, who was sitting across the table was very jealous. Not to mention, Mo Boyuan did have a part in it on purpose.

Naturally, the second round of toasting soon began again.

"Come, come, come. This is our first time meeting. We must celebrate properly.... Cheers."


"I heard that a new drama is about to be released soon, right? Congratulations! This time we will definitely go and support you!"

"Thank you, senior brother!"

"We didn't even know about your marriage. We must make up for it tonight."

"Alright, drink!"

After that...

Jiang Tingxu really couldn't stand it anymore.

"Senior brother, don't bully my man!"

These words were especially domineering.

"Cough, alright. Since junior sister has already spoken, then let's call it a day."

Actually, there was no need for Jiang Tingxu to make a sound at all. At most, they would drink another cup, and the remaining people would all lie down. Previously, half of the people had already laid down.

Their words were trembling, and their steps were swaying. Finally, they returned to their seats and sat down paralyzed.

As for Mo Boyuan, he sat rather straight. He did not lie down nor was he paralyzed. He just raised an empty cup from time to time and made another sound, "Cheers!"


"I'll drink, you guys do whatever you please!"

Jiang Tingxu's lips twitched when she saw this. She reached out and snatched the glass from the man's hand.

"Don't drink anymore."

"No, I want to drink, I want to drink."

Jiang Tingxu poured plain water into the glass.

"Okay, hurry up and drink. I still have some left after drinking."

The man took the glass in a daze and took a sip. He frowned as if he had sensed that something was wrong with the taste, but he could no longer control his behavior.

"More, pour more!"

Jiang Tingxu poured three glasses of plain water in a row. After the man drank it, he was somewhat awake. He glanced around and saw that all the senior brothers had been drunk. In the end, he even paid special attention to his love rival who was snoring on the other side, he snorted coldly and muttered, "Just like this, you want to take what belongs to me?"

Jiang Tingxu was packing her bag, so she didn't hear it clearly.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, I didn't say anything. I just said that you're the prettiest!"

Such a sweet mouth.

Jiang Tingxu was both angry and amused. After putting away her bag, she looked at the senior sisters sitting in front of her.

The senior sisters were all soberer. They were girls, so they just had a few sips. They wouldn't get drunk just by drinking a little beer.

"Senior sisters, I'll leave the senior brothers and the professor to you."

"No problem, little junior sister. Don't worry."

"Thank you for your hard work!"

"You're welcome."

Especially the two Mo Boyuan's fans, they were practically on steroids.

"Junior sister, we'll carry these people back to school even if we have to fight with them. Don't worry, you and our idol!"

Fortunately, Mo Boyuan had already signed autographs for the two of them when he was slightly sober. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to think about it at this time.

Jiang Tingxu stood up and helped the man beside him up.

"Mo Boyuan, I'll help you. You walk on your own."

The man hummed in response. It would be strange if he could understand.

After helping him walk a few steps, the man still knew how to follow her. Jiang Tingxu also felt much more relieved.

On the way, it took almost ten minutes to go from the second floor to the first floor and to take the elevator.

This man was too heavy!

When they arrived at the parking spot, Atie saw them from afar and ran over.

"Young madam, is young master drunk?"


Jiang Tingxu gave Atie the drunkard and rubbed her shoulders.

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