Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Ayaka smiled and revealed her identity.

When he heard that the girl in front of him was Ayaka, who he had sent to the Dragon Ball World by accident because of the system, Judge Lu’s eyes almost popped out.

“It’s really strange. Although I know that all roads lead to the same destination, there are many people who have been sent to the fantasy world. I have never heard of anyone who can break through the barrier and return to reality.”

As he spoke, he looked at Ayaka with admiration. It must be understood that only those who had reached the Sage Realm could step into the sky. How difficult was it to reach the Sage Realm? In the primeval era, the path of Dao was prosperous, and there were only Six Sages under Dao Ancestor. They were also the creators of a Path of Dao. Even though they had transformed into the soil of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, they still had the true identity of a Sage. Without the name of a Sage, their strength was not a match for a true Sage.

It could be seen that it was almost impossible to reach the Sage Realm.

In the exchange with Judge Lu, Ayaka was more familiar with the general situation of the real world. She sighed with emotion that she had returned with praise! Unknowingly, she could already be on par with the sages.

He didn’t know if the Emperor and the Empress were beautiful, but he really hoped to have a chance to meet them.

“Since the Empress is the reincarnation of the earth, I wonder if there is something I should say.” Judge Lu hesitated for a moment.

Ayaka waved his hand and said, “Don’t call me ‘Empress’. This name sounds quite unpleasant. Just call me Ayaka.”

Judge Lu said he didn’t dare, very stubbornly refusing to change the name.

Ayaka had no choice but to stop talking about him. She asked, “What did you want to say just now?”

“Your Grace, it’s about the disaster of Earth!” Judge Lu said.

“It has been a hundred years since the Empress left this place. In this hundred years, the universe under this lowly official’s management has maintained the balance between the living and the dead. However, in recent years, a large-scale death suddenly occurred on the earth of the Empress’ hometown. Today, six billion people have died.”

Ayaka was shocked. When she left, the total population of the earth was only seven billion. Even if more than a hundred years had passed, it was only eight or nine billion. Six billion people had died at once, which was equivalent to more than two-thirds of them had died.

“What exactly happened?”

A natural disaster, or a man-made disaster?

“It’s the calamity of the end of the world!”

Judge Lu introduced.

Any civilization that developed to a certain extent would have a trial like calamity. If the development trajectory follows the natural path, then the calamity is very small, and it is not even painful and itchy. But if the development of civilization is against the natural path, then the calamity will be magnified.

The civilization of Earth just walked the path that was against nature. In a nearby star system, the civilization there was close to nature. Even if it developed more advanced than the civilization of Earth, there was no disaster.

There are several kinds of disasters based on the size of the disaster. Illness, meteorites, and planet failure all have different influences in different civilizations. At present, Earth is suffering a catastrophe called the apocalypse virus. It can be considered a punishment disaster, and the punishment is quite strong. It is estimated that after the disaster, less than 500 million people can survive.

Ayaka nodded and said to Judge Lu, “There is one thing I need you to check for me. It is my previous life, the Lin family. How many people are still alive?”

“This is easy.” Judge Lu began to inquire in the system. After a while, he said, “There are currently seventeen direct descendants of the Lin family who are still alive. They are…”

After more than a hundred years,

There are only seventeen direct blood relatives. It is really small. It seems that this catastrophe has also severely injured the Lin family.

After saying goodbye to Judge Lu, Ayaka teleported to Earth.

Judge Lu looked at her disappearing back and sighed with emotion, “I really didn’t expect that she would actually become someone who possesses such a divine ability. As expected, the heavenly secrets are hard to predict!”


After hundreds of years of human-like development, a disaster finally came.

About five years ago, a mysterious virus quietly spread throughout the world.

All infected people would die within ten hours. After death, their bodies would slowly rot. The entire decay cycle was almost three months. However, the corpses would not stop moving. Instead, they walked aimlessly and ate like living dead without consciousness.

Eating the flesh of living people or animals could suppress the decay of oneself, and even cause evolution. The evolved zombies would no longer rot, and would even become more flexible. After evolving to a certain extent, they would even produce simple wisdom.

On the first three days of the outbreak of the virus, 4.7 billion people in the previous world turned into zombies. At the same time, another 3 billion people died, leaving only 1.5 billion people alive.

One year later, another 6 billion died, and there were still 9 billion left.

Now, five years had passed, and the total population was less than 6 billion.

China was a large population country, and it was also a country that was greatly affected. When the virus broke out, 600 million people in the country were infected, and the subsequent 600 million died, and there were less than 200 million people left.

East City, due to the virus outbreak, as the headquarters of the East Sea Warzone, which was one of the five largest theatres of operations in the country, became one of the six major headquarter cities in the country after a relatively timely purge.

Five of the six major headquarter cities were built with the warzone headquarters as the core. They were Beijing Base City, East Base City, Yellow Sea Base City, South Base City, Central Base City, and the other one was located on the highlands. The population was sparse and provided a good escape route. Finally, they jointly established the West Base City.

Among the six major headquarter cities, Beijing Base City had the most population. As the former capital, the military force was the strongest and the resources were abundant. After the virus outbreak, tens of millions of people were rescued from northeast and southwest, and currently had a population base of 30 million.

In addition, East Base City had 20 million, Yellow Sea Base City had 15 million, South Base City had 10 million, Central Base City had 12 million, West Base City had 7 million, and the remaining tens of millions were scattered in various small headquarter cities.

At this time, East China Headquarter.

A group of generals with power were having a meeting with a serious face.

The commander of East China Headquarter, Lin Hai, was a man in his fifties. He was the deputy commander of the East China joint war zone. After the outbreak of the virus, the commander of the war zone and the political commissars were all infected. Several other deputy commanders were also bitten in the chaos. After that, he led his own troops to gather the zombies in the barracks and then built East China Headquarter.

Lin Hai held the latest battle situation, and his resolute face was full of sadness.

“Commander, what our base city lacks the most right now is food and ammunition!” One of the staff officers couldn’t help but say.

East Base City used to be an economically developed area. It didn’t produce much food in itself, and its ammunition was also scarce. In the same situation as them, there were also South Base City and West Base City. Beijing Base City and Yellow Base City were slightly better. However, due to the large population, it was not optimistic.

“Recently, the number of high-level zombies among the zombies has increased. Some of them have already gained basic wisdom. If this continues, I’m afraid…”

The entire conference room was silent. There was a huge disparity between the number of humans and zombies.

“Report! Beijing headquarter city is in a rush!” A communications officer pushed open the door and barged in despite the order of the meeting.

“What is it!” Lin Hai asked in a deep voice.

“Beijing Base City was besieged by a large scale of zombies. The scale of the zombies is about 300 million. Beijing sent a rescue notice!”

“Hiss!!” Everyone gasped.

After the outbreak of the virus, the Beijing regime was basically paralyzed. Fortunately, there was an old comrade who was not infected. This old man’s family, students, and officials were all over the world, so they avoided a fight for the throne. For example, the United States far away on the other side of the ocean was not so lucky. After the outbreak of the virus, no one was willing to submit to each other. Several headquarters each took care of their own affairs and had split into seven or eight forces.

Two years ago, this old man died. Fortunately, after three years of hard work, several bases in the country had basically established a leadership system. Through air transportation, the officials were dispatched in an orderly manner.

But at this time, Beijing Base City was besieged by a large number of zombies. If Beijing Base City, which was built with great difficulty, was broken down, not only did it mean the loss of 30 million people, but it also represented the collapse of the central regime.

“Immediately inform the air force to send two-thirds of the fighter jets to support!” Lin Hai ordered.

At this time, another rush arrived. The content was that Beijing was ready to split the center into two. Some of the central staff would come to Donghai city. If Beijing fell, Donghai would become the second center. In other words, Donghai would become the company.

One day later, the three core leaders of Beijing came to Donghai. Including Lin Hai, two people from Donghai city formed the second center.

Five days later, when the major base cities sent a large number of troops to Beijing to help, a bad news came. The zombies all over the country rioted and launched a fierce attack on the nearby base cities.

Such an orderly battle plan was simply impossible for zombies. Lin Hai and others realized that a commander with basic wisdom was born among the zombies.

There are a total of more than a billion zombies in the China region. It is quite easy to attack six base cities and hundreds of small base cities.

After talking to other political forces existing all over the world, the world is in the most critical moment.

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