Dragon Blooded War God

Chapter 167 – I Want To Save You

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

When Jin Sheng’en and the others were hunting them down, Long Chen had not left Yin Mengyao behind and fled. He had even just saved her from the jaws of those poisonous snakes. Such behaviour made Yin Mengyao feel very touched.

At the beginning, she had looked down on Long Chen a little, but now, he had become her pillar of support.

In such a dangerous situation, she saw that Long Chen looked as calm as ever, with not a trace of fear in his expression.

Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi were both in the top five of the inner faction selection. Jin Sheng’en, especially, was said to be the number one genius of the outer faction, and his current battle might was near to the perfect mastery stage of the Earth Dan Realm!

“You want to kill me?” Long Chen laughed, completely at ease.

“You’re one step away from death, and you still dare speak to me in this tone? With us as your opponent, how would you even have the chance to use your firework signal?” Chu Yunxi bit his lip and spoke fiercely.

Long Chen chuckled, a hand swung over Yin Mengyao’s shoulder.

“Little Xi, if it’s necessary, help me a little. Remember, you can’t use more than half of your soul force.” While eyeing his opponents coldly, he whispered.

In this situation, he knew that if he did not put all of his attention in this, he might very well die.

“Alright, I understand,” Lingxi answered nervously.

At the other end, Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi exchanged a glance, preparing to strike.

“You snatch me of my woman and even dare tarnish the reputation of the elder in public. Long Chen, you’re aware that this warrants a death sentence, yes?” Chu Yunxi licked his lips as he stroke forward, each step bringing him closer to Long Chen.

“Haha…” Long Chen laughed his head off as he exclaimed, “Can you stop being so funny? It takes skills to get a woman. Besides, when has Liu Lan ever been yours? She’s mine now– oh, wait, I forgot to tell you about my experience with her. It keeps lingering in my mind…”

As he spoke, his eyes seemed to reveal the yearning in his heart as he began to lick his lips thoroughly.

“What did you say? You did–?!”

After hearing his words, Chu Yunxi was on the verge of exploding from his anger.

Long Chen’s words had made it clear that he and Liu Lan had done it. At the thought of the woman he had been yearning day and night lying by Long Chen’s thighs, his breathing became rough, and traces of blood began to appear in his eyes.

“Long Chen, you must die!”

As he spoke, he abruptly turned into what seemed like a crazed tornado as he hurtled towards Long Chen.

“Storm Seizing Finger!”

This vast attack that involved a storm had Long Chen recalling what had happened in Liu Lan’s residence within the Green Willow Residence. Long Chen had been grievously injured by this attack of Chu Yunxi’s!

No matter how Long Chen tried to explain himself, he just would not listen and was bent on killing Long Chen. It was the same today, with his desire to kill Long Chen!

“Would I let the result of this fight be the same as the previous one?” The corner of Long Chen’s lips quirked up in a smirk.

“This kid really has a screw loose. I managed to rile him up so easily!”

Long Chen could relax at the knowledge he was dealing with a human with such powerful limbs but a simple mind.

Though Chu Yunxi and Jin Sheng’en’s strength were so powerful it was unbelievable, they still weren’t Long Chen’s match when it came to a battle of wits.

At the moment Chu Yunxi used Storm Seizing Finger, Long Chen made his move.

A cold glint in his eyes flashed, and Long Chen held Yin Mengyao by the waist. At such a time, he could not be bothered with social norms about how there should not be direct contact between females and males.

“This beauty is really soft and fragment!” Long Chen suddenly had a wretched thought.

He forced himself to think of something else: Mo Xiaolang was just fourteen, and probably still had no clue what women were. Yin Mengyao and he were probably just friends. In this case, this wasn’t about him taking his friend’s wife, and he didn’t need to hold back…

However, at the thought of Lingxi, Long Chen was stunned, and his expression immediately changed to a sacred one.

Chu Yunxi’s Storm Seizing Finger was now closing in.

Though it wasn’t a profound high-grade battle technique, it was rated quite high amongst techniques of this grade. Of all the attacks Long Chen had seen used in the inner faction selection, this move was the strongest aside from Yin Mengyao’s Obliterating Ocean Seal.

Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step!

What surprised Chu Yunxi was that Long Chen did not go head to head with him. While Chu Yunxi was attacking, he had used a movement technique and, while holding Yin Mengyao, escaped to the back!

“He’s thinking of fleeing at this moment?”

Chu Yunxi laughed coldly, his footwork increasing in speed by countless times. The Storm Seizing Finger was still used, drawing closer to Long Chen with a whistling sound.

However, he had not seen that the direction in which Long Chen and Yin Mengyao were heading in was towards the other youths of the Gold Faction!

Seeing Long Chen coming their way, the youths were stunned. They had been thinking of letting Chu Yunxi and Long Chen fight it out, but Jin Sheng’en suddenly called out, “Stop them!”

In that case, they could not dodge.

From their point of view, wasn’t it much too easy for them to join hands and stop a newbie who’d just entered the Earth Dan realm?

Now, Long Chen was in his Dragon Form.

Chu Yunxi’s powerful Storm Seizing Finger was now very close to Long Chen, and when it was on the verge of hitting him, Long Chen’s speed suddenly increased, reaching the youths in an instant.

A cold streak of starlight formed at Long Chen’s fingertip.

In that moment, Long Chen completed something that would shock everyone. He merely reached out and, with a finger that had some starlight, eliminated the combined attack of the two youths from the Gold Faction. After that, he darted to one of them and slapped him, whipping him in Chu Yunxi’s direction!


Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi were shocked.

Long Chen’s initial speed was normal, when judging it by the standards of one who had just entered the Earth Dan Realm. However, with that fluid motion just now, it meant that he was even faster than someone at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm!

The two genius cultivators from the Gold Faction had assumed Long Chen to have only just entered the Earth Dan Realm and used a profound elementary-grade battle technique, planning to force Long Chen backwards.

Never did they expect Long Chen’s speed to increase this much. On top of that, he had that streak of starlight travelling at an incredible speed that instantly disintegrated their combined attack, and even struck one of them so easily!

“Since when was Long Chen so powerful?”

Jin Sheng’en could not understand. When Long Chen was still at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm, he could not even take on one blow from Chu Yunxi. Even though he was said to have reached Earth Dan, the gap between him and Jin Sheng’en was vast.

Now, however, Long Chen had done something miraculous!

“He must have used some special method. I won’t let him escape!”

When Long Chen’s speed had rapidly increased, many thoughts flashed through Jin Sheng’en’s mind. Using the quickest speed he could muster, he wound around Chu Yunxi and charged towards Log Chen.

Chu Yunxi’s Storm Seizing Finger was meant for Long Chen, but with the youth slapping the youth from the Gold Faction in this direction, it was apparent that he was going to meet Chu Yunxi’s attack head on!

If that happened, he would most certainly lose his life.

Thankfully, Chu Yunxi had excellent control over his attack, which was why at crucial moments, he had hurriedly shifted his aim, and the attack struck a majestic demonic tree.


The tree exploded, leaving behind a huge hole. Unable to take the weight of the branches, it fell to the ground with a tremendous thud.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunxi had bounced back from the impact.

In that very moment, Long Chen had carried Yin Mengyao and dashed off.

“Jin Sheng’en is so fast?” When Long Chen turned back, he was slightly surprised.

His speed now surpassed that of a regular Earth Dan at the initial mastery stage, but unexpectedly, his opponent had chased up to them!

“Then again, he’s at about the same level as me, but I’m carrying Yin Mengyao. That puts me at a slight disadvantage!”

The only person who had darted off after that had been Jin Sheng’en. The rest had fallen behind.

“Long Chen, don’t even think of escaping. Once I get you, you’re dead meat!”

Long Chen beamed as he turned back and spoke with disdain, “Jin Sheng’en, the question is if trash like you can overtake me? Little Xi, do it!”

Honestly speaking, in this situation, Jin Sheng’en would reach them sooner or later. Hence, Long Chen had no use but to employ Lingxi’s help.

“You scoundrel, die!”

With Long Chen’s order, the Lingxi Sword on his stud earring suddenly increased in size, and fog surrounded Lingxi’s entire body. She stood forward and, using her finger as a sword, sword Qi swept through the area.

“Dream Reversion Immortal Sword Technique— Dance of the Surging Blades!”

In that moment, countless fine shadows of blades were launched from the fog surrounding the Lingxi Sword like heavy rain, whistling as they pierced towards Jin Sheng’en!

These sword shadows that covered the skies had Jin Sheng’en’s eyes wide, and he immediately halted his footsteps.

“What is that?”

Those sword shadows that filled the skies might not seem powerful, but if he were to dash forward, he would probably turn into a porcupine!

“Long Chen, you scoundrel. You’re dead!”

Obstructed, Jin Sheng’en could only let out an enraged howl. At this point, he could only employ his movement techniques and use a battle technique to deal with Lingxi’s attack. Meanwhile, Lingxi had long since returned into the Lingxi Sword, making a clean getaway with Long Chen.

The furious snarls merely resulted in a slight smile on Long Chen’s face.

“Jin Sheng’en, Chu Yunxi, let it be known that it’s not that I’m afraid of you. I’m just planning to defeat you in front of everyone in the Cave of Life and Death. That’ll make this more interesting!”

Long Chen’s chuckles travelled into Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi’s ears.

“Cave of Life and Death?” The two were already exasperated at letting Long Chen flee, but remembering a chance at eliminating Long Chen in the cave, they felt a bit better.

“We’ll let you live a little longer then. For the battle in the cave, with four people in each team, Jin Sheng’en and I shall enter either team such that no matter which group you enter, you can’t escape the fate of death!”

Chu Yunxi watched the direction in which Long Chen had left and spat out ruthlessly.

Finally having broken away from them, Long Chen ran for a while longer, getting more comfortable with his hold on Yin Mengyao’s body, and then found a place to put her down.

She was now extremely pale, lips completely black. The spirit medicine she had taken had no effect.

Beads of sweat had already appeared on Long Chen’s forehead, and Yin Mengyao pursed her lips, feeling touched.

“Long Chen, hang on for a while longer. If you send me to the caves while I can still hold on, you’ll qualify for the second stage.”

“No, I want to save you.”

Long Chen said decisively.

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