Dragon Maken War

Chapter 0 - Prologue

Chapter 0 Prologue.

Chapter 0 - Prologue

The cunning Demon race deceived the dragons, who yearned for wisdom. This was how the Dragon Demon race was born. The dragon’s strength and the Demon race’s greed was coalesced inside the existence called the Dragon Demon race. They became an enormous darkness that stole the light from the humans, and there were heroes that fought against them.

Amongst the heroes, there was a knight named Azell.

He defeated countless numbers of the Dragon Demon race, and he saved many human lives. Finally, the Dragon Demon race’s king Atein was toppled, and he put an end to the chaos that swept the continent.

And now, the hero Azell was dying.

“You should already know that magic is a skill that was originally gleaned from the Dragon Demon race. The Dragon race, who could not obtain wisdom, fell into the Demon race’s temptation. Magic was born when both sides were integrated.” (TLN: Dragon x Demon mated)

The magician Carlos made a sad expression. He had gained a great reputation while experiencing hardships with Azell. During the process of battling the Demon Dragon race, they had experienced countless life and death situations and they had become best friends.

After hearing those words, Azell asked a question.

“Why are you telling me a story I already know? Tell me a fun story.”

In Carlos’ memory. Azell was someone who shone brighter than anyone else. He was sturdier than anyone, so he couldn’t even imagine his weakened state.

However, reality is often very harsh. In front of Carlos’ eyes, he saw the once unimaginable sight of a weakened Azell in a sickbed. He was surprisingly thin and his complexion was white.

This was the cost of defeating the Dragon Demon race’s king Atein.

He was the very first of the Dragon Demon race. Atein had tempted countless dragons to create the numerous Dragon Demon race. When he was falling under Azell’s sword, he had casted a powerful curse. The curse’s power ate away at his body, and it caused Azell to gradually weaken. Now he was about to die.

Carlos continued speaking, while holding back a sigh.

“First, listen to me. Magic is a highly difficult skill that not all humans could learn. The ignorant and simple warriors were able to apply the basics, and they were able to form the ‘magic used by the body’. That’s what is called the Spirit High Order.”

“So what?”

Azell asked with a sour face.

He came for a visit, but now he was telling me everything I already knew. He didn’t understand his friend’s motive. Normally, he was a guy who loved to talk about various truths as if he was lecturing, but why is he telling him thing he already knew?

Carlos spoke up.

“The main point starts right now. The practitioner of Spirit Order uses magical forces in a different way. They are basically a different form of magicians. Moreover, they handle the magical force in the same way as the Dragon Demon race. It could be said that they are more intrinsically similar to them then the magicians.”

“That makes me feel bad. Why does it have to be the Dragon Demon race.”

The Dragon Demon race has the perception that they are the most outstanding beings in the world.

They were an existence that was fused between the mighty dragons, who were too smart to be considered wild animals, and the crafty demon race, who could not exist without having the human’s soul in their hands.

Carlos laughed bitterly.

“However, we were able to go up against them with their own power. This is an undeniable truth.”

“So is there a point to this boring story?”

“Listen to me. The Dragon Demon race and the Dragons are different existences, but they couldn’t change their life cycle. Their life cycle is divided into periods of hibernation and activity.”

The dragons slept daily, but sometimes they would go into a long sleep akin to the animals who sleep in the winter seasons. This period is called hibernation. They go into hibernation when they used an excessive amount of energy during the active period or when……

“They obtain a major injury.”

“That’s right. When they enter hibernation, they display an amazing amount of life force. In exchange for giving up their activity and entering into a defenseless state, they are able to treat the life threatening wound over a long period of time. The dragon’s hibernation differs from the animal’s winter sleep. It is an evidence of magical activity.” (TLN: sacrifice physical movement to increase use of magic to treat wound)

“You, No way…..”

Azell started realizing what the magician was trying to say. Carlos nodded his head as if to say his guess was right.

“I researched the Dragons and the Dragon Demon race by dissecting their corpses. In my mind, this is the only possibility in which you survive. The risk is very high but… Please trust me and put your life in my hands. I’ll induce you into a state similar to the dragon’s hibernation.

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