Dragon Maken War

Chapter 15 Dragons Shadow (4).

Chapter 15 Dragon’s Shadow (4).

Chapter 15 - Dragon’s Shadow (4)

“You dirty bastards!”

She continued to swing her sword, while shouting in an angry voice. The forest orcs returned her attack with their thick blades. Her stature was much smaller than them, and they trusted their defensive magic.

However, the result was devastating.

Qwa-hak! (TLN: blade breaking)

The forest orcs’ blades all broke from one strike. Even their body was torn to pieces as if a large tooth had bit into them.

The blood and flesh scattered as if they had exploded.

Arrieta’s movement was faster than the blood flying into the air. After defeating the initial enemies, she casted her instantaneous movement method. In a moment, she appeared between the forest orcs.

The orcs couldn’t grasp her movement at all. Before they could turn their heads, Arrieta’s sword ran by them. Then in a moment, she disappeared using her instantaneous movement method, and she moved to a different location.

Pah-ah-ah-ahng! (TLN: sound of sword hitting barrier)

Arrieta’s sword was obstructed when she had targeted the big forest orc with the largest head. The forest orc resisted Arrieta’s sword when he expelled a power from its mouth, which looked like pale yellow flames.

Hoo-doo-doo-doo-dook! (TLN: sound of flesh/blood hitting ground)

As Arrieta’s silver hair fluttered down, the blood and flesh of the forest orcs she had initially killed fell to the ground.

Shortly afterwards, seven forest orcs fell to the ground, while spouting blood.

This all had happened before the fountaining blood could fall. It happened in an instant. It was as if she was running on a different time scale.

This being was more sturdy than others, and it could also use its magical energy to produce a special power.

It was able to block Arrieta’s attack


The forest orcs, who had blocked Arrieta’s sword, was the leader. Orcs were also beings of magic. Amongst them, there were individual beings, who could use magical forces unique to their race. (TLN: race specific magic)

This was how it was able to block Arrieta’s attack. It had concentrated its magical energy, and it put a force field of light on its sword. However, this was its limit.

Arrieta’s golden eyes stared at it, while speaking.

“You are the first orc, who was able to receive a single blow from me.”

Their height differed by 80 cms. Its body was also twice her size.

“However, it seems you are at your limit.”

The forest orc, who had crossed swords with Arrieta, couldn’t handle the strength pressing down on him, and its body was trembling. Just from the single blow, its internal organs were erratic, and his knees were halfway bent.


At that moment, a large shadow showed itself between the overgrown trees. It was a giant monster, whose height was 5 meters tall. It was an ogre. It had rough and thick gray colored skin, which reminded one of boulders. It was bald, and the pupils were red as if it was burning. It was a scary face akin to a demon. An existence with such appearance approached them. Its body was as big as an house, and its existence was fear itself.

The ogre swung its arm, which was as thick as a tree trunk.

Kwa-ja-jak! (TLN: tree snapping sound)

The large tree broke and fell after it was hit by the arm. However, the target aimed by the ogre was already gone.


The target was Azell. Azell used the Instantaneous Movement technique to climb up the ogre’s shoulder.


The ogre was taken aback. In a moment, it had no idea where Azell went.

Ogres had enormous strength, so much so that it was called a walking disaster. It could split a human open with just its fingers, and it was fast enough for a human to have difficulty escaping it. Moreover, their hides were too hard. One couldn’t even make a scratch with a knife.

However, the ogres had a weakeness.


The ogre screamed in pain. Azell had stabbed his sword into its ear hole. Azell let go of his sword, and as he left, he kicked the hilt of the sword. This caused the sword to bury deep inside the head and to top it off, the magical energy inside the sword exploded within.


The ogre’s eyes rolled up. Even if it was an ogre, it couldn’t resist against an attack that dug through its head. Once the life left the ogre, its body started tilting over, and the forest orcs scattered in fright.

The ogre’s corpse fell like a large house collapsing, and a massive sound rang out.




Everyone was unable to speak. The ogre, who appeared in such a fearsome fashion, died just like that….

“I’m glad I was able to kill the bastard that will give me some trouble.”

Azell landed on the ground, and he picked up a sword of a dead forest orc. Arrieta felt that he was very different from others when she watched his figure.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen someone fight like that.’

It wasn’t just his method of getting rid of the ogre. She had never seen a person like Azell, who strictly treated weapons as a disposable item. Even if he used the weapons stolen from the enemies, how could he throw away the weapons without any hesitation?

Ku-ru-roong! Ka-roong! (TLN: wolf noises)

The silence didn’t last too long. From the other side, a blood wolf with blood red eyes appeared. It was as large as an ox, and its body was covered with dark red fur.

Inside its jaw, a cursed black flame was rising forth.

Azell clicked his toungue.

“Jeez, they are pulling out all the stops.”

He didn’t say this because he saw the blood wolf.

Numerous black tentacles started coming out from the ground and it closed around Azell’s body. It was a magical tentacle made out of darkness.

However, right before Azell was caught he used his Instantaenous Movement technique to escape.

Pah-ji-ji-jeek! (TLN: electricity noise)

In the next moment, a blue spark appeared behind the mage, who was floating in the air. However, the mage calmly looked behind his back.

“You are pretty fast, but you lack strength.”

High ranking mages could accelerate their senses so much that it couldn’t even be compared to a normal person. They also used various methods to protect their body. Azell’s instantaneous movement was at a speed where the mage could capture it with his senses.

Azell’s sword was stopped by a barrier he couldn’t see. Azell’s sword was infused with magical energy, but it had no chance of piercing through the shield.

Azell grumbled.

“You are poking at a sore spot. I most definitely lack power.”

“You’ll have to die here.”

The mage turned around, and he unleashed his magic. No, he tried to do that.


Azell’s sword, which was being stopped by the barrier, cut through his body as if it was a lie.


The mage groaned in disbelief. The veil of darkness was covering his face, but it was probably dyed with shocked.


Azell kicked the mage, who was still floating in the air. He rode on top of the falling mage.

“I’ll return your words right back.”

Then Azell stabbed the mage’s heart, and he jumped into the air by kicking the body.


The mage’s body fell while his blood fountained forth.

“He was full of holes.” (TLN: talking about the mage’s defense)

Azell mumbled, while he looked at the dead mage.

Just a moment ago, while Azell had clashed against the barrier, the mage acted stupidly by loafing around. (TLN: tried to give an evil monologue. rookie mistake ^_^)

In Azell’s time, one deserved death if the opponent acted like that towards a master level Spirit Order practitioner. The opponent revealed his weak point.

‘I was able to kill him easily. It couldn’t be that they don’t know about magical frequency…’

The magical energy injected into the sword was resonating on the same frequency as the magical pattern of the barrier put up by the mage. By doing this, the resistance of the barrier was neutralized.

Even Azell couldn’t decipher the enemy’s magical pattern in a moment. It was impossible. However, he was able to do it because he was able to calmly observe the pattern, while he was making contact with it. The mage from the Dragon’s Shadow didn’t think such an act was possible. The mage was taken down when he relaxed for a couple seconds.

The mages from Azell’s time continuously changed their magic pattern during a close combat with the enemy. It was an essential rule that one can’t relax during a contact state. Maybe this generation of mages don’t have such common sense?

The dead mage’s skill was pretty good.

‘I guess he really thought I wasn’t worth his notice and looked down on me.’

Usually the Spirit Order practitioner’s skill is proportional to the amount of magical energy one carries. After a certain level it was nonsense to use such logic, but Azell could see how the enemy could be careless after seeing his trifle amount of magical energy.

Azell clicked his toungue after seeing his sword dyed in blood.

“I can’t use this any more.”

When it clashed against the mage’s barrier, it formed a crack, and now it looked like it’ll break soon. He shouldn’t expect quality from swords used by orcs.

Azell threw away the sword without any regret. He kicked a nearby sword with the top of his foot, and he snatched the sword out of the air. Thanks to Arrieta killing numerous orcs, he had plenty of weapons to use.

Immediately, he took a small step to the side.

Ggwa-gwang! (TLN: boom)

An invisible magical fire cut through the space where his head used to be. From his back, the sound of an explosion rang out, and the dirt fountained into the air. If he was hit by it then it had enough power to end him.

However, Azell was totally unperturbed, and he spoke.

“If you want revenge for your companion, then why don’t you stop hiding and come out? That kind of amateurish ambush won’t work against me, Dragon Demon.”


Around 100 meters off from the battlefield, one could hear a groan leak out.

The member of the Dragon’s Shadow, who was hiding himself with magic, appeared. He had on a similar outfit as his compatriots, but the back of his hands had a gunmetal colored Dragon Demon Stone. He was a Dragon Demon.

Arrieta became guarded when she saw him.

‘What method are they using?’

What kind of method was able to thoroughly trick her senses? Also…

‘What method is that guy using to detect the enemy?’

She hadn’t detected the enemy, but Azell was able to see through it easily.

At that moment, the enemy Dragon Demon raged.

“A mere human dared to killed a member of our organization!”

“Wow. That’s pretty fresh? Is it a fad for a Dragon Demon to speak like the Dragon Demon Race?”

“Shut up!”

The Dragon Demon unsheathed his sword. Unlike the other members of the Dragon’s Shadow, this one used a weapon.

“You deserve to die for possessing the name Azell. Remember this. My name is Jackal.” (TLN: it is actually written as Ji-kel or another interpretation could be Sickle, I’ll just go with Jackal since I like that better)

“I really don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Could you at least explain it to me?”

“You don’t have to know. It is a waste of time for me to talk to a sinner, who is destined to die.”

Hwa-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahk. (TLN: flame igniting sound)

From Jackal’s back, flames rose into the sky. In a flash, the strong flames started spreading towards the forest.

Azell was suprised when he saw this.

“You started a fire in the forest? Have you lost your mind?”

When the forest was one’s battlefield, it was logical for one to not attack with fire. Yet this person in front of him started a fire?

Jackal snorted.

“Why should I care if the forest burns down? Now you won’t be able to go to the fort, Dragon Demon Princess.”

“You started a fire just to prevent me from going to the Western Border fort?”

Arrieta was taken aback.

Jackal replied.


The fire was spreading everywhere, so even if it was Arrieta, it would be hard for her to get to the Western Border fort. She would have to circle around and avoid the places where the fire was spreading. The Dragon’s Shadow was planning on targeting her during all of this.

Arrieta asked a question.

“Why are you targeting me?”

“You’ll find out once you go with us.”

“You bastards are making me irritated!”

Arrieta cried out in anger, but she couldn’t apporach Jackal. The ogres, demonic beasts and forests orcs were charging at her. She was fighting, while protecting her companions, so she couldn’t step forward rashly.

Jackal made a proclamation.

“Eventually the Dragon Demon Princess will be in our hands.”

Afterwards he didn’t stand against Azell and Arrieta. He jumped across the large fire and he hid himself.

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