Dragon Maken War

Chapter 19 Dragon Slayers Ritual (4).

Chapter 19 Dragon Slayer’s Ritual (4).

Chapter 19 - Dragon Slayer’s Ritual (4)

Contrary to Azell’s fear, the Dragon’s Shadow didn’t attack them even when the day brightened. They had failed to capture the party again after the party escaped their surveillance.

It wasn’t an easy task to find a lost target in a vast forest. Moreover, Azell and Arrieta spent sufficient efforts to evade the enemy’s attention.

Arrieta was impressed.

“Your Art of Concealment is very mysterious.”

Azell was great at using his ability to hide his body. He used his Art of Concealment to hide himself, and he also used it to hide his party members. For a short amount of time, they basically ceased to exist. Even the most sensitive demonic beast passed by without seeing them.

Azell spoke.

“We are fortunate that our enemies aren’t soldiers.”


“If our enemies had the abilities of the scouts from the Western Border Guards, then we wouldn’t have been able to escape. They would have found the tracks made by our movement.”

Azell had a wealth of experience, but he didn’t really know how to cover their track inside a forest. Their enemies were trying to track and find them through magic, so they were able to counter against it. If they were following their tracks then maybe they would already been caught.

Arrieta was convinced by his words.

“I see.”

They started intermittently moving at an explosive speed. Azell had Rick on his back, and Arrieta carried Enora. They climbed a tree, and they started jumping between the trees. They used this method to move around 100 meters. This method of moving fast also helped in thwarting the enemy’s prediction of their movements.

If Arrieta was alone, she would have already arrived at the destination. However, Azell was lacking in magical force, so the distance he could move at once was limited.

‘It’s been awhile since I have felt the frustration of not having enough magical force.’

Azell mediated to recover his magical force then he breathed.

Whether it was stamina, physical strength or magical force, everything was lacking. The magical force stressed him the most, because it quickly ran out when he wanted to use a Spirit Order technique.

If he was fighting an enemy, he didn’t need to ration his use of magical force. He just used it explosively in the moment of his need. However, he had to constantly move right now. He had to use magical force, while minding his surrounding, so the shortage of magical force was a problem.

‘This is straining my physical strength.’

For nearly a day, they moved inside the forest while only drinking water. If they hadn’t slept at night then they probably would have collapsed. Rick and Enora would have, not Azell.

Truthfully, Enora didn’t have the strength to walk anymore so Arrieta carried her.

Suddenly Azell asked a question.

“Princess. By any chance, do you know how far we are from the fortress?”

“I believe we’ll arrive there in about 30 minutes.”

“Unfortunately, it is too far.”

“Why so?”

Arrieta felt a sense of danger contained in Azell’s words.

Azell replied back.

“Focus on the vibration beneath your feet.”


Arrieta followed his words. Then she detected the vibration transmitted from deep with the forest.

“Is someone coming towards us beneath the ground?”

Arrieta spoke while thinking about Kirion. However, Azell shook his head from side to side.


Arieta looked at Azell’s face, who was replying. This was the most serious face she had seen on him.


At that moment, the vibration had become strong enough that Rick and Enora could also sense it.

Azell yelled.

“A dragon is coming. Evade it!”

After a moment, the surface they were standing on collapsed when a large existence ramaged below. Then a large amount of dirt exploded forth.


A large shadow jumped out from below. It was hard to belive that such a large being could travel within the earth. The silhouette looked like an elongated lizard, and it had dark brown scales that had a rock-like texture. It had a curved horn, and its red eyes were slit vertically. From head to tail, it measured over 30 meters, and it was a monster with a castle-like bulk.

It was a tyrant located on top of the food chain. None of the demonic beasts or monsters could rival it. This was a dragon.

“It really is a dragon!”

Arrieta was taken aback.

As a Dragon Demon, she was able to sense its existence when the dragon was nearby. However, she had never faced a dragon before so her instincts was stimulated in an uncertain way.

When the surface exploded and the monster soared into the sky, she could only be shocked at that moment.

Such a large being moved inside the earth, and it had leaped tens of meters above the ground!

The dragon’s bulk was so large that it slowly fell in an arc. Once the small hill-sized dragon landed, a cloud of dust burst forth like an explosion.


The ground shook as it landed and the Earth Dragon’s form slid across the ground. The ground turned upside down and the beautiful trees snapped like straws as it was blown away.

“What in the world…”

Arrieta forgot what she was about to say.

She had seen many large monsters during her lifetime. It was her job to confront them when they harass her subjects. However, the dragon was bigger and more unrealistic compared to any other beings she had seen.

Azell’s voice was heard near Arrieta’s ears, who was standing there absent-mindedly.

“These bastards know of a way to mobilize a dragon…..”

Arrieta was surprised when she saw him. He had draped Rick over his right shoulder, and Enora was carried on the left side.

The approaching dragon’s oppressive presence made her dazed. She didn’t even think about evacuating the two of them.

Arrieta’s face turned red in embarrassment.

Azell spoke as if he didn’t see anything.

“If the dragon is tracking us then we won’t be able to escape.”


“Dragons are able to strongly sense the presence of Dragon Demons and humans.”

“It can do that?”

This was the first time Arrieta had faced a dragon, so she wasn’t aware of this fact.

However, she was able to strongly sense the dragon approaching so conversely she couldn’t protest if the other could do the same.

Suddenly, a hoarse woman’s voice was heard.

“You know a lot about dragons.”

Regina’s figure appeared between the trees. At the same time, Azell was able to detect the other enemies through the ‘Sight’ on him.

“There are two more, Princess.”

“I have no idea how you are able to sense our presence. Do we smell?”

Jackal showed himself, while grumbling, and another similarly dress person was also there.

‘That bastard isn’t Kirion.’

Azell was able to tell he wasn’t Kirion. I guess he didn’t come out, because of the injuries he suffered yesterday?

“That’s right. You guys smell like fungus infected feet, and there is a sewer-like smell mixed in there also. Why don’t you guys wash yourselves before moving around?”

Azell tried to provoke them.

Their Art of Concealment was truly surprising. However, if their gazes were on Azell, then the fact that they are ‘looking’ at him couldn’t be hidden.

Regina spoke.

“Feel free to chatter. This will be your grave, omninously named one.”

Koong! Koong! Koo-oong! (TLN: boom)

The large red-eyed Earth Dragon was approaching from behind her.


Azell asked her a question.

“There is one thing I am curious about…”

“What is it?”

“What do mean by my name is ominous?”

“You don’t have to know about it.”

“Is it because my name is identical to Azell Karzark?”


Regina was startled at Azell’s probing words. He couldn’t see her face, because of the veil of darnkness yet he could tell she was agitated.

Regina spoke.

“…how did you know?”

“I just guessed it.”

Azell laughed detestably. Then he spoke.

“So the organization called ‘Dragon’s Shadow’ must have some connection to the Dragon Demon King Atein.”

“I want to say you are very perceptive, but… It makes me question whether or not you have some ability to read minds.”

Regina spoke coldly.

Arrieta mumbled to herself.

“They are worshippers of the Dragon Demon King? No wonder.”

“Worshippers of the Dragon Demon King? There is such a thing?”

Azell was taken aback.

Azell didn’t know about it since he was asleep for a long time after the Dragon Demon war had ended, but numerous worshippers of the Dragon Demon King had appeared afterwards.

The wicked religious belief was mainly centered around the Dragon Demon race, but some humans agreed with them.

Humans should have equal rights. However, the origin of a person was judged by each other’s worth, and it was wrongly divided by class.

The Dragon Demon race were the most superior entity on the surface of the earth that could stand above all others. If the humans were conquered by the Dragon Demon race then everyone under them will live equally….

There were several organizations who had this ideology. However, they all held a common belief that Dragon Demon King Atein would revive someday to create a righteous world. (TLN:Humans are suppose to have equal rights, but class system/wealth makes it impossible for all humans to be equal. So if there was an race that was superior to human in charge of them then all humans would become equal in their eyes. It’s a twisted logic.)

Azell spoke.

“I’m at a loss for words.”

Azell had needled Regina, because he had a groundwork of a conjecture from the information given to him by Carlos.

It is the fact that the Dragon Demon King is going to revive.

These people were connected to Atein’s will, and they were secretly working to revive him.

From Azell’s perspective, it was matter of course for him to connect the dots.

She said the name Azell was ominous enough for him to die, and this also helped to further support his speculation.

Azell spoke.

“So you are trying to kidnap the princess and use her in some nefarious work?”

“I have no obligation to answer that.”

“You don’t have to answer it. Also… Is that dragon an ace up your sleeve?”


Regina was full of confidence. She was sure that an Earth Dragon and 3 members of the Dragon’s Shadow would be able to subdue Arrieta, and kill Azell, Rick and Enora.

Then the Earth Dragon moved.


The Earth Dragon’s body disappeared as if it was sinking into the earth. At the same time, the surface was destroyed, and the dirt exploded into the air. It struck Azell and his companion like hail.

“Princess! Take Miss Enora!”

Azell yelled desperately, and he jumped up while carry Rick. After he reached the top of a tree, he jumped higher. From the ground, magical attacks were sent towards him.


Azell fell towards the ground after he was hit. Rick screamed.


However before Azell started to fall, he kicked the air as if there was a surface and it slow his speed. He grabbed on to a branch, and he circled it before landing lightly.

From behind, the large body of the Earth Dragon surged out from the ground accompanying an explosion and it started to attack Arrieta.


The figure of the Earth Dragon flying out from beneath the surface was akin to a dolphin leaping above the surface of the water. The large body was able to move in such a way, and the sense of reality seemed to crumble just by looking at it.

Arrieta held Enora by her side, and she reflexively swung her sword.

“Oh Evil Darkness, Split!”


A light was emitted from the path of the sword, and it scored a direct hit on the Earth Dragon.

Previously, the light from the sword had slaughtered couple dozens of monsters in a single strike, but it was futile against the Earth Dragon. The Earth Dragon was delayed for a moment before it started descending as if nothing had happened.

Arrieta was barely able to escape using her Instantaneous Movement technique. However, the magic sent by a member of the Dragon’s Shadow approached her the next moment.


It was a magical curse that restricted the movement of its target, and it also decreased the target’s bodily function. Regina and her other associates were both powerful magicians, so it was difficult for her to dispel their magic even if it was Arrieta.

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