Dragon Maken War

Chapter 21 Dragon Slayers Ritual (6).

Chapter 21 Dragon Slayer’s Ritual (6).

Chapter 21 - Dragon Slayer’s Ritual (6)

Unlike their worries, the ruin didn’t have any systems that’ll threaten the lives of the intruders. However, the items that was stored inside and the relics that was acknowledged to have value by the Archmage Carlos was destroyed when they approached it.

The black magician spoke.

“I have no idea what the purpose of this ruin is. The relics are ruined just from a touch by an outsider….”

Normal ruins were a space where one stores valuable relics. Therefore, there were strong defensive systems placed to protect the relics. It was rare to see an extreme method like this where the relics were destroyed before it could be taken by the intruders.

Still, this ruin was weird. There weren’t any strong defensive systems yet it would make the relics inoperable if a intruder got close.

“This is the only place left….”

Kirion and the black magician arrived at the cetral portion of the ruin.

While they were coming here, they could only watch as seven relics were wasted.

Then at the central room… There was a blue and white light coming from something like a crystal.

Kirion mumbled.

“What is this? Is it a spirit? Or is it an energy source?

The structure was made from light, and the object didn’t feel like it was real. It was assumed to be a spirit integrated with a strong power or an energy source..

However, the black magician disagreed with him.

“No, it is a closed space.”

“Closed space?”

“A very dense closed space is surrounding something. However….”

The black magician used his magic to make contact with it. It was at that moment.

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oong…..! (TLN: think light saber noise)

Suddenly, the light structure started to vibrate violently, and it started to open. Kirion and the black magician retreated in surprise.

“What is it?”

“I have no idea. However, be ready for an impact.”

The black magician’s expression was pensive, and he deployed his barrier. The magical force emitted by the light structure was immense. If its purpose was to cause destruction through an explosion, then it would easily blow this ruin in a flash.

However, none of what they feared came to fruition. The violently vibrating light structure suddenly disappeared as if it had flickered out.

Kirion dumbly muttered to himself.

“What was that?”

“I believe….”

The black magician continued to speak as he stroked his chin.

“It must have flown somewhere by leaping through space.”


Arrieta dumbly mumbled to herself.

“Dragon Slayer’s Ritual? What is that?”

Azell was resolutely staring at the Earth Dragon, but his spirits fell at her words. He looked at Arrieta as if he was amazed.

“You don’t know about the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“…what has happened to this time period?”

Azell mumbled in low spirits.

Dragon Slayer’s Ritual.

According to legends, the dragons made a pact with the humans and this was the ritual that had been passed down.

If a human had wisdom that the dragons coveted then the dragons would accept the Dragon Slayer’s ritual. The dragons rarely refused the ritual. The reason being the ritual was a method used by the dragons to acquire something they really wanted, which was wisdom.

The ritual was a one-on-one mortal combat. The dragon and the one who challenged the dragon fight one-on-one. This was different from a dragon just eating a human. By being victorious in the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual, the dragon could absorb part of the challenger’s wisdom as its own.

If the challenger wins and slays the dragon, then the challenger drinks the dragon’s blood to gain part of its power. The human and dragon put there life on the line, and it was a battle fought to gain either wisdom or strength. This was the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual.

Arrieta was taken aback when she heard the description.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this.”

“…I really don’t now what has happened during all this time.”

Azell felt frustrated as he mumbled to himself then he glared at the Earth Dragon.

After a moment, the Earth Dragon nodded its head. It gestured to accepted the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual.


Azell raised his sword, and pointed it at Regina.

“You said you were Regina? I’ll warn you since you might not know anything about the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual. There is a condition one must adhere to. It is the fact that this is a one-on-one battle.”

During the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual between Azell and the Earth Dragon, no one is allowed to intervene. The one who interferes will receive the dragon’s wrath.


This was the first time Regina had heard about this fact, so she was taken aback.

Azell turned back toward Arrieta and spoke.

“Please take care of Rick and Ms Enora.”

“You really are thinking about challenging the dragon alone?”

“I’m not thinking about it. I’ve already done so. The Dragon Slayer’s Ritual started once the dragon agreed to it. I cannot back out of it now. Therfore… Please leave.”

Azell smiled, while looking at Arrieta. He looked at her golden eyes, which was filled with embarrassment, and it reminded him of old days.

“Yes. Do I need a reason for putting my life on the line for others?”

It had always been that way. He had taken up a sword and put his life on the line, just so he could save someone’s life even if he didn’t know the person that well.

If he was a loner then he would have a hard time doing this. He would have given her to the enemy, and he would have escaped by himself in the end. Even though he complained, he had decided to stick by her side. This moment had already been heralded.

“Princess’ responsibility is to take care of the aftermath. If we survive this then we’ll meet again.”


Azell ignored her words, and he ran towards the Earth Dragon. Finally the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual had started.

A large wall of earth sprang up in front of Azell, who was using the Instantaneous Movement method to move. Azell immediately changed direction, and he escaped to the side. This was the direction where Regina and her companion were located at. At that moment, the two here taken aback when Azell appeared in front of them.

The Earth Dragon howled.


The surface flipped in its entirety, and a wave of earth flew towards him.

“I’ve always like surfing!”

Azell accelerated while saying this. Regina was shocked.


Surprising, Azell was running while riding the wave of earth that was surging forth. He ran toward the crest of the surging wave of earth, and he jumped over it.

Afterwards, the wave of earth fell on them. The duo escaped from that place, while spitting out curses.


Azell had created a situation he wanted and when he reached the crest of the earth wave, he used the Instantaneous Movement method to shoot towards the Earth Dragon.

Pa-chang! (TLN: sword sfx)

The Earth Dragon quickly turned its neck, but it was impossible for the large body to dodge. Azell’s sword strike grazed by the Earth Dragon’s neck.

“Kook….!” (TLN: a form of groan)

Azell had pulled off a splendid attack, but his complexion wasn’t good. Azell complained.

“Shit. Is it impossible to do this with my current strength?”

The unscathed Earth Dragon looked back towards Azell. Azell’s sword strike left only a faint mark on its neck. Most forces wouldn’t even be able to wound it.

The current Azell could use every method in his disposal, but he wouldn’t be able to wound the dragon. If you don’t have strength then you will get slaughtered no matter how outstanding your skill is.

Azell glared at the Earth Dargon with nervous eyes.

He mumbled.

The scale of the dragon was sturdier than steel. Moreover, the dragon possessed powerful magic, which protected its body.

“This should be enough right, Carlos? Give me the item you prepared.”

‘How did you know?’

Suddenly, a foreign voice rang out inside Azell’s mind. It was Carlos’ voice he had heard inside his dream.

“Is there anyone else who knows you better than me? Even if you aged and became bald, there was no way your personality would have changed for the better right?”

‘I told you to not talk about that subject!’

Carlos’ remnant flew into a rage. Azell smirked.

“How would I not know if a remnant had disappeared or not from my energy pulse?”

‘I guess your senses haven’t dulled even though you slept until I died.’

Carlos’ remnant snorted.

Azell had indirectly spoke about Carlos’ story to Arrieta. He had bid farewell to Carlos’ remnant inside his dream, but he had already realized that the remnant hadn’t disappeared, and it still remained. The remnant had inherited the personality of the Carlos that Azell had known. Until now, the remnant had examined the details of the events as time passed by and he was looking for the golden opportunity where he could take the maximum amount of credit. (TLN: basically he wants to save the day)

“Koo-roo-roo?” (TLN: dragon growl)

The Earth Dragon tilted its head in front of him. It acted strangely as if it could hear the conversation happening inside Azell.

Azell spoke.

“I’m in a crisis where the current me can’t do anything here. Stop being so cantankerous and help me.”

“It can’t be helped.”

The remnant of Carlos sighed.

‘So this will be my real farewell. I wanted to watch a little bit more, but it isn’t going as I want it. I don’t get why my fate is so turbulent.”

“You are right. It was nice seeing you. Really.”

‘You are saying some embarrassing things. Don’t die.’

Carlos’ remnant snorted. The existence that was residing in Azell’s energy pulse extinguished completely. Then the magic trump card that was preserved for 200 years activated.

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! (TLN: energy sfx)

Blinding light started emanating from Azell and the earth shook. The sudden phenomena made the Earth Dragon flinch and it retreated.

Then… A flash of light stabbed down from the sky.

Kwa-gwa-gwang! (TLN: thunder sfx)

Thunderous sound rang out and the earth shook. From inside the light, a sword emnating a blue luster was revealed.

“I guess this is the arrangement you had made.”

From inside the light that was swirling around him, Azell put his hand forward and grasped the sword.

“I couldn’t have guessed you would preserve my Dragon Maken for 220 years… You really deserve to be called an arch-mage. Truly, I would have never imagined this.”

Dragon Maken.

This was the weapon Azell had used to fight against the Dragon Demon King Atein. There was only one like it in this world, and only the owner Azell could used the sword.

The sword was directly shaped by Azell and it was his alter ego. The sword used Azell’s

thoughts and magical energy as nutrients to exist so he hadn’t expect it be preserved for 220 years.

Hoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! (TLN: wind sfx)

The light dispersed, and a gust of wind started to rage. Beneath the fluttering red hair, Azell’s blue eyes shined more strongly than ever.

Azell appeared while grasping a sword leaking a blue luster. The magical force from the Dragon Maken flowed in and it filled his magical pulse to the brim. His ring of life started vibrating crazily.

“Unfortunately, this is only a momentary miracle…..”

Azell’s blue eyes was full of luster and he looked at the Earth Dragon.

“I’ll show you the strength of a human, who had defeated the Dragon Demon King.”

Then the blue storm started to rage.

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