Dragon Maken War

Chapter 265 - Epilogue (4)

Chapter 265 - Epilogue (4)


It had been a while since Giles Vince had entered through the gate of the capital.

He was the personal knight of the Dragon Demon princess Arrieta, yet he had been allowed to take a fairly long vacation. He had used the long downtime to return to his homeland, and his family had welcomed him back.

In his childhood, his father had been strict in his education. It was so harsh that it almost counted as abuse. His father didn’t say anything, but he looked proud of Giles.

After Giles had become the personal knight of Arrieta, his family’s fortune had improved a lot, so all his other family members looked happy. This was why he was able to spend a pleasant time at home before he had to return to the capital.

“We are here.”

As soon as he returned to the capital, he made a promise to meet someone. He was meeting Boar, who was a member of the royal knights.

Boar was six years older than Giles, yet they shared a deep friendship. If it wasn’t for Boar, Giles would have had a hard time adjusting to the life within the capital.

Giles flinched in surprise when he saw Boar, who had reserved a seat in a bar.

“Where did you get that scar?”

There was a large scar on Boar’s cheek. Boar let out an embarrassed laughter.

“Ah. I got hurt in a mission that I conducted not too long ago. A new recruit overextended himself. I got hurt trying to save his life.”

Boar thought about the incident as he clicked his tongue. Giles sat across Boar, and they clinked their glasses together. Then they talked about what had happened in their respective lives.


Giles had a peculiar expression on his face when he heard how Boar had been wounded.

“So you met a new recruit that acted like your old self?”

“Oof. Ok, buddy. I received a valorous wound in the process of saving someone else. You shouldn’t talk like that.”

Boar laid it on thick.

The recruit was from an affluent family, so he was directly elevated to knighthood. He didn’t have to go through the process of being a knight’s apprentice. He had overestimated his own strength, and he had almost died. Boar didn’t look kindly on the new recruit, but they were comrades in arms. As the senior knight, he had saved the new recruit even at the expense of being injured.

“The princess sent word that she'll be returning in couple days. Is that why you’ve returned to the capital?”

“That’s right.”

Giles had gone on his vacation, because Arrieta had stopped her duties as the Dragon Demon princess. She had joined Azell’s party for the past couple months. However, Arrieta had sent notice that she’ll be returning to the capital. The throne had called him back to work.

Giles spoke.

“While I was on vacation, my frustration didn’t go away.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I was too weak to be of help to the princess. I couldn’t accompany her.”


“Also, it was a fight between legendary heroes. It won’t be written down in the history books, but it was a fight with the fate of the whole world on the line. I really wanted to play a role in that fight. The fact that I wasn’t good enough frustrated me to no end.”

“I understand your feeling. I felt something similar when I learned that sir Azell was really Azell Karzark…..”

Boar let out a bitter laughter.

He had learned that Azell was the legendary hero Azell Karzark through Giles. Azell had befriended Giles and Boar for a short amount of time, yet it seemed he didn’t want to hide his identity from them.

When he learned the truth, Boar was so shocked that he couldn’t form words. He had befriended the legendary hero, who had etched his name in history.

On the other hand, Boar was a friend, but he wasn’t someone that could unload some of the burdens carried by Azell. He felt a bit bitter that Azell hadn’t shared the truth with him earlier. Still, Boar was very self-aware. He had been too weak to be told such information.

Giles spoke.

“I want to become strong. When I meet him once again, I want to show him how strong I’ve become. I want to show that it was all thanks to him…”

Azell had given them too much. The two of them were hailed as geniuses now, but if they hadn’t learned the forgotten techniques from Azell, they would have been limited to standards of this era. They would have been trapped in mediocrity.

Boar raised his glass as he spoke.

“The feeling is mutual. Let us become the stepping stone that’ll change the standard of this era.”

“Let’s do it.”

Giles clinked glasses with him.


Enora had lived a very leisurely life for the past four months. It was to be expected. She had no one to serve since Arrieta had left her post.

Still, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t worked. She started the day by cleaning Arrieta’s room, then she diligently did all her duties as a maid. She made sure she wouldn’t be taken unawares when Arrieta finally came back home.

Currently, Enora was changing the sheets atop Arrieta’s bed. While she was folding the bed sheets, she heard a voice from behind her.


For a brief moment, Enora thought she had heard wrong.

However, she soon realized that she had heard the voice in reality. Her eyes widened.


Arrieta had walked through the opened door. Enora was glad to see her, so she started running towards Arrieta. Soon, she came to a halt. She froze like a statue.

“What’s wrong?”

Arrieta became puzzled at Enora’s rapid change in behavior. Arrieta had expected an emotional reunion, but Enora looked pale. It looked as if she had seen something dreadful.



“No way. This cannot be.”

Enora’s body shook as if she had seen something that she shouldn’t have witnessed. Enora sounded like she was about to cry as she stood in front of the confused Arrieta.

“Of all the places, we are in palace! I cannot believe you showed this grubby appearance inside the palace! Ahhhhhh…….”


Suddenly, Arrieta swayed on her feet in relief.

She really wasn't in a clean state. After departing from Azell’s party, she had done her best in keeping herself clean on the road, but it was inevitable that she was travel-stained.

“Mmm. I might have understood it if you said I was a bit disheveled. Grubby is a bit...”

“What do you mean! I’ll immediately prepare a bath for you. Since you’ve returned, you have to see the king and queen. If you go meet them in such a state, you’ll make them faint!”

“…No. Both of them said I did a good job. They said they were proud of me.”

When Enora heard Arrieta’s complaining words, it looked as if her world had come crashing down around her.

Basically, Arrieta had seen the king and the Dragon Demon Queen in her grubby state. Enora felt dizzy.

“Ahhhh. I’m done. They’ll think I let you appear in their presence in such a state. My reputation is ruined…..”

“You don't have to worry about that. I went to the throne room as soon as I arrived at the palace. They know this truth.”

Arrieta stroked Enora’s head. Then she sat in front of the table as she spoke.

“I would like some fragrant tea. I’ve missed the tea you’ve always brewed for me.”

“Aht! Yes! Which tea should I bring?”

“Mmm. I would like a tea that’ll mend my broken heart.”


Enora thought she had heard wrong.

Arrieta spoke with a serious expression on her face.

“Yes, it is true. My heart was broken”

“Y….your heart, princess?”

“That’s right. I didn’t even get to give my confession before my heart was broken. That is why it hurt so much more.”

Arrieta looked out the window as she sighed.

An explosive piece of information had suddenly been dropped on Enora’s lap, and she had no idea what to do with it. She could only open and shut her mouth in a soundless manner. Arrieta turned to Enora as she asked a question.

“You don’t want to know who broke my heart?”

“How dare I…….”

“Hmm. You are pretty bright girl. You probably guessed who it is.”

“…it can’t be sir Azell, right?”

Arrieta sounded as if she to talk about it with Enora, so Enora carefully asked the question.

Arrieta had an expression of displeasure on her face as she complained.

“Yes, it is him.”


“What a bad man. He made so many accidents with women in the past, yet I was willing to look past that. He should have had the courtesy of allowing a girl to confess to him, yet he was like an iron wall. He said he wanted to rebuild the County of Karzark, and he wanted to start his life anew there. ”

Enora listened to Arrieta’s complaints. She let out a small sigh as she discreetly exited the room. She went to boil some tea. Soon, she poured a fragrant tea that calmed Arrieta’s heart.

Arrieta held up the tea cup as she took in the aroma of the tea.

Arrieta spoke.

“I was cross with him, so I didn’t plan on delivering this.”

“What is it?”

“That man wanted me to deliver some words to you, Enora.”


Enora’s eyes widened.

Arrieta nodded her head.

“That’s right. He said he’ll be going to the Bijes Kingdom, and he plans on rebuilding the County of Karzark. He asked if you would like to become the head maid of the newly constructed County of Karzark at a later date.”


Enora’s face turned red.

She was deeply moved by the offer. He was a legendary hero, who had saved the world. After he recovered his lost land, he was asking her to embark on a new future with him.

When Arrieta saw Enora’s expression, she sounded sullen as she spoke.

“If you want, you can go. The Bijes kingdom is far away, but I’ll make sure you’ll get there safely. We are talking about something several years down the road. Of course, it’ll be a worthwhile endeavor...”

“No, princess.”

Enora had unconsciously cut off Arrieta’s words. Enora flinched when she realized she had been rude. Soon, she regained a calm state of mind. She spoke the words in her heart.

“I’ve already made my future plans.”

“Hmm. Will you let me hear your plan?”

“Yes. I’ll serve you until you retire. After you retire, I’ll follow you, and I’ll be the head maid of your household. I want to be able to point with my chin, and the other maids will jump to do my bidding. Then I want to meet a good man, and I want to live a happy life.”


This was her dream, and she had told Azell about it. This was the first time Arrieta had heard it, so her eyes had turned round.

Enora didn’t sound confident as she spoke her next words.

“Of course, this is merely my own wishes. If you will not accept me, I’ll have to find work elsewhere ...”

“What do you mean? I welcome it!”

Arrieta quickly spoke her words. She cleared her throat as she clarified her words.

“When I retire, there is no one else that can fill the role of my head maid except you, Enora. I promise you this.”


Enora was moved. Arrieta sounded excited as she spoke.

“Since I’ll be the world’s greatest sloth in retirement, I’ll need someone talented to take care of my servants. You shouldn’t worry about your future, Enora. Just follow me. I’ll do my best to retire as soon as possible.”


Enora let out a bright laughter as she gave her answer.

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