Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 10 – This isn’t a genius

Chapter 10–This isn’t a genius

‘Become an alchemist by eating a lot of pills?That’s impossible.’

The trio still couldn’t believe Jiang Chen despite the serious look on his face.

“Alright, let’s have a look at young master’s alchemy skills.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a chuckle while leading Jiang Chen all the way to the furnace.They all had the time to accompany the young master now since there was nothing to be done with the pill business at the moment.

The furnace was located nearby, in the middle of the pill shop where the walls were constructed with thick, heavy stone..No one except alchemists were permitted into this room.

“Young master, the furnace and the fire are ready, and the ingredients to make 3 restoration pills are ready also.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a smile.

“Okay, you guys just wait outside, I will concoct the pills alone.”

Jiang Chen walked into the furnace room as he finished talking, closing the heavy stone door behind him.

“Sir, do you believe that the young master really knows how to concoct pills?”

The skinny old man asked.

“Do you think I am a fool?The strength of the soul is what’s vital when becoming an alchemist.The young master has changed a lot, turning from a useless fool into a genius.But if you try to tell me that he can arouse the strength of his soul, then I’ll gladly bet that’s impossible.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said.

A soul was something that cannot be seen and cannot be touched…But it was vital to everyone, and it was where the source of alchemy was drawn from.

Everyone had a soul, and in order to become an alchemist one had to arouse the strength of their soul.To unleash strength from something that couldn’t be seen or touched was a difficult job, and the reason why there weren’t many alchemists in the Saint Origin universe.

Jiang Chen was an excellent alchemist in his past life.Even though he died 100 years ago with his soul taking severe damage, he had merged with another soul upon being reborn.Allowing him to unleash strength greater than people at a similar level.

In the furnace room, standing in front of the bronze furnace, Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Such a poor, low quality furnace…I’ll need to retrieve the ground fire myself.This is rather troublesome and inefficient.”

The construction of the furnace room and placement of the furnace needed precise measurements.For example, the bronze furnace in front of him was placed there because the location made it easier to retrieve the ground fire.

However the bronze furnace in front of him could only retrieve ground fire from beneath the surface, which was far from the quality of fire at the Earth Core.This Ground Fire was only a slight improvement over normal fire, even beast flames would be an improvement.

The strength of both the soul and the fire was vital for an alchemist, using a furnace and ground fire was only a method that low class alchemists used.In his past life, Jiang Chen could control three types of fire–he didn’t even need a furnace.

But this wasn’t then, if he wanted to concoct pills at his current level then he would need to use a furnace.

There were enough ingredients at the side of the furnace to make at least 3 restoration pills…That was more than what Jiang Chen needed.Jiang Chen estimated that he could create at least 10 restoration pills with the ingredients someone would require for just 1.

Waving his hand, an invisible Yuan power grabbed a portion of ingredients and sent it into the furnace.

The first step when concocting pills was getting rid of the impurities.

If the trio who were waiting outside the room could see what Jiang Chen was doing right now, their jaws would immediately drop.The first step when concocting pills was the hardest one, which was why so many pills could not reach their full potential.To get rid of the impurities, one must slowly take their time., People would rarely be able to get rid of all of the impurities when all of the ingredients were gathered together in the furnace…It required precise control.

Jiang Chen unleashed a strong force of soul power and sent it into the furnace, forming different signs with his hands concurrently.Sending the force into the furnace and the fire beneath it, the whole process was smooth, as if he had done it a thousand times before.

In just a few minutes, all the impurities within the ingredients were gone.What wa left was the essence of the ingredients.

The next step was to form the pill.It was an easy job for Jiang Chen as restoration pills were just mortal level pills…He could do it with his eyes closed.

A couple of minutes later, he completed forming the pills.With a low shout, Jiang Chen sent some of his Yuan power into the furnace, using his hands to grabonto the restoration pills that were flying out from the furnace.

The restoration pills in Jiang Chen’s hands were smooth and perfectly round, glowing at the same time.There was not even a hint of impurity within the pills, they were 100%effectiveness pills!

Only portion of the ingredients were needed for 10 restoration pills, Jiang Chen was satisfied with this outcome.

100%effective restoration pills in less than 20 minutes, and the success rate was 100%…If any of the alchemist in Fragrant Sky city knew about this then they would be scared to death.

An ordinary alchemist would never be able to produce a pill without any impurities, and their success rate would be low as well.Normally, they would yield nothing from a portion of the ingredients, but for Jiang Chen this was definitely not the case.

‘Making pills with 100%effectiveness when concocting for the first time, they will be scared to death…I should make some damaged pills and cover for this.’

Smiling and waving his hand, Jiang Chen sent a second portion of ingredients into the furnace.

Few minutes later.



An explosive sound accompanied by a surprised shout could be heard, making Zhou Be Zhen and the others first shocked before they started laughed.

“Haha, the furnace exploded.”

“That’s normal, when I started concocting pills, I made the furnace explode more than a hundred times.”

“Let’s go and check it out.”

The trio pushed open the stone door, and saw Jiang Chen standing there looking depressed.

“Young master, don’t be discouraged.It is normal for the furnace to explode, but in my opinion young master shouldn’t waste energy on concocting pills.”

The fat old man was comforting Jiang Chen.

“Young master, we know you are worried about the pill shop, but concocting pills is not something you can do easily.”

Zhou Bei Zhen gave Jiang Chen’s shoulder a pat.

“Uncle Zhou, I produced some restoration pills, even though the furnace blew up…”

Jiang Chen said.

“Young master must be joking, once the furnace explodes, all the ingredients turn into ashes, there’s nothing left…It’s impossible to have produced any pills.”

The skinny old man teased.

Without saying anything, Jiang Chen opened his palm, showing three white pills the size of a thumb nail.

The trio were stunned, and the smiles on their faces froze.For someone as experienced as them, they could easily tell that the pills on top of Jiang Chen’s palm were recently concocted.The pills were still giving off a warm feeling, a sign that they just came out of the furnace.

“No way, you produced pills even though the furnace exploded?”

The trio had their eyes wide open.Each one of them took a pill and examined it carefully.

Restoration pills were a kind of energy pill that all warriors needed when they cultivate.The restoration pills that Jiang Chen produced had a smooth and rounded surface, shining with color and warmth, and possessed very little impurities, proving the effectiveness was not low!

“This…This, is a 70%effectiveness pill!”

The fat old man shouted.

“This really is a 70%effectiveness pill, one grade higher than what we produce.But, how…how can this be possible?”

The skinny old man had a look of disbelief on his face.He just couldn’t accept what he was looking at.

“Young master, this pill, you really produced this all by yourself?”

Zhou Bei Zhen still didn’t dare to believe it.

“Yes, I did.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

“Young master, have you concocted any pills before this?”

“No, never.”

“Young master, is this really your first time concocting pills?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Young master, can I ask, what is your current level?”

“9th level Qi Jing realm.”

The trio almost vomited blood, staring at Jiang Chen with eyes their growing larger and larger with each passing.Tears were falling down their faces…It felt like they had wasted their entire lives.

‘What the fuck, someone at the 9th level Qi Jing realm’s first time concocted a pill, and the result is 70%effectiveness.is there anything more shocking than this?’The pills they produced were nothing compared to his.

The power of the soul was very important when concocting pills, but their cultivation level was also very important!The process of concocting a pill was something that would drain one’s Yuan power.It was impossible for someone to become an alchemist before reaching the Qi Hai level because he wouldn’t have enough Yuan power to go through the whole process.

Yet, Jiang Chen produced a restoration pill with 70%effectiveness during his first attempt at concocting…This was more than the trio could bare.

“Young master, I just want to know, how did you do it?”

Zhou Bei Zhen asked, the other two old men looked at Jiang Chen eager to know as well.‘How did Jiang Chen do it?’

“I told you, when you eat a lot of pills you will naturally know how to concoct them.”

Jiang Chen said while shrugging his shoulders.He couldn’t tell anyone about the fact that he was reborn, no one would believe him anyways.Since everyone knew he had consumed a large amount of pills and elixirs, this excuse was good enough.

‘What the fuck!’

The trio vomited blood.

“Uncle Zhou, I am feeling pretty good right now, I’m ready to concoct one more time…The explosion just now gave me some insights, I feel like I can easily make pills with 100%effectiveness now.”

Without saying more, Jiang Chen chased them out of the furnace room.

Mixed expressions were seen on the face’s of the trio outside the furnace room.Initially, they were thinking that Jiang Chen came here just for fun, but beyond their expectations, Jiang Chen had actually produced a pill with 70%effectiveness!

“Sir, I always used to say there are no geniuses in this world…I was wrong.”

The fat old man said.

“You’re not alone…The Jiang family’s ancestors must have done a lot of good deeds for the Mayor to have such a good son…He must be proud.”

Zhou Zhen Bei said.

“Do you think young master really can produce a pill with 100%effectiveness?”

The skinny old man inquired.

“Impossible, no matter how talented he is, 100%effectiveness must be a joke.”

Both Zhou Bei Zhen and the fat old man shook their heads at the same time.

‘What is a pill with 100%effectiveness?’That wa a pill without any impurities, the trio knew about this too well.

There were different levels for the alchemists in the Saint Origin continent:Mortal, Earth, Heaven and Saint level.The level of an alchemist was not determined by the quality of the pills they produce.Their level was determined by the strength of their soul and their cultivation level.The quality of a pill was determined by the high precision that came from an alchemist’s control.

It was very difficult to produce a pill with 100%effectiveness even for an Earth level alchemist, not to mention a beginner like Jiang Chen.

After spending another half hour in the furnace room, Jiang Chen pushed the heavy stone door open and stepped out.

“Young master, you are done?”

Zhou Bei Zhen asked curiously.

“Yes, I am indeed a genius, possessed with a god given talent that no one else has…I managed to produce a restoration pill with 100%effectiveness on my second attempt.”

Jiang Chen said while throwing three pills towards the trio.The trio took the pills and examined them carefully before dramatically turning their heads to look at each other.

“100%effectiveness pills, my god.This color, the strength of the pill, this really is a restoration pill with 100%effectiveness!”

The fat old man shouted out, while the skinny man was rolling his eyes, feeling dizzy and struggling just to not fall on the ground…They couldn’t accept this, this was just too unbelievable.

‘This isn’t a genius…There are no words to describe this kind of talent!’

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