Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 1874 - Human Devil

“Yes, commander.”

Liu Lang was startled and dared not say another word. This was a common custom in every army. All they had to do was to obey the orders of their superiors; any questioning would be deemed rude.

“General Liu, you’re worried because you don’t know the strength of our commander yet. If you have witnessed the terror of our commander, you wouldn’t have such concern.” Yang Bufan patted Liu Lang’s shoulder and said with a smile.

Liu Lang couldn’t help but dart another glance at the back of Jiang Chen and sighed in his heart. It seemed he had really underestimated this young commander. Despite having to confront Yun Tianshuang soon, there wasn’t the slightest bit of apprehension on the commander’s face, King Fan and even Jiu Wangye. That was unswerving confidence founded by incredible strength. That was to say, the three of them were certain that they would win the war tomorrow, which made him full of anticipation.

Crane Hawk City.

When the leisure-looking Yun Tianshuang heard that Old Man Tian Kui was killed, he stood up abruptly, his facial expression turned gloomy.

“It seems like I have underestimated my enemy this time. I didn’t expect that little King Fan to grow strong so quickly. Not even Old Man Tian Kui is a match for him. And even the Ninth Royal Highness of Great Qian Empire is in the army. It seems like Yang Yu attaches great importance to this war.”

Yun Tianshuang spoke coldly. There wasn’t grief on his face, only anger. He had never lost a battle in his life. Even though he had suffered some casualties while fighting Lu Sheng, he didn’t expect that he would lose an intermediate Immortal Venerable today. This was a humiliation to the ever-victorious general such as him.

“Commander, it’s because there’s a mistake in the information collected. The two didn’t mention about Jiu Wangye,” one man said.

“How can they make such a mistake?! Decapitate them!” ordered Yun Tianshuang with a plain expression.

“Brother Yun, do you need us to take care of them?” One of the triplets who had been sitting on one corner of the main hall spoke.

Yun Tianshuang had yet to reply when there was a sudden shake in the main hall, and a ray of golden light rushed into the hall and was caught by his hand. After reading the contents of the illusory letter, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What a callow youth! How dare he send me a declaration of war! Since you are courting death, let me fulfill your wish.”

Yun Tianshuang then spoke disdainfully. A declaration of war was sent to them while they were planning to attack. This was a direct provocation. There were only very few people in this world who would dare to provoke Yun Tianshuang directly.

“It seems you three have no choice but to participate in the war tomorrow in Black Wind Mountain. I would like to see what qualifies that puny King Fan to fight me. Did he make this decision out of recklessness? What a joke?! I’m going to kill King Fan and Jiu Wangye tomorrow, which will surely be a tremendous blow to Great Qian Empire, driving them closer to annihilation.”

Yun Tianshuang spoke, radiating a strong superior qi that drew both fear and respect out of people.

The declaration of war was an insult to him since he had never put Yang Bufan in his eyes, but he must accept it as Yang Bufan had issued the declaration of war in the name of Great Qian Empire. In addition, there wasn’t a challenge in this world which he wouldn’t dare to accept.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was great.

The two forces had arrived at Black Wind Mountain early in the morning. It was a few thousand miles in radius. The air was filled with black qi, obscuring the sunlight. The environment was extremely odious, which resulted in desolation, but a place like this was most suitable for a war.

Great Qian Empire’s force was huge. There were at least ten thousand of them. Owing to Yang Bufan having killed Old Man Tian Kui, each soldier was high in spirits. They showed no sign of fear even though they knew that they were facing the war-god-like Yun Tianshuang.

Why should they be afraid of the enemy if King Fan and Jiu Wangye weren’t afraid of them?

Opposite them was the force of Great Cloud Empire that was equally strong. The one standing in front was full of dominance. It went without saying that the man was Yun Tianshuang. Next to him stood three weird-looking men in grey-red robes. Behind them stood a dozen powerful Immortal Venerables. Such battle formation was indeed formidable. After all, they were comprised of the experts of the two empires.

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon the three weird-looking men. This triplets were his true target. As for Yun Tianshuang, such an opponent was too common and he wouldn’t put the man in his eyes. Lu Sheng had died because of the triplets. Without them, Lu Sheng wouldn’t have died because Yun Tianshuang wasn’t capable enough to kill him.

“I was wondering who those weird people were. It turns out that they are human devils.” The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smile.

“Brother Jiang, what are you talking about?” asked Jiu Wangye.

“Those triplets. The three of them are human devils. Or it should be said that they have broken away from the category of human. They practiced some kind of evil cultivation law that changed their origin. In order to acquire more power, they engulfed the evil origin, allowing the evil essence to devour their human origin, turning them into a real devil.”

With Jiang Chen’s eyesight and his experience with devils, he knew very well the characteristics of the devil race. But these three weren’t the same as those devil cultivators. Devil cultivators practiced only the evil cultivation law and still remained as human, whereas these three had exchanged their human origin for more evil power. Such extreme process made them even more brutal than the devils themselves.

“I have heard about human devils before. They are incredibly ferocious. These three have already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Venerable realm. They are even hard to deal with the moment they join forces.” Jiu Wangye began to worry.

“Don’t worry, Wangye, this, in turn, makes them easier to deal with.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. All along, devils had avoided him the moment they saw him. He also felt somewhat worried before he saw the strange triplets, but now, he really felt delighted.

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