Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 20 – A poser’s destiny is to die

Chapter 20–A poser’s destiny is to die

“Hmph!You are a weakling.In my eyes, you are nothing more than an ant.I can easily kill you with a single strike!”

Lee Chang Hong’s body started shaking, he sent out his qi and punched forcefully towards Jiang Chen.The punch was so strong that it made a thundering sound in the air.There was a bright light coming from his fist, and it looked like Jiang Chen was about to be defeated by this single punch.

“Too weak.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.The Dragon Mark within his Dantian started shaking, his bones crackling.Jiang Chen punched out towards Lee Chang Hong.His fist, stronger than iron, collided with Lee Chang Hong’s fist.


Both fists met, the surrounding air trembling.The energy from the collision exploded outwards, sending it in all directions, but the next scene was something no one expected.

Clop clop clop!

Lee Chang Hong was forced to take 3 steps back, every step heavy.His arm was aching, and he could feel a tingling sensation, his qi and blood a mess.


Lee Chang Hong shouted in disbelief.He looked at Jiang Chen who hadn’t retreated a single step since their fight begun.His mind was filled with shock and disbelief…this was not something he expected.

He felt like he had god given talent since he had become a Qi Hai warrior while only 20 years old.No ordinary Early Qi Hai warrior could compare with him, and he could feel that Jiang Chen still hadn’t formed his Qi Sea when they collided.Jiang Chen was only a ninth level Qi Jing warrior, but with just one punch he had forced him to step back…his mind was in shock trying to comprehend the situation.

Qi Jing was the first realm in the five foundation realms.When a warrior was in the Qi Jing realm, his Yuan power will be scattered all around in his body, and when he reached the Qi Hai level, his Yuan power will be gathered in one spot.When one formed a Qi Sea in the Dantian, he can gather all the Yuan power in one place.This was the main difference between the Qi Jing realm and the Qi Hai realm.

But Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill which stored his Yuan power in the Dragon Mark, so his Yuan power had already gathered in one place.

“How is this possible?”

The smile on Mu Rong Zhan’s face suddenly disappeared.

“Awesome!Even an Early Qi Hai warrior had to step back because of his punch, just how strong is he…”

“That punch was too powerful.I can feel that Jiang Chen still hasn’t shown his true powers…This young man is a beast!”

“He can suppress an Early Qi Hai warrior while only at the Qi Jing level…How is this possible, if he is defeated then the Mu Rong family will be destroyed!”

Many people were shocked, what Jiang Chen had done was out of everyone’s expectations, his strength too mighty.He stood on the fighting stage like an unmovable mountain.

“Good, very good.”

Jiang Zhen Hai started laughing out loud, the worried look in his eyes was gone.With a son like this…his ancestor’s tomb must be on fire…no, it must be exploding!

“You’re so weak, I only used 70%of my strength.”

Jiang Chen’s words were full of disdain, such an expression was a huge insult to Lee Chang Hong who was arrogant before the fight.

Jiang Chen’s insults and expression were like a needle poking directly into Lee Chang Hong’s heart, a huge strike to his dignity.

“Jiang Chen, you haven’t won just yet.I still have more tricks to deal with you!”

Lee Chang Hong regained his posture, both his palms held against each other.He forcefully pointed out a finger to form a huge finger with a faded golden color that emerged and flew towards Jiang Chen.

This was the Bright Yellow Finger combat skill, Lower Mortal level.

Jiang Chen smiled, this Bright Yellow Finger combat skill cannot be compared with his Six Solar Fingers skill.It was just trash compared to Jiang Chen’s skill.

“Alright, playtime is over.”

Jiang Chen started his attack.His blood and qi were as strong as a dragon.Dragon-like green veins appeared on his palm, and bright light emitted from his fist as well.He attacked the Bright Yellow Finger with a simple punch.With Jiang Chen’s true ability, he didn’t even need to use any combat skills to deal with Lee Chang Hong.


Energy dispersed in all directions.Jiang Chen’s fist destroyed everything, the Bright Yellow Finger shattering into bits of yellow sparkle and disappearing.

The collision sent Lee Chang Hong two steps back again, and then he started vomiting blood.

This was not an equal fight–Lee Chang Hong was being crushed by Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen moved as swift as a dragon, and in a split second, he appeared in front of Lee Chang Hong.Using both of his hands like an iron pincer, he grabbed both of Lee Chang Hong’s shoulders and raised him up high.

“I will let you feel what it’s like to be a human sandbag!”

Jiang Chen flung both his arms out, throwing Lee Chang Hong onto the hard surface of the fighting stage with tremendous force.


The sound of bones cracking accompanied the shock wave, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.


Lee Chang Hong screamed out in pain.The crowd watching the fight were startled, an Early Qi Hai warrior was defeated like this…

But things had not come to an end.

“Who asked you to be a poser?”

Jiang Chen grabbed Lee Chang Hong again and raised him up in the air, throwing him once more onto the ground.

Bang bang bang……

A horrible sound resonated from every smash, making the crowd terrified.Although most of them had seen Jiang Chen’s cruel side before, they still couldn’t help but feel frightened by this scene.

Lee Chang Hong screamed nonstop, his blood everywhere.He had become a toy in Jiang Chen’s hands, and he had already lost his ability to fight back.With this torturing method, even an iron-willed man would be turned into trash.Lee Chang Hong’s luck was terrible.


A shout was heard from the Mu Rong family’s side, and an old man jumped onto the stage.

“Little bastard, stop now!How dare you touch Red City’s Lee family young lord?!”

The old man was enraged, he didn’t expect Lee Chang Hong to be defeated like this.When he realized that Lee Chang Hong was losing, Lee Chang Hong had already been tortured heavily.

“What?Lee family from Red city, he is the young lord of Red City Lee’s family?”

“Oh no, this time Jiang Chen has run into huge trouble.”

Many people were shocked when they heard him say Red City’s Lee family.Some of them didn’t know who the Lee family was, but they all knew about Red City.Red City cannot be compared with Fragrant Sky city, and now that Jiang Chen had tortured their young lord…Problems will occur.

When everyone thought that Jiang Chen would stop…

“Old fool, do you not know the rules of this death match?Get lost!”

Jiang Chen scolded him while stepping hard on Lee Chang Hong’s face which was caked in blood.


Even after knowing his opponent was from Red City’s Lee family, he still acted unrestrained, stepping on his enemy’s face and even scolding a Mid Qi Hai warrior.

Regardless of how this ended, Jiang Chen’s behavior had made everyone start respecting him, some with blood boiling with respect.

He was a talented man, no one else had such courage and behavior.


Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out with a shocked expression.He never imagined that Lee Chang Hong was the young lord from Red City’s Lee family.Jiang Zhen Hai knew how strong the Lee family was, and they couldn’t afford to offend someone like that.

Jiang Zhen Hai prepared to jump onto the fighting stage, that Mid Qi Hai warrior was a huge threat for Jiang Chen!

“Dad, what happens today is because of my own decisions.No one from the Jiang family can interfere, we have to obey the rules of this death match.Don’t be like this disgusting trash dog who can’t afford to lose!”

Jiang Chen said out loud, acting and looking like a real king.

“Fuck, this is what a man is!”

“He is really overbearing, a man should act like that…if I can be like him for just a moment, then it will be worth it, even if costs my life!”

“You can’t break the rules of this death match.Get out of here, a death match’s final result will be decided by fate.”

“That’s right, who made the rules for this?Don’t tell me you want to remove the rules now that you are losing.”

Many people were influenced by Jiang Chen’s spirit and started shouting.Yes, the Lee family from Red city was very powerful and strong, and they couldn’t afford to offend them, but they still voiced out their opinions.

Today’s challenge was initiated by the Mu Rong family, and they had even invited someone who’s not from their family to represent them.This was something despicable, and now they wanted to break the rules of the death match…they really had no dignity at all.

“Old man, get lost or I will crush his head right now.”

Jiang Chen shouted to the old man.

“Little bastard, how dare you!”

The old man was furious.He was from the Lee family, and no one dared speak to him like that.If this was any other person, he would have slapped the man in front of him and killed him But the young lord of his family was under that man’s feet.

“How dare I?I will crush him now and let you be a witness.”

Jiang Chen never took threats from anyone, this old man wasn’t worth a fart in his eyes.

With everyone watching him, Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed a bright light, wielding it like a sharp sword and cutting towards Lee Chang Hong underneath his feet.


The brain exploded.His head exploded, blood spilling onto the fighting stage.Lee Chang Hong’s body shook a few times before it stopped moving completely.


His actions swept through the crowd like a storm.The facial expression of those who stood close to the stage turned pale, almost starting to puke as they saw Lee Chang Hong’s brain explode.

This was too violent, too bloody, many people couldn’t bear to see this type of scene.

No one expected Jiang Chen to kill him so easily.Looking at how he behaved now, Jian Chen would kill anyone who opposed him, even the son of god.


Looking at what happened, the old man and Mu Rong Zhan both shouted, terrified.There was going to be a huge problem now that Lee Chang Hong was dead.

“Little bastard, I will tear you apart while you’re still alive!”

The old man went into a frenzy.His young master’s head was crushed in front of so many people, he will not be able to answer any questions when he returned to the Lee family…he had to kill Jiang Chen now!

“Tear me apart while I’m still alive?Let’s see about that!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened, he was not backing off even when facing a Mid Qi Hai warrior!The Dragon Mark in his Dantian started wobbling.He pointed his finger as if it was a sword.He was going to unleash a full-powered Six Solar Finger!


A bright gold finger-shaped light shot out from his finger like a peerlessly sharp sword capable of slicing through anything, its destination was the old man!

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