Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2571 - The Great Bright Lord’s Relic

“Is it the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation? How could it stir up the Divine Origin Qi within ten miles?”

Dou Hongming heaved a cold breath. He had never expected Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation to be this creepy. This Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation could only shake the Divine Origin Qi violently and arouse a storm within ten miles. However, it could cause severe damage to the foundation of the formation. It was not that every formation could remain unmoved as the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation was changing the state of his Thousand Killing Blades Formation. Once the foundation of the formation suffered any damage, the Thousand Killing Blades Formation would completely collapse.

Dou Hongming had heard of the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation, albeit in name only. As a part of a formation family, Dou Family, he did not know anything about the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation. It looked simple but it could cause such a severe damage to his Thousand Killing Blades Formation which was exceedingly inconceivable.

However, Dou Hongming was clear about the weaknesses and problems of his formation. The Thousand Killing Blades Formation tended to make all the foundations of formation focus on the offensive in pursuit of perfection. That was the reason the defense of the formation’s foundation was relatively weak and unstable. And the Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation would definitely be a strong enemy of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation!

Dou Hongming was aware of the crisis at the moment. Although he had been wrecking his brain’s out in his formation, he still missed out something as he did not expect Jiang Chen to be so skillful and knowledgeable in terms of formation. Jiang Chen’s formation focused on destroying the foundation of the formation. So, Jiang Chen made sure that this formation has a weak foundation and even weaker than his Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation. Otherwise, he would not be able to make any difference if the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was perfectly stable and strong.

“It seems like the only way to defeat him will be the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. This guy is really driving me insane.”

Dou Hongming’s eyes looked cold and gloomy. He was filled with killing intent at this moment. He was bent on killing Jiang Chen at all costs, even though he had to bet the entire Eight Lineages Silver River by launching the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. Besides that, Dou Hongming was extremely curious about Jiang Chen and the secret of the formation he had set up.

Jiang Chen shared the same thought at this moment. Both of them were showing great interest in each other as they were bound to kill each other and seize the other’s secret.

“I am afraid that you will be the next one to fade away like the Thousand Killing Blades Formation.”

Jiang Chen was at ease and confident. The Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation was raging like a storm and engulfing everything in all directions. It stirred up the Divine Origin Qi within ten miles and tried to destroy the Divine Origin Qi and foundation of the Thousand Killing Blades Formation.

Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword and overriding the void with overbearing and overwhelming aura. He was intermingling with the Thousand Killing Blades Formation while the Sword of Solitude swept through the world.

There were countless Sword Qi piercing through Jiang Chen’s body. Which he defended by shielding himself with the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour and he then blazed his way through all the difficulties. The Thousand Killing Blades Formation collapsed completely at this moment. The changes that happened in the formation made him feel impressed. Even though the Thousand Killing Blades Formation had been totally damaged by his Heavenly Spinning Wind Formation, he did not feel relieved as the ultimate Cyan Light Arhat Formation was undergoing tremendous transformation.

“You did a great job! Hahaha, I knew that you won’t be defeated easily. Since the two formations have already collapsed, I am sure that the third formation can do nothing to you. Hahaha.”

Li Peng was surprised. Jiang Chen was irresistible and the entire Eight Lineages Silver River was trembling. He had fought against two thousands Late Heavenly God Realm beasts alone and even broke this perfect formation that was created by the great formation expert, Dou Hongmin. Jiang Chen was certainly out of the ordinary.

“Heroes are always cultivated from childhood. It seems like we have underestimated him.”

She Zhen was impressed. He was worried for Jiang Chen, however, Jiang Chen still managed to come through every difficulty and turned those dangers into good fortune. He became the center of attention in the crowd.

Yan Qingcheng fixed her glance on Jiang Chen. The young talent made her heart tremble; she had indescribable feelings towards Jiang Chen as his shadow crossed her mind continuously.

“Who exactly are you? Why do you seem familiar to me? I hope that you don’t ruin my plan.”

There was a gleam in Yan Qingcheng’s eyes. The appearance of Jiang Chen made her feel relieved and no one could constrain her any more. Xue Jia looked anxious at this moment. Dou Hongming had finally met his real rival.

She would watch all of this silently as he would be the one to take all the benefits at the end of the battle.

“I hope the both of you are injured severely.”

Yan Qingcheng drew a few steps slowly. Her target was Xue Ying.

“Leave here quickly, it is not safe to stay here. I will bring you to a safe place.”

Yan Qingcheng said softly, taking a glance at Xue Ying who looked helpless at this moment.

Xue Ying’s eyes were full of tears. Has she finally been moved by him? In the midst of the predicament, she finally stood by him now. The Eight Lineages Silver River was still her home after all.

“Don’t say anything before we leave. Their target is you.”

Yan Qingcheng held Xue Ying’s hand and brought him into the hinterland of the Eight Lineages Silver River.

“I have made a great mistake as I didn’t realize that you still care about me. I regretted having misjudged you, Qingcheng.”

Xue Ying seemed excited and grateful. Although he had suffered those great humiliations and insults in front of the one he loved, he did not expect this result. She learned a thing and it seemed like her character had undergone a huge transformation.

Yan Qingcheng stopped smiling once they entered the hinterland of the Eight Lineages Silver River. She looked cold and sinister the moment she faced him. It caught him completely off guard.

“Qing Cheng, you……”

Yan Qingcheng approached him in just a twinkle of an eye. At that instant, he’s frightened and shocked. The blade of despair roared past his ears.

“I will spare your life if you tell me where the Great Bright Lord’s Relic is located.” Yan Qingcheng said calmly.

The wide canyon seemed empty at this moment as everyone was witnessing the battle on the Eight Lineages Silver River where Xue Jia was engaged in an intense battle. Even though her strength was constrained by Xue Jia, she was still irresistibly threatening to Xue Ying who had suffered injury right now.

Yan Qingcheng was full of charisma like a jade with elegant and spiritual appearance. She looked like a graceful goddess with superior air while Xue Ying was like a down and out loser. He smiled bitterly. He could feel that there was a huge difference between him and Yan Qingcheng.

“So you’re here for the Great Bright Lord’s Relic. I have been wondering why an arrogant and charming girl like you suddenly showed up in the Tian Qi Mountain Range. Your acting skill is truly impressive. I never knew that you’re here for the Great Bright Lord’s Relic. That is a very rare treasure that few people knew, who are you exactly?”

Xue Ying’s face looked gloomy. He just realized that it was just his own wishful thinking to live, and his life was in her hands at this moment.

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