Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2800 - Fang Shan Boundary, Shan He Sect

Chapter 2800 Fang Shan Boundary, Shan He Sect

“Who are you?” A’Mo Kehan said with his deep voice. His eyes were full of anger as he stared towards the skinny young man.

“I am Wu Yue from Fang Shan Boundary, Shan He Sect!” The skinny young man said with a smile.

“Fang Shan Boundary, Shan He Sect?” Mofang Zhou’s brow raised.

“Oh, a friend from Fang Shan Boundary. Shan He Sect is strong, without a doubt. However, our Mo Clan is not some weakling that could be picked-on. If you want to use Shan He Sect to oppress us, I am afraid that this is not going as you planned. If you want a fight, are you capable? We have three and you’re alone.” Mo Fangzhou disdainfully said, completely looking down upon the youngster.

“Mo Clan? Oh, I’m terrified, who doesn’t know that the Mo Clan is strong? The other sects can only send two candidates in and you guys could send three. However, does your clan’s influence reach the Wang Di Mountain?” Wu Yue sneered,

“You’re right, I never thought of using my clan to oppress you, if the Mo Clan could reach this place. Not only the whole Fang Shan Boundary, even the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries of the Qi Lian Boundary give our Patriarch some respect. Who the hell are you to boast? I, alone, am enough to deal with you. We’re both prodigies, but your Fang Shan Boundary is too weak, those who come out from Fang Shan Boundary are mostly frogs from the well, how great are they?” Mofang Zhou shouted coldly.

“Oh yeah, I just recall that Fang Shan Boundary and Linhe Boundary are not too far off, why isn’t there anyone from the Linhe Boundary and you guys came instead? They knew that they were trash and gave up. Yet, you guys would shamelessly join.” Mo Fangzhou shrugged, expressing his extreme disdain towards the Fang Shan Boundary, completely looking down upon the Shan He Sect.

This is mainly because the Mo Clan is one of the top clans in Lone Dragon County. They were not to be trifled with, even the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries have to give them some respect. This was why Mo Fangzhou was looking down upon the men of the Shan He Sect.

One must have something to back-up his arrogance, and Mofang Zhou had it.

The Mo Clan was a unique clan in the Lone Dragon County, possessing billions of years of history. The resources they also possessed could not even be compared by those small sects. There was a rumour that the Mo Clan once had an Emperor Realm expert. However, nobody could verify it, yet it was a cold-hard fact that they possessed tremendous resources.

Wu Yue laughed in anger, shaking his head, no matter how powerful the Mo Clan was, would they enter this place just to kill him?

Wu Yue sighed and sneered:

“Looks like youngsters these days are truly reckless and ballsy. Men of the Mo Clan, pretty haughty ain’t ya? Haven’t you heard from your elders that there’s always someone better than you out there? My Shan He Sect is not one that could be joked around by the likes of you! Today, I’ll let you know who’s the true prodigy here!”

“You deserve the word ‘prodigy’? This is hilarious, hahaha. My clan is not afraid of anyone. Shan He Sect, is it? Anyone from your sect, come, I’ll just beat them down no matter how many of them comes at me, who the f*ck do you think are you?” Mofang Zhou shouted as he unleashed his battle intent, preparing to battle.

“Good! Good! Do you think I’m afraid? There are no cowards in the Shan He Sect.” Wu Yue looked at Mofang Zhou with disdain.

Both of them were ready to clash. Of course, this happened due to the Thunderbolt Agarwood.

Everyone has desire, greed was impossible to abstain from in the face of this Thunderbolt Agarwood. Wu Yue deemed it worth to put his all for it, it’s not everyday that one would stumble upon such peerless treasure.

Wu Yue’s aim was obvious, the Thunderbolt Agarwood. He’d not give up on it easily. Regardless of anyone, they would definitely go for this precious treasure. Including the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, he too would definitely be attracted by this precious treasure as well.

The two of them were eager to start the fight.

Moling Dongchen and A’Mo Kehan looked at each other. Something is off about this guy, him appearing out of nowhere. Plus, everyone would surely come to this place for the Thunderbolt Agarwood if news were to spread. It’ll surely be a blood battle royale with all prodigies from the other boundaries coming for it.

“Be careful, that kid is hiding something.” Mo Ling Dongchen said.

Mo Fangzhou smiled calmly.

“Rest assured, there’s no need for you to act against such trash. I will certainly kill him. This matter will not spread to others, we must quickly cut this Thunderbolt Agarwood apart.” Mofang Zhou said.

Moling Dongchen realised that Mo Fangzhou was not blinded by rage from his words. This info would be leaked if they prolong this further. Based on the current situation, the best choice was to eliminate this guy from Shan He Sect and then immediately leave this place.

“Trying to leave? Hehe, let’s see whether you guys have the ability to do so, you’ll have to get past me, first.” Wu Yue sneered as he readied his stance, pointing his blade towards Mo Fangzhou with murderous intent. A wind was brewing in this charred-land.

“Aren’t you an arrogant one. Since you’re so stubborn, then I’ll have to teach you a lesson. I’ll teach you what it means to be ‘there’s always one stronger than you out there.’” Mo Fangzhou released his peerless qi.

Both of them were at the peak of the Early Divine King realm, ready to enter the Mid Divine King Realm at a moment’s notice.

“Tell me if you can’t beat him, I won’t just sit back and spectate. Hahaha.” A’Mo Kehan said with a great laugh.

Moling Dongchen did not refute his words. Killing the enemy was the utmost priority right now. He too would join in if Mo Fangzhou could not beat him. However, if both of them joined the battle, Mo Fangzhou would be disgraced.

“Relax, it’s just a clown, there’s no need for you to save me.” Mofang Zhou harrumphed.

Obviously not hoping A’Mo Kehan would join, that fella to look down on him. Mo Fangzhou was dead-set on killing this fella who’s trying to rob him off his treasure!

“Action speaks louder than words.” Wu Yue harrumphed.

Wu Yue lifted up his sword, unleashing his strength which reflects his anger and fearful power of his sword style.

“This is just right, today, I shall let you know that our Mo Clan is not to be trifled. Those who dare insult my Mo Clan shall be killed without mercy!”

Mofang Zhou waved his divine staff with some big moves and clashed with Wu Yue. The clash between Divine Kings has started!

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