Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2853 - A Similar Scene

Chapter 2853

A Similar Scene

“What a terrifying guy!”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and stared at the scene. Xuan Langwas not weaker than Luo Ping at all, but he was killed ruthlessly just in a flash.

“Mother f*cker. Should we leave now?”

Mo Sanpao gritted his teeth; he was really stressed up. Xuan Lang was not too much weaker than him but he had been devoured by the Dragon Sturgeon effortlessly. It’s really too dreadful.

“Let’s observe first.”

Luo Ping said in a low voice. They had to see if Xuan Shenji and the other two experts managed to defeat the Dragon Sturgeon. If Xuan Shenji, Gui Gu and Donghuang Tai`a were defeated, then they might have to flee.

“I am afraid that they might not be able to defeat the Dragon Sturgeon.”

Jiang Chen said. He realised that Xuan Shenji and the other two experts had already used up all of their strength. The situation was not that ideal now as each of them were incredibly pressured by the Dragon Sturgeon’s overbearing mightiness. They were even in a passive position right now. The Dragon Sturgeon was treating them as toys. All of their defense techniques seemed a bit messy at the moment. If the situation continued, they might not be able to sustain too long in the battle.

“You’re wasting your effort.”

The Dragon Sturgeon smiled coldly and made a blow with his enormous claw. Gui Gu had no place to dodge his strike, so he counterattacked with his balde. However, he was unable to withstand such a brutal strike from the Dragon Sturgeon.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. Gui Gu had already withdrawn himself but he was still helpless in the face of the Dragon Sturgeon.

“Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, Heaven and Earth Infinite!”

Dreadful storms were enlarged in Donghuang Taia’s hands. Soon, the storms started hitting around the river bank. Donghuang Tai`a used all of his strength and this was his most powerful skill.

“What a terrifying aura.”

Mo Sanpao could not help feeling impressed.

“This is really the aura that belongs to a genius.”

Luo Ping was astonished as well. Donghuang Tai`a withstood the Dragon Sturgeon’s strike with his own strength. The collision between the Dragon Sturgeon and Donghuang Tai`a greatly shook the battlefield. The dreadfulness of the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art had given everyone a lesson. Being one of the most powerful sects in the Qi Lian Boundary, Eastern Emperor Sect’s Eastern Emperor Limitless Art was indeed one of the most astonishing skills.

At the moment, Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji were delighted as the golden opportunity arrived. While Donghuang Tai`a was dragging the Dragon Sturgeon, they got the best timing to attack the Dragon Sturgeon.

“Ghost Gate Soul Formation!”

Gui Gu was solemn while setting up the formation. Countless phantoms built up a strong heavenly web that crashed against the Dragon Sturgeon. It managed to injure the Dragon Sturgeon which was currently under Donghuang Tai`a’s suppression.

“Hold on! Donghuang Tai`a, this is our last chance!”

Xuan Shenji shouted.

“Profound Heavenly Sword Art, Shadowless Sword.”

Xuan Shenji stepped up on the void and casted his sword art that turned the universe around. The sword gave off dazzling blue light, manifesting enormous aura!

The Ghost Gate Soul Formation and the Shadowless Sword caused a huge gash on the Dragon Sturgeon. However, Donghuang Tai`a who fought face-to-face with the Dragon Sturgeon was drained. The Divine Origin Qi in his body was almost used up in the face of the Dragon Sturgeon’s great pressure. Donghuang Tai`a was injured severely but he was still using his Eastern Emperor Limitless Art to withstand the Dragon Sturgeon’s attack, in order to help Xuan Shenji and Gui Gu gain enough time.

“Kill him while it’s struggling!”

Gui Gu smiled coldly and the long blade in his hand suddenly was turned into a ghastly phantom. It shuttered through the void and crashed against the Dragon Sturgeon’s eyes. The black shadow spread across the place and the Dragon Sturgeon screamed in tragedy.

“Today is your last day!”

Taking the chance, Xuan Shenji turned into a sword shadow and shuttled through the Dragon Sturgeon’s body countless times. The scene was shocking. Finally, Xuan Shenji stood up on the head of the Dragon Sturgeon in pride.

Donghuang Tai`A had used up too much strength, suddenly falling down into the void.

“It’s time!”

Gui Gu’s face looked extremely cunning. The Dragon Sturgeon was already dying at this moment, the dragon’s life was in their hands now. At this critical moment, Gu Gui targeted Donghuang Tai`a.

“Gui Gu, you……”

Donghuang Tai`a was pissed. He never expected that Gui Gu would target him, to kill him after they joined hands to defeat the Dragon Sturgeon. Before this, they still worked together to kill their opponent. But now they became each other’s enemy. It’s really ironic.

Donghuang Tai`A contributed the most in the battle with Dragon Sturgeon. He even almost lost his life in the battle. However, the first person Gui Gu wanted to kill now was still him.

Gui Gu launched a few strikes against Donghuang Tai`a but later managed to dodge the attacks. However, Gui Gu had been prepared for this. As Donghuang Tai`a was severely injured and was not ready for this immediate battle, he was badly defeated by Gui Gu at the moment. Spurting out blood unceasingly, his life was now hanging by a thread.

Xuan Shenji was staring at this scene coldly and he looked calm and cold. If Gui Gu did not take action to kill Donghuang Tai`a, he would not spare Donghuang Tai`a’s life as well. An opponent like him was a big threat to them. Even though Donghuang Tai`a had paid such a great price to help them, that would not change their mind. After using Donghuang Tai`a, they must kill him first.

“You have already showed your value, so there’s no reason for you to live anymore.”

Gui Gu smiled coldly. His attacking speed was too fast, leaving Donghuang Tai`a to have no chance to escape at all.

“Damn it!”

Donghuang Tai`a did not expect this turn of events and he was bitterly disappointed. They fought the Dragon Sturgeon together, but now he was going to be sacrificed as Gui Gu wanted to kill him.

“I am going to remember you, Donghuang Tai`a.”

Xuan Shenji smiled and said.

“Divine Golden Bell.”

Suddenly, a golden shadow appeared around Donghuang Taia. The Divine Golden Bell surrounded him, preventing Gui Gu’s attack from reaching him. At first, they thought that Donghuang Tai`a would definitely be killed, but now he managed to survive.

“Unexpectedly, you still have such terrifying strength.”

Gui Gu looked at Donghuang Tai`a, stunned.

“You want to touch the people of Eastern Emperor Sect? Who the hell are you?”

Jiang Chen stared at Gui Gu coldly. This scene was very similar to the scene that happened in Ling Jue City in the past.

Jiang Chen’s Divine Golden Bell had protected Donghuang Tai`a, rendering Gui Gu’s attack futile. Gui Gu raised his head immediately and Jiang Chen’s face appeared in Gui Gu’s line of sight.

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