Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2918 - Ain’t Those Pretty Words

Chapter 2918 - Ain’t Those Pretty Words

Translated by Sean, Desmond

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

“Terrifying fella!”

Ling Kuang and Zhu Zhenfeng looked towards Jiang Chen at the same time. Currently, Jiang Chen was standing proudly and victoriously.

Chu Tianzhou’s face was in pain. Jiang Chen had crippled him, Jiang Chen’s Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal was truly terrifying. Chu Fangzhi and Chu Tianzhou’s expressions were ugly to the brim. After all, the Blood Tool Sect would fall once the Old Ancestor was defeated.

Chu Fangzhi was extremely anxious, now that Chu Yunji’s dead, the nine great sects might not necessarily help him. Even if they destroyed the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, their Blood Tool Sect would still stay at the very end of the ranking. Their whole plan was destroyed by Jiang Chen, alone, by killing off the sect’s prodigy and dealing such a lethal blow towards their Old Ancestor, Chu Tianzhou.

“I’ve lost.” Chu Tianzhou muttered with a pale expression.

Although Jiang Chen was just a Mid Divine King, his combat strength was preposterous. He was definitely a monster.

The moment Chu Tianzhou kneeled, everyone gasped. He had submitted to Jiang Chen! A Half-Step Hierarch submitted himself, just like that! Unbelievable!

“It’s useless now.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Chu Tianzhou’s expression changed and said:

“What do you want?”

“You dare ask me that question? Ain’t this hilarious. We’re already at this point, it’s useless for you to apologise, if the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect lost, did you have plans to let them go? No. your ambition, your cruelty. You wanna flex your might, so the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect became a target for you to show your might and nobody would pity them. I, Jiang Chen, never take unnecessary risks. I won’t walk out of this alive if I were to lose, right?” Jiang Chen sneered.

Now that he’s the loser, nobody could save him. Now, Jiang Chen was filled with murderous intent towards Chu Tianzhou.

“You wanna kill me?” Chu Tianzhou instinctively took two steps back.

“Yes, I am not willing to take any risk. Killing you will solve that problem, you wanna flex your might, this is a coincidence, me too. Otherwise, others may think that the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect is an easy target.” Jiang Chen said.

Chu Tianzhou knew that this fella was dead-set on killing him.

“Although you may have defeated me, it’s not that easy to kill me! Hmph.” Chu Tianzhou harrumphed.

“Really? Fire Qilin, he said he’s hard to kill, show him.” Jiang Chen looked towards the Fire Qilin.

Everyone gasped, will the Half-Step Hierarch of the Blood Tool Sect fall?

“You dare?!” Chu Tianzhou’s eyes were blazing.

To think Jiang Chen would dare to kill him?! The whole Tian Xing Boundary will surely quake.

“Go!” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

In the very next second, Fire Qilin leapt towards Chu Tianzhou. The onlookers held their breath as they watched. The Fire Qilin was swift, Chu Tianzhou would have to use everything he had to face the peak Fire Qilin. He was immediately subdued in less than ten exchanges, the giant claw of the Fire Qilin pinned his whole body down.

“Damned animal, you cannot kill me!” Chu Tianzhou shouted in anger.

“Brother Zhu, save me!”

Chu Tianzhou pleaded with Zhu Zhenfeng for help, however, the current Zhu Zhenfeng who had lost his partner had a hard time defending against Ling Kuang.

“You shouldn’t have done this if you knew of the consequences. Die.”

The Fire Qilin’s might made Chu Tianzhou feel despair, he couldn’t even self-destruct because he was thoroughly devoured by Fire Qilin. However, he’s still a Half-Step Hierarch, he could still survive if his spirit could find a suitable vessel even if his cultivation realm might drop, and he could recover his realm after a while.

“Trying to escape? Can you?”

Jiang Chen looked up and saw Chu Tianzhou’s meager spirit, he then unleashed the Great Yu Soul Forming Light and sucked Chu Tianzhou’s soul into it.

“Old Ancestor!” Chu Fangzhi’s eyes widened in despair as he backed off with a pale expression.

The prodigy Chu Yunji died, the Old Ancestor Chu Tianzhou died, now, Chu Fangzhi was alone without any help.

Not just the nine great sects, Zhu Zhenfeng and Ling Kuang were extremely wary of Jiang Chen’s Fire Qilin. Chu Tianzhou wanted to escape but was subdued by it, not even his spirit could escape, he was thoroughly and utterly dead.

“Big Brother Ling, I surrender, this one does not know his own worth, I hope Brother Ling will forgive me.” Zhu Zhenfeng retreated as he said with a solemn expression.

He finally lowered his prideful skull towards Ling Kuang. Now that Chu Tianzhou was dead, he was left without any support. Even Ling Kuang alone could take him down, without the help of Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin.

A wise man submits to circumstances. Zhu Zhenfeng clearly knew of his situation and it was not profitable for him to continue. He acted upon the benefits given to him by the Blood Tool Sect, and now that the situation had shifted, he’d be a fool to continue going against the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.

“I just had a lapse of judgement, I was bewitched by the Blood Tool Sect, by that damned Chu Tianzhou. I hope Big Brother Ling will forgive me and give me a chance to make this right, we’ve been friends for over ten thousand years aren’t we?” Zhu Zhenfeng said with a laugh as he could only submit towards Ling Kuang’s dominance.

Chu Tianzhou died, he died a terrible death. That Mid Divine King fella was too monstrous and that Fire Qilin chewed him down… he couldn’t help but shiver from the sight of it.

“Are you sure you just had a lapse of judgement? Hmph.” Ling Kuang said coldly.

“Yes, yes, yes, Big Brother Ling’s right, I, Zhu Zhenfeng, shall listen to Brother Ling’s every command in the future.” Zhu Zhenfeng felt bitter. That damned useless fool, why did he have to get himself killed just like that.

“Ain’t those beautiful words, that wasn’t what you said earlier. Senior Ling, I suggest that we kill this despicable man, he’ll just submit to whoever he wants if he’s left alone. He’ll probably backstab you in the future, that’ll be disastrous. The Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect could not take on another backstabbing.” Jiang Chen smiled.

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