Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2946 - The One in His Dream

Chapter 2946

The One in His Dream

Translated by Sean, Desmond

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

“There’s always a few of those reckless fools amongst the newcomers who wanted to challenge the seniors to set an example.”

“However, every time it’s fated to end with a loss, there’s never been a case where a newcomer defeated a senior. No matter how prodigious the newcomers are, they are still green.”

“The honor they bear is heavy, of course, they wouldn’t want to be lesser than others, but they’ve been praised by the masses for too long. They do not know how arrogant and foolish they are, they will certainly die a terrible death.”

“Their title as prodigies is never doubted, but the honor of a senior is not to be challenged.”

The seniors silently shook their heads. The average seniors were pretty powerful too.

You’re a prodigy and do I look like a coward? Liu Zhe had an upperhand of cultivating at least 10,000 years more than Jiang Chen. Although he’s just a Late Divine King, he could easily face five Late Divine Kings outside of the Profound Connection Divine Palace. That was his confidence.

“I shall indulge in your request if you’re dead-set on dying.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Both of them dealt lethal blows after another, Liu Zhe did not hold back and Jiang Chen faced it without faltering.

As a matter of fact, Liu Zhe was exceptional. His techniques were powerful, his palm strike could even shatter space itself.

“Five Lightning Palm!”

Liu Zhe came rushing forward with all he got, not holding anything back. He did not underestimate Jiang Chen as he knew that he’s competent as he managed to push Liu Yingfeng back in three strikes. It’d be disgraceful for Liu Zhe if he cannot manage this cleanly.

Therefore, Liu Zhe was aiming at killing Jiang Chen in one-shot with a powerful attack. Jiang Chen stood firmly as he threw a simple straight punch towards that lightning palm.

Jiang Chen completely blocked the three strikes from the Five Lightning Palm. No one was showing a clear advantage. While Gu Maolu was watching anxiously, Jiang Chen was calm as if he had more than enough to face Liu Zhe.

“Jing Yu Blade!” Liu Zhe saw that he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen and summoned his Origin Divine Tool. Swords showered across the field.

“True Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone as he did not want to continue this any longer. Heaven Ascension List, top-500? So what?! In my eyes, you prodigies are nothing! I shall trample all of you! That’s how the powerful should be!

The True Dragon Palm was changed into the new True Dragon Seal, it was now easier to cast, roaring dragons emerged as it burst towards his enemy with dominance.

Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Seal destroyed the Jing Yu Blade, and it did not stop. The attack caused a great number of seniors to be shocked. Nobody expected a newcomer could destroy Liu Zhe’s Origin Divine Tool. Liu Zhe kept retreating with an ugly expression. The True Dragon Seal destroyed his Origin Divine Tool that he was extremely confident of. Jiang Chen’s attack kept going and rammed towards Liu Zhe. It dealt a heavy blow upon his body.

“This fella is too terrifying! I cannot face him!” Liu Zhe kept retreating.

Anyone could see that Jiang Chen’s attack was savage and powerful like a tsunami.

“I surrender!” Liu Zhe raised his arms with a pale expression as he staggeredly retreated.

He was almost destroyed by Jiang Chen’s fist barrage. There’s no reason for him to continue now that he knows that there’s no chance for him. Where there is life, there is hope.

“It’s too late, you’re fated to die the instant you raise your hand.” Jiang Chen said coldly with murderous intent.

Liu Yingfeng trembled in shock.


Fear filled Liu Zhe’s heart. Jiang Chen did not back down but became fiercer, he threw nine more punches and destroyed Liu Zhe’s meridians, spine, bones, and even his spirit was heavily injured. He was one step away from death.

“I shall kill you to set an example!” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

It was a death proclamation for Liu Zhe. Jiang Chen was a man of his words and launched the Five Element Divine Fire without giving Liu Zhe any time to react. Everyone gasped in shock. The seniors wore a pale expression as they watched the scene unfold. They couldn’t believe that Liu Zhe died in such a disgraceful manner, to a newcomer to boot.

Liu Zhe shouted frantically as the flame burned, his spirit and his body were burnt into ash.

Gu Maolu was shocked. He didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be this powerful, this cunning wolf that’s wearing a sheepskin.

Liu Yingfeng was dumbfounded. His brother, his backer in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, was now dead. Those that he had offended in the past would certainly come looking for him, his future in this place was bleak.

“Big Brother… Big Brother…” Liu Yingfeng murmured.

Unfortunately for him, Liu Zhe vanished into thin air.

“The next will be you if you don’t leave now.” Jiang Chen did not kill Liu Yingfeng but left a cold word.

He needed him to spread the news to the seniors. Jiang Chen was not one that could be easily trifled with. Liu Yingfeng was scared shitless as he ran from the Heavenly Dragon Prison.

“This newcomer is pretty exceptional.”

“Yeah, Liu Zhe’s dead, looks like this newcomer is a once-in-a-lifetime prodigy.”

“This batch is pretty impressive.”

Lui Zhe’s death did not create a huge wave amongst the senior disciples. However, Jiang Chen had made it clear that they have to be wary of him, no one would dare disturb his cultivation easily.

“Jiang Chen, oh Jiang Chen, I’ve definitely underestimated you. I may have to call you Senior Brother in the future. You could probably even match against Senior Bai Ying.” Gu Maolu let out a sigh of relief.

Jiang Chen smiled without replying and shook his head. Both of them started their cultivation. However, Gu Maolu couldn’t calm himself. He was extremely curious about Jiang Chen. Could the death of Hun Shaoqian be his work?

In the Heavenly Dragon Prison, Jiang Chen cultivated for a year without any ruckus. Gu Maolu had long since been aware that he could not cultivate for a year like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen went through the levels of the Heavenly Dragon Prison, he felt like he’s in a dream. He felt like he could see someone, an iron-like figure, sturdy and firm. There were nine flaming hot steel locked behind his back, firmly locked within his shoulder blade. It looked extremely painful, and the figure was shouting and groaning. Jiang Chen could feel his despair, anger and pain. That unyielding will, undying spirit to break through that shackle.

“Why do I feel such heart-burn?” Jiang Chen frowned as he grabbed his chest from the pain.

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