Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 5 – Let’s calculate our debt

Chapter 5–Let’s calculate our debt

Even Jiang Chen didn’t think that the Dragon Transformation skill would be this mighty.Just by cultivating for 4 hours, he had managed to break through to the next level, reaching the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm.

Besides having his Yuan power increased, his body had also become stronger than before;because of this both his strength and defense had greatly improved.

During the cultivation of the Dragon Transformation skill, the Yuan power within Jiang Chen’s body had formed into two separate whirlpools again.With great speed, the two whirlpools had started flowing toward his Dantian and began forming a blood colored Dragon Mark.

However, the dragon mark’s color was pale and still far away from becoming vivid.With this thought in mind, the pale Dragon Mark started shaking violently, making a powerful force rush out from it.


With a shout Jiang Chen threw a punch forcefully creating a booming sound in the air due to the friction..

‘Good, the power of my punch has reached 5, 000 jin, and the first Dragon Mark has not even completely formed.Once it’s completely formed, I will have the force of 10, 000 pounds behind every punch.Any ordinary cultivator at the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm can only punch with the force of 3, 000 pounds, and some geniuses might reach 4, 000 pounds, but only by cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill can I punch with a force of 5, 000 pounds.This is terrifying.’

5, 000 pounds was incredibly powerful for someone at the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm.With this, Jiang Chen could have an even match with a Qi Jing master.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Chen stopped cultivating.He was well informed when it came to cultivation, and he knew the importance of laying a foundation.On the road of cultivation, he had to do it step-by-step instead of rushing ahead.He had just begun cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he had already formed a partial Dragon Mark.This was enough to satisfy him for now.

There were a lot of resources required for a warrior to cultivate.Pills, potions, elixirs…They were all a must have.The Dragon Transformation skill allowed Jiang Chen to absorb any kind of blood in this world, which was an incredible ability.There were numerous kinds of blood in this world, some powerful, somer from ancient monsters that even gave special abilities.

‘I’ve been dead for more than a hundred years, a lot must have happened during the time I was gone.If my memory serves me well, Fragrant Sky city is just a small city within the Qi province.I wonder how far away the Divine Continent is.’

He thought to himself.Although he was once the greatest Saint, he wasn’t too familiar with the Qi province.The Saint Origin universe covers a huge area, and no one knew how big it actually was.The Qi province was a small area in comparison.

‘Let’s go to the study room, my dad is the Mayor of Fragrant Sky city, he should have some history books about the Saint Origin universe.The story of me breaking the gates leading to the Realm of Immortals with a sword is big news, everyone, including Fragrant Sky city should have heard of it.’

Thinking to himself, Jiang Chen left his room and started walking towards the study room.

Ordinary people weren’t allowed to enter the Mayor’s room since there were not only books Jiang Zhen Hai loved to read, but also some basic martial art skills were kept there.Jiang Chen, however, was no ordinary person.He was the son of the Mayor, and he could go anywhere he wanted within the Mayor’s mansion.

Jiang Chen didn’t pay any attention to those martial art skills as he went straight to a history book about the Saint Origin universe and started reading it.

The history book he read had recorded all the important events for the Saint Origin universe, including brief geographical information as well.That was what Jiang Chen needed right now.

Reading the first chapter of the book, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a little smile.The first page in the book was about the greatest Saint in history who was trying to break the gates leading to the Realm of Immortals with his sword a hundred years ago, but unfortunately died on the Saint cliff.

A hundred years ago, Jiang Chen had used his last drop of his Saint’s blood, breaking through gates leading to the Realm of Immortals before passing away on the Saint cliff.What happened afterwards was unknown.

According to history, during the hundred years after he had died, big changes had happened in the Saint Origin universe.After he had broken through gates leading to the Realm of Immortals, all the other saints who had lived for many years used the opportunity to pass through the gates with none of them staying behind.

Due to the absence of the Saints’protection and management, the universe had fallen into chaos.Monsters and devils appeared everywhere, and the fighting amongst different clans became so intense that even some ancient clans were wiped out completely.With the loss of the ancient clans, new ones had emerged.

It was a pity that this history book only had a small amount of information about the Divine Continent, and the little information provided was unclear.Jiang Chen couldn’t find any records about the famous clans or any great warriors.His era was gone, and for him, this was a new beginning.

The Saint Origin universe covered a large, borderless area.It was divided into 5 continents;East Continent, West Continent, South Continent, North Continent, and the most prosperous–Divine Continent.

In Jiang Chen’s past life, he was from the Divine Continent.

Fragrant Sky city was situated in a remote area of the Qi Province;it was a little city when compared to the East Continent, not to mention the rest of Saint Origin universe.

There were a total of 128 provinces in the East Continent–the Qi province was just one of them.As for the rank, the book didn’t mention anything.

‘East Continent, 128 provinces, I have a long way to go.’

With a smile on his face, as he closed the book.Jiang Chen knew that one day he would step onto the Divine Continent again, where everyone dreamed of going.It was his second life.He will become the greatest again and step into the Realm of Immortals.

Looking outside the window, Jiang Chen realized that the skies were getting dark.He was too concentrated when cultivating and reading the history book that he forgot about the time.

“Dad didn’t look for me after he sent uncle Mu Rong away?”

Smiling with a surprised expression, he knew that Jiang Zhen Hai would come look for him after what he did in the main hall today.It was weird that he hadn’t come to find him yet.

The fact was, Jiang Zhen Hai did come and look for Jiang Chen at once, but he was shocked when a maid told him that his son went into the study room.For 15 years, this was the first time that Jiang Chen had stepped into the study room.Jiang Zhen Hai didn’t want to interfere with such a positive transformation.

Standing up from his original position, Jiang Chen’s next task was to meet up with someone, Jiang Ru Long.

He knew that Jiang Ru Long wouldnot marry Mu Rong Xiao Rou and marry into the Mu Rong family.He was confident in this because they were both men.It was pretty simple.If he were to switch bodies with Jiang Ru Long and had to choose between suicide and marrying Mu Rong Xiao Rou, then he would rather commit suicide.

Tomorrow was the marriage ceremony, and if his guess was correct, Jiang Ru Long will come to try and kill him tonight.

For someone like Jiang Ru Long, having his hard work and efforts all wiped out, he will not take it easily.He hated Jiang Chen, and he hated everyone in the Mayor’s mansion.With his talents, he would be able to live a good life even after leaving the Mayor’s family.

Jiang Chen won’t let any of his enemies escape.They would just be a potential threat to him in the future.

Leaving the study room, Jiang Chen started walking towards Jiang Ru Long’s house.

As the foster son of the Mayor, Jiang Ru Long’s status was high within the family;hence he also had his own house with nice surroundings which were good for cultivation.

Jiang Ru Long had changed into a black suit, and he stood in his house’s compound under the moonlight.He had a gloomy look on his face and eyes like a snake ready to strike.

“Jiang Chen, you ruined everything, sooner or later I will have my revenge.One day, this entire mansion will belong to me.”

Speaking to himself with an angry voice and clenching his fist tightly, Jiang Ru Long’s body was shivering because he recalled the previous events, how he had to accompany that ugly girl for a day.That was torture to both his body and soul.He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if he actually married Mu Rong Xiao Rou and stayed with the Mu Rong family.

Not a single man could withstand Mu Rong Xiao Rou.At least he himself couldn’t.That’s why he had to leave now.

But there was someone who wouldn’t let him go easily.

“Hey!Brother, it’s late so why are you dressed like you want to go out?Tomorrow is the marriage ceremony for you and your wife, you should take a good rest now.”

Jiang Chen came in and greeted Jiang Ru Long.

A cruel look emerged in Jiang Ru Long’s eyes when he spotted Jiang Chen.He couldn’t stop his killing intent from pouring out.

“Jiang Chen, why did you set me up?”

Jiang Ru Long asked with a harsh voice.

At the same time, a man stood outside of the compound.That man was none other than Jiang Zhen Hai who came to check on Jiang Ru Long.Jiang Zhen Hai stopped when he overheard Jiang Ru Long’s question, holding his breath and hiding outside the compound.

“Set you up?My brother, why would I do that?I thought marrying into the Mu Rong family is what you’ve been wishing for?I was helping you, just look at Miss Mu Rong’s body!It tells us that you won’t have to worry about food when you marry into their family, and you should thank me for that!”

Jiang Chen said in a serious voice without a single hint of shame in his words.

“Enough!Don’t mention that ugly girl in front of me again.Yesterday, you asked me to replace you in this marriage engagement, but you never mentioned anything about marrying into their family.Jiang Chen, I treated you nicely so far.If you really want to chase me away, then just tell me.There’s no need to use such a despicable method.”

Hatred filled Jiang Ru Long’s eyes.He wished he could just bite a huge chunk of meat from Jiang Chen’s body.

Hearing what Jiang Ru Long said, Jiang Zhen Hai felt helpless and sorry for what happened to Jiang Ru Long.Jiang Chen had gone too far on this matter.

“Treated me nicely?Alright, let’s expose everything and calculate our debt.”

Jiang Chen could sense his dad standing outside the compound, but Jiang Ru Long couldn’t sense him, considering his senses were much weaker.Changing his attitude, Jiang Chen decided to expose everything without giving Jiang Ru Long any chances to escape.

“Let me ask you, Jiang Ru Long, you ordering the Yong brothers to kidnap me, bring me to a deserted area, and then kill me and take my blood…is this what you mean by treating me nicely?Once I am dead, you will be the one to legally inherit what the Jiang family possesses.Once I die, the person who will marry Miss Mu Rong will be you.Is this what you mean by treating me nicely?Did I say anything wrong, my dear brother?”

Jiang Chen said as the cruel look in his eyes became more and more apparent.

Shocked by what Jiang Chen said, Jiang Zhen Hai remained standing outside the compound because he wanted to know more.

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