Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 8 – The Six Solar Fingers

Chapter 8–The Six Solar Fingers

With a grim smile, Mu Rong Ying stood in close proximity to Jiang Chen.

“Are you ready, Mu Rong Ying?If not, I will give you more time to prepare.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“You must be joking, what do I have to prepare when fighting someone like you?”

Mu Rong Ying replied with a snide laugh.


Immediately after Mu Rong Ying spoke, a loud sound was heard by everyone.The crowd saw Jiang Chen slapping Mu Rong Ying’s face, and the tall Mu Rong Ring immediately falling onto the ground, his face kissing the dirt.

Silence!Absolute silence!The crowd first focused on Mu Rong Ying who was struggling to get up from the ground, before they turned their shocked expressions towards Jiang Chen.

“Fuck, who was the one that said that the young master from the Jiang family is just a 1st level Qi Jing useless fool?With just a single slap he made Mu Rong Ying fall to the ground, he can’t even get up.How is this a useless fool?”

“Awesome, so Jiang Chen has been hiding his true power all this time!”

“…Is this really our young master?Why does it feel like he has changed into someone else?”


At this point in time, no matter who it was, no one could believe what they were seeing.They all knew Jiang Chen as well, but the outcome was something no one had predicted.There was only one person who was still calm, and that was his father, Jiang Zhen Hai.

“Impossible, this can’t be happening, how could you beat me?”

The person who received the biggest shock of all was Mu Rong Ying, who was laying on the floor, feeling dizzy.The slap from Jiang Chen had made him feel weak, all the Yuan power in his body was in a mess right now.He didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

“Brother Ying.”

Two young men from Mu Rong family hurried to Mu Rong Ying’s side and helped him up, a scared look plastered on their faces.

Recalling the bet between himself and Jiang Chen, Mu Rong Ying felt like killing himself.Without the bet he would just lose his own reputation, but now, he had just caused the entire Mu Rong family’s reputation to suffer even more than it already had.

“Jiang Cheng.”

Calling the guard whose name was similar to his, without looking back, the guard named Jiang Cheng arrived in a hurry and stopped in front of Jiang Chen.

“Young master, what’s your wish.”

Ever since Jiang Chen had given him the 10 gold coins, he had considered Jiang Chen to be a very kind-hearted man.In his heart, Jiang Chen was someone he revered, so it was only natural for him to act respectfully in front of Jiang Chen.

“Help me move this casket belonging to eldest brother onto the sedan chair belonging to the Mu Rong family, then follow them to their mansion.If the casket doesn’t arrive at the mansion, then all the members from the Mu Rong family will be known as bastards.”

He said loudly, for everyone to hear.


After vomiting blood from his mouth, Mu Rong Ying almost fainted on the spot.He would rather kill himself.He knew had gone too far this time.With so many people around, he couldn’t refuse to fulfill the bet.

Mu Rong Ying was in a dilemma at this moment.If he brought the casket back then Mu Rong Zhan would skin him alive, but if he refused to carry it back, everyone would think that the entire Mu Rong family were bastards.No matter what he did, Mu Rong Zhan would still skin him alive.

“Yes, young master.”

Jiang Cheng didn’t care about anything other than making his young master happy.After this incident, he would follow every single order that Jiang Chen gave, never considering the ability to refuse.


With a deep low shout, Jiang Cheng carried the heavy casket alone.With him being at the 6th level of the Qi Jing realm, carrying the casket alone was a piece of cake.

“Move away.”

Without saying or asking anything further, Jiang Cheng carried the casket onto the sedan chair.Miss Mu Rong Xiao Rou was in tears upon seeing her husband sleeping in the casket.‘Looks like this fat girl is not only an eating machine, there’s also something wrong with her mind.A girl like this definitely cannot be Mu Rong Zhan’s daughter.’

“Mu Rong Ying, you are done fetching the bridegroom.Now get lost and continue your wedding ceremony.We don’t welcome anyone from the Mu Rong family.You, who have lost to me, don’t ever let me see your face again.If I do, then I will beat you every time I see you.Now get lost!”

Waving his hands as if he were chasing away some flies, Jiang Chen refused to show any approbation.


Raising his head and shouting towards the sky, a stream of blood shot out from Mu Rong Ying’s mouth.Following that, he closed his eyes and fainted on the spot.

“What should we do now?”

A young man asked.

“We’ll just leave for now, staying here won’t do us any good.Bring the casket along.If master wants to blame someone, then Mu Rong Ying will be the one to receive it all.”

Another guy said.

Finally, the Mu Rong parade returned home with nothing to show but a casket.Everyone’s spirits were at rock bottom compared to how they felt when they marched towards the Mayor’s mansion earlier.

The useless fool of the Jiang family had become famous after that fight;everyone was surprised by his ability, while the Mu Rong family’s reputation had been sent down the drain.They completely lost this fight between the two families, and the person who had defeated them was just a 15 year old young man.

Rumors and discussion could be heard anywhere in Fragrant Sky city, the conflict between the two families had risen to another level.There was no doubt that peaceful days would be hard to come by for as long as the Mayor and Murong families’conflicts were left unresolved.

Jiang Zhen Hai had become very busy ever since he destroyed the Jiang family’s relationship with the Mu Rong family.The Jiang family owned many properties, mansions, elixir shops, commerce chambers…Many of these were managed by Jiang Ru Long, but now he was dead and Jiang Zhen Hai would have to manage everything by himself.

As for Jiang Chen, he chose to stay within his own mansion after the incident.Jiang Chen looked further ahead than anyone else, and in his opinion, the simplest way to defeat an enemy completely, was with strength.This was a world where those who possessed great strength would gain respect, and those with more strength would be the ones in charge.

For every single great warrior, cultivation talent and combat talent were equally essential.Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill which provided him with more strength than anyone else, but the cultivation skill was just the foundation.In order to become someone great, he would need a good combat skill.

Just like cultivation skills, the combat skills in the Saint Origin universe were divided into 4 categories:Mortal, Earth, Heaven and Saint.Each level was also dived into 3 levels:Low, Middle and Late.

Qi Jing was just a foundation level, only those who had reached the Qi Hai level could practice combat skills….But, Jiang Chen was different from the others.He had experienced practicing several combat skills, and the Dragon Transformation cultivation gave him the Yuan power to exceed those who were at the Qi Jing level.

The warriors at the Qi Jing level could not practice combat skills because they did’t have enough Yuan power, and without enough Yuan power they wouldn’t be able to support the combat skill, but it was.It was a different story for Jiang Chen.

In his past life, the most powerful combat skill he had was the[Nine Solar Energy]combat skill, which was a Saint level combat skill he created himself.It was a very powerful combat skill that absorbed solar energy from his surroundings and provided great benefits for those who practiced it.

n order to practice this combat skill, however, one required a strong body and a huge amount of Qi–which was very difficult to achieve.

In his past life, Jiang Chen was cultivating with the Xuan Yuan skill which gave him a huge amount of Vital Energy Qi, but even with that, he still couldn’t use the Solar Energies skill to its full potential.This was how powerful the Solar Energies combat skill could be.

The Dragon Transformation cultivating skill was far more powerful than the Xuan Yuan skill.For every Dragon Mark formed, he would gain a colossal amount of Vital Energy Qi within his body.With that, there was no doubt that he could practice the Nine Solar Energies skill to its full potential.

“Too bad I’m just at the Qi Jing level…The Nine Solar Energies skill is the strongest combat skill in this world.It can be categorized into the upper Saint levels, and even someone who had reached the Divine Core level couldn’t practice it.”

He thought to himself with a smile on his face.There was no doubt that the Nine Solar Energies skill was very powerful, but he was just too weak to practice it right now.

‘I can’t practice the Nine Solar Energies combat skill for now, but I can practice the Six Solar Fingers combat skill, which is derived from the Solar Energies skill.It is also the foundation for the Nine Solar Energies skill, and its power is comparable to a High Earth Combat Skill.’

Jiang Chen thought to himself with a smile on his face.There were no combat skills in Fragrant Sky city that had reached the Earth level, and none could compare to the Six Solar Fingers combat skill, a High Earth level skill.

There were six styles in the Six Solar Fingers combat skill, from the most basic One Solar Finger to the most powerful, the Six Solar Fingers.The power gradually rose with each finger;the first one was able to demolish stones while the last one was able to demolish mountains.

For the next three days, Jiang Chen never left his house, too busy training.Jiang Zhen Hai was also busy with managing the businesses and had no time to disturb Jiang Chen.

During these three days, Jiang Chen spent his time cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and practicing the Six Solar Fingers combat skill together.When it was noon he would practice the Six Solar Fingers and absorbed all the solar energy around him.The combination of the Dragon Transformation cultivation and the Six Solar Fingers filled his body with Vital Energy Qi.

Jiang Chen, in just 3 days managed to reach the peak of the Qi Jing level, just one more step was needed to break through to the Qi Hai level.The Dragon Mark inside his body had become even more visible, and he was now able to punch with a force of 8, 000 pounds–far more powerful than those who had already broken through to the Qi Hai level.


In the garden, Jiang Chen stood wearing a white robe, shouting as he struck with one of his fingers and released a golden ray that could be seen dashing out from his fingertip with lightning-speed.


The golden ray penetrated into a huge rock, leaving behind a deep hole the width of a finger.A trail of smoke could be seen from the hole.If anyone had witnessed this, they would be shocked by the power of this attack.

‘I can only release a single golden ray….I’m still far away from achieving the real strength of the First Solar Finger, and with this attack I almost used up all the Yuan power in my body.’

Jiang Chen was covered in sweat and breathing heavily.He could feel his body becoming weak after attacking, and the attack just now was a lesser version of the real First Solar Finger.Although it looked powerful, if it were to be compared to the real power of the First Solar Finger…He needed a lot more practice.

Nonetheless, its power was still great.The Six Solar Fingers was a High Earth level Combat Skill, and it was just the foundation.Using just one of the Six Solar Fingers was not something that someone in the Qi Jing or even the Qi Hai level could do.

It was unbelievable that Jiang Chen was able to release even a small amount of power from the actual First Solar Finger at his level.

Grabbing a restoration pill and throwing it into his mouth, Jiang Chen could feel his Yuan power replenishing.Restoration pills were something that every warrior needed.In Fragrant Sky city, a single restoration pill costed 100 silver coins.

‘This restoration pill only has 60%effectiveness, there are 40%impurities within it…Rubbish.’

He thought to himself as he shook his head.The quality of the restoration pills in the Mayor’s mansion was just too low.For him, a restoration pill with 60%effectiveness was just garbage, and after he consumed it, he would need to waste his energy discarding the impurities in it.At least he had a thousand methods of doing so easily.


Without even looking, Jiang Chen knew that it must be Jiang Zhen Hai.He hurried over to the door only to see a worried look on Jiang Zhen Hai’s face.

“Chen’er, you have improved yet again.”

Sensing Jiang Chen’s Qi, Jiang Zhen Hai managed to calm down a little.In just three days, Jiang Chen brought his Qi to the peak of the 9th level Qi Jing realm.His improvement speed was just too unbelievable.

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