Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 30 – Princess of Qiansi

Chapter – 30 Princess of Qiansi

Long Yu’s perception regarding the killing intention was extremely sensitive and he immediately saw the figures of Feng Qianqian and Tan Jian and recognized them.

“These must be Feng Qianqian and Tan Jian, so they are also going……”

Long Yu maintained his composure and walked slowly step by step.

“Waste, you injured my elder brother Feng Yang, in this tour to the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, I will make you pay for sure.’’

Feng Qianqian sneered and said to Long Yu in a threatening tone.

“Until now, you’re still calling me as ‘waste’, but your brother Feng Yang could not beat me then isn’t he more of a waste than me?”

Long Yu refused to admit himself as inferior and immediately resorted to a verbal counterattack!

“Sharp tongue can’t save you, I hope your talks and your strength are equally tough.’’

Feng Qianqian sneered to say beautifully and turned away to depart.

She scorned at Long Yu and twisted her lips, she was at Wudao seventh layer, so in her eyes, Long Yu was a mere waste and simply did not have any qualifications to talk to her.

What she didn’t know was that two weeks ago, Long Yu had not only defeated but also killed Qin Tianque, who was also at the Wudao seventh layer like her!

Compared to Feng Qianqian, Tan Jian, who was standing nearby seemed much more matured.

He had already entered the Wudao eight layer, this burly man didn’t say a single word, just gave a stern look to Long Yu and it was like his killing intention had substantially enveloped him!

He was a confident person, didn’t even bother to say anything, and only with his eyes he gave a warning to Long Yu.

Long Yu dared to injure Tan Yue, kicked and broke her leg, and Tan Jian was her elder brother, so how could he possibly spare him? There was no need to say that in the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition, he was surely going to take strong action against Long Yu.

Tan Jian’s eyes were filled with intention to kill him, but Long Yu remained unmoved.

This Tan Jian was still inexperienced!

Long Yu simply did not care about all these things and stepped forward and joined the group, and was ready to go.

Because, they were about to go to the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, so all these disciples of Zhentian Sect were very much excited and simply did not care about the short conflict between Long Yu, Feng Qianqian and Tan Jian.

This was a group of 15 people, and in addition to it, there were Long Yu and Elder Yu, altogether 17 people were going to represent Zhentian Sect in Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition.

Everyone was riding a horse enabling them to quickly reach their destination.

“If you want to achieve the realm of martial arts in the legend, the harmony of heaven and man is a must, and then you can also fly in the sky, but it is only a pity that in the entire Tang State, such persons are very few……….’’

Elder Yu was looking into distance and was riding on a fierce horse, and said which seemed like he did unintentionally, but in reality, he deliberately said those words just to make this group of 16 people aware of this fact.

The harmony of heaven and man, just how formidable was the realm of martial arts?

It was unattainable even for such a powerful elder!

“I’m old and the realm of martial arts is vast, but for kids like you, there are infinite possibilities in the world of martial arts.”

Elder Yu was not looking at them but his discourse was clearly introduced to each ear: “The Royal Ancient Ginseng forest is only a minor stop on the way of Wudao, but if you encounter any danger you must give priority to your own life, do you understand?”


Everyone in the group nodded. Wudao was a way in which strength was respected, but the strength also relied on the basis of life.

Without life, what would be the use of talking about Wudao and strength?

Everybody understood this fact!

But this was going to be a big chance on the way of Wudao and no one was able to maintain their calmness, by that time, for the sake of gaining more strength, everyone would choose to go all out without caring about their lives.

The group continued to ride on fierce horses on the way to the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest.

Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest was located in the distant place in the northern direction of Zhentian sect, and even on the horseback, they would be able to reach there in ten days.

Back and forth was going to take twenty days of journey, in addition to it, ten days long competition in the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, so all this was going to be an affair for a month in total.

“And after coming back from Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, the annual competition of Feng clan would also be starting soon…………’’

Long Yu thought to himself and started secretly observing the disciples of Zhentian Sect who were travelling with him.

Excluding him, there were 15 people, who were all inner disciples of Zhentian Sect, and among them, there were either Wudao sixth layer disciples or Wudao seventh layer disciples and only Tan Jian was at Wudao eight layer and possessed incomparably tyrannical strength.

Properly speaking, relying on his strength, Tan Jian could try to challenge one of the core disciples of Zhentian Sect, and after defeating them, he could become a core disciple, but he actually did not do so.

In Zhentian Sect, there were one hundred and eight core disciples in total, and if an inner disciple wanted to become a core disciple, he must challenge one of the core disciples, and after a successful challenge, he would be able to become the substitute for defeated core disciple.

But, perhaps Tan Jian wanted to wait till his return from Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, because by then, his strength would have increased once again, and with his new enhanced strength, he would challenge a core disciple, and in that case, he would be able to get a higher ranking in the first try, after all, one could get an opportunity to challenge a core disciple once in every half-year time.

“In comparison, becoming an inner disciple is much simpler.”

Long Yu thought because it was only needed for one to step into the Wudao sixth layer. After that, an elder would perform an inspection and after passing, one could become the inner disciple of Zhentian sect.

After becoming an inner disciple, the Sect would reward him with a low-grade battle weapon to increase his strength.

However, Long Yu already had Blizzard boots as his battle weapon and there was not much difference between it and the battle weapons rewarded to other inner disciples.

This time, the selected group of 16 disciples, which was to represent Zhentian Sect in the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, didn’t have any core disciple in it, and it didn’t mean that the core disciples were not strong, but because of the ages of these core disciples had already surpassed 20 years, hence they didn’t have the qualifications to enter Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition.

“It seems according to rumors, this time, a talented core disciple of Qiansi Sect is participating in Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition, but who knows what their cultivation levels actually are and how much stronger they are in comparison to Tan Jian.”

Long Yu was secretly thinking and slightly had some anticipation.

So long as he was able to reach to Wudao seventh layer, no matter what, even Tan Jian, who was at the Wudao eight layer, would not be able to hurt him, but the opportunity to step into the Wudao seventh layer very much depended on the success in the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition.

If he managed to collect a few ancient ginsengs and absorb their Lingqi then stepping into the Wudao seventh layer would not be a difficult task.

Horses were galloping all the way through wilderness, open fields under the blue sky filled with white clouds!

During this period, Long Yu was idling and had started to comprehend the Zhentian tactics that he learnt in the Martial Court but was able to reach the beginner’s level only. As Elder Yu had explained to him, Zhentian tactics actually contained the core law, created by the founder of Zhentian sect and contained high level world principles and if Long Yu was able to reach a higher level of understanding of it then it would obviously increase his battle strength and efficiency.

Unfortunately, over the past ten days, Long Yu did not have much progress and just managed to slightly strengthen the Zhentian mysterious mood.

“It seems like the comprehension of Zhentian charm is very difficult, no wonder only the core disciples of Zhentian sect are able to comprehend Zhentian mysterious mood ……”

Long Yu was not discouraged that he had been unable to have a breakthrough, after all, he recently stepped into the world of Wudao, and so long as he was given enough time, he believed he would not be worse than anyone else.

After ten days, an old city constructed on a hillside appeared in front of everyone!

“Royal Ancient Ginseng City, it was built by the royal clan of Tang State. And the authentic members of royal clan live here and control the city. Royal Ancient Ginseng forest is located behind the city.”

After arriving outside the Royal Ancient Ginseng City, Elder Yu explained to the group.

Long Yu looked towards Royal Ancient Ginseng City and was surprised to find that this city was much smaller than Yu Guan city, but it had thicker walls probably built specially in order to protect Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest.

In the past, the members of royal clan and disciples of major sects stayed in this city before entering Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest.

The Royal Ancient City gate was closed. Elder Yu rode forward and shouted facing the city gate: “Zhentian Sect’s Shuiyun Yu has led the disciples so far!”

With a loud bang, the giant city gate immediately opened, allowing them to pass.

“Come on.”

Elder Yu turned and led the group on their horsebacks into Royal Ancient Ginseng City.

When they entered the city, the first thing that Long Yu saw was a spacious street made up of ancient brickwork, leading all the way to the mountain ranges behind the city, and in the centre of the streets, a black shadow was standing and unexpectedly impressively!

Long Yu looked at it and was immediately shocked, because that black shadow was too strange!

Although, it looked like a graceful stature of a beautiful woman, but Long Yu was sure that it was definitely not a person, but was merely a human like shadow existence.

But, that shadow even was able to stand up and could block the paths of the disciples of Zhentian Sect, it was really very bizarre.

“This is a person of Qiansi Sect.’’

In the group of Zhentian sect, some people started whispering among themselves.

Qiansi Sect?

Long Yu heard and frowned, just what was the background of this Qiansi Sect, that its people could actually make a shadow stand erect like this?

While everyone’s mind was racing at that time, that standing shadow suddenly spoke!

It was a nice and crisp voice of a girl, who said with some contempt: “You are the disciples of Zhentian Sect, you don’t look formidable, it seems like your levels are even worse in comparison to the disciples of Hanbing Sect.’’

It was extremely strange to see a black shadow talking!

When the disciples of Zhentian Sect heard this, all of them were unhappy. Why did this person say that disciples of Zhentian Sect were not strong and that their strength was worse than the disciples of Hanbing Sect?

There was an obviously contempt in her voice and this filled the hearts of the disciples of Zhentian Sect with indignation.

Only Tan Jian, with a look of calm color, said lightly: “Could it be that you are the princess of Qiansi?’’

“I can tell that you have good eyesight, well, this princess does not have any interest in you all, so you all may pass!”

The black shadow said with a contemptuous smile and then actually fragmented into small pieces in front of them, quickly turned into black smoke and disappeared, as if she was not there in the first place.

Princess of Qiansi?

“Brother Tan Jian, who is the princess of Qiansi?”

A tall and young Wudao seventh layer disciple of Zhentian sect asked while looking at Tan Jian.

“The princess of Qiansi Sect is the daughter of the sovereign of Qiansi Sect, and she is the only core disciple to enter the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest competition this year, perhaps her strength is more than mine.’’

Tan Jian said: “If you run into her in the Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest, be careful, this woman is cruel and merciless.’’

All of disciples of Zhentian Sect heard this and nodded.

They never imagined that just after entering the Royal Ancient Ginseng City, the most powerful disciple of Qiansi Sect would come personally to warn them and there was an obvious contempt hidden in her disdainful way of talking, which completely overshadowed these so-called geniuses.

Long Yu didn’t care about this matter, but a genuine curiosity emerged in his heart regarding the precarious martial skill of the princess of Qiansi Sect.

What kind of martial skill did the disciples of Qiansi Sect practice that equipped them with a peculiar power to manipulate human shadows?

Since, these human shadows could speak, so naturally they could also be used in combat. This was a strange ability of the opponent, so Long Yu had premonition that this trip to Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest was going to be extremely difficult!

Leading the group, even Elder Yu’s complexion had somewhat changed.

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