Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 750 The Yi Clan Sisters

Chapter 750 The Yi Clan Sisters

Zhou Yuan felt a splitting headache when he opened his eyes again. What greeted him was the roof of a white tent. He was dazed for a few breaths before intense pain flooded his body.

It felt as if his entire body was being torn to pieces.

He could not help but gasp several times, his face contorting in pain.

But the pain made him breathe a secret sigh of relief. It looked like he was pretty lucky to have not fallen straight to his death...

As he endured the pain, Zhou Yuan scanned the area with his gaze. Where is this? This should be in Hunyuan Heaven, right?

While such thoughts were swirling in his head, the tent entrance was suddenly lifted. Zhou Yuan saw a small figure walk in as a pair of large eyes stared in a daze at Zhou Yuan, who was now awake.

Zhou Yuan looked over and found what appeared to be a young ten-year-old girl. The little girl was very pretty like a porcelain doll and had a pair of large, bright eyes.


She was stunned for a moment before happiness appeared on her face. She ran over with the tinkle of a bell—a red bell was on her wrist.

The young girl said with joy, “Big brother, you’ve awoken?”

Zhou Yuan blinked. Just as he was about to speak, he found that the little girl had happily turned around and ran out of the tent. Several words echoed, “I’ll go tell my sister!”

Zhou Yuan could only smile bitterly at the sight of the energetic little girl. From her attitude, however, it seemed that he had not been unlucky enough to fall into a wolf’s den, right?

Zhou Yuan inwardly shook his head before turning his senses to the interior of his body. Regardless of where he was, it was most important to first regain his strength.

The bitter smile on his face grew even more bitter as he scanned his body. If not for the Mythic Saint Body he cultivated, he would have likely been torn to pieces in the spatial passage.

Although he somehow managed to survive, his body was in an extremely terrible condition.

More importantly, all of the vital energy in the Taiyi Green Wood Mark had been completely used up, making it impossible for him to repair his body...

Besides his body, all of the Genesis Qi in his Divine Dwelling had been fully exhausted.

It was a spectacle that was too horrible for the eyes. Any ordinary person would likely be capable of killing him in this state.

This gave rise to a strong feeling of unease. Looks like my top priority is to swiftly recover from my injuries and regain my strength...

Unfortunately, Zhou Yuan’s spatial bag had been destroyed in the spatial passage. Although he had managed to retrieve a few important articles, the medicines and items that could heal his body were not amongst them.

While Zhou Yuan was inspecting his body, footsteps sounded outside the tent. The little girl soon squeezed in, followed by a young lady.

The young lady was wearing a long pale-yellow skirt, and her long hair reached all the way to her waist. She had an excellent figure and a very pretty goose-egg-shaped face. Her facial features were somewhat similar to the little girl’s, and they were likely sisters.

When she appeared, her bright and clear eyes immediately looked towards Zhou Yuan. Her eyes were filled with intelligence and caution.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze paused on her body for a moment before withdrawing. The young lady before him was indeed very pretty, but after living with Yaoyao for so many years, his standards with regards to beauty had reached an alarmingly high level.

Rather than her looks, Zhou Yuan was more focused on the faint Genesis Qi undulations around her body. They definitely belonged to the Divine Dwelling stage and might even be from the intermediate level.

This observation somewhat amazed him. Hunyuan Heaven was truly a blessed land. If someone like her was put in Cangxuan Heaven, she would be a top-class Chosen even among the six major sects.

However, the young lady’s beauty and aura likewise told Zhou Yuan that she was no ordinary person and was likely of high status.

The sight of Zhou Yuan’s calm eyes slightly stunned the young lady. Her exceptional beauty likely drew in many disrespectful young men, and Zhou Yuan’s reaction was rather rare.

However, her expression did not change as she arrived by the bed and asked, “You’ve awoken?”

Her voice was clear and pleasant to the ear.

Zhou Yuan nodded, struggling to sit up as he said with embarrassment, “May I enquire about the current circumstances?”

“Big brother, you suddenly fell from the sky three days ago and smashed someone to death…,” chirped the little girl.

Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback. His landing had smashed someone to death? No wonder it had felt as if something had cushioned his fall...

The young lady with the goose-egg-shaped face reached out and gently tapped the little girl’s forehead, stopping her from speaking any further. She then turned back to Zhou Yuan and said, “I’m called Yi Qiushui, and this is my younger sister, Yi Dong’er. We’re from the Yi clan.”

As she spoke, her eyes were closely observing Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained somewhat lost as he said, “I’m called Zhou Yuan.”

Yi Qiushui’s gaze bewildered him. What the heck was this Yi clan?

The sight of his lost expression made Yi Qiushui’s face slightly relax. However, the caution in her eyes did not recede as she said, “You’re from one of the other heavens?”

Zhou Yuan nodded, not hiding anything. “There were some problems during the teleportation which led to my predicament.”

He asked in a somewhat anxious manner, “This should be in Hunyuan Heaven, right?”

Yi Qiushui smiled faintly and replied, “This is indeed Hunyuan Heaven.”

She was not surprised that Zhou Yuan was from another heaven because it was not rare to encounter similar situations.

“To be more precise, the Tianyuan Region of Hunyuan Heaven, and we’re currently in the Xiaoxuan Province.”

Relief washed over Zhou Yuan. Looks like the teleportation had succeeded. He had not only reached Hunyuan Heaven but even arrived in the Tianyuan Region...

“You guys were the ones who saved me?” Zhou Yuan looked towards the sisters.

Yi Dong’er said with a smile, “Wrong, big brother, you are the one who saved me.”

Zhou Yuan was utterly confused.

A smile emerged on Yi Qiushui’s face as she explained, “I should be thanking you. Three days ago, Dong’er encountered a low-life while playing, and he had tried to kidnap her.

“It was then that you fell from the sky and smashed that low-life to death. However, you were also gravely injured, and Dong’er was the one who carried you back to the camp.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as he gave a moment of silence for the low-life he had smashed.

“Thank you.” Zhou Yuan smiled at Yi Dong’er. If she had not carried him back to their camp, he might have already been eaten by Genesis Beasts in that unconscious and heavily injured state.

Yi Dong’er was somewhat embarrassed as she softly said, “Big brother Zhou Yuan, you can relax and recuperate here.”

One could tell that she was quite grateful towards Zhou Yuan. After all, she would definitely have been kidnapped if not for him. Who knows how those scoundrels would have threatened her sister if that had happened.

She paused for a moment as she tightly clenched her small fists. “Moreover, the guy you smashed to death deserves it. My elder sister will definitely protect you! Isn’t that right, elder sister?”

She turned her head and looked towards Yi Qiushui in an expectant manner.

Yi Qiushui smiled as she rubbed Dong’er’s tiny head. She then gave Zhou Yuan a small nod. However, Zhou Yuan was able to sense a trace of worry deep in her eyes.

His heart skipped a beat. Why did something sound wrong? Could the person he had smashed to death be some important figure of sorts?

While such thoughts were swirling in his head, he heard a disturbance outside the tent before a stern voice rang out.

“Yi Qiushui, hand over the criminal who killed young master Qiu! Or the Qiu clan will not let this matter rest!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids trembled faintly. Had trouble come knocking so quickly?

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