Dragon Talisman

Chapter 23 Baiyue Steals the Spotligh

Chapter 23 Baiyue Steals the Spotligh

Chapter 23: Baiyue wins the title

“Well said.” the Skyseal Emperor praised: “my life's pursuit is to make all beings sages, to create an unprecedentedly prosperous world, to establish great virtues for the heavens and the earth, and for the country to enter a golden age; whoever can aspire to this ambition of mine will have a divine throne in his day, and if he disobeys this ambition, all hail.”


Everyone kowtows.


By this time Luo Baiyue had attacked the barbarian monster.

She was the only one who dared to go on, everyone else backed away, and the barbarian who had undergone a blood sacrifice had actually gained the power of the Evil One, and was even more vicious and cruel, and had the experience of combat transmitted by the Evil One, and had surpassed the clan, and had combat power comparable to the Dao Realm the First Transformation, and even the Second Transformation’s Stronger.

The prince present knows the power, which one dares to go on?

Fourteenth Prince Gu-Yunsha saw this and was astonished: “Does Luo Baiyue not know that the barbarians after the blood sacrifice are powerful.”

He has fought in borderlands, slaying barbarian generals, encountering barbarians who have enhanced their companions with blood sacrifices themselves, gaining the power to kill in a short time, and can kill even powerful people new to the Dao Realm.

For, this is the power of evil spirits.

However, this killing power drains the life source, and when it explodes, the barbarian general will run out of strength.

So, when you encounter such a barbarian, retreat promptly and let him die a natural death.


Luo Baiyue circulates the Void Dharma Seal, his mind is calm, his body flashed, and his hands are waved like a thousand arms, pushing past in layers.

Suddenly, the frenzy was so great that it seemed as if the waves were huge and the sea was rushing.

And the barbarian monster let out a heart-rending whine, the top of its claws shimmering with metallic luster as it enveloped its head as if to uncover Luo Baiyue's skull.

This barbarian monster's martial arts were treacherous and dark, bloody and evil, but the moves were a thousand and one, and the mood of that martial arts was far beyond the clan.

In a moment, Luo Baiyue seems to have fallen into a hallucination, and the heavens and earth are gray and filled with piles of bones, as if he had stepped into the burial place of the underworld.

Gu-Chengsha watched from afar, and in the center of the buried bones, there was a throne of white bones as high as 10,000 feet, and on it sat a demon god, who had a wolf's head and held a giant blood-dripping scythe, with green eyes that instantly locked onto everyone and took away people's souls.

Infinite mental oppression kills down.

That Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha Beheading Thunder Strength oppression was a drop in the ocean compared to this.

This martial will contains the will of an evil god.

Between shots, a few can crush the Dao Realm strongman's soul.

“Void of the Great Law, the Law is invisible!” Luo Baiyue had anticipated this, or else she wouldn't have been so reckless, she pushed and used the secret method, and in the feeling of Gu-Chengsha, the woman no longer had any martial momentum.

No, it shouldn't be said that she has no martial momentum, but rather that her martial momentum is “nothing” is emptiness.

Since it is nothing, no spiritual pressure of martial momentum can affect her.

The claws were now precariously close to the top of her head.

Luo Baiyue's body, in the nick of time, crouched down, shrunk, spun, fast as a flame of light, had reached the back of the barbarian demon, palm into a seal, lightly printed.

This move, using the Void Spell Dharma Seal.

The barbarian demon turned sharply, and saw the heavens and earth in all their splendor, a hand descending from the sky, overwhelming the sky, and above the hand was actually a mixed emptiness and nothing else.

Facing this hand that was as huge as heaven and earth, the barbarian demon couldn't even raise any resistance.


Luo Baiyue's palm print struck the barbarian demon in the chest, penetrating through the back.

A direct hit through him.


Passing his arm through his opponent's chest, Luo Baiyue didn't give the barbarian demon a chance to resist, and the tiger roared, using its strongest stamina to rip through the shock.

Suddenly, the barbarian demon cracked down the middle, splitting apart and spilling limbs and broken arms everywhere.

At this moment, she was no longer a noblewoman, but a god of war who slayed all demons.

All the princes and nobles were dumbfounded.

What they saw was Luo Baiyue tearing through a barbarian demon alive, heroic in the midst of the foul weather.

“This woman is powerful...” Gu-Chengsha was chilled all over, and was even more careful that his own secrets could not be obtained by this woman in any way.

The last barbarian general died at the hands of Luo Baiyue, at which point the princes returned.

Many soldiers enter it and start counting.

“Enlightened Your Majesty, the stats are out, Luo Baiyue killed thirty-two barbarian generals, ranking first.” The Grand Eunuch Gao Ling made a tiny sound.

“Needless to say, the last to slay that sacrificial evil barbarian all bestow this Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill on Baiyue.” Skyseal Emperor commanded.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Luo Baiyue stepped forward to receive it, a pill in a bottle, but it looked extremely heavy, fearing tens, if not hundreds of pounds.

“Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill is taken with great care; it must be boiled with great fire for seven days and seven nights to produce a trace of golden liquid before it can be slowly swallowed, and this Golden Pill is sufficient for three years before it can be consumed.” The Sixth Palace Grand Master Gao Ling admonished as he presented the pill.

“I know this.” Luo Baiyue nodded: “Pills of this level can only be swallowed directly unless one has cultivated to the Dao Realm the Fourth Transformation, Swallowing Gold and Fossilize.”

The Dao Realm the Fourth Transformation, swallowing gold and molten stone, that means that the internal organs are strong, the organs are like a furnace, they can digest gold and stone, then they can take all kinds of medicines.

Many pills, which contain gold and stones, are not taken by ordinary people, though they contain extremely powerful medicine.

Many princes are gluttonous, but they can't help it.

“Father, I have something to say.” Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha kneels down.

“Oh? You say?” Skyseal Emperor signifies.

“Nineteenth Brother's martial arts skills were ordinary half a year ago, why have they progressed to such a level? According to the royal rules, every action of the prince must be reported to the Imperial family Affairs Court. I think that the Nineteenth Brother has some ulterior motives, so I hope that Father will give the Nineteenth Brother to the Imperial family first. Affaires Court, vetted clearly, explaining the source of the martial arts.” Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha lowered his head, his eyes grim.

As long as Gu-Chengsha is censored by the Imperial family Affairs Court, then there's nothing to find and plant, the Imperial family Affairs Court are all princes, so tampering could not be easier.

“Lao Tenth is insidious.” Gu-Chengsha heart sneered: “yet he has yet to fathom my father's mind, and my father is clearly trying to reuse me, but he still wants to make a mistake?”


Skyseal Emperor heard this and fell silent.

The atmosphere is suddenly tense.

Everyone looked to Gu-Chengsha to see how he would cope, but he looked at ease and did not defend himself.

“Baiyue, what do you think?” After a long time, Skyseal Emperor asked Luo Baiyue up.

Luo Baiyue didn't expect Skyseal Emperor to throw the question at himself, it's just a question, but there's a lot of information in it, and it's about the attitude of the owner.

In a moment, Luo Baiyue made a reaction, she knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, the Giant Spirit Strength was given to His Highness Nineteenth by me, I believe there is no problem, His Highness Nineteenth cultivation is like this, it must have stimulated the Giant Spirit God bloodline in the body, thus obtaining the bloodline of the Ancient True God, this matter should be Congratulate the Emperor, in the future warfare against the barbarians, His Highness Nineteenth will surely be able to decapitate many.”

This statement takes a stand and upholds Gu-Chengsha.

Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha hears this and looks deeply into the building's eyes.

Lou Chongxiao sensed the chill, a sudden heart rise and he said: “Seventh Prince, this shows that in the future he and the Lou family will have to draw a clear line, if at this time Baiyue comes down to defend Gu-Chengsha, then this can get Seventh Prince's favor. But it is in the heart of the emperor yo will lose points, the emperor gave Gu-Chengsha the dukedom, and let him open the the residence to do things, Baiyue naturally must respect the emperor's will to do things and defend Gu-Chengsha, if this attack is allowed, then I'm afraid that the House of Lou is finished.”

“Little Ten, did you hear what was said about Baiyue clearly?” The Skyseal Emperor smiled, “What do you think?”

“Father...” what else is there to say.

At this point Seventh Prince Gu-Fasha spoke up: “Lao Tenth, don't be ridiculous, letting go of small things is being a true man, Nineteenth cultivation has been successful, you should be happy, and the country has added another talent.”

It was then that Gu-Zhensha felt wrong and immediately changed his tone, “Seventh Brother said so.”

“Little Nineteen, this performance is good, cultivate well, I have an errand for you to do in the future.” Skyseal Emperor encouraged, with a warm tone that made many nobles secretly aware that Gu-Chengsha's spring was coming, I'm afraid.

The hunt took place for two days, and after the princes competed, it was many princes' and nobles' disciples who performed martial arts, which was also quite exciting, Great Yong dynasty noble education was very important, almost every noble disciple was well versed in literature and martial arts, rarely appeared dude.

Two days later Skyseal Emperor returned to the court at this point, when the red sun appeared in the sky and the rivers and mountains were extraordinarily enchanting.

After Gu-Chengsha initially made a fool of himself, he ceased to do more than that, but as the Emperor returned to court, he followed a couple of the Department of Internal Services eunuchs to check out the Emperor's rewarding mansion.

This time the Department of Internal Services isn't messing around, everything is in order.

“Nineteenth Lord, the House is here.” A great eunuch was leading the way, and was introducing it again: “When the emperor built the canal, he divided the land along the river to build a residence for his clan's children.”

Gu-Chengsha looked at his mansion, it wasn't fancy, but it was about ten acres. In front of the canal, looking out over the waves, it even has its own dock where you can boat on the canal, and outside the residence, there are orchards and good fields.

“Nineteenth Lord, outside this mansion, there are three hundred acres of orchards, and one thousand acres of good land, all of which are fertile lands silted out by the excavation of canals, also under the name of the mansion, and which, after expenses, yield about fifty thousand taels a year.”

The Grand Eunuch pointed to the orchards and good fields in the distance.

A mansion, with servants and slaves in the hundreds and even thousands, as well as all sorts of favors, the annual expenses are not small, relying on that salary is far from enough, you must have your own industry.

Even for a prince, his annual salary was only tens of thousands of yuan, and the prince's residence would require at least 50,000 to 100,000 in annual expenses. That's still a conservative estimate, but it would require even more money to hold banquets, reward subordinates, recruit officials, and form parties for personal gain.

“Little-Yizi, wait a moment, you will go and take an inventory of the mansion property and calculate the accounts clearly while gathering some of the original people in the mansion for a lecture, now you will be the head of my mansion.” Gu-Chengsha to Little-Yizi behind him.

“Yes, sir!” Little-Yizi is beaming with joy, finally, he gets to do big things and large chores.

Little Yizi was originally a simple court eunuch after he was appointed to the Nineteenth prince he followed Gu-Chengsha to be bullied like he, and he ate vegetables and tofu every day, never had a good day, and now he can shake the first change to become the Duke of Chen Residence Grand Eunuch, which means he can at least manage a hundred and ten people, and become a man of the people.

But he was also pleased for a moment, then he lowered his excitement and said, “let's reconcile the books of the Department of Internal Services and hand them over to the next, Eunuch Chi.”

The head eunuch, Grand Eunuch Chi, flinched and said to himself, “How did this Little-Yizi change like a new person? His temperament is deep and strong, and it seems that they all thought Nineteenth Prince was a fool, but they didn't realize that he was so clever that he had even tuned out the eunuchs sense in change of habits.”

“It seems that Little-Yizi has cultivated and raised his qi.” Gu-Chengsha nodded under his breath: “I practice Son of Heaven Sealing technique and sacrifice to the heavens, I'll have to study it later and see what kind of pills I can come up with to assist him in cultivating his martial arts to the level of a master.”

Since the opening of the government to build teeth, you better need reliable men, Gu-Chengsha's connections are thin, and if you look around, the people are suspicious.

He was certain that many of the stewards in this mansion he was rewarding were under other princes, and then his every move would all be under surveillance, and it wouldn't be as convenient to do things as it had been in the first place.

So the first thing to do after opening the government is to purge, build up your base, and find a group of loyal subordinates with full feathers to be able to compete with other princes and not be undercut.

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