Dragon Talisman

Chapter 51: Credits

Chapter 51: Credits

“As expected coming to the border to fight is a wise choice, my martial arts have been greatly honed not to mention, I have also made a fortune, now a preliminary estimate is probably as much as five or six million, building mansion manor, recruiting experts, expanding the power will never be a worry again.”

As a prince, you get a residence to build influence, a little move is a mountain of gold and silver, even if again frugal prince, annual expenses are more than hundreds of thousands of taels, if you want to luxuriously enjoy, cultivate talents and dead men, forming parties, that is the bottomless pit, millions can be spent, not to mention building formations, buy treasures these.

And then search for the Hundred Poisons Daoist, found that this person is also the body of the poison scriptures, and some poisons, other than that there is no other, it is estimated that his belongings are stored elsewhere, did not carry with him.

All packed up, Gu-Chensha has no desire to worry about this, and immediately comes out of the space and runs to the main road again.

The Barbarian tribe Marshal and the barbarian soldiers disappeared, and the horses which appeared on the road did not advance, but retreated back.

“The barbarian soldiers actually retreated?” Gu-Chensha's heart rejoiced and said: “It seems that the Barbarian tribe Marshal couldn't find me, and couldn't find the Spirit Blood Founder and the Hundred Poisons Daoist, and panicked in his heart, he should have known that the two were in mortal danger, fearing an expert ambush. “

The two major Dao Realm Second Transformation demons said to disappear just like that, even if the Barbarian tribe Marshal martial arts is strong, also the heart beat drums, withdrawal of troops of course, the town crisis averted, Gu-Chensha also naturally have to go back to see.

Back to the town, surprisingly there is a battle here too, the ground is bloodstained, and there are corpses everywhere, both barbarian soldiers and cultists.

“Nineteenth Master, you're back?” Liu Yu and the other four people were covered in blood, with wounds everywhere, but their spirits were fine, and said: “As soon as you left, barbarian soldiers and cultists came to attack, luckily there weren't many of them, and we killed them off.”

“It seems that many strands of barbarians are roaming about, and the town is not safe.” Gu-Chensha looked around and said: “I saw thousands of barbarian cavalry on the main road, killed several hundred and led them away, but I don't think it will take long to delay them, you have to pack up immediately and escort your folks to Xian capital, this is a two hundred thousand taels's enough to settle your folks in Xian capital for a while, you will come back when the war is over.”

“Many thanks to the Nineteenth Master for their great kindness.” The five were almost moved to tears, the town's ten thousand people had no relatives even if they went to the Xian capital capital, most of them left in a hurry, they hadn't brought their belongings, and food was a problem, now with two hundred thousand taels, at least they could alleviate a great deal of the predicament.

Presently the five men knelt down and said: “Nineteenth Master can be said to have saved our town, from now on, in the wind and rain, we will obey in just one word, we vow to repay.”

“Arise, this is all good deeds that will lead to good fortune.” Gu-Chensha instructed the five to get up and said: “The five of you have great adventures, and I intend to cultivate you into the pillars of the nation, so do not err on the side of self.”


“How many able-bodied young men are there in the town now?”

“Two hundred and forty-three.” Jia Liang reported and said: “They are all very strong, and they usually like to practice martial arts and hunting, and they have some skills in their hands, so one on one is not necessarily inferior to ordinary soldiers.”

“Well, you gather them together, and you shall train them as soldiers, and strip the barbarians of their armor and weapons, and equip yourself.” Gu-Chensha and said: “From now on, rectify them with Martial Dao.”


The five of them went to work in a row.

Gu-Chensha, on the other hand, returned to the courtyard and took out some of the Strong Blood Pills seized from the Barbarian tribe God temple treasury to be used as military food.

This Strong Blood Pill is a valuable pill that only barbarian noble disciples can obtain, taking one is enough for three days.

Another thing is that he lacked real helpers in his own residence and didn't dare to recruit them recklessly, there would be countless spies mixed in, but now there are more than 200 people here who are all innocent, so why not cultivate them and bring them back later to be considered feathery.

Xian capital.

It was the capital city of the entire Xian Dynasty back then, and the largest city on the border.

Luo Baiyue, the Third Prince is all calling the shots here, keeping a close eye on Banan Province's movements.

“How is the recent movement over there in Lao Nineteenth?” Luo Baiyue listened to the information from her subordinates, her cultivation has recently become deeper and deeper, and it seems that after taking the Hundred Tribulations Golden Pill, her entire body has developed the vicissitudes of experiencing a thousand lifetimes, no one can see how much she cultivates.

With each day, she becomes more powerful.

“Enlightening the Princess of the Third Rank, the Nineteenth still saved that town, ten thousand townspeople have moved to the vicinity of the Xian capital, and he himself has drawn the best from the townspeople and intensified their training, seemingly wanting to be at the forefront of fending off cults and barbarians.” Still Yuxiang was reporting and said: “As for Banan Governor, he has stepped up his efforts to ask for help from His Third Highness, in an effort to ensure that the province is not lost, and His Third Highness has sent a few experts forward, and seems to be making moves as well.”

“There are just a few sets on Third Lao's side.” Luo Baiyue tapped her finger on the table and said: “It's not to be underestimated that Lao Nineteenth started to cultivate their own hearts and minds.”

“You can train them by pulling up strong men on the fly? It's child's play, right.” Yuxiang expresses his opinion.

“No, he has the Tiger Wolf Pill, even if the cowardly take it, he is established as a Tiger Wolf.” Luo Baiyue frowned and said: “I just can't figure out where he got this potion. Instead, the idea is to get more from him to train my Lou family disciples.”

“The Princess of the Third Rank last issued an order for His Highness Nineteenth and Banan Governor to annihilate the cult within the month, and now that the month is approaching and the cult's annihilation is nowhere in sight, is it going to be a punishment?” Yuxiang asks again.

“I originally set a deadline to force the Xian Dynasty remnants to reveal themselves, but to my surprise, Lao Nineteenth didn't collude with them, it's like he didn't miss a beat, and this time he killed the Black Fiend Bat, the Ever Handsome Yingyang, there are already credits.” Luo Baiyue pondered and said: “If I go too far, there is fear of criticism from the Imperial court’s side on me. But I'd like to see what his cards are, and pushing is still a good idea.”

“The Princess of the Third Rank!”

Just as Luo Baiyue was about to make a move, Miaoxiang hurried in and said: “His Highness Nineteenth has killed two more old demons, the Spirit Blood Founder and the Hundred Poisons Real Man, and the bodies have been sent by Banan Governor specifically to be transported to the Guild Palace. In addition, he beheaded four hundred barbarian cavalry and three or four hundred cultists.”

“What?” Luo Baiyue shot up and said: “the Black Fiend Bat, the Ever Handsome Yingyang, the Spirit Blood Founder, the Hundred Poison Daoist were all killed by him, and all of the evil demons that caused the trouble died at his hands, such credits, I'm only afraid I have no reason to push him anymore, in a way. He has annihilated the cult. And he's still holding on to the front line of training, so we can't pick a mistake in any situation. Truthfully, there's no way.”

“Yes, he has a good reputation now, and has saved a town of ten thousand people, and now those people advertise his good fortune everywhere, and have blown him up like ten thousand living Buddhas, so it is evident that he is very good at operating.” Miaoxiang warned Luo Baiyue that he should be wary.

“I knew he wasn't an idle person, but I underestimated him, as soon as he left the capital, he returned to the sea with a dragon, and did incredible things one after another, you can see that he acted quite methodically, gathering the hearts of the people, assassinating the devil, and practicing a strong army, these things, many years ago, the emperor once did.” Luo Baiyue looked away, as if he was pondering something very crucial.

Several maids didn't dare to disturb her.

After a long time, she spoke and said: “What about Tenth Lao's side? He brought so many soldiers and horses and was so raging, did he not accomplish anything at all?”

“The Tenth Lao went to Cha County and fought several times with barbarian soldiers and horses, beheading four hundred and five hundred and losing fifty-three soldiers.” Miaoxiang took out a sheet of information and said: “This is a transcript of the memorial written by Tenth Highness himself.”

“Lao Tenth is really useless, only decapitated so much, he lost a lot of himself, but he wants to take credit.” Luo Baiyue almost laughed and said: “You write out an abridged version of Gu-Chensha's battle credits and send a flying eagle to pass it on, I'll see where Lao Tenth's face will go.”

A hundred miles away from Cha County, a county called Hui County, the inside of the county was empty, there were bloodstains everywhere, and it was obvious that a war had taken place.

On the city walls there were also warriors wearing full body armor, dark and heavy, emitting the smell of giant beasts, each warrior is powerful and fierce, ready to tear apart tigers and panthers.

the Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha but sits in the city's courthouse, the magistrate and various minor officials and magistrates have been captured and sacrificed by the cult, the entire county was bloodied once long ago, he came to an empty city, but stationed an army here to break the barbarian and cult armies.

“The Imperial court’s armor and fire talisman guns haven't been dialed down yet, what does the Seventh Prince side say? Must you card me?” Gu-Zhensha asks for the next houseguest.

“The Imperial court says there isn't even that much armor or fire talisman guns, but the Tiangong Institute is ramping up the work. Also our achievement of beheading barbarians has been reported.” The Home General said respectfully.

“The army under Luo Baiyue, clear fire talisman guns, I don't believe that the Tiangong Yard doesn't have any in stock!” Gu-Zhensha snorted and said: “Imperial Father is closed, the Seventh Prince oversees the country, and he dares not offend Luo Baiyue, but he dares to offend me.”

“Of course, you're the prince, you're entitled to fight him for the throne.” The voice came from behind, but it was that mysterious Chi-san and said: “Luo Baiyue is only a woman no matter what, and although she is favored, she is not an essential threat to the Seventh Highness, so it is only natural to draw her close and suppress you.”

“Mr. Chi, I never expected the barbarian army to be so strong this time, there is actually the Barbarian tribe Marshal in the Tea County temple in the distance, if it wasn't for you secretly protecting me, I'm afraid I would be in mortal danger.” Gu-Zhensha was also secretly terrified.

“That's all I can do, and you'll have to walk the rest of the way, or you'll never gain the favor of the Sorcery Ancestry, and since you stepped into the Dao Realm, I shouldn't be able to stay long enough to train another heir.” Chi-san's words are naked, but Upper the Ancient Sorcery Dao is inherently weak and strong.

Gu-Zhensha's eyelids jumped when he heard that, and his murderous anger came out, but he held it down and said: “In that case, when does sir leave?”

“There's about no hurry, and I'll go when it's time to go.” Mr. Chi suddenly retreated, hidden in the darkness, never to be seen again.

“I have slain hundreds of barbarians this time, large and small is a credit, the Imperial court if there is no reward down, it is not justifiable, I must be shipped the Fire Talisman Gun.” Gu-Zhensha stands up and stomps his feet a little, the ground cracks and now out of his mind raged.

At that moment the falcon flew down from the sky and fell into the hands of a householder, who took down the letter and gave it to him.

And when he had seen what was written on it, he looked at it a little, and his face was purple with rage.

“Damn, damn, Gu-Chensha, I'll kill you with everything I have!”

He yelled at the sky.

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