Dragonborn Saga

Chapter 580 - The Story of Jonrad (1): The Blue Balls Alliance

Chapter 580 - The Story of Jonrad (1): The Blue Balls Alliance

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He was sitting on a chair and reading a book while his skin was being dug into by a small needle. Suddenly it snaps and the owner of the needle curses in frustration.

"This is the seventh needle for Boethiah's sake!" The bald little girl said.

"The tattooing is getting harder lately." He asked.

"Harder? It is almost impossible, master! Who told you to get so powerful that I can no longer pierce your skin… with an enchanted silver needle!?"


Jon rubbed her head and stood up with his back facing a mirror. A fearsome image was displayed on his back the moment he channeled a bit of the Chaos Infection through it.

Beth's skill was almost divine when it comes to applying tattoos. One Jon's back, the image of a Dragon and a Tiger coiling in a struggle and surrounded by a frame of Nordic knots and skulls made him feel like those beasts are going to burst out of his back and devastate the world around him.

"You like it?" Jon turned to the other person present in the scene and asked.

"Edgy! I like." Miranda said as she softly touched Jon's back before the patterns faded away.

Unlike in the past, Miranda has taken a state of full relaxation in Winterhold and Jon's house. Despite being an Altmer, she was rapidly acknowledged after winning a few drinking contests against some of the Nords establishing a strong reputation for herself. Her edgy silent attitude and terrible punk hairstyle she likes made her seem like a kind of her own, wild, moody and extremely s.e.xy.

Beth excused herself as it was already late and Jon sat in an armchair covered with fur and Miranda sat on his lap.

"The other girls are all busy tonight, I see." Jon said as he saw the room empty save for him and Miranda.

"I was supposed to be busy. I asked Isha to fill in for me tonight."

"Smart! The others will call you traitor though."

"Like they weren't sneaking with you from time to time?"

"To be fair, I can reveal any secrets between my women."

"If they weren't, you wouldn't have responded that way."

"True. No further details though."

She happily snuggled in and he embraced her no questions asked.

"Will you pat me like you pet your cat or should we skip to the aggressive stuff."

"I don't pet anyone how I pet Nefertiti for the record, that would be blasphemy on my part. Let's skip to the aggressive part, shall we?"

"Hm!" She nodded with a faint smile showing her excitement.

She was about to stand up and go bring something but Jon held her by her neck immediately.

"We haven't been training for a while now. Guess you grew a little bit bold!" Jon said.

Miranda's face remained passive for a moment before making a facial expression of delighted cheekiness.

"I am so sorry, daddy." She said trying to get closer to him but he held her from her ear.

"Only good girls get to be played with, bad girls will be punished."

"I will. I was such a bad girl!"

She descended between his legs sitting on her knees.

This scene was exclusive only to Jon and Miranda. All the other girls knew about Miranda's masochistic tendencies with Jon but only Jon knew the extent of how kinky this play can go between him and Miranda. She can simply be very demanding when dominated. She loved this kind of thing and Jon loved making her feel that way.

"Now, why were you going to stand off my lap without permission." Jon said as his left hand went down through her collar and started touching her chest area and undoing her dress.

"I was… I was going to bring you your leather tight pants, daddy… and the whip."

"Oh! Good intentions, I see." Jon nodded as he made her upper half completely visible, "Alright, go bring it."

She was about to stand but he pushed her down with a finger and gestured for her to crawl rather than walk. It made her even more excited as she turned around to crawl on her dress only to feel that its hem was stepped on. She turned back and smiled as the dress slid on her back, through her h.i.p.s exposing her butt and she crawled out of it smoothly.

She arrived at the chest under the bed, pulled it out and unlocked it for several objects of elastic nature in various shapes and forms to appear. She rummaged through them and finally pulled out a pair of sturdy leather pants, a whip and a long soft rope.

As she crawled back, Jon took the leather pants and changed into it immediately then held her from beneath her chin and made her look up.

"Punishment time!"

"Yes, daddy."

"Stand up."

She stood up in front of him wearing nothing and hiding nothing. He touched her wherever he wanted to touch and from behind her, he clutched her neck the way she likes. With his other hand, he printed a red palm on her right butt cheek before the left.

"Am I redeemed now, daddy?"

"Do you want to?"

"N… No."

"Good answer."

It was finally the time, Jon took the rope she gave him and started passing it from its exact middle from behind her neck before circling over her shoulder, around her back, back to the front, between her h.i.p.s then a knot and a twist. He started going in different patterns tying and knotting until she was tightly tied. While doing so, she m.o.a.ned as she kept rubbing against him causing him to be fully ready for her. Her arms and legs were free for now at least because the night was still starting. Jon took the small whip and slowly started to pass it along her skin as he pushed her on the bed and raised…



Jon and Miranda turned into a blur all at the same time and in a couple of seconds, they were back in their clothes without a hint of anything happening in the room.

Beth entered after taking permission and looked at the two.

"There is a gust of wind earlier…"

"I just closed the window, Beth. What's wrong?" Jon asked with a very calm and collected smile that would send shivers to a mountain.

"Grandpa Jonrad was asking for you. He is with Master Alina, Lady Jullanar and Uncle Wulfur outside. Uncle Mirren and Lady Isha are also there."

"Why the F…" Jon barely held himself at the mention of Jonrad but he took a deep breath and didn't say any bad word in front of Beth.

"Alright, Beth. You can go to bed now." Miranda said and watched as the girl walked out.

The two sighed lengthily and looked at each other.

"Is this what they call blue balls?" She asked.

"You too?" Jon clenched his teeth and stomped the ground, "I'm gonna go teach that ugly guy a lesson."


After storming out of his room, Jon walked through the tower's upper section to the roof of the middle section where a large balcony was prepared for the family. There, Jon could see Jonrad and every one of the Blue Balls Alliance sitting together drinking and laughing.

"Oh! Jon, Sister, you too came." Mirren called innocently, "Uncle Jonrad is about to tell us a story."

"The story of how he became the ugliest man in the world overnight?" Jon sternly said as he walked closer and picked the seat closest to Jonrad not breaking eye-contact with him, "Or the story of how he became the Lord of Awkward Moments?"

"I wasn't planning to reveal it but there is a secret why my son became so unsightly." Jonrad made a rapid comeback.

"Yeah? Let's hear it." Jon slammed the table in anticipation of the verbal battle yet to come.

"They are doing it?" (Mirren)

"Not again!" (Isha)

"For Gods' sake." (Wulfur)

"But you two are almost…" (Alina)

"DON'T!" (Jon & Jonrad)

"Ahahaha! This is so fun. Hey kitty, come and watch!" (Jullanar)

The party was assembled in the weirdest of ways after a long workday for most of them and a painful experience for Jon and Miranda.

"Alright, everybody shut up." Alina clapped, "Father, please continue."

"Where were we?" Jonrad failed to remember where he stopped.

"You were telling us about the year 188 when you were at Wayrest. The city was attacked that year, right?" Wulfur said.

"Yes, 188. We…" Jonrad nodded.

"Hold up! You guys have already ruined my night, can you recap what happened before we arrived, please?" Jon asked.

"No, I won't. Look at you, loser… saying Please." Jonrad mockingly said.

"He was waiting for you to arrive before he starts." Alina stopped a conflict from happening by telling on Jonrad.

"Daughter, you are no fun."

"Thanks, wifey!"

"Hurry up! 4E 188, what happened? You saved the city and became some Hero?" Jullanar asked.

"Aside from the heroic escapades, that story I want to tell is not Heroics or such. It is actually the opposite, it is a tale with no heroes at all."

"Let's get the drinks first." Jon clapped and a barrel of wine appeared on the table between the gathering. He passed the goblets and they all drank for their own reasons, Jon's was to not ever have blue balls ever again.

And the story took them back… thirteen years ago.


*Thirteen years ago, the 5th of Mid-year, 4E 188 - High Rock, the Kingdom of Wayrest*

[A/n: The story is narrated by Jonrad in the present time but he will conceal some of the events that will be written here. Only Jon will be able to tie things together.]

It starts with a man. A broken man looking at the sight of his wife and only child ride in the opposite direction as he takes lead amidst the enemy forces all alone. In a fit of madness and anger, he tosses barrels of Alchemist Fire in the Iliac Bay and burns three sh.i.p.s for the Aldmeri Dominion Navy before he escapes with arrows and sword wounds littering him.

Drifting across the bay, he soon arrived at High Rock and was treated by a Wiseman for a month or so until he was able to walk again. New reached him from Skyrim about the clash of the Nordic Clans over a cursed child and its death somewhere near Riften. By that time, Jonrad lost all hope in life and almost drank to his own demise if not for an old friend finding him.

Glemyt, a wandering hero who can be described as forgotten but he was rather more of an untold one.

He presented him with an Orb, he showed him the image of his child being raised in an orphanage and his wife being nursed by her family. Jonrad never felt so grateful but also knew he was weak and incapable of reclaiming his family again with only this amount of Strength. Rather than going back to Skyrim and endangering his family, he decided to stay in High Rock, look for a Master Mage to teach him how to mix the Flame Magic with Swordplay like the old Akavir have done but all rendered him as crazy or rather as someone invested in fictions.

Give up he never did and soon he found the teacher who is willing to teach. Rather than an actual teacher, it was a Patron, a Force, a Daedra.

Boethiah, Daedric Prince of Plots and Murder.

How could an ordinary man come into contact with Boethiah? Simple, he summoned the Daedric Prince after waltzing into an Arena of her Followers and slaying them to their last leaving not even a Priest standing.

Boethiah showed him favor. Seven Tasks, One Wish fulfilled.

Power, he demanded! Power, Lord.

Power thou shalt have.

A Murder? Easy. Who is the target?

A Bandit Lord.


A Corrupt Knight.


A Serial Killer?

With pleasure!

A Scheming Official?

No wonder!

A Pirate Lord?

Without a doubt!

Five names were crossed, two names remained.

Still, each soul he took changed something. Altered the world somehow.

A far lasting consequence. A Butterfly effect. He sensed it but didn't know it could happen this way, the effects were too strange

The Bandit Lord's death caused the bandits to fight amongst themselves and descend into chaos with the majority of them taking to the sea and joining the pirates instead. It also made the security outside the town safer thus the Guards and Knights became lax.

The Corrupt Knight's death unified the Knights of Wayrest under another knight's authority, someone who is not any less corrupt. It started some sort of monopoly on corruption for the new rising knight and a lot of embezzlement happened.

The Serial Killer's death was an all-way for justice but with him gone, the guards became more lax on their night duty.

The Scheming Official was no less dirty than the King's entourage but he was from a different faction that believed in puppeteering the King or his Heirs rather than letting the corruption spread.

Lastly, the Pirate Lord was killed and another rose in his stead. That other one was smarter, nastier and way too evil.

Each and every single one of those simple five kills led to the complete crippling of Wayrest and the next thing… a fleet of pirates landed.


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