Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1015: Ouyang Lufei

Chapter 1015: Ouyang Lufei

"I see… So you admire him… I'm sure he'll be happy if he knew that a pretty lady like you admire someone like him." Su Yang said with a profound smile on his face.

However, Lin Xinyi frowned and said, "What do you mean by 'someone like him'?"

"Ah, please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that in a negative manner. You know, he's surrounded by controversies, and he is pretty much disdained by half of the world. However, despite his situation, there are still people like you who admire him, and I think he'd appreciate it."

"He's only hated by half of the world because most men are jealous of him. They wish to be in his position, surrounded by beauties who love him equally, but they are not, and the only way for them to vent is through envy and hatred." Lin Xinyi sighed.

"I like how you think." Su Yang suddenly began laughing, which attracted the attention of nearby disciples.

Of course, when they saw his appearance, they immediately frowned, and some of them even gagged in disgust. They were probably wondering how someone so ordinary managed to get inside the sect.

When Lin Xinyi noticed the disciples' reaction and realized why they were doing it, she quickly said, "Is there anything else you wish to see? If not…"

Not wanting to torture this kind young lady with embarrassment, Su Yang nodded, "Yes, I am done here. You can leave. Thank you for accompanying me."

Lin Xinyi didn't say anything else and left the square.

However, right as Su Yang prepared to leave, he noticed a certain individual standing in front of his statue.

"That's…" A mysterious smile appeared on Su Yang's face as he approached this individual.

"Are you curious, or are you admiring the statue just like everyone else?" He asked this individual once he was behind her.

"It's you again…" Disciple Feng frowned when she saw his face.

"Are you stalking me?"

"Me? Stalking you? Of course not. I was just here with someone else, but she left. And just as I was about to leave, I noticed you."

"So you just had to stick your nose into my business, huh? This is the second time already."

"Alright, I will get my nose out of your business. See you around." Su Yang turned around and began walking away.

"Wait. I never told you to leave."

Hearing her words, Su Yang suddenly stopped walking and turned to ask her, "Really? Because you just implied that you don't want me around you."

"You're right. I don't. However, before you leave, I want you to answer my question," she said.

"Sure. Whatever you want to know."

"Yesterday, you said that I look like someone you knew from the Ouyang Family. Who do I resemble?" She asked him while staring at him with a serious face.


Su Yang remained silent for a few moments before speaking, "You remind me of Ouyang Lufei."

"What…?" Disciple Fei expressed great surprise after hearing Su Yang's words.

"T-That's not possible… How old are you again?"...

Su Yang chuckled and said, "I think you're misunderstanding something. I never said I met Ouyang Lufei. I only said you resemble her."

She quickly frowned and said, "If you didn't meet her, how can you tell that I look like her?"

"I saw a painting of her before. It belonged to one of my good friends." Su Yang made up an excuse.

It's been tens of thousands of years since he first met Ouyang Lufei, after all.

"Why would someone have a painting of her?" Disciple Fei didn't seem to believe him.

"I don't know. Perhaps he admired her beauty so much that he made a painting of her." Su Yang casually shrugged.

"Anyways, now that I answered your question, can I leave?" He then asked.

"The faster the better."

"As you wish."

Su Yang didn't say anything else and left the square shortly after.

"Ouyang Lufei… Grandmother…" Disciple Fei sighed in a low voice after he left, and she returned to focusing on Su Yang's statue.

"Curious? Sure, I am a little curious about him. That's why I came here. However, I most certainly do not admire him. In fact, you can even say that I despise him. He ruined my family. He's the reason my mother had been mistreated. Because of what my grandmother did, my mother had to endure so much suffering, which isn't fair. Too bad he's already dead. If I could, I wanted to find out why my grandmother did what she did and whether it was really worth so much pain and suffering."

After staring at the statue for a few more minutes, Disciple Fei left the place and returned to her residence.

"You're back early today." Xing Aiying said when Su Yang returned.

"Lemme guess. You're having trouble finding a partner?" She smiled.

"No, I have other priorities in mind."

"Oh? Let me hear it."

Su Yang smiled and said, "You only have two months with me, right? I don't want you to feel like you've wasted your time, and taking care of my own family is my number one priority. Therefore, I am going put a halt to looking for a partner to stay with you until you leave."

"Su Yang…" Xing Aiying was left speechless by his words.

"Are you sure? You're in a hurry, right? I don't mind having my time wasted since this isn't going to be our last meeting," she said.

Su Yang shook his head and said, "It's just a couple more weeks. I can find a partner whenever I want even if everyone is already taken. Although I might make a few enemies by doing that, it's not new—"

"Say no more, Su Yang." Xing Aiying suddenly beckoned him with her hand.

Su Yang's body suddenly began flying towards Xing Aiying, almost as though there was an invisible hand dragging him to her.

Once he was in her grasp, Xing Aiying quickly removed their clothes, and they began passionately cultivating with each other.

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