Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1028: Su Tianying

Chapter 1028: Su Tianying

Luo Ziyi left the Sacred Palace shortly after revealing the shocking existence of Su Yang's son to the Sacred Empress.

"Su Yang's son... Hahaha... He really never fails to surprise me- even 2,000 years after his death..." The Sacred Empress couldn't help but laugh, and tears would uncontrollably flow from her eyes.

After returning to the Lonely Fairies' Refined Palace, Luo Ziyi told the others the situation.

"What? You told the Sacred Empress that he's Su Yang's son? Won't that cause any troubles?" The others were shocked to hear this information.

"It's the only way to keep him on the island, where it's safe. And I trust the Sacred Empress. Not all of you know this, but she's known Su Yang even before she became the Sacred Empress of the Sacred Lands." Luo Ziyi said.

"Although I don't know the details of their relationship, I'm certain that they were good friends."

Wang Yunxuan nodded and said, "Well, the Sacred Empress did ignore the rule of the Sacred Lands by allowing Su Yang to enter said land despite being a male, something that hasn't been done for over 10 million years."

"Actually, all Sacred Empress' are allowed to give such exemption only once during their career as the Sacred Empress, meaning that she cannot exempt another man since she gave that exemption to Su Yang."

"Huh? Doesn't that mean..." Most of them noticed something.

"Yes, since she's already given her only exemption to Su Yang, she cannot officially allow Su Tianying to stay in the Sacred Lands."

"She'd go to such lengths to defy the Sacred Lands' most important rule just for Su Yang's son? Now I'm really curious about their relationship." Mei Lingling smiled.

"Maybe you can ask her tomorrow when she comes to visit Su Tianying."

"I doubt she'll tell us."

"You won't know until you try."

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"Maybe another day."


"Then you can ask her."

"Nah. You brought it up, after all”


After clearing her throat loudly, Luo Ziyi spoke, "I only told the Sacred Empress about Su Tianying, not the other four children, since that could expose the fact that Su Yang is still alive, so you all need to act like Su Yang only has one child."


"We'll need to separate them before the Sacred Empress arrives, huh? Sister Biyu, you'll take care of that since you're responsible for them right now."

"Sure. I'll do it right after this meeting." Xia Biyu nodded.

Luo Ziyi then spoke, "Now, just in case Su

Tianying's identity is exposed to the outside, we need to give him a background"

"We can just say that Su Yang had accidentally impregnated an immortal without being aware about the baby, and the baby took a while to be born because of some illness from the mother?" One of them suggested.

"Really? 2,000 years is a long time..."

"I know, but it's not breaking any records. There was an Immortal who was pregnant for 9,000 years giving birth to a healthy daughter. 2,000 looks incredibly believable in comparison."

"I guess so... How else are we supposed to explain Su Tianying's existence?"

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"Then it's settled." Luo Ziyi nodded.

"Wait! What about the mother? Who will be the mother? I can volunteer-"

"No way. The mother will remain anonymous to avoid being questioned." Luo Ziyi immediately refused.

"We should let Sister Xingfang, who is the real mother, know the situation."

"Of course."

After their meeting, Xia Biyu went to separate Su Tianying from his sisters, placing him into another room.

Meanwhile, Luo Ziyi met with Xie Xingfang to tell her about the situation.

"I see... As long as we can keep him in this place, I don't mind pretending to not know Tianying." Xie Xingfang quickly agreed.

"Thank you."

"No, I should be thanking you, for keeping my son safe, Sister Ziyi." Xie Xingfang smiled.

"It's only natural." Luo Ziyi smiled back.

The following day, the Sacred Empress canceled all of her schedules on that day just to visit the Lonely Fairies' Refined Palace- Su Yang's son.

"Welcome to the Lonely Fairies' Refined Palace, Sacred Empress!"

All of the disciples within the sect gathered to greet the Sacred Empress during her arrival.

The Sacred Empress nodded her head at them and said, "Don't mind me and carry on with your day. I won't stay for long."

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The disciples bowed to her before returning to their routine.

"Follow us." Luo Ziyi said to her.

The Sacred Empress proceeded to follow Luo Ziyi and the others to a secluded area within the sect, and inside a small but spacious building that was protected by countless formations was Su Tianying, who was sleeping peacefully in his crib.

The Sacred Empress approached Su Tianying's crib in gentle and soundless steps, afraid to wake him up.

Once she was standing in front of the crib and could see Su Tianying's sleeping face, the Sacred Empress covered her mouth, and her eyes quickly became teary.

'Ah... Su Yang... He really looks like you...' She thought to herself.

"Did Su Yang know about this baby?" The Sacred Empress asked the others using divine sense.

"No, he didn't." Luo Ziyi responded.

"I see... I would actually kill to see his expression at the moment of his discovery of this unintended baby..." The Sacred Empress silently chuckled.

Su Tianying suddenly awoke from his nap and opened his eyes, silently staring at the Sacred Empress with his clear, innocent eyes after noticing her.

'He's so young, yet his gaze is already this intense. I fear for the young ladies in the future that attract his gaze...'

After staring at Su Tianying for many minutes, the Sacred Empress left the building by herself with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Thank you for letting me know about his true identity despite the complications. I cannot wait for him to grow up." She said to Luo Ziyi and the others afterward.

"By the way, what's his name? I never asked."

"His name is Su Tianying." Luo Ziyi said.

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"I see... Su Tianying, huh?" The Sacred Empress mumbled to herself.

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