Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1040: A Small Punishment

Chapter 1040: A Small Punishment

When the Elder couldn't find anything wrong inside the female disciple's body, wrong inside the female disciple's body, she removed all of the disciple's clothes she removed all of the disciple's clothes and inspected her naked body for any Clues.

However, when the Elder couldn't find anything wrong with the disciple's body, both outside and inside, she felt hopeless.

After pondering for a few moments, the Elder retrieved a communication jade slip and requested help from other Elders.

Soon, multiple Elders gathered inside the room to inspect the disciple's condition while she continued to gush with Yin Qi.

"Heavens, what kind of illness is this? I have never seen anything like this before."

All of the Elders were immediately baffled by the phenomenon before their eyes.

Each of them took turns checking the disciple's condition, but none of them have managed to figure anything out.

They felt like they were fighting an invisible enemy.

"Please! Help me! Make it stop! I don't want to cum anymore!" The disciple's eyes were filled with tears caused by two different emotions— happiness and terror.

"Tell us what happened from the start to end!" The Elders said to her.

"I tried to mess with Disciple Xiao under the request of my partner, but he found out and punished me! This is all his fault! He did something to my body!" The disciple finally revealed the truth to the Elders.

"Disciple Xiao? Who is that?" However, none of them knew of this Disciple Xiao."Did he make you consume anything?" The disciple shook her head and said, "He used his fingers to poke certain spots on my body! Fifteen minutes later, my body started heating up!"

"He probably did something to her vital points. This is why we couldn't find anything wrong with her body. We've been lookin at this the wrong way."

"However, this makes curing her a lot more complicated. If we mess up, we could accidentally ruin her cultivation…""We can only have the person responsible for this deal with this…"

The Elders eventually came to a conclusion. "Where is this Disciple Xiao? I will bring him here to heal you." One of the Elders asked the disciple.

"He's at Outcast Peak!"

"Outcast Peak?" The Elders were surprised to hear this.

A mere outcast disciple had managed to baffle so many Elders with this mysterious technique?

"I will be right back."

One of the Elders there left for the Outcast Peak shortly after.

Sometime later, the Elder arrived at the Outcast Peak, and to her absolute surprise, there was a line of female disciples queuing up in front of a building that hadn't been used for many times— at least to her knowledge.

The disciples there greeted the Elder when they noticed her presence.

"Greetings, Elder Liao!"

"Where can I find a disciple with the surname Xiao?" Elder Liao asked them.

The disciples all turned to look at the building they were standing outside of, and they wondered what this Elder Liao wanted with Xiao Yang.

"Disciple Xiao lives here, Elder. Why are you looking for him?" An Inner Court disciple there asked the Elder because the Outer Court disciples did not dare to do so.

"I don't have the time to explain!" Elder Liao said as she approached the building. However, before she could even reach the doorstep, a young man with an ordinary face stepped outside with a calm expression on his face.

"Hello. How can I help you?" Su Yang asked the Elder despite knowing her identity and her reason for being there. In fact, he anticipated her arrival.

"I am Elder Liao, and I need you to come with me right now!"

"You're an Elder? Pardon my late greeting, Elder Liao." Su Yang bowed to her.

"Did something happen? Why is a Sect Elder suddenly looking for me?" He asked her the next moment.

However, Elder Liao didn't bother explaining anything and lifted him into the air with spiritual energy before carrying him away by force, dumbfounding the female disciples there.

"Please be safe, Manager…" Xiao Ying sighed as she watched them disappear from inside the house.

Fortunately, Su Yang had explained to her the situation before he was taken away, or she would be much more panicked right now.

Elder Liao brought Su Yang straight to the disciple.

Sometime later, they entered the room with the other Elders and the disciple that had tried to mess with him.

"I don't care about your conflict with this disciple! Even if you are not at fault, I want you to fix her right now!" Elder Liao said to him in a slightly irritated voice, mostly because she couldn't heal the disciple and had to rely on an Outer Court disciple.

However, Su Yang didn't do anything and merely stood there in silence, his gaze on the naked disciple, who was crying and peeing herself at the same time.

"Disciple Xiao! Why are you just standing there?! If she dies, you will be punished to the fullest extent!" The Elders there pressured him.

Su Yang shook his head and spoke in a calm voice, "She won't die, and this won't last forever. In fact, her body will naturally recover in about a minute."


The Elders turned to look at the disciple, and sure enough, after thirty more seconds had passed, the disciple stopped gushing with Yin Qi, but her body was still twitching a little.

Su Yang then spoke, "This disciple tried to poison me with a poison known as 'Yang Corrupting Venom'. If she had been successful, I would've been crippled down there and be forced to leave the sect, so I decided to punish her a little."

The Elders were left speechless by Su Yang's words, and they turned to look at the female disciple who had fallen unconscious shortly after the orgasms had stopped.

"Don't worry, Sect Elders. This won't harm her body or cultivation. However, she might not want to cultivate for a while due to what she had experienced." Su Yang said to them with a gentle smile on his face.

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