Dual Cultivation

Chapter 13 Feeling Ashamed

It took all of Elder Lan's energy and effort to walk back to her living quarters. Her legs would give up every so often, and the tingling sensation around her bottom lips has yet to subdue, causing slight water to flow out with every step she took. When the disciples saw her, they believed that she was extremely drunk.

When she finally arrived at her living quarters, she noticed the little girl dozing off by the door.

"Qi Yue…" Elder Lan's mood became better at the sight of her cute face.

"Sister Lan! You are back!" Qi Yue finally noticed her approaching figure and quickly stood up.

"How did it go? Were you able to meet with senior apprentice-brother Su?" she mentioned the one name Elder Lan didn't want to hear at this moment.

"...I found him…" she sighed.

"Then was he able to help you?"

Despite not wanting to answer her question, Elder Lan bit her lips and slowly nodded.

"Then why are you walking like that… oh…" Qi Yue quickly realized how stupid her question was. How could she not recognize Elder Lan's sloppy movements when she, herself, had gone through the same ordeal?

Elder Lan frowned when she noticed Qi Yue blushing. Why would she be blushing?

Suddenly, Elder Lan recalled the night Qi Yue came to her house when she spoke of Su Yang. She remembered very clearly the way Qi Yue walked around with her tofu legs, almost as though she had experienced something that absorbed all the strength in her.

"No… no way… did Su Yang also touch you…?" Elder Lan covered her mouth with shock, not daring to believe her thoughts.

Qi Yue misunderstood the meaning behind Elder Lan's question and nodded sheepishly.

"That bastard Su Yang! Forget about me, how dare he touch someone as young Qi Yue?! She is only 12!" Elder Lan cursed at him inwardly.

"I'll kill him! I will definitely kill that pervert!" she growled in a low voice.

Qi Yue looked at her with a shocked expression. "Sister Lan?"

"And you, Qi Yue! The sect forbids those under the age of 16 to indulge in any sexual practices no matter how minor that action may be! You think I will turn a blind eye to it just because of our relationship?"

Qi Yue blinked a few times in quick succession, looking a bit dazed at Elder Lan's frowning face. "What does Sister Lan by that?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"You are still acting ignorant now? You just said it yourself, that Su Yang had touched you!"

"Ah!" Qi Yue finally comprehended the situation and flustered: "You're wrong! Senior apprentice-brother Su did not do anything of that sorts to me! He only sucked the poison out of my legs after loosening up my muscle!"

Elder Lan's expression froze at her words. "What? But…"

"Senior apprentice-brother Su is not a pervert! He only did what he had to in order to treat my legs!" Qi Yue said in a slightly angry tone. Even if it was her beloved elder sister, she cannot stay calm when someone bad-mouths the one who saved her life.


It was a first even for her to see Qi Yue get so emotional for someone she just met. And the image of Su Yang's cold expression appeared in her head, causing a stir within her heart.

"He only did he had to in order to save her…" Elder Lan looked down at her body; there was no pain… only pleasure.

"If he wanted to, he could've taken advantage of me during my state of vulnerability, even taking my chastity, yet he didn't do such a thing." Elder Lan was sure that during the heat of the moment, she would not have refused Su Yang if he wanted to take things one, even two or three steps further. She began regretting the harsh words she said to him. Not to mention she was the one who approached him for help and not the other way around.

"I took the shame I had for myself upon him as anger and offended him… ahh… I am really stupid…" Elder Lan sighed deeply. She was ashamed of herself when she realized what had happened during the treatment, how she was acting like a dog in heat.

The lustful expression on her face, the vulgar words that came out of her mouth, the way her body desired more – everything she acted upon during Su Yang's treatment had caused her to be ashamed of herself.

"Sister Lan…?" Qi Yue looked at Elder Lan's disheartened face with a worried look.

"You are right, Qi Yue. I apologize for speaking rudely about Su Yang. He did save your life, after all. Not to mention my butt…" she showed her a gentle smile.

After staying with Qi Yue for a little longer, the two departed.

When she returned to her room, Elder Lan undressed and went directly to clean herself. Inside the bath, she stared at her naked body, seemingly dazed. She was recalling the time she spent inside Su Yang's room, remembering the way he touched her body and the immense pleasure she felt between her legs during her discharge.

Her fair hands suddenly approached her bottom lips, and she began caressing the little pink jewel inside the lips. Elder Lan wasn't sure why she was doing this, but her hands moved continuously, trying to replicate the heavenly sensation she felt before.

However, no matter how much she rubbed or touched herself, the feeling was just vastly different from how she felt when her body was being taken care of by Su Yang. There was something fundamentally different from the way touched her and the way she touched herself; it was as though her body was not satisfied with her own hands and only wanted Su Yang.

"Haaa…." Elder Lan left the bath sighing, feeling ashamed of her own actions.

It was already midnight by the time Su Yang woke up. The first thing he did when opening his eyes was to cultivate. He sat cross-legged on his bed, and a profound aura surrounded him.

His hands suddenly glowed a faint blue; he was cultivating the Yin he collected from Elder Lan's holy water. Although the amount was pitiful, it was enough to benefit his cultivation base greatly.

"Virgins are really the best…" Su Yang silently absorbed the Yin in his hands, his cultivation base soaring with every second.

The quality of Yin or Yang obtained from those who are pure and those who are not is like comparing heaven and earth, hence why pure maidens are valued far more in this world.

Su Yang suddenly snapped his eyes and countless flickering lights glowed within. He had a breakthrough, reaching the fifth level of Elementary Spirit Realm. As for the progress on his physique; it had barely moved. That was the difference between Qi Refiners and Body Refiners. Every hundred steps a Qi Refiner takes, a Body Refiner would have taken only ten.

Su Yang looked at the moon through the windows, feeling melancholy. The sight of the moon caused the image of a peerless beauty, who was known as the Goddess of the Moon in his past life, to appear in his thoughts.

And for the remainder of the night, he stared at the moon, recalling the exciting experiences of his past life.

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