Dual Cultivation

Chapter 15 Senior Sister Spectating Her Junior Sister

"Su Yang… W-What is going on…?" Tang Hu's jaw dropped to the floor when Su Yang returned with a group of ten beauties. How did he manage to gather so many beauties at once, even convincing them to follow him home? Since when did he become such a playboy?

"They are my customers." Su Yang said with a nonchalant expression.

"Customers? Again?" Tang Hu wondered if they are the same type of customer as Elder Lan. What on earth has Su Yang been doing for the past few days?

After Su Yang finished with his preparations, he invited the girls into his room one at a time while the rest waited outside in the living room.

When the doors to Su Yang's room closed, the girls waiting outside began talking.

"Master guaranteed us that he is trustworthy, but… I don't feel comfortable being here…" said one of the girls.

"Hey, you are Su Yang's roommate, right? Tell us about him." The girls looked at Tang Hu, who was nervously standing by the wall and observing them.

"Eh? Ah… um… Although we are roommates, we never had any real conversation, so even I don't know much about him. However, he always has this mysterious feeling surrounding him… I can never tell what he's thinking or comprehend his actions."

"A mysterious man, huh? Sounds kind of sexy, don't you girls think so, too?"

"Well… if only there weren't so many negative rumors about him…"

"Um… senior apprentice-sisters are from the Medicine Hall, correct? What are you all doing here with Su Yang? He called seniors apprentice-sisters his customers?"

"Hm? You don't know about his massage service?"

The girls looked at him oddly. Are they really roommates? They seem to know nothing about each other.

"Massage service?" Tang Hu looked at them with wide eyes filled with disbelief. "You are all here for a massage from Su Yang?"

They nodded, confirming his doubt.

"We had a bet with our Master. She said that if we can walk out of here, after receiving a massage from Su Yang, without stumbling once, then she will give each of us a Profound Yin Pill."

"Profound Yin Pill?! The valuable pill that greatly enhances the Yin in females?" Tang Hu was shocked. Why would someone wager such an expensive resource? Not to mention ten at once!

"Your Master…" Tang Hu recalled Su Yang calling Elder Lan his customer. "Is it Elder Lan?"

They nodded. "Although we do not know why Master made such a bet with us, this bet will surely be a piece of cake to win."

"Hehehe… We all get a Profound Yin Pill after a massage… Perhaps this is her way of rewarding us for our hard work?"

"One Profound Yin Pill will cost us 3,000 Premium Points at the White Pearl Treasury, yet we only need to pay 10 Premium Points to get our hands on one! This is too easy!"

The group of beauties laughed, sounding like a group of birds singing.

Suddenly, the door to Su Yang's room opened, and Su Yang walked out calmly.

"Oh? Has it been ten minutes already?"

"Yes, who is next?" Su Yang said to them calmly.

"Huh? What about senior apprentice-sister Xuan?" The girls asked about the girl who went inside first.

"She is having trouble moving," said Su Yang in a nonchalant tone, and he continued: "And she asked me to allow her to stay inside for a little bit longer."

The girls looked at him with confused faces.

"Why is she having trouble moving? Is she okay?" One of them asked in a worried tone.

"You don't have to worry, she'll be fine; her body is just a little bit sensitive after the massage."


"So? Who's next?"

None of the girls there were able to see anything out of the ordinary from Su Yang's calm face, so they did not ask any more questions.

A little later, the second girl walked into his room, and the first thing she noticed after entering was senior apprentice-sister Xuan, who was breathing heavily as she was struggling to get off the bed, her face red like a tomato.

"Senior apprentice-sister Xuan?! Are you okay?" The girl quickly went to support her, but Xuan pushed her away and said: "Don't touch me! You will only make this worse!"

"Senior apprentice-sister…?"

"I am… fine… my body is just… a little sensitive…" said Xuan as she looked at Su Yang with flickering eyes, her face reddening even more.

Su Yang smiled at her, and he turned to the second girl. "Come on the bed, we will begin right away."

The girl looked at him and the wrinkled bed with hesitation in her eyes. She had a feeling that if she were to lay on that bed, then she may never live her life in the same light again.

"Junior apprentice-sister Yu… go ahead and lay on the bed… you won't regret it…" Xuan said to her with a gentle smile that was also a malicious grin. She wanted her fellow apprentice-sister to experience what she had just moments ago because when more people share the same experience, her embarrassment would also lessen.

Encouraged by her senior-apprentice sister, whom she trusted greatly, disciple Yu decided to throw away her hesitation and laid on the bed that still lingered with Xuan's body fragrance.

"Then... let us begin…" Su Yang said to her.

Seconds later, the room echoed with a pleasant-sounding moan that wouldn't end until ten minutes later.

Disciple Xuan, who was sitting by the corner trying to recover her strength stared at Su Yang with wide eyes, seemingly mesmerized by his graceful movements and calm face. How could he be so calm in such a situation? He looked as though he was playing an instrument — the girl on his bed being the instrument.

"That was how he was also touching my body?" Xuan's body heated up just from watching Su Yang massage her junior apprentice-sister.

As for disciple Yu, who was aware of her senior apprentice-sister who was also in the same room as her, paid no attention to Xuan's presence and continued to moan crazily without any restraint.

"Did I also make similar shameful faces and let out such vulgar noises while being touched by him?" Xuan covered her mouth from shock. And the more she watched her junior apprentice-sister enjoy herself, the more her lower body trembled.

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