Dual Cultivation

Chapter 17 Horrifying, yet Tempting

Shang stared at Su Yang with fierce eyes, her hands covering her body in a protective manner. The situation looked as though Su Yang had assaulted her both physically and mentally.

"What? Do you want me to acknowledge you as my daughter?" Su Yang smiled, causing Shang's blood to boil from embarrassment.

"I… I will remember this!" Shang mumbled in a low voice, her gaze staring daggers at Su Yang.

"I'm sure you will," Su Yang shrugged at her words; he has heard the same words too many times in his previous life.

Yu wiped the drool from the corner or her lips and thought to herself: "He managed to make all three of us experience heaven without touching any inappropriate spots… If he did… would we experience an even higher heaven?"

Yu suddenly desired to feel Su Yang's hands caressing her bottom lips, perhaps even exploring directly inside her pink world.

Sometime later, Yu and Shang walked out of Su Yang's room, both looking exhausted.

"Senior apprentice-sister Shang! Junior apprentice-sister Yu! Are you okay?!" The girls outside went to assist them.

"Master… she had us all fooled! Getting that Profound Yin Pill is simply impossible!" Shang sighed, dumbfounding the girls.

And she continued: "I knew it sounded too good to be true… for us to obtain Profound Yin Pills so easily … but this is simply bullying…"

Everyone there except Xuan and Yu looked dazed, seemingly unable to comprehend her words. How could a mere massage seem so frightening?

"Next." Su Yang's calm voice caused the girls' hearts to skip a beat. None of them dared to step forth, afraid of the result.

"... If there is nobody else, then—"

"Wait! I am next! I don't believe that I will lose to someone like you!"

"Junior apprentice-sister Ming!" The girls looked at their youngest with surprise.

"Very well… follow me."

Su Yang and Ming disappeared into the room.

Ten minutes later, the door finally opens.

"Junior apprentice-sister Ming?!" The girls cried loudly, looking shocked when Ming crawled out from the room with tears in her eyes. Her body was so sensitive that even something as simple as standing was deemed impossible after one try.

"Anyone else?" Su Yang glanced at the remaining girls, sending chills down their spines.


Never in their dreams would these girls even imagine that they would one day encounter a situation this horrifying yet tempting at the same time.

The girls no longer saw this situation as a bet but more of a challenge from Su Yang, who was saying with his smile: "You think you can resist my techniques? Come! I dare you!"

"I am next!"

Another girl walked forward, and they entered the room.

Ten minutes later, the girl comes out with messy hair and a reddened face.

The hope in the girls' eyes dimmed with every defeat. Their chances of getting the Profound Yin Pill was looking grimmer and more impossible.

However, despite that, they all dared to challenge Su Yang. None of them were willing to lose face by admitting defeat to some kid who was years behind them in age and experience.

But alas, the moment Su Yang executed his techniques, the girls all surrendered their bodies, even pleading for more.

Soon, only one girl who has yet to experience the massage remained.

"Senior apprentice-sister Xiao… it is your turn…"

"Junior apprentice-sister Xiao… you are the only one who hasn't…"

Disciple Xiao looked at her fellow sisters with a horrified expression.

"But...But I already have a partner… I cannot allow another man to…" Xiao tried to excuse herself out of this one, but her sisters sneered.

"Hmph! We all have our own partners, too!"

"It's not like he's doing anything vulgar… it's just a normal massage…"

"Which part of this is normal?! Look at all of you laying on the floor! Look into the mirror and see the expression you are all making! Not even the roughest dual cultivation could possibly make all of you look this shameful! What happened to your elegance?!" Xiao still refused. Just a glance at Su Yang standing by his room caused her to tremble. Standing there, Su Yang looked like the devil, and the entrance to the room was the door to hell — a place that will consume one's soul.

"I will not force anyone that does not want my service," Su Yang said. "If that is all, then we are done here."

The girls looked at Xiao with pity in their gaze. She has no idea what she'd just missed out on and will surely regret her decision one day.

"Umm... Su Yang…" Disciple Yu suddenly called for him, her face showing signs of shyness.

"What is it?" He turned to look at her.

"I-If you ever need help, you can come to me, Yu Yan, for advice… Although I am only an Outer Court disciple, as someone from the Medicine Hall, I have many connections within the sect… so if you ever need something, you can come to me…"

"How sly!" The other girls looked at her with wide eyes. None of the sisters there could have imagined that the youngest amongst them would actually take the lead!

"Su Yang! My name is Xuan Jinglin! I will also be available if you need anything! You can find me in the Medicine Hall or even at my living quarters—"

"I am Jia Biyu! I can also—"

The girls began fighting each other for the chance to introduce themselves to Su Yang, dumbfounding Xiao, and Tang Hu, who has been standing there like a dumb chicken since the beginning.

"Acting like a bunch of horny dogs! This is all because of Su Yang!" Xiao couldn't bear to watch her fellow apprentice-sisters shatter their images anymore, so she turned and left the place.

When Xiao left, the others sighed. Although a bit exaggerated, they believed that their reactions are justified.

The commotion quickly subdued, and when the girls prepared to leave, Su Yang reminded them: "Don't forget your words."

"Let alone ten people, I shall spread your service to everyone I know."

"Me too!"

"I will see you next month…"

"...Me too…"

Su Yang watched the girls depart with a gentle smile on his face. When they left, Tang Hu fell to the floor with a shocked face.

He couldn't believe it. Since when did Su Yang become popular, even causing so many senior apprentice-sisters to fall on their knees for him?

Su Yang glanced at Tang Hu and chuckled. "Get used to it, there will be plenty more coming later."

"Plenty more…" Tang Hu rolled his eyes, nearly falling unconscious. He could already sense a storm gathering around this place.

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