Dual Cultivation

Chapter 19 The Only and True Path to Heaven

Su Yang opened the door, and his fifth customer staggered out of the room with a dazed expression, seemingly drunk from alcohol.

When the girls outside saw her condition, they forcefully swallowed their saliva in shock.

"This is already the fifth one… could his technique really be that good?"

"Just looking at the expression on their faces when they come out makes my body heat up for some reason…"

"Who's next?! Hurry up! We don't have all day here!"

Some girls were getting impatient from waiting. Just seeing the blissful expression on those who received Su Yang's massage was enough to make their hearts itch, wishing that it would be their turn already.

As for those who had already experienced Su Yang's techniques, some stayed inside the house sitting on the chairs prepared for them, as they are unable to walk, while others were forced to stop and answer questions.

"How did it feel?"

"It was… otherworldly… it felt as though I was drifting along the stars in the starry sky…"

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was it?"

"Scale? How could I possibly put a scale on it?! It was so good I couldn't comprehend it!"

The place quickly became chaotic. Soon, every person there was itching to experience Su Yang's technique.

An hour quickly passed.

Su Yang has treated more than 10 customers at this point. However, the line outside his house did not shorten. Instead, it has actually gotten longer than before.

Su Yang lifted an eyebrow at the queue outside his house. There was at least another 30 people standing outside. Where did these girls come from? He was positive that he didn't bring them here from the training ground.

The only answer he could think of was that these girls came here after learning of this place from his previous customers.

"I need to do some adjustments…" Su Yang halted his service for a few minutes to put up a sign right outside his house.

The sign hung above the door to his house, and it read: "Su Yang's Massage – The Only and True Path to Heaven! 10 Premium Points for Service."

After looking at the sign with satisfaction, Su Yang went back to his room to resume service.

24 hour had passed since Su Yang hung the sign outside his house, yet the queue outside his house remained. Ever since the nine sisters from the Medicine Hall experienced Su Yang's techniques, they began spreading his name like wildfire throughout the Outer Court. The people were suspicious at first, but when more and more people began spreading the same words, it became easier for others to believe in Su Yang's services.

Some people approached Su Yang for his service out of curiosity and others went for genuine pleasure, and sure enough, every single figure that went into Su Yang's room came out looking anew, as though they have been reborn.

And for the next two days, Su Yang accepted all sorts of beauty into his room with a welcoming smile with very little rest.

Graceful ladies with slim waists and round butts, enchanting women with mature bodies and large breasts, even immature girls that are yet considered adults – they all approached Su Yang to experience his techniques.

At one point, his name reached even a few Inner Court disciple.

Very quickly, the outside of Su Yang's house became lively with dozens of customers laughing and joking with each other as they queued up, each talking about their expectations; it looked like the gathering of flowers, making the place look more like a marketplace rather than someone's living quarter.

By the fourth day, almost everybody within the Outer Court has heard of Su Yang and his divine techniques, whether they like it or not. From the animals to the sect elders, they would hear the disciples talk about their experiences with Su Yang whenever they go anywhere outside.

"Su Yang? That mentally ill Outer Court disciple? Why is everyone and their mother talking about him as of lately?" The unusual situation within the Outer Court caused the sect elders to pay more attention to Su Yang.

However, the more they talked about him, the more puzzling the situation became. How could someone like Su Yang, who was infamous and disliked by many, become so popular within the sect almost out of nowhere? He has nearly all the female disciples talking about him. As for those who have yet to experience his techniques, they will sooner or later talk about him, too.

"My disciples also talked about him nonstop the other day. They were all giggling like little kids who had just returned from an amusement park…"

"Your disciples, too? My only disciple has been staring at the clouds all day while sighing his name ever since she went to his house two days ago…"

"The partners of my disciples have been complaining to me about how they are unable to satisfy the girls with their techniques anymore..."

"Quite a few male disciples have tried to cause trouble at Su Yang's place, but they all ended up getting forced away before they could even reach his doorstep…"

"This is becoming quite problematic, huh… What should we do? Stop his little business?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea. There will definitely be a riot if his business is forced to shut down."

"Aiya… then what should we do?"

The elders felt infuriated at the situation, but they were truly at lost and did not know how to deal with it.

"Should we go to the Matriarch for a solution?"

"No, we don't need to bother the Matriarch over something like this – not yet. We should wait a bit longer and see how this plays out."

After some time, the elders finally came to a conclusion.

"Very well. We will sit back and only watch for now. However, if it gets out of hand, then we will have to intervene."

Inside his room, Su Yang glanced at the jade slip in his hands.

"5,514 Premium Points after four long days. At this rate, I will die from exhaustion before getting my hands on the Pure Yang Pill…" His arms prickled with pain from soreness, and his fingers were numb.

Although he has worked for far longer without rest before, his current mortal body could not withstand the burden of him constantly utilizing his techniques.

Su Yang looked outside the window, and there were at least 50 people still in line.

After pondering for some time, he decided to go outside to announce a few changes.

"Due the to high demand, I have decided to change the price from 10 Premium Points to 100 Premium Points. Additionally, I will only accept a limit of 25 people per day starting tomorrow."

The sudden changes caused many to frown.

"We have waited out here for over an hour, and you want to suddenly change the price?! That's unreasonable!"

"Right?! I don't even have 100 Premium Points! Even if I do, I wouldn't waste it on some massage, no matter how good it may feel!"

The line quickly shortened with people leaving left and right.

Suddenly, someone asked: "Su Yang, since you upped the price, will your service also increase?"

Su Yang calmly nodded and said: "Naturally. The time will be increased from ten minutes to thirty minutes, and I will also guarantee you that your Yin Qi will see an increase in quality after the service."

"What?! Our Yin Qi will see an increase in quality?! How is that possible!"

The disciples did not believe him. After all, only valuable pills and precious treasures are capable of increasing one's Yin or Yang Qi. If there really exists a technique in this world that could increase the Yin or Yang Qi within one's body, then that person with the technique will definitely be treated like a God!

"Whether it is possible or not, you will know after my service," said Su Yang with a nonchalant expression, and he continued: "I apologize for the inconveniences, but I am done for today. Come back tomorrow morning if you want my service." He retrieved the sign and closed the doors, leaving no room for discussion.

Many people stood outside his house with a dumbfounded expression. Although they understood that he needed rest after working for so many days without closing once, they still felt anger in their hearts.

"This Su Yang is really shameless and arrogant! Just because he's good with his hands he thinks that he can do whatever he wants, even being rude to his customers! Hmph! I have wasted my time here, and I will not be coming back!"

"Me, too!"

"Let's go!"

Many stomped away in anger, and others sighed.

Very quickly, Su Yang's house became desolate and silent.

However, barely any changes occurred to Su Yang himself, and he went back inside to get some rest, as his days will only get tougher from this point forth.

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